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If you are a newbie and you are looking for ways on how to get advertisers on your website and don’t know how to go about it, don’t worry, this post got you covered.

People keep hearing about how blog owners and website owners make huge amounts of money from advertising with their blogs and websites but how did they get advertisers to be interested enough in investing their money on their websites.

In this post, I will be showing you some proven ways that really work to get you started with making your website an advertising-magnet.

Leveraging Your Own Website

Leveraging Your Own Website

When it comes to finding advertisers, your site should be the first place to start. This is because people who are used to your work will be more willing to discuss possible advertising deals.

So, how do you find advertisers on your website?

1. Place an “Advertise” link on the menu bar

If your menu bar is navigational, you could put an “advertise” link there, pointing to the page where you describe the advertising options of your website.

This link will aid you in two various ways. Firstly, it will let interested companies to instantly find the page where you show your advertising information. Secondly, it will allow all your visitors know that you do accept advertising deals.

2. Utilize an “Advertise Here” banner as a placeholder

You can put an “Advertise Here” banner as a placeholder on one of your unsold ad space. The banner will act just like the “Advertise” link on the navigation menu but might be more effective because it will tell potential advertisers where exactly their ads will be displayed.

Ensure not to use an “Advertise Here” placeholder on all your unsold ad spaces, as it can send a negative message to advertise (i.e., you don’t have anyone buying your ad spaces, so why should they buy?).

3. Write a post, inviting Advertisers

As a blog or website owner, you could write a post welcoming advertisers. This technique really works because it lets you explain in detail what you are offering.

You’ll be able to explain in the post the type of audience your blog has, the type of traffic it gets, the advertising options available, and many more.

4. Put a message at the end of blog posts

If you post regularly on your blog or website, you could fix a message at the bottom of every post. For example, Do you want to showcase your products or services to our audience? Then check our advertising options.

Include a link to your “Advertise” page on the message. If it’s WordPress you are using, you will just need to edit the single PHP file to make the message appear on all your blog posts.

5. Email your list

If you have an email list, then send the same information you posted on your blog to your subscribers but don’t include the price because if you do not add the price, people who are interested will email you asking for it. This will give you their email addresses and an invite for a conversation, where you will have better opportunities to convince them.

6. Add a message at the bottom of your feed

You can also add a message at the bottom of your feed. This will ensure that both your site visitors and RSS subscribers will see it. But if you are using WordPress, you can easily create a custom message that will be displayed at the bottom of your feed with the RSS Footer plugin.

7. Checkout those leaving comments

It is always good to check out those leaving comments on your blog. Since you are looking for individuals who work at companies that have relevant products to show to your audience, you can easily see them in the comment section and when you identify one (either by the link the person left behind or by the domain on his email address).

Just contact him and ask him if his company would be interested in becoming a sponsor. This technique really works because the person is already a member of your community.

8. Reply to all press releases and review request

If your website becomes popular in its niche, you will surely start getting lots of press releases and review request through the contact form.

 Don’t delete them instead of reply to all of them saying that you found their product or service interesting and that you are certain they could benefit from advertising on your blog because your users would be a perfect match. After this provides all the details about your advertising options then wait to see if they are interested.

9. Know who is linking to you

Aside from checking out those leaving comments on your blog, you should also check those linking to your blog posts. If you find a link from a company’s blog, you can contact the company and ask if it would be interested in becoming a sponsor. Since they link to your content, it is possible they can advertise on your site.

Explore Ad Networks

If you can get companies that are already spending money on online advertising, your job will be less easy. Ad networks represent an excellent chance to do this.



The Yaioa platform is quite different from other ad networks. Here, blog/website owners will sign up as a vendor to create a subscription plan where they can sell their ad space or whatever service they have to offer.

Unlike other ad networks, it provides you the opportunity to do and achieve more meaning, aside from helping you place your subscription plan on their site and other major sites, the Yaioa platform can also help you promote your blog or website to thousands of advertisers and can also do a direct pitching that will help you get more clients and advertisers to your site.

