how to earn money writing articles

If you search on Google “How to earn money writing articles”, a bunch of a list of sites that you can write for and earn hundreds of Dollars pops up

I have tried some of these sites and the experiences weren’t that great. So, I will not be making yet another list of such sites.

Rather, I will take you through a practical and proven step I took that earned me a decent amount of money at my own terms and convenience

Before I get into the full details of this whole process and article earning hack, I will like to open up your mind to the state of the industry

Content is Truly King and beyond being King, it is the mechanisms that drive sales in today’s information age, therefore should be invested in

Content VS Paid Ads

Content VS Paid Ads

If I am starting a new Business all over once again, I will always invest in Contents than paid Ads programs like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and the likes

Am not saying that these channel of driving traffic and sales is not great, they are. But based on my experiences, Contents are cheaper.

Most times Free, and evergreen as opposed to paid ads which dwindles away the moment your ad spend budget is depleted.

This is the case across many small, and medium enterprises who knows the needs and value of content, which makes it an opportunity for a writer like yourself to earn decent money at your terms.

What do I mean by writing on your Terms?

I have been a writer for years, writing for different calibers of people, from internet marketers down to media houses and small companies

The stress and work required from these different sets of clients differ and as such, I always go for the less stressful ones.

These set of clients allows me to pick my topic, conduct keyword research, write for their blog and drive their traffic up

While the Internet Marketers just come up with tedious content for you to write on, sometimes you just force yourself to do so not because you are comfortable.

These Internet marketers and sometimes a bunch of bloggers just pop up and say “hey, please write an article on xyz topic for me. Just 1 Article and most times, this article could cost as low $5 – $10.

You would have to start investing resources and time to start crafting this tedious 1 Article. Oftentimes, they scrutinize and analyze the content using all sought of plagiarism and grammar checkers.

This gets you to review and rewrite the article until you meet their satisfaction and lost hours from your precious time just for $10

After a while of writing, I was now able to filter these stressful and less paying clients out. I then focused on the less stressful and bulk payment clients.

That way, I was able to pay myself a decent salary each month while being able to predict what to pay myself at the end of the month without stressing myself out.

6 Rules of Writing on your terms

  1. Don’t write any content lesser than 10 pieces of Article for any Client
  2. The Minimum amount to charge per article should be $5 (Depending on your location)
  3. Your delivery duration should be spread across the 30 days of a month
  4. Always tell your Client to pay Upfront (I will show you how to convince them to do so)
  5. As much as you can, position yourself to pick the topics to write
  6. Focus on delivering Excellence and proof the guts you displayed

Now let’s take a ride and get to know how to earn money writing articles on your terms

  1. Create a Subscription for your Writing Service

create subscription

To keep things organized and in order, the first thing you will want to do is to create a Subscription plan for your writing service.

For this, I use YAIOA Subscription, a Subscription platform that allows you to create subscriptions for whatever service or products that you offer on a daily, weekly or monthly interval.

After creating your Subscription, you can have as many subscribers as possible, that way you can manage and track your writing business.

Let’s take a tour and create our first Subscription. Proceed to and Signup as a Vendor. This takes less than 1 minute

Once you signup, as usual, a mail will be sent to you for Account verification, click on it and verify your account.

Now that you have created Your All In One Account, log in to your account with your email and password.

You will be taken to your dashboard where you can add Subscription, manage your Account and withdraw your Earnings

Click on Add Subscription on the left sidebar, this will lead you to where you would provide all the details for your subscription

Add Subscription on Yaioa

Subscription Name

Try to make your subscription name as descriptive as possible. Let the name explain what you are offering and as much as you can, portray the value they are getting

Example: SEO Optimized daily Articles for 1 Month, 1,500 Words, Unlimited revision, & free images

Subscription Description

At this point, you have to make justice to your Subscription by explaining in detail what it means to subscribe to this service, the benefits, bonuses, and value as opposed to writing from other sources.

Write as much word as you can to convince your prospect to subscribe

Compare your value with other low values out there, tell them how your content will have higher chances of ranking.

NOTE: The description area has a formatting ribbon that you can use to format the contents and make things look presentable. You can add images, tables, etc.

Addig Subscription 2

Subscription Price

This is where you provide the cost of that particular plan, $10, $100 or $1,000, you call the shot here.

But at the same time, be considerate, especially if you are just starting out

Subscription Picture

A descriptive picture of your Subscription plan. If possible design one yourself as this is what users see from the Subscription portal

Subscription Location

Which location are you offering your Subscription from? If it were to be a Physical subscription and there is a spot or city that you offer it from, you have to indicate that here.

Users go in here to search for Subscriptions within their city or geographical locations. So indicating such here helps you get the right clientele.

But for the case of a digital writing subscription service, you can still add your city or indicate that it’s global.

Subscription Policy

If there are any special or strict policies surrounding your subscription that you want your clients to be aware of before subscribing, kindly indicate that here.

An example of such could be to let the client know that once they subscribe and have access to the file, they can’t be refunded.

Adding Subscription 3

Subscription Category

This is where you indicate if your Subscription is a Physical or Digital Subscription. Based on what you choose here, the form below will change to suit your preference of either physical or digital properties.

In this case, ours is a digital subscription, by choosing that, it will reveal the Subscription Duration

Subscription Duration

This is where you select the duration of your Subscription. 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, etc.

Link or File

This is the last section of your Subscription Plan form. Depending on how you intend to deliver your service, you will choose a link or File.

Link could be a link to the hidden and restricted content that they are subscribing for. You might have this somewhere on your website or a third party site.

