how much to spend on wedding gift

It’s normal to ask how much to spend on wedding gift/gifts as you have other expenses to take care of like your outfit, trip, as well as a wedding gift. Whether you attend the wedding or not, as long as you got the invite, it is necessary to purchase and send a gift to the couple and if you can’t send a gift, then write a sweet note of congratulations and send.

Gifting is not what it used to be, even registries have gone digital, and most couples living together before they wed seem to have all they need.

Most wedding landscape today is filled with everything from four-day destination events to simpler backyard affairs and the main reason guests are wondering what to spend on a wedding gift and also ask other questions like when to buy the gift, where to buy the gift, can I buy the gift outside the registry, can I give cash, etc.

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In this post, are answers to all your questions.

1. How much should you spend on a wedding gift?

Firstly, don’t spend more than what you can afford on a wedding gift. Check your budget or current financial situation, can you afford the gift on the registry?. If you have financial problems, adjust your gift budget accordingly cos the couple might more be concerned about your presence than your present.

However, the average amount a guest is projected to spend on a wedding gift is $99 (if you are a friend of the couple) and if you are a family member, you are projected to spend a minimum of $125.

Even if you aren’t close to the couple, you shouldn’t spend less than $50 on a gift. The minimum wedding gift amount you can get as a coworker or a distant friend should be from $50- $75.

If what’s on the registry is way past your budget then getting a gift card for the couple from a gift store or online store is also a great idea.

2. Is it ok if you give a group wedding gift?

If you can’t afford the item left on the registry and you really want to gift the couple a big-ticket item you know they will love, you can join forces with a group of friends.

And if you are among the bridesmaids or groomsmen and must have spent quite an amount of the bridesmaid dress/groomsmen suit, bachelor party, etc, this is a wise way to gift the couple.


3. Shoud you give a wedding gift that matches the price per head?

The etiquette of the wedding influence a number of elements including the time of the day and dress, but not the cost of the gift. What you give the couple as a gift should exclusively depend on your relationship to the couple, as well as your own ability.

Also, just because your best friend had a wedding with just 10 people in their backyard does not mean you should give them an inexpensive gift.

Similarly, if you happen to be attending multiple events for the couple (engagement, bridal shower, & wedding), consider using the 60-20-20 rule. Meaning you should spend 20% of your total budget on an engagement party gift, 20% on a gift for the bridal shower, and 60% for the actual wedding gift.

4. Can you give cash/check as a wedding gift?

how much to spend on wedding gift

I don’t really see anything wrong with gifting cash. According to American Express, 1/3 of guests prefer to give cash as a wedding gift. In fact, most couples that lived together prior to getting married may already have well-stocked homes and will prefer cash to put toward savings over registry items.

If you want to give cash as a wedding gift, it is advisable to send it ahead of time rather than bringing it to the wedding (so it doesn’t get misplaced in the big day chaos) and ensure you put a handwritten card as well.

If you plan on giving a check a wedding gift, ensure you avoid writing their new surname in the “to” field. It’s safer to write the check out to one person and write a happy note in the memo field.


5. Can you buy gifts that aren’t on the wedding registry?

You are not violating the wedding gift etiquette if you get gifts items that are not on the wedding registry. If, however, you decide to choose an off-registry item, be sure it’s something you know the couple will love.

So, if you are close to the couple and are perfectly sure that your off-registry item fits the bill, then do it. You can use a gift app like Yaioa Gift App to get the perfect item and send it to the couple.


how much to spend on wedding gift

6. Should you buy a wedding gift for a destination wedding?

There are no rules that say you must buy a wedding gift while on a destination wedding but if you do want to get the couple a gift but you’re short of money right after spending on the flights, outfit, and hotels, you can always wait until later (let’s say few months or even a year) to get them a wonderful wedding gift. They’ll always appreciate it whatever the timing.


7. Should your wedding gift amount increase if you have a plus one?

Well, there’s no rule in the wedding gift etiquette handbook that says your wedding gift amount should increase if you are bringing a plus one.

However, if you have extra money to spend it won’t be a bad idea to increase your gift budget.


8. Should you still buy a gift if you can’t attend the wedding?

The answer is yes. The couple invited you with the full intentions that you’ll be joining them to celebrate, and sending a gift is the right thing to do.

Even if you are unable to attend, sending them a gift is an elegant gesture but if you are on a shoestring budget and can’t afford a lovely gift, sending a handwritten note or congratulatory card is a great idea.



I hope this post has answered your question “how much to spend on wedding gift” and other questions you might have. Aforementioned, you shouldn’t spend less than $50 for a wedding gift if you are a friend or a coworker and don’t spend less than $125 if you are a family member.

But if you are not financially buoyant and don’t have money for a gift, you can still send a handwritten note of congratulations and wait for about a year before sending them a gift.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much should a maid of honor spend on wedding gift?

The actual cost will depend on the wedding details, however, a bridesmaid is expected to spend at least $150 – $200 for the engagement gift, shower gift, and the actual wedding gift. You can follow the 60-20-20 rule i.e. 20 percent for the engagement gift, 20 percent for the bridal shower gift, and 60 percent for the wedding gift.

What is the right amount to spend on a wedding gift?

If you are a distant friend or a coworker, you should spend at least $75 -$100 and if you are a close friend or a family relative, you should spend up to $150 for a wedding gift.

Which gift app can I use to send a gift if i can’t afford the items on the wedding registry?

The gift app you can use that is convenient, reliable, and trustworthy that allows you to send gift anywhere in the world to friends, family and loved ones is the Yaioa Gift App

Is it impolite not to bring a gift to a wedding?

The answer is yes and no. You are invited to celebrate with the couple and it’s customary if you bring a gift. But if you do not have one, you aren’t breaking any laws but it will be noticed.

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