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In today’s article, I will be taking you through a comprehensive list of the Highest Paying Apps (Android app).

There are lots of Apps on the Google play store you never really knew was there.

There is a mobile app that would pay you for dining, for shopping, and even for doing almost anything with your Smartphone. While some ask you some questions (surveys) of what you think about a particular product, commodity, or entity.

You might say, this is another scam. But you need to understand this. Any mobile app that is free to join actually pays more than those apps you pay to join.

In this series, I’ll give you the 10 highest paying apps, for both Android and iOS while others are android based alone. There are some mobile apps you use and they are absolutely free, come to think about it.

How do they make money out of it? What’s their own cut in it?  So let’s get to it.

Your feedback helps a lot, and that’s why some companies are willing to pay for it. You use the app and they pay on your behalf and evenly get paid for your opinion.

And that’s how revenue is being generated for the developer of this free app you use.

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Sweatcoin is a mobile app that pays you (in coin) for taking steps, (for staying healthy and fit). An app that pays you for walking. (get paid to walk) for your Apple Watch, and Android devices.

This app is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it might serve as a second source for menial income. I’m not saying that you will get rich overnight with the sweatcoin mobile app.

The number of coins you make depends on the number of steps you take, one sweatcoin equals $0.05 to $0.09. If you don’t find the rewards ideal, you could just give them out to charity.

It is one of the highest paying apps.

How does Sweatcoin work?

Sweatcoin mobile apps on your smartphone take count of steps you take and convert them to sweatcoin.

And how does that happen?

Sweat coin uses your phone’s accelerometer (and to do that, it need an internet connection) to track your outdoor steps,

alongside your phone’s GPS to track your location (to avoid walking in a circle)

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Is Sweatcoin Worldwide?

No, sweat coin has not yet become a worldwide used mobile app, but would soon be. It just arrived in some African countries. Not yet in Nigeria.

NOTE: you go through a routine jogging every morning/evening or once a day. While doing this you could actually be getting yourself some menial income through sweatcoin.

$0.0137. I could give you a quick tip of trekking back home from work with your Sweat coin mobile app handy.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

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Inbox Dollar Survey Android App

This is another app that allows you to earn money by taking some lengthy  Surveys that ranges between 15 – 20 Minutes

But beyond that, it offers many more other opportunities to earn like partaking in Polls, Playing Games, Surfing the Web and Shopping.

Download Inbox Dollar Survey Android App



 iPoll Survey Android App

With Multiple Mediums to make Money, iPoll calls it Task Missions, each Mission you accomplish offers you Money or some Rewards.

It Mission extends to sending you to the outside world to places like stores and Restaurants to take pictures. The Points you earn on iPoll can be redeemed as Subscriptions for Magazines, Airline Miles or Gift Cards.

This app is one of the highest paying apps.

Download the iPoll Survey Android App


Quick Thoughts Survey Android App

As the name implies, this App Pays its users, for their Thoughts through participation in Surveys and Polls.

Tailored to your Interest, the Quick Thought App asks Questions related to your Interest with a maximum of 5 Surveys per day.

Accumulated Points from this App can be redeemed through Amazon Gift Cards.

Download the Quick Thoughts Survey Android App

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Survey Mini Survey Android App

For those who love to explore the outside world, out of their Home, this App will be an adventurous one as it requires you to visit Business locations like restaurants, coffee shops, and other designated locations.

With an 11 Question Survey, Survey Mini stands to be the shortest Android Survey App on the Play store.

Download Survey Mini Survey Android App


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Cash Reward Survey Android App:

Cash Reward Survey is an app that pays high.  With various ways to earn, Cash Reward offers you incentives and Cash rewards for completing certain Tasks assigned to you.

This app rewards its users for engaging in activities like browsing the web, Downloading Games, Signing up on Websites, Watching Videos, and Playing Games.

With a minimal withdrawal of $1, you are assured of making and withdrawing your first Bucks!

