How To Get Advertisers For Your Magazine

How to get advertisers for your magazine can be challenging especially as advertising is the fuel for a magazine, whether print or online. Consistent income from adverting is what keeps a magazine running.

Whether the advertiser is looking to sell products, render a service or just build its brand, for you to be able to recruit advertisers, it means you have to sell the idea that your magazine is an investment.

However, keeping your magazine profitable depends on how well you know your magazine and its readership and using that information to sell ads.

Here, I’ll offer you some tips on how to get advertisers for your magazine.

1. Study your magazine’s subscribers’ demographics and circulation numbers.

You should first start by studying and understanding your magazine’s subscribers’ demographic and circulation numbers.

You can use customer relationship software to track the customers that subscribe to your magazine.

If possible, you should break down the information of your customers onto age, sex, race and income level. This will help you know your circulation by how many subscribers you have.

This information is necessary to show your potential advertisers.

2. Identify the market

You should look at businesses that would want to appeal to your readership. That is, look out for companies that might be interested in advertising in your magazine.

For example, if your magazine is a fashion related kind of magazine, hair and clothing stylists, fashion boutiques, fashion designers, shoe brands and jewelry brands might be a candidate for purchasing advertising in your magazine.

You can use phone directories or websites to find these businesses. Also, look at similar or related magazine publications to see who is buying ads among these companies.

3. Create a Media Kit for your magazine

media kit

The media kit should contain information on your magazines’ readership, your competitors in the publishing world, editorial policies, as well as what makes you different from your competitors.

It should also contain information about the frequency of your magazine publications and how you plan to distribute it. Sample pages to show how the magazine will look like should also be included.

Lastly, it should contain information about advertising costs. For example how much a quarter page, half page, full page, and center page will cost.

4. Create a rate card

rate card

A rate card outlines the prices and descriptions for the various ad options available in your magazine. The rate card will state what sizes of ads are available and their costs.

You can research magazines with similar readership or audience to have an idea of your competitors’ advertising rates.

5. Create a YAIOA subscription for your ad rate

There are tools like the YAIOA subscription platform where you can create subscription plans for your various ad types and sizes.

All you have to do is register for free on the YAIOA platform as a vendor and create your subscription plan where you put in the description and price of the subscription.

You are to give a detailed explanation of your subscription, like the size of the ads available – quarter page, half page, full page, center page – and their cost based on how many insertions and the difference between the various types of color ads.

YAIOA automatically intercepts your services with visitors, advertisers, and publishers that come to the YAIOA platform to buy ad space.

They would see your subscription plan and click on it so they can make payment. Once payment has been confirmed, you may now run the advertisement.

Simply put, you register and create subscriptions for your ad rates while YAIOA does the work of getting advertisers for you. Easy right?

6. Include Advertising information in your publication.

Whatever form of a magazine you run, be it print or online, some spaces should be dedicated to garnering advertisers.

If a potential business owner is reading your magazine, there is a possibility that she might have a product or service targeted towards your audience. This is a passive approach to luring advertisers.

7. Compile a list of prospective Advertisers

When compiling the list, get the name and contact information of the person particularly responsible for making advertising decisions.

This is where understanding your audience plays a key role. For example, if your magazine is about swimming, create a database of swimwear retailers, manufacturers and swimming tour companies.

Also, think about parallel businesses that would be interested in your magazine.

8. Contact your potential Advertisers

phone call

Start calling or emailing your potential advertisers. If you decide to contact them by email, you can ask them permission to send a sales package which includes an issue of your magazine, the rate card, media kit, and an introduction letter.

Try not to send repeated emails else it constitutes spam and unwelcome email advertising which may seem aggressive or annoying and doesn’t portray your brand in a positive light.

You can follow up with a phone call to further explain what they’ll stand to gain by advertising with your magazine.

If you’re a start-up magazine, it will be wise to use these interactions to establish an honest relationship with potential advertisers.

9. Special Offers

If you are not too popular, it is advised to sometimes offer special deals for people who commit to advertising immediately or long term.

You may give a percentage slash of about 20 or 25 percent to the first 25 companies to buy ads in your publication.

You may also give a discount for advertisers that commit to buying more than one ad. Just ensure that you do not run into losses with too many discounted ads.

10. Promotional Partnerships

In a promotional partnership, you can partner with a business that provides a free subscription to your magazine for a certain purchase.

For example, a swim kit retailer, for every sale of two swimwears, gives the customer a free subscription to your magazine.

11. Cross-advertising Partnerships

Cross-advertising partnership is when you exchange advertising. For example, you may provide a quarter-page ad for a swimming kit retailer if he places an ad in his store.

12. Prepare yourself for rejection

A lot of companies have very strict advertising budgets. Try not to take it too personally if you do not get a positive response from them. It might just be that you called at the wrong time of the year.

13. Build relationships

hand shake

Invest in building healthy relationships with potential advertisers. Even though they may not be ready to advertise with you immediately, you are very likely to be at the top of their list to call if you already have a friendly business relationship.

14. Reputation

Having a good reputation is everything. Do not make promises you know you cannot keep or start something you cannot keep up with.

It might get you a deal, but not fulfilling your own part of the deal will result in the advertiser not using you again and spreading the word among fellow advertisers.

15. Never undervalue your product.

Always ask for something in return whenever a client asks for a discount or price slash. For example, you can tell the client to pay promptly, refer customers or block/series bookings in exchange for a discount.

16. Offer annual marketing packages

You can help broadcast services or products with a mix of editorial and adverts in your magazine for niche businesses that often do not have a marketing department.

Actively involving their business on your social media activity is also a plus because it can secure ongoing business and also attract other advertisers willing to receive related services.

Breaking down the cost over 12 monthly direct debits also helps make it affordable.


How to get advertisers for your magazine is a very critical area for any publication. That is why I have taken the time to break it down to the tips above.

I do hope they prove effective in getting advertisers for your magazine. Feel free to let me know how it goes!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get advertisers for my magazine

To attract more advertisers to your magazine, you can run in-ads to attract advertisers and establish complimentary subscriptions for regular advertisers. Getting readers to submit their email addresses by offering an online version of the magazine also helps.

2. What is the cost of putting an ad in a magazine?

Getting the cost of putting an ad in a magazine depends on some factors like; whether the publication is local or national, the use of color, the ad size, etc. Typically, it costs between $500 to $20,000 but for the front cover of some national magazines, it could cost up to $500,000.

3. Do magazines make money?

The simple answer is Yes! Magazines are a business and just like every other type of business, they must generate revenue and make remain profitable.

4. How do you market a magazine?

There are different ways and mediums that can be used in marketing a magazine. Some of them are affiliate marketing, native advertising, leveraging your social media pages, etc. you just need to find out which one works best for you and go for it.

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