This could be a link to your training WhatsApp group, Telegram, Facebook or your own site.

While the file will be the outright file they download after subscribing. This could be a PDF file, a TXT file, a Word Document or an image file.

After filling all the necessary details for your Subscription, click on Save, your Subscription will pass through review and in 1 – 24 hours, your subscription would be live. Changing from pending to Live

Now that we have created the subscription, let’s move on to section 2 where we learn how to get the prospect for our Writing business.

  1. Reach out to Prospects (Small Businesses and Startups)

What you did in the first part of this guide is to put things in place in the areas of Payment retrieval, client management, and Accountability.

With your subscription, you will be able to keep track of all your earnings and also be able to manage your clients and grow them

Who is your target audience?

business target audience

Startup Business, small, and medium businesses, and the working class bloggers

There are startup companies that are just hitting the internet with one product or the other; You can track them through platforms like, and a host of other sites like this.

You will see a whole lot of them in different business niche and categories, chose the ones you are most comfortable and experienced to write for.

Pick one, for example, go to their website, and check if they have a blog section, if they do, great. Proceed to check if they have great content, if they don’t, you have got a new prospect to follow up.

NOTE: If you find one that does not have a blog section, it is also a good lead. Because of you, they would have one

So what you will do now is to look for more leads like that and compile them in an excel document.

Get at least 20 of these companies with their names, and email addresses, then get to learn more about their products or services.

Once you do, craft a very compelling article about their product, such that the readers will be convinced to sign up or opting to whatever service they are rendering

Now it’s about time to reach out to the first one you wrote an article for. You will send them a nice email telling them how big of a fan you are to their company and how convincing you are about the success and value of their business.

Since you had spent the time studying their business, you will know just about what to say. After that, tell them that you think they are lacking something which you have done one for them, tell them that it is attached on the mail or

NOTE (Optional): if you had a blog and had posted it there, share the link with them. I do not really advise this, because the essence of the content is to go on their blog for some type of business though. But for some businesses, this won’t be a problem, since that content on other people’s blog will bring them more awareness and traffic from the already existing readership of that site.


Hi, PayStill

My name is Maria, I am a big believer n your Product Paystill, it is a very good product that will solve the Payment headache in the payment space.

Your product even does what XYZ company’s Product cannot do hence it’s an edge over them. Meanwhile, I was also looking at your blog section but could not find decent content that would help drive this product into the market.

Being a prolific writer, I decided to come up with one for you. I wrote a 1,500-word article on “How to receive Payment on my website” which is a low competitive keyword with 410 Monthly search volume and a CPC of $2.74.

Then in it I talked about already established Payment systems and then talked about PayStill while showing my readers the weaknesses of those other established payment gateways and the strengths of PayStill.

I pointed out why and when they should use the other guys as opposed to PayStill. This content can easily rank on the 1st page of Google and once that happens, you would be getting quite a number of new leads each day from this source only without paying a dime.

This is a gift to the Company from me, but if for any reason you would want my service as a writer for your blog, being that I know what your Business is about and at the same time believes in it, I think I would be in a better position to deliver value.

I have a monthly article subscription plan here where I write Quality articles about your products and services like the one attached and deliver them to your blog or other blogs and websites out there with an established readership.

My prices are affordable, and your payments are escrowed on Yaioa, so I won’t be paid until I deliver the last bit f your article at the end of the subscription duration.

Follow this link to signup and subscribe to my Subscription Plan and I will get started right away crafting contents that drive sales to your sie



  1. Get them to Subscribe and pay Upfront

get your clients to subscribe

I said that I was going to show you how to make your Client pay upfront so that you know that you are not wasting your time and energy writing a content that would not be paid for at the end of the day.

Most people won’t be comfortable paying you upfront being that they just got a mail from you online without even knowing you.

Some will want you to write first before they pay, in other to vet and make sure you are delivering quality

To get them to pay upfront, you will let them know that the Subscription Platform they are paying through will only release the funds to you at the end of the duration of their deliveries.

That if they are not comfortable, they can always ask for a revision until they are satisfied. Let them know that their fund is 100% secure through the platform’s escrow.

  1. Write, optimize and deliver

write and sell contents

After you have succeeded in convincing your client to pay for the Service and he has subscribed, its about time you keep to your promise by delivering excellence

NOTE: One man’s excellence in content could be a nightmare to another, so always ask ahead what the client is anticipating. Ask them if they have any special need or ways their content should be written, maybe they have a guideline or format for you to follow.

Most of the time, since these are startup companies that know little or nothing about content marketing, they will tell you to deliver great content that can rank their website on Google’s result page and bring in traffic to their website.

Try to make sure that you deliver your first content that same day or the date of the agreed first deliverables.

That way, the client can vet and tell you what to add or remove which will become the basis for all his other works.

If you can satisfy this client, you won’t worry about losing him, but rather you will be faced with the problem of managing multiple clients’ projects. This to me sounds like a Quality problem 🙂

  1. Withdraw your earnings at the end of the Month

After you have ended a certain Subscription, your payment would be available for instant Withdrawal.

All you have to do is to click on the withdraw funds button on your dashboard and it will lead you to the Funds withdrawal screen.

There you can decide how you want to withdraw your funds, either to your PayPal Account or directly to your Bank Account

withdraw your earnings

Summary: How to earn money writing articles

Now that you know how to earn money writing articles, it is about time to take action, you cannot get this done without taking action

Go ahead, create your Subscription, get a bunch of Clients to subscribe to it, earn and withdraw, then repeat the same process over and over again.

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