Download the Cash Reward Survey Android App.


Google Opinion Rewards Survey Android App

This App from the Almighty Google allows you to earn money for your Opinions, It is Google’s version of the Survey App.

From taking Surveys down to judging Products and answering Questions, you will earn a few couples of bucks each Week.

The catch on this App is that the Money you actually earn is paid into your Google Wallet Balance which you can only use to purchase Games, App, and Music from the Play store.

It is one of the highest paying apps for android.

Download Google Opinion Rewards Android App


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Swagbucks Survey Android App

Among all other Survey Apps, Swagbucks seems to be one of the Best Survey Apps out there, with long years of establishment and a huge record of Money paid to App users so far.

Swagbucks allows Android App users to earn rewards for taking surveys and doing other Great stuff. You can earn even more for referring people to use the App.

Swagbucks pays your accumulative earnings into your PayPal Account after you might have reached their low threshold withdrawal amount.

Apart from Surveys and Polls, Swagbucks offer other ways for you to earn like Shopping, Playing Games, Watching Video, and surfing the Web.

Download the Swagbucks Survey Android App 


Panel App Survey Android App

With the Panel Survey App, you can earn incentives for taking Surveys and participating in Contests. In other to deliver a better result, the App collects your location data which seems normal.

Through your GPS, when you move to areas like Shops and Malls, certain Surveys tailored to that area will show up for you to complete.

The Panel App Pays in Cash via PayPal and also pays in form of Gift Cards and Physical prizes mailed to your home address.

This App is one of the highest paying Apps on Android.

Download the Panel App Survey Android App

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PiniOn Survey and Opinion Android App

By taking Photos and Giving Opinions about Products and Services around your vicinity, you will be able to earn from this App.

Giving you a simple Revenue generating Task, PiniOn might have you go some places to carry out this Task, and to suit your needs and convenience, you can always filter out your task based on the Locations you would prefer to go to.

You can also opt-in to participate Virtually or handle In-door tasks. The more Task you accomplish, the more you will be assigned new tasks which translate to more money.

PiniOn is about the First App on our list that actually Pays directly into your Bank Account apart from PayPal.

Download the PiniOn Survey and Opinion App


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 Surveys on the Go Survey Android App

Being focused strictly on Surveys, this App has Surveys that take 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

With a low withdrawal Amount as their Threshold, you can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal Account.

Download the Survey on the Go Survey Android App





Earn Money For Testing Android Apps

For those of you who are not conversant or who do not buy into the Idea of taking Surveys for Cash on your Android Phone,

we have yet another way to earn money from your Android Phone and that is by becoming an Android App Tester.

Just like Surveys, these App allows you to Download, Install and test certain Apps in exchange for Points that you can in turn redeem as Cash.


App Casher App testing Android App

Using App Casher, you typically see loads of Apps that you can download, Install and test for Credit Points

From your Accumulated points, you can convert them to Amazon Gift cards or opt for a Transfer to be made into your PayPal Account.

App Casher also rewards its users for Referrals of new users to the platform.

Sharing your App Casher referral code to Friends and Family who end up signing up will increase your Revenue.

Download App Casher App testing Android App


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Cash Pirate App testing Android App

This is a Multifunctional App but known for its App testing Feature. Cash Pirate allows you to earn points redeemable in cash by testing applications and being involved in other money-generating tasks.

To earn a dollar ($1), you should have earned an equivalent of 1,000 Points.

Money is paid to your Play store Wallet or PayPal. It is among the Apps that give the highest pay.

Download Cash Pirate App testing Android Ap


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There we are! 10+ Highest Paying Apps.

In other not to keep this single post too lengthy, we have divided making money from apps for android phones into two sections, that of the App users are on this post while that of the Android Developers can be found here: how to earn money from developing android apps

All your Suggestions, Recommendations, and Comments are highly welcomed.

Please kindly tell us of other mediums that we missed in this post and we will find out the time to update it as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!

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