When you create a subscription plan, a JavaScript code will automatically be created. You can copy this code and place it on your website in the exact spot you want to sell.

Creating a subscription is very easy and it is one of the fastest means you can get lots of advertisers to buy your ad spots.

Just visit the homepage and click on “register” to sign up as a vendor, add a subscription plan and viola, get lots of advertisers who will subscribe to buy your ad space and other available services that you can also create a subscription for.

Other ad networks include:

  • Infolinks
  • ReviewMe

Visit Other Websites in Your Niche

Visit Other Websites in Your Niche

Visiting other sites in your niche is also another way to get advertisers to your website. Go there and look for companies that are already advertising there. So how do you get companies advertising in other sites in your niche?

11. Contact the banner advertisers

Firstly, contact the advertisers who bought banner spots. These are companies who normally contacted the owner of the site directly, so there’s a possibility they will be more open to discuss new advertising opportunities with you.

12. Contact the owner of the site

If you have a larger website than the one you are visiting, you can contact the owner of the site to know if he would be interested in buying one of your banner spots.

This could help him get more brand awareness and new visitors. Secondly, you can also try to set up a partnership where you can refer advertisers to each other.

13. Contact the AdSense Advertisers

If the website you are visiting uses AdSense, you could look for companies that are placing ads there and then contact them.

In your email, mention that you saw the company ad on the XYZ website and you are certain your site would be a good match for their products or services too.

Use Social Networks

use social networks

Social networks are one of the most popular websites on the internet today. So many companies are advertising there already and you could use that to search for sponsors for your website.

14. Facebook Ads

Facebook is the largest social media site on the web and they also have a self-serving ad platform that works like Google AdSense. This has made so many companies to buy ads there, and you could try to look for those that are related to your niche.

All you need to do is to browse around the site and you will see ads that appear on the sidebar. On some of the pages, you will also see a link titled “More Ads “which will direct you to a page with a list of sponsors relevant to your niche.

15. Sponsored Tweets

Twitter is also another great social network where many companies leverage the sponsored tweet idea. These companies pay some amount of money to people who are willing to send messages talking about their products or services.

Most of these companies need people to show ads with hashtags. Two popular hashtags are #ad and #sponsored. If you go to Twitter and search for those hashtags, you will be to see a long list of sponsored messages. Then you can just contact the companies who sponsored them.

16. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is also a reputable social network where professionals, large companies have their profile.

If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can search for companies with products or services related to your website and send them an email telling them how your site is good enough for them to place their ad. You mignt be lucky to find some that can be sponsors to your site. 

Use Google Search

use google search - how to get advertisers to your website

Whenever you are searching for something online, Google is always there to assist.

17. Search for products or services in your niche and contact the organic results

Companies that sell products or services relevant to your niche will surely consider the chance to advertise on your website. If that is the case, you just need to go to Google and start searching for these companies.

For example, if your site is about baseball, visit Google and search for baseball cleats, baseball gloves, and many more.

18. Search for sites thanking their advertisers

There are so many sites that publish posts thanking their sponsors. You can search on Google to find these posts, as they will come with a list of companies that you can contact. For instance, you can search for “Thank sponsors” on Google.

Alternatively, you can as well, filter the search to particular sites that are related to your site. If you are the owner of a tech blog, for example, you could search for “website: sponsors”, it will provide you a list of all the posts on that talk about advertisers.

19. Search for relevant keywords and contact the AdWords sponsors

You can also look for companies on the organic results and check for the ones already spending money on Google AdWords. These are the sponsored links that appear on top and the right of the organic search results.

Note: You don’t need to search for products here

Searching for a keyword that is related to your niche should already trigger the sponsored links.

Summary: How to get Advertisers to your Website

There you have it, the 19 proven ways on how to get advertisers to your website. You can use these methods to get advertisers to your website easily.

To easily attract advertisers to your website, ensure you have quality content, a professional-looking design, and lots of traffic.

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