how to increase cosmetic sales

It is necessary to know how to increase cosmetic sales especially if you own a cosmetic business.

Have you ever felt like you’re not getting enough sales because you’re doing something wrong in your cosmetic business?

Starting and running a cosmetics business without planned goals will only keep your business surviving and not reaching its potentials.

You and your staff can set and reach your desired goals by utilizing a variety of techniques throughout the sales year.

The article below will take you through the different ways on how you can increase your cosmetic sales and earn more.

1. Contact Distributors

contact distributors - how to increase cosmetic sales

Your business will rise much quicker if you are able to get some wholesale distributors that are interested in your beauty products.

Many retailers prefer buying their goods from wholesalers to buying them directly from manufacturers or companies.

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If you can successfully sell your products to the distributors, your volume of sold products will be much greater as compared to selling at one store.

Most of these distributors have contacts with various retail stores and they can help in placing your products in big stores.

2. Use your Strong Sellers to your Advantage

Examine your sales numbers to determine which of your products are the most sought after by your clients and make sure you always have them in stock.

You can also use these strong sellers to Increase the sales of other products, for instance by placing one of your best sellers next to a product that isn’t selling as fast as it should. That way, more attention will be given to the other product.

3. Generate Online Sales

generate online sales - how to increase cosmetic sales

Putting your Cosmetic brand on the web is another way to promote the brand. Almost all of your products’ potential buyers are searching and shopping online.

First, get an e-commerce website that has all the products’ relevant information such as a description of your products, their quality images, prices, fine navigational features, social channel links and most importantly, your company’s address and other necessary contact details.

The e-commerce website design must be useful, attractive and unique in concept. You can Hire a professional web designer that comprehends your target customers to create a website that draws the viewer’s attention.

4. Create a Subscription plan to increase sales

Creating a subscription plan will help boost your sales. You can use the YAIOA Subscription tool for this.

You can bundle your Cosmetics with a mix of Cosmetic items and get people to subscribe to it for a Monthly delivery of such Cosmetics

YAIOA is a subscription platform that lets you create a subscription plan for either your products or services you offer daily, weekly or monthly.

If you create your subscription, you will get multiple subscribers and will be able to track and keep records of all of your sales.

To create a subscription plan on YAIOA, go to and register as a vendor.

After signing up, an email will be sent to you so that you can verify your account.

After verifying your account, log in to your account and you will be directed to your dashboard (where you can add your subscription, manage your account, and withdraw your earnings).

Once you’ve opened your dashboard, click on Add Subscription( on the left sidebar) and provide all the necessary details for your subscription.

Add subscription on yaioa - how to increase cosmetic sales

On this subscription form, you will see something like:

Subscription Name

This is where you put the name of your subscription. Ensure your subscription name is descriptive.

The name should explain what you are offering, as well as portray the value consumers are getting. For instance: Get quality makeup products + free gift for $80.

Subscription Description

Here. explain detailing what it means to subscribe to get your products, the benefits, bonuses, and value. Try to convince your prospect to subscribe to get your product.

NOTE: This description area has a formatting ribbon that you can use to format you’ve written to make it look presentable.

Adding subscription 2

Subscription Price

This is you provide the cost of the subscription plan. It can be $10, $50, $100, $500, etc.

Subscription Picture

Here, you will add a descriptive image of your subscription plan. If it is about makeup, you can put up the product image, and so on.

Subscription Location

This is where you provide the location you are offering your subscription from.

Subscription Policy

If you have any strict or special policy/policies surrounding your subscription that you want your customers to be aware of before subscribing, kindly indicate it in the space provided.

Subscription Category

Here, you will indicate if your subscription is a physical or digital one. Since you own a cosmetic business, your subscription will definitely be physical.

Subscription Duration

Here, you select the duration of your subscription. It can be a month, 4 months, 6 months, etc.

Link or File

This is the last area of your subscription plan form. This section works best for those with digital subscriptions.

But you can still add a link to your Facebook page, Instagram, or your website.

After filling all the details for your subscription, click “Save”. Your subscription will be reviewed and will be live after 1-24 hours.

The process of creating a subscription plan on YAIOA is very easy.

After successfully creating a subscription, the YAIOA platform will then place your subscription as an ad on all social media sites, and other sites so that clients will see and subscribe to it.

This way you promote your business thereby making more sales easily.

5. Make use of Social Networking

make use of social networking - how to increase cosmetic sales

Social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are like the new marketplaces where you can sell your cosmetic products.

These online markets are ideal for reaching out to a lot of potential consumers. All you need to do is to post interesting content and visuals on a regular basis to create a prominent presence of your business on all the channels.

Make sure that your small company has a dedicated page for your cosmetic products on all the popular social channels.

Notwithstanding, your social media page must be appealing in terms of its blended use of text and images. Your small cosmetic business can afford to have a professionally created social media page with crowdsourcing sites.

6. Visually Marketing the Company

Visual marketing includes the use of logos, flyers, signage, uniforms, etc.

All the worldwide brands have a common feature which is their unique logos. Google, Pepsi, Nike, Coca-Cola and many more brands of global reputation are distinguished by their memorable logos.

When starting your cosmetic brand, think of having a patented designed logo. A logo design that differentiates you from the crowd of your competitors is a visual pleasure for your audience.

Your logo will speak volumes about your brand identity, brand message, values and your professional approach to managing your business.

Flyers are single sheets of paper that have a lot of necessary information such as your product name, product images, some price incentives, and your company’s contact details.

The cost of creating a flyer design is relatively low compared to all marketing material. Once the flyers are ready, you can just stand at one spot in a market or a popular place and distribute to the passersby.

This is an efficient way to promote your small business to your potential consumers.

7. Request Experts To Review Your Products

request experts to review your products

Another way to promote your cosmetic company and increase your sales is by making a request to experts in the industry to review your new products.

Many gurus or experts have their personal YouTube channels that have thousands of viewers and subscribers. Request them to include your new beauty products on their product review list.

If they agree, then your product would get an easy reach to the large number of followers they have.

8. Offer Some Enticing Deals

offer some enticing deals - how to increase cosmetic sales

People are naturally drawn to offers that are alluring to them. For example, if your cosmetic brand offers an impressive deal of your products, the customers will think of buying those items immediately before the offer ends. So, you can lure potential customers with huge discounted rates on your key cosmetics products to motivate them to buy.

Consider offering some deals such as buy one get one free or a gift for buying one of your products, and so on.

9. Demonstrate the Products

demonstrate the product - how to increase cosmetic sales

Create product demonstration objectives for your employees. Women like witnessing how cosmetic products work before they can start buying them.

The more demonstrations that are done, the higher the chance of a sale. Put up live demonstrations of the cosmetic products throughout the whole day. You can choose some members of your staff to be face models for the demonstrations.

10. Hold Special Events

Introduce new, seasonal colors and limited edition products at the store events, such as a discount sale and holiday sale.

Hosting these special events will spark potential customer’s interest in your product line, and holding special events for regular and new customers will help you make cosmetic sales goals while creating excitement in your store.

Before kicking off an event, meet with the