how to earn money without investment through mobile

Do you really want to know how to earn money without investment through a mobile phone? Try these 15 best methods that have proven to work for thousands of people.

How to earn money without investment through mobile

There are lots of ways to make money from your Smartphone without Investments, from Mobile Apps to Tasks and Gigs, you rest assured to have something to do and earn money.

Since Mobile Phones have become an integral part of our lives, we have gotten to a stage where so many things we do from Entertainment, Health, Banking, and Business all occur on our Mobiles Phones.

So why not make money? Sure, that’s now a reality as we are going to make a list of 15 ways that you can earn money from your Mobile Phones without much ado.

People really want to know how to earn money without investment through mobile because it won’t be stressful and at the same time they won’t have to Invest Money except for their time

1. Surveys: Partake in Simple Surveys and Earn Money for your Time, Opinion, and Thoughts

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is an online Mobile Money Making App that allows you to earn money for answering simple questions related to your Life, Environment, and Society.

You actually earn points for doing the normal basic things that you have been doing already like shopping online, Watching Videos, surfing the web and taking simple Surveys.

Then redeem your points for cash which can be redeemed via PayPal, Amazon Gift Card or Walmart Gift Card. It’s that simple.

There are a lot of Paid Survey Apps and Platforms out there but Swagbucks leads in the Industry, paying more than $300,000,000 so far. For your normal everyday online activities and taking part in surveys, you get paid in the form of Gift cards or real cash paid into your PayPal Account.

With an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau, you are rest assured that Swagbucks is legit, tested and proven by thousands if not millions of other Online users like yourself.

Download Swagbucks: iOS | Android

What type of Survey Questions that are been asked on Swagbucks?

It is not a difficult or tedious Question like the ones in your Exams, which makes it preferably and ideal for every category of people, be it a teenager, a literate or an Elderly.

You get asked questions like “Where do you drink coffee?“, “What Brand of TV do you have at home?“, “What Cable TV do you Subscribe to?” etc.


Swagbucks Payment statistics
Swagbucks Payment statistics

Swagbucks Alternatives: List of 10 other Survey apps that pay

Apart from Swagbucks Survey App, they are actually other survey Apps that pay and we decided to make that list in here so that you can try something different from Swagbucks and maybe find a Survey App that works best for you. Below is a list of 10 Different Survey Apps that Pay with different Pros and Cons, some have shorter Survey Questions while some have longer ones, so you decide what suits your preferences after giving them a trial.

  1. Panel App: This App Allows you to earn money by taking Surveys and also partaking in content: Download Panel App: iOS | Android
  2. Google Opinion Rewards: This is Google’s own very Survey App. It pays you for taking Surveys, Answering Questions, and Judging Products. Download Google Opinion Reward: Android
  3. Surveys on the Go: The Surveys on the Go App rewards you for taking a 10 to 15 Minutes Survey. Payment is typically made via PayPal with a minimum withdrawal threshold. Download Surveys on the Go: iOS | Android
  4. Ipsos Mobile: Designed to analyze Advertising, Public Opinion, and Market Research, Ipsos App is a Survey app most used during the Presidential Election to track mass Opinion. With a Minimum payout of $10 to PayPal or Popular Gift cards like iTunes and Amazon. Download Ipsos Mobile: iOS | Android
  5. iPoll: This App is more than a Survey App as it offers more than Surveys, it offers Physical Tasks known as missions that you can accomplish to earn more. Their Surveys take more time to complete than other Apps that I have tried, typically 20 to 30 Minutes. For a Mission, you could be asked to visit a certain store and take Photos. Download iPoll App: iOS | Android
  6. Quick thoughts: For your thoughts, the Quick Thoughts App accumulates points for you that you can convert to Cash. Surveys and Polls are other ways you can earn on this App. Surveys are limited to 5 Surveys per Day, with a minimum payout of $10 redeemable via Amazon Gift Card. Download Quick Thoughts: iOS | Android
  7. Inbox Dollar: This App is a multi-opportunity App that offers more than one way for you to earn. From Polls, Surveys, Opinions, Online Shopping, Gaming, and Surfing, you just have a lot of ways to earn money from your Mobile Phone via Inbox Dollars. Inbox Dollar’s threshold is pecked at $30, redeemable via PayPal. Download Inbox Dollar App: iOS | Android
  8. Cash Reward App: For Completing various Tasks on your Android Phone, you earn money that can be withdrawn to your PayPal Account when your earnings exceed $1. Polls, Surveys, and App Downloads (Free and Paid Apps). Download Cash Reward App: Android
  9. Easy Shift Survey App: Complete quite a handful of tasks and earn through your mobile phone. Taking Surveys, taking pictures, checking item prices, and more but a few ways to earn on Easy Shift. Payment is also made through PayPal. Download Easy Shift App: iOS | Android
  10. Survey Mini App: If you are an Adventurous type who wouldn’t mind visiting a couple of Restaurants, Stores, and other businesses, either for facts verification or other verification and documentation purposes, then go for the Survey Mini App. With a list of 11 Question sets to take per survey, you don’t have to bother about spending too much time taking surveys. You can exchange your points for Gift Card or Discount. Download Survey Mini App: iOS | Android


