how to boost eCommerce sales

In this post, you will learn how to boost eCommerce sales with Google. The multinational technology company, Google
is indeed the world’s most used search engine. Is also used for some internet-related services and produced that includes cloud computing, software, hardware, and advertisement.

However, people are not only using Google for the services as mentioned in the first paragraph. People now use it to shop online. 

With the ability of consumers to access Google easily, they can now search for any product of their choice faster and easier. It has also been discovered that over half of the number of shoppers around the world uses Google to search for a purchase they plan to make online or in-store.

 So including Google in your eCommerce marketing strategy would be one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your site and boost sales.

Your business would easily sell when you can capture consumer’s attention while they searching for a product on Google.

In as much as search engine optimization is very crucial for better ranking on the search engine, it is also good to take
advantage of Google’s shopping listing offer and boost sales.

Below are a few tips you can consider to boost your eCommerce sales with Google.

Take Advantage of Google Shopping Listings

As announced earlier this year, Google can now showcase business products in Gooogle shopping listings and it is free. When consumers types in a search query like “Basketball sneakers,” they can click on the shopping tab to see the list of products relevant to their search query.

As soon as a product they like is found, they can proceed to click through to the online retailer and make a purchase.

ecommerce sales

Initially, to have your products displaying in the shopping tab, you must be running shopping Ads. But now, but free and paid products are combined.

For a consumer to engage with these shopping listings, it implies that they have a strong intent to buy because they can see what the product looks like, the costs, etc, which they are unable to see in the regular text-only Google search results. So ensure that you leverage the free listings to boost your sales.

First, you will need to create a Google Merchant account to get the free Google Shopping Listings. Below are some steps to follow when creating a merchant google, including taking advantage of the free listings and uploading your products feed.

Note: The Google free offer is only available in the United State, but Google is planning to make it available globally in the future.

Create Google Shopping Ads

The fact that you are using the free Google Shopping listing offer, doesn’t mean you should not invest in Google Shopping Ads too. This is because Free Shopping Listing will only be displayed under the paid  listings in the shopping tabs, but won’t you will be unable to have your products on Google’s main search tab as shown in the screenshot below;

Both the Free and Paid listings are pretty awesome but, one will always reign supreme over the other.

The free listings help to drive more traffic and sales to your product but not as much as the paid would. The paid listings can skyrocket your revenue as it would be made more visible for consumers would are interested in it.

Creating Google Shopping Ads for the first time can be very google but not too worry as Google has provided a lot of easy-to-follow documentation that would guide you through.

The easy-to-follow documentation would aid you in choosing the right campaign type, select the products to display, set your daily budget, and more. Information such as retail location can also be displayed on the product.

Watch Out for ‘Buy on Google’

Buy on Google is yet another feature that will be provided by Google to help boost sales in 2021. It enables customers to buy products from eCommerce stores, without leaving Google. This new feature will also be commission-free.

 How “Buy on Google” will help eCommerce businesses boost sales;

Quick and Easy Purchase; Buying on google makes purchasing of products very easy and fast. Users would not have to leave Google to purchase as they can easily click on “Quick Checkout” or “Add to Cart” and make their purchase in seconds.

ecommerce sales

 Increase Sales; Due to how convenient Buy on Google would be, it would help in boosting sales as it requires lessens the work of a buy to buy and order for the product they are interested in.

Google Analytics is also another valuable tool made by Google to use asides Google shopping.

 Google Analytics

Google Analytics, which was launched in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin is a powerful web analytics service provided by Google to help keep track of web traffic and reports.

As we said earlier, search engine optimization is very crucial for better ranking on the search engine.

Google Analytics helps you with ranking as it can be used to check up opportunities that could help boost sales and also to see if your SEO efforts are working or not.

Google Analytics can also be used to boost your revenue by;

  • Keep track of eCommerce transactions.
  • Discover helpful strategies
  • Understand your website visitors
  • Learn more about the shopping behavior of users on your site
  • Track abandoned shopping cart.

These are helpful insights that would help you make better business decisions.

With the help of Google Analytics, you can see which of your products drives more sales from your shopping campaigns. And you can invest more efforts in the shopping campaign base on the performance to boost your sales and earn more.


Email marketing and social media are also some of the best and effective eCommerce marketing strategies you can incorporate to boost eCommerce sales. But bear in mind that is Google the best place consumers would find your products faster and easier.

So from today, start making use of these strategies, and with some good efforts, you can take your sales to a whole different level and make more revenue.



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