How to approach companies for advertising

Effective advertising is very necessary for businesses as it is a key factor in the growth and success of a business. Therefore, it is important to know how to approach companies for advertising as a blogger.


This is because its main purpose is to persuade potential and even current customers to patronize a product or service.

However, approaching companies to advertise for them can prove to be very challenging and full of pitfalls as there are different approaches depending on the type of business.

The kind of advertisers you get depends on what your blogging website is about, that is, its niche. That way, potential advertisers know that you have the target audience that can relate to their product or service.

So, if your website is about health and wellness (for example), advertisers that provide services or products related to health and wellness would be your target.

The most difficult part of the process is actually finding these advertisers. I will explain some tips on how to approach potential companies to advertise on your blog or website.

Explore Advertising Networks

how to approach companies for advertising

Ad networks present an excellent opportunity to find companies that are already spending money on online advertising.


You’ll be able to see a list of “sample advertisers” just by visiting the homepage of this advertising network. You can also check the publishers listed in the directory.

To check what companies bought banners on this site, you can click to visit the homepage of each site. That way, you’ll be able to find a lot of potential sponsors.

2. AdBrite

On the homepage of this ad network, search for the navigation menu where you’ll find a link titled “Site Directory”.

It’s a list of websites that accepts ads through the network. All you need to do is search for companies that are buying banners there and contact the ones relevant to your niche.

3. YAIOA Subscription       

The YAIOA Platform can be accessed by visiting From here you:

  • Set up an account by registering as a VENDOR
  • Create a subscription plan for your site.
  • Copy the embed code and post on your website

Creating a subscription plan is where you put in the description and price of the subscription, tell the subscribers why they should advertise on your site, the traffic you have and if possible share a screen of your Google Analytics, SemRush and any other analytic tool.

You have to state what makes you different from others and how you’ll help them reach an existing and new target audience.

Once this is done, you save your subscription. Your subscription plan is going to pass through a review after which your subscription goes live.

It will automatically generate a JavaScript code where you can copy and place it on your website in the particular spot that you want to sell.

After this, visitors and advertisers that come to the YAIOA site to buy ad space to advertise their product and services would see your site and click on the button which then takes them to where they can make payment for the ad space.

Leveraging Your Site

how to approach companies for advertising

4. Focus

As always, a focused approach to work – before anything else- is the key to success. You should have a vision for your blog and remaining focused on that vision should be your driving force.

Creating a niche for your site also helps. At first, this might feel as though you are limiting yourself but over time, you get to identify as an expert in that particular niche.

5. Getting Traffic

Your blog should have a good amount of traffic plus your blog posts should be frequent and this can be achieved by creating unique and quality content that can appeal to your readers.

Creating regular and engaging posts keeps readers tuned to your website or blog which also helps increase traffic.

6. Be Insightful

You should constantly track the number of visitors you get on your site. This helps you understand and study the growth rate of your site and also know the number of visitors you are receiving.

Google Analytics or SemRush are tools that when installed, can help keep track of your traffic on your website or blog. They are industry standard and they contain information most advertisers will want to see.

You can view your page views, acquisition efforts, site behavior, audience reviews, etc. You can use these methods to get more traffic to your blog.

7. Get your blog ready for Advertising

Once your blog starts getting quite an amount of traffic, it is an indicator that your blog is ready to start accepting ads.

There should be a designated page on your blog where you let potential advertisers know why they should advertise on your site. You should sound convincing and persuasive when doing this.

8. Write a post welcoming advertisers

On your blog, you could write a post inviting advertisers. It helps you to elaborate on your offer as you’ll be able to give a detailed explanation on your blog niche, target audience, amount of traffic and advertising options available.

9. Use an “Advertise here” banner

“Advertise here” banners can be used as a place holder on unsold spots on your blog or website. This can be quite effective as it helps advertisers know the exact spot their ads will be displayed.

Remember to be careful not to place the “Advertise Here” banner on all your unsold spots as it will pass a wrong message across to potential advertisers. It will keep them wondering why no one is buying ads on your site.

10. Emails

If you have an email list on your site, you can send the advertisement information that you posted on the blog to your email subscribers but do not include the price.

This is one hack to getting interested advertisers to email you back and make inquiries about your advertisement. That way, you get better chances of convincing them.

11. Put an “Advertise” link on the menu bar of your website

You could include an “advertise” link at the navigation menu bar of your blog so that when a visitor clicks, the person will be directed to a page describing the various advertising options of your blog.

12. Reply to all Press releases and review requests

As soon as your blog gains some popularity in its niche, a lot of press releases and requests start coming through via the contact form.

This is the point where you reply to everyone, stating how you believe they can benefit from advertising on your site because your audience would be a good target for their product/service.

13. Take note of who is linking to you

Apart from checking users that are leaving comments on your blog, taking note of those linking to you plays an important role.

For example, if you notice a link form a company’s blog, you can and ask if they’ll be interested in becoming sponsors.

If they find interest in your content enough to click it, there’s a huge possibility that they will consider an advertising deal.

Visiting Other Blogs Similar To Yours

how to approach companies for advertising

Visiting other sites in your niche and looking for companies already advertising there has proven to be an effective way to find advertisers for your website.

14. Contact the Site Owner

If the site you’re visiting isn’t as populated as your own, you could convince the owner to purchase one of your banner spots.

Thereby, creating more brand awareness and new readers for the owner. You could also establish a partnership with the site owner, where you get to refer advertisers to each other.

15. Contact the banner advertisers

You’ll want to contact previous advertisers that purchased banner spots. These are usually companies that contacted the site owners directly so they may be more open to discussing more advertising opportunities with you.

Use Social Networks

how to approach companies for advertising

With social networks being the most popular websites on the internet, you could use that to find sponsors for your site as companies are starting to direct their advertising efforts there.

16. Facebook Ads

Facebook has a self-serving ad platform that’s similar to Google AdSense and also is the largest social network on the web.

You just need to browse the site while logged in and find companies related to your own niche that are purchasing ads.

You can also find a link titled “More Ads” on the right sidebar which when clicked, sends you to a page with a list of advertisers related to your profile.

17. Sponsored Tweets

Twitter is one of the fastest-growing online platforms and has an option where you can choose to sponsor tweets.

Simply put, advertisers pay an amount of money for people willing to post tweets about their products or services. You can contact companies that sponsored posts using the #ad and #sponsored hashtags on the platform.


Note that through proper and effective advertising you can expect to obtain clients tremendously. Try implementing some of the tips listed above on how to approach companies for advertising and see how well it plays out for you.

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