how to earn money from Google without investment

Want to learn how to earn money from Google without investment? You’re in the right place as this post has tips on different ways you can make money from Google without investing a dime. 

As impossible as it may sound, making money from google without investment is very possible. Today, most people all over the world are out for ways possible to make some extra cash online easily and it gets more difficult when you lack the capital to start up any online business.

However, in this post, I am going to be showing how you can make money from Google
without investing a dime to start.

Google in this regard is exceptionally facilitative as it doesn’t only provide opportunities for people directly to make money through several of its platforms, but it also structures the internet into a rich and profitable resource to be tapped into for anyone ready to leverage on it.

Furthermore, with the huge reputation of Google, you rest assured that you are working with
a company that will never fraud you.

Ways to make money from Google without investment

1. Make Money with Google posting links

For those who own a website or a youtube channel, Google is ready to pay you for publishing their advertisement links on your content as long as you adhere to their policies. You make money from these advertising links when visitors on
your website or youtube channel click on them.

 Generating revenue as a website publisher is done through Google Adsense and it is one of the most legitimate ways to generate income and millions of websites are leveraging on it.

Although, making money from Google isn’t a walk in a park because your website has to be
ranking high on google or you must be getting a reasonable amount of traffic to your content.

But with the determination to build the traffic on your content, from Google and social media, the rewards are fantastic.

2. Make money through Google map

how to earn money from Google without investment

Google maps is the only platform made by google that has not reached its true potential. And it is one of the places you can make cool cash from online but not many people are aware of it.

One of the most lucrative ways to make money from Google Maps is to startup a business, where you make a listing and rank it to be on the Google Map business list for a particular search depending on the type of business, where it is located, and niche.

You can be paid $1,000+ monthly to rent the top-rated Google Map listing.

how to earn money from Google without investment


What are the requirements needed to rent Google Maps listings to small businesses?.

Ranking a Google Map listing process is very easy and the competition is less unlike trying to rank a website globally since it is considered a local search optimization.

Below, is a brief but comprehensive breakdown of all you are required to do and should be doing on Google Maps to earn money.

The video below will show you how to earn money from Google Maps by renting out the listing to small businesses in more detail.

3. Become a Search Engine Evacuator 

how to earn money from Google without investment

The job of a search engine evaluator is very important. Google search is seemly perfect, but the moderation of a human is needed to check out search results and ensure that they are of high quality and are as much as possible, relevant to the search query.

Below are some places that you can find remote jobs and work as a search engine evaluator.

  1. Appen

This is a platform where you can get search engine evaluation jobs. A lot of flexible positions are made available on Appen Butler Hil, although you need to commit to a few hours of work 5 days a week.

Al the is required of you to make money on Appen is to have a good internet connection and basic computer skills like software install, etc. They provide you with some free tutorials which are great and last for only a couple of weeks.

2.  Lionbridge

This is yet another great company to get a search engine evaluation job. 

4. Online Research Jobs

how to earn money from Google without investment

Another way you can make money on Google without investment by completing online research jobs. This is
a type of job that pays you, to google around the internet and finds answers to

We have an example of a site whereby you can get an Online research job below;  

Ask Wonder

This is a platform that enables you to research answers to people’s questions. It allows you to select a question from the list on the site and search for all the information that can be found about it. Then you can post it back on the site
and get paid.

how to earn money from Google without investment

As a worker on Ask Wonder, you are classified as a Research Assistant. Before you commence working on Ask Wonder and carrying out research tasks, there are tests you will need to pass and simple information you need to

Researchers earn an average of  $15-18 per hour on Ask wonder.

5. Make Money from Google Play Store

how to earn money from Google without investment


Google Playstore is a platform made by Google to enable users to get the latest  Android apps, games,
music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.

It is also a place where you have many ways of making some good money without investment. One of the fastest ways to make money is to download some of the paid survey apps.

Paid Survey Apps and how to make money from Google Play Store.

There are a bunch of different apps from very reputable companies that will pay you to complete market research surveys for them. Some of these applications are;

1.   SurveyJunkie

2.   Vindale Research

3.   Swagbucks

They are one of the fastest and easiest ways to get paid from the Google play store and you can check them out on your desktop or download the app for your phone and sign up.

These companies usually pay via Paypal once you have met their minimum threshold. However, survey sites are not a get-rich scheme but it is surely a quick way to earn some extra cash.

Mostly, their surveys take only 10-15 minutes to carry out and pay about $0.5.

Swagbucks provides you with different ways to earn money like, cashback on purchases from retailers, payment for playing games, and watching ads.

Below are some bonus websites that could come in very handy for you.

1. Qmee: This is a website that pays people to search on google. It pays via Paypal instantly unlike other sites that require you to meet a minimum cash-out amount before you can withdraw.

2. InboxDollars: You can also earn money by searching on google with InboxDollars. It has several ways in which money can be made from it.


6. Make money through Google Opinion Rewards

If you enjoy giving your opinion freely to others then you might as well get paid for sharing your opinion. Yes! Google will pay you for sharing your opinion and via Google Opinion Rewards, you can make free Google play credits for just giving your opinion to Google.  

You can even download the Google Opinion Rewards app at the Play Store and answer surveys in your spare time. 


7. Create and Sell Apps on Google Play Store

If you have a great idea for an app, then you should create one and put it on the Google Play Store and some money off it. 

There are different ways you can make money with an app in the Google Play Store. You can make money by selling the app you created. Just set up a Merchant account with Google Wallet then publish the app as a paid app. With every download, you earn. 

You can also make money with an app in the Google Play Store by including Google ads in your app. As your number of users increases, so will your earnings. 


8. Write and Sell Books on Google Play Store 

how to earn money from Google without investment

If you’re good with words or have always dreamed of writing your own novel, then start writing and make a nice income on the Google Play Store without you going through a difficult publishing process. 

The first thing you need to do is to write the book (the difficult part), after writing the book, sign up as a publisher or author on the Google Books Partner Program and upload a book file. It is really a simple process. 


9. Become a Google Remote Worker

Google hire remote workers for various capacities. There are lots of developers and engineering remote jobs available at Google. You can also find other remote job available openings for positions in operations and administration. 

Google does not only employ remote workers but freelancers as well. So, if you already have a freelancing career, then, you can give this a try. 

Google job board is the best place you can look for these kinds of jobs.



All of these are amazing ways on how to earn money from Google without investment. It is very possible to make extra bucks from Google without investment. 

As you are looking for opportunities to earn from Google, ensure you apply the method that best suits your skills and capabilities. 


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