Summary: Survey apps that pay

So apart from Swagbucks, we have been able to itemize 11 other Survey Apps that pay and we encourage you to take a look at them, try them and let us know your Experience in the Comment section below.

I don’t think that there will be any issue having all 11 Apps on your phone at the same time, this will increase your Earning potential and also help you decide which works best.

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2. Other Ways to earn money without investment through mobile phone

Apart from taking Surveys which we have outlined so many Survey Apps that you can use to earn, there are other ways you can earn money on your Mobile Phone, like Installing Apps, Viewing ads, Watching Videos, and commenting on Post.

We will now make the list of all other ways to earn from your Phone in no special other or ratings.


MobileExpression Rewards: Earn for having the App on your Phone

Though with some low Reviews on Google, Mobile Expression Rewards is one of the easiest App to earn on your Mobile Phone because it does not require you to do anything to earn,

all you ought to do is just to install the App on your phone and let it be.

Isn’t that Surprisingly unbelievable?

Sure it should be, but the thing is that it works and some people have testified to the effectiveness of this App,

But how does it really work?

How does MobileExpression Rewards work?

Mobile Expression is a Research Company that focuses on understanding trends and patterns hindering and enabling Mobile Internet connectivity.

So to better understand this, they pay users to install this app on their which in turn gives them the opportunity to better analyze and monitor network trends and statistics on the Go.

Available on both the Android and iOS platforms, MobileExpression Rewards App pays you about $5 each week for just having the App stay on your Phone.

Should you not worry about your Privacy and Security?

Yes, you sure should because we are on the Internet but for the MobileExpression Rewards App, I guess you have nothing to be afraid of, as the App was built to be well encrypted and with a background operation, it does not in any way affect or hinders your phone’s performance.

The only time you will answer some on-screen questions is when you download and install the App for the first time which is normal, after that, you have nothing to do but just earn.

NOTE: This App is only available for users in India, the United States, and Canada.

The MobileExpression Rewards App is available both on the iOS and Android platforms.

Download MobileExpression Rewards App: iOS | Android



3. List of apps that pay you to play games

Do you know that you can actually earn money for playing Games with these apps that pay you to play games? Sure you can, I will show you how to do exactly that but before then, let’s look at a couple of ways that App playing could possibly pay.



Being that the main intent of this post was on how to earn money without investment through mobile phones, we tried as much as possible not to deviate and put in any other method that might not work on your Mobile Phone.

There are so many other ways to make money using your Desktop PC but we are focusing on the ones you can do through your Mobile Phone.

For other ways of making Money, kingly visit our How to Make Money Online Knowledge Base where we discuss different ways to earn money.

We will keep updating this post from time to time as we keep discovering and testing other Apps and Mediums.

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