how to advertise my business locally

As a small business owner, the question “how to advertise my business locally” would most likely tug your mind because you are interested in expanding your local customer base.

Even if your business is already profitable, you will still need to stay ahead of your competition to remain successful.

If your business is just starting, the need to do everything possible to stay strong and pass the test of time is pertinent.

There are so many ways that you can locally advertise your business without breaking the bank. You need to learn how to adapt to the modern way of marketing and advertising in order to achieve this.

Use this guide as a reference for future advertising campaigns.

1. Set up your listing with Google

 google listing

Statistics have shown that last year, 97% of consumers searched the internet for local businesses. Also, 73% of consumers trust businesses because of their positive online reviews.

That is the reason you need to ensure that your business is listed on Google.

Google is the go-to place when searching for things on the internet. When you set up your listing, it makes it easier for customers to find you when they search for terms that are related to your business.

Your listing will have all your necessary information like address, phone number, hours, directions, and a link to your website. You will also be able to add pictures so as to give people more understanding of how you operate.

Customers will also be able to add photos and write reviews about your local business which will have a major impact on your business success.

This is essential because your star rating is the first factor used by customers to determine whether or not to patronize your local business.

Statistics also show that customers will patronize businesses with higher star ratings.

2. Buy Ad Space on YAIOA


Buying ad space on websites and blogs whose niche and target audience are relevant to yours is another great way to advertise your business locally.

YAIOA is a platform that has made it easier to buy ad space. This is because they have various website owners and bloggers with ad spaces for sale, which are registered as VENDORS on the platform.

YAIOA avails you the opportunity to search for specific websites or blogs that fit within your budget and target location. What this simply means is that there is something for everyone.

It doesn’t matter the type of website you seek, or the amount you already have budgeted for purchasing ad space. Be rest assured that you will definitely get something that suits your needs. The best part of YAIOA is that registration is free.

To get started, all that you need to do is to log on to the YAIOA website and sign up as a CLIENT. Once that is done, you fund your wallet and search for ad space subscription plans that fit your budget.

When you subscribe to a plan that suits you, you will be contacted by the vendor for the necessary information needed to run your business ad on their website.

This is a very easy, reliable, and cost-effective platform to advertise your business locally without hassles.

3. Wear branded items

Advertise by wearing a t-shirt

Getting branded items for your team and maybe family and friends are relatively inexpensive. Wearing branded t-shirts, jackets, hats, bracelets, and more are ways that you can advertise your business.

The branded items should contain your business name, logo, and a form of contact (address, phone number, and website). It is an investment that doesn’t stop giving so long as you do not stop wearing it!

4. Use local newspaper

use local newspaper

You can either place an ad or get a listing in the appropriate section of a local newspaper because they provide opportunities for advertising.

As a plus, you can submit an educational content for publication that people will gain from. As a result of your content, people may be inclined to make contact with your business for patronage.

5. Wrap your vehicle

wrap your vehicle

If you have a company car, wrapping the vehicle might be a good option for you.

This is because car wraps create and attract attention and at the same time, give people information about your business like an idea of your services and contact information.

Your wrapped vehicles never really stop working for you. Even when they are not in motion, they will still be advertising for you.

6. Sponsor a contest or giveaway


You can think of an interesting contest idea to give away an attractive gift and even enlist a radio station to spread the news about your contest or giveaway.

Because contests and giveaways are a great way to get people enthusiastic about your local business, it will create a lot of fun and excitement while also creating exposure for your business.

Contests that encourage user-generated content are the best kind of contests.

For example, if you own a restaurant, you can ask your followers to post pictures that were taken in your restaurant and tag your restaurant. You can then pick a winner that has the most likes on their photo.

When people see their friends or relatives posting about your business, it will increase your exposure, increase your followers, as well as make them want to patronize you.

7. Use Yelp!


Your local business will also have profiles set up in addition to your Google listing and it doesn’t matter whether you are signed up or not.

So, it is important that you ensure that all the necessary information such as your hours, address, phone number, and the website is accurate. Statistics have shown that over 90% of consumers only make a purchase after they have viewed the business profile on Yelp.

8. Offer discounts

special discount

As a local business, you need to recognize that consumers are price-sensitive. Offering discounts would appeal more to your customers because they want to feel that they are getting a deal.

Whether your business is online or not, it is necessary that you offer coupons and discounts to your customers.

9. Partner with local influencers

partner with local influencers

Local influencers are people that have a large social following in the community. So, you should consider taking your advertising strategy up a notch by partnering with these influencers.

You can pay them to promote your business on their social channels so as to increase your reach. This strategy is relatively inexpensive and you can also pay less if you offer free stuff (could be your product) as well.

10. Set up a customer referral program

referral program

Setting up a customer referral program is a great way to get new customers without doing any work. In this strategy, your current customers do all the real work.

This strategy centers on retaining old customers and acquiring new customers.

To ensure a successful referral program, you need to offer an incentive to both parties. By rewarding your existing customers for each referral, you give them the motivation to go out and refer a lot of other people.

When a new customer patronizes you and you give them a discount, they will start referring new customers as well and the cycle continues.

According to statistics, 86% of consumers confirm that their decision to make a purchase is influenced by their close friends.

11. Google alerts

google alerts

Google alert keeps you informed about what is being said about your business online. You will get emailed reports anytime your business or your business-related keywords are published on the internet.

This will help to keep you abreast and updated on the latest news about your business; be it positive or negative.

For instance, if a blogger writes a derogatory post about your business, you will be alerted immediately and act accordingly in the right way unlike finding out about the post days or weeks later.

On the other hand, if a news publication writes a great article about your brand, you can share the content on all your social media channels and website.

12. Start a blog

start a blog

Just as you know by now, consumers use the internet to find local businesses. This means that in order to rank in top results, you need to understand the basic principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Blogging will go a really long way in helping you with your SEO strategy.

When you publish new blog posts, your website gets regularly updated with fresh content and it will increase your chances of getting a higher search ranking which also results in the increase in website traffic, followers, and leads.

You will get regular visitors on your website once you are able to establish a steady group of readers for your blog. And the more people visit your website, the better the chances of them converting.


I hope these tips have answered your question, “how to advertise my business locally”. There are a variety of strategies to choose from, however, you should choose the one that you are sure you can comfortably pursue.

These strategies are impossible to be implemented overnight, but you can prioritize some of these strategies based on what your business needs.

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