How to Change AirDrop Name

Are you using any of the iOS or macOS devices and you want to know how to change AirDrop name on your device or you need to transfer content to another iOS or macOS device user?

You don’t need to worry as this post will be offering a detailed guide on how you can change Airdrop’s name on your iOS and macOS devices, a little about iOS and macOS AirDrop, and how to use them.

AirDrop is an impromptu service in Apple’s iOS and macOS operating systems. It was introduced in iOS 7 and Mac OS X Lion (Mac OS X 10.7).

The service allows you to transfer files among supported iOS devices and Macintosh computers without using e-mail or a mass storage device.

With AirDrop, you can wirelessly send photos, videos, documents, websites, map locations, and more to a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that is nearby.

There is also no restriction on the file size that AirDrop will accommodate. So, you can send as many files as you want to.


iOS AirDrop

On iOS 7 and later, you can access AirDrop by either swiping up the home screen through Control Center or tapping on Settings > General > AirDrop.

Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are automatically turned on when you enable AirDrop as they are both used.

The AirDrop discovery options include:

  • Receiving off: No one can see the device (Airdrop disabled)
  • Contacts Only: Only contacts can see the device
  • Everyone: Everyone can see the device.

How to Change AirDrop Name-Discovery Settings

In iOS 7 or later, if an application uses AirDrop support, it is accessible via the share button.

AirDrop has some restrictions on iOS, for example, it can’t share music or videos from the native application.

You might want to change your Airdrop name later on. No worries, how to change AirDrop name will also be featured in this post.


macOS AirDrop

How to Change AirDrop Name-macOS Airdrop

On Macs running macOS with Mac OS X 10.7 and greater, AirDrop is accessible via the Finder window sidebar.

On Macs running OS X 10.8.1 or later, you can also access through the menu option Go → AirDrop or by using the ⇧ Shift+⌘ Cmd+R combination.

Wi-Fi must be switched on for AirDrop to recognize the other device. The other device’s AirDrop must be active to transfer files.

Furthermore, files are not accepted automatically; the receiving user must accept the AirDrop transfer.

This is done to increase security and privacy.


How to Share Content with AirDrop

You can share content with AirDrop in two ways. The following are the procedures on how to share content with AirDrop;

Method 1

  • Open the file that you want to send to another user, then click the “Share button” in the app window. Or you can just Control-click the file in the Finder, then pick Share from the shortcut menu.

How to Change AirDrop Name

  • Choose AirDrop from the sharing options listed.

How to Change AirDrop Name-AirDrop Sharing Options

  • Choose a recipient from the AirDrop sheet.

How to Change AirDrop Name

In the screenshot above, there are no nearby recipients but if there is a nearby recipient, it’ll be listed there.

Method 2

  • Open an AirDrop window, then drag all the files to the recipient.
  • Choose AirDrop in the sidebar of a Finder window or pick Go > AirDrop from the menu bar.
  • The AirDrop window shows AirDrop users that are nearby. Drag the documents, photos, files, or other files to the recipient shown in the window.

How to Change AirDrop Name-macOS Airdrop


You can use Method 1 for both iOS and macOS devices. While Method 2 is only meant for macOS.


How to Receive Content with AirDrop

When a nearby sender attempts to send you files using AirDrop, you will see their request as a notification, or as a message in the AirDrop window. Click “Accept” to save the files to your Downloads folder.

How to Change AirDrop Name-How to accept contents with airdrop

Here’s a comprehensive YouTube video that explains everything you need to know about Airdrop and how to use it.


How to Change Airdrop Name on iOS Devices

This section of the post will be highlighting the step-to-step procedures on how to change Airdrop Name on your iPhone.

  • Open Settings
  • Scroll Down to “General”

How to Change AirDrop Name-General Settings

  • After that, Click “About”

How to Change AirDrop Name-About Settings

  • Click on “Name”

How to Change AirDrop Name-Name Settings

  • Then, Enter Your New Name

How to Change AirDrop Name-Edit Name

  • Click “Done”

Note: When you change your AirDrop name, you are changing your device name as well. For instance, when you plug your iOS device into your computer, it will show up as whatever your Device/AirDrop name is.

Here’s a YouTube video on how to change your AirDrop Name on iOS devices;


How to Change AirDrop Name on macOS Devices

macOS makes changing your Mac’s AirDrop name very easy. Just follow the steps below;

Step 1: Open your System Preferences

The quickest way to open your settings is by using the “⌘ + space” combination, then clicking “pref” and choosing “System Preferences” from the dropdown menu.

How to Change AirDrop Name-System preferences

Step 2: Click the Sharing icon

The sharing icon is in the folder with the yellow diamond on it. The description is in the screenshot below;

How to Change AirDrop Name-Clicking on Sharing icon

Step 3: Edit the Computer Name

You will see your computer name at the top. Then, click into the text field to change it.

After you’ve changed it to whatever name you want, just click “Edit”.

How to Change AirDrop Name-Editing computer name

Step 4: Confirm your new computer name

After that, just click the “OK button” and your settings will be saved.

Once you leave the Sharing window, your computer’s hostname will change to match your new computer name.

How to Change AirDrop Name-Confirm computer name

The hostname is an address (your-Mac.local) that devices that have Apple’s Bonjour networking software utilize to recognize and connect to your computer.

You can also edit your hostname manually by clicking the “Edit” button under the “Computer Name” field.

The hostname you want to use must contain only letters and dashes.

If you edit the hostname manually, it won’t change when you change your computer name. However, you don’t need to worry about this.

Other devices should be able to communicate easily with your Mac, even if you change its name multiple times.

Here’s a YouTube video on how to change your AirDrop Name on macOS devices;



With this comprehensive article on Apple AirDrop, how to use it, and how to change AirDrop name, you can now wirelessly transfer photos, videos, documents, websites, map locations, and other content to iOS and macOS devices.

With this article, you will also know how to seamlessly change your AirDrop name on both iOS and macOS devices.

All you just need is to follow the simple step-by-step procedures featured in this post.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I AirDrop from my iPhone to my Mac?

Just follow the sinple steps below to AirDrop from my iPhone to Mac.
– Find the file, photo, video, or other contents you would like to send.
– Locate and tap the share button (the square with up arrow Share icon).
– Tap the Mac you would like to share the file with.
– You’ll see “Sent” when complete.
After this, look in your Downloads folder on your Mac to find the file.

How do I change AirDrop settings on MacBook pro?

Finding AirDrop on the Mac is easy. It appears in the default Finder setting in the sidebar to the left. The procedures to change your AirDrop setting on your MacBook pro are as follows;
– Click on AirDrop in the Finder sidebar.
– At the bottom, you’ll see “discovery” options.
– Mac AirDrop has the same settings as iOS AirDrop:
1. No One (Inactive)
2. Contacts Only
3. Everyone
Note:  Like on iOS devices, the “contacts only” option is the safest option. With the “Contacts only” option, only people that are in your contact list will see your Mac show up in AirDrop.How to Change AirDrop Name-Mac Airdrop Settings

How do I change my AirDrop settings on my iPhone or iPad?

Changing AirDrop settings on your iPhone is very easy. You just need to follow the steps below;
– Pull up Control Center or Swipe down from the top right corner on iPhone X and up, or iPads running iOS 12. On iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and earlier or iPads running on iOS 11 and earlier, swipe up from the bottom.
– Firmly press on the Wi-Fi/Cellular/Bluetooth tile.
– Tap AirDrop.
– Make your selection.
How to Change AirDrop Name-iPhone Control centerHow to Change AirDrop Name-Network Control Center

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