How to call private

In this post, you’ll learn how to call private on Android and iPhone smartphones.  

At times, you feel that you want to make a private call whether to fool someone, to tell some information without letting people know who you are, or reach someone who owes you money and doesn’t want to respond to your calls.

Whatever the reason you want to block your number from caller ID and call privately on your phone, you’ll learn the different ways to do it via this post.

Years ago, making a private call was so hard due to the limited functions of the phones but now, with the evolution of the smartphones, you can easily make a private call on Android and iPhone with few steps.

Here, I’m going to teach you how to call private on Android and iPhone, so you can call anyone without letting them identify you.

How to Call Private on Android

1st Method  – Change your Phone’s settings

One way of making a private call is to change the phone’s settings. Below are the specific steps:

  • Firstly, open the phone application in your phone, then click on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen, then click “Settings”.
  • Then, scroll down until you find “More/Additional Settings”.
  • Next, choose how the ongoing call will appear on the receiver’s phone and you’ll find an option called SHOW MY CALLER ID, click on it and select “Hide Number”.  

This way even if you’re in the recipient’s contact list, you can now call private without displaying your phone number.

2nd Method – Use a code to call private

The second and most common method of making a private call is by using a special code before dialling someone’s number so that your caller ID will not be displayed when you call.

All you need to do is to find the code of your network provider that let you call private without displaying your caller ID.

*67 is the most common code that works with any North American network provider including the U.S, except AT&T which works with #31#, Canada’s landline and New Zealand, if you’re subscribed to Vodafone.

The code #31# also applies to any Australian network provider, Albanian, Argentinian, Bulgarian, and Danish providers.

#31# is also suitable for network providers in the Netherlands, France, Greece, Italy, India, South Africa, Nigeria, Sweden, and Switzerland.

how to call private

There’re many other codes for other countries like 184 on Japan, 133 on Hong Kong, 141 on the UK, and the republic of Irelands and others.

Generally, the code #31# works with almost any Android phone, but you may need to do some research on Google to find the right code that lets you block your caller ID according to your country and your service provider.

Once you find the right code for your country and your service provider, type it before the number of the person you want to call.

3rd Method – Change your name

Another method is to take your friend’s phone and change your name into “Unknown Number” and then call him from your phone. This method is best if you want to prank your friends.

how to call private

This method could be a little harder than other methods listed here but it is the funniest of them all. Just be very careful to not let your friend catch you while you’re changing your name.

It is very easy, you just need to have access to your friend’s phone, open contacts application, search for your number and change the name to “Unknown Number”.

4th Method – Contact your service provider

You can as well contact your service provider and ask them to hide your number. This method might cause you some charges but it is the most trustworthy method to completely hide your number.

How to Call Private on iPhone

Hiding your phone number when calling someone on your iPhone is similar the aforementioned methods on how to call private on Android.

To hide your caller ID for all calls on your iPhone the first option is to open the settings app on your iPhone, scroll down to “Phone” and go to “Show My Caller ID”, toggle off the button. This will hide your phone number.

how to call private
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With this option, if you call anyone from your contact list, your number will be hidden.

The second option on how to call private on iPhone is to use a caller ID block code. If you are in the U.S you can use the code *67.

Some European countries use the code #31#  but it is best if you search on Google for the caller ID block code in your country so that you’ll know the proper code to use.

Once you know the right code to use, just dial it before the number you want to call. This code is ideal if you don’t want to hide your caller Id on all outgoing calls but rather on a certain call made to certain recipient.

The next option is to make your number private at the carrier level. To find out how to do this, call your carrier or visit its website and see if the option is available to you.

However, ensure you make inquiries about possible fees as some carriers are still charging for basic feature.


Now you know exactly how to call private on Android and iPhone, you can now hide your number and make that call without the recipient knowing it’s you.

But note that none of these tips for hiding your phone number will keep caller ID from working when you call toll-free numbers or emergency numbers.

If you found this post useful, feel free to comment down below to tell us what you think and also feel free to share with friends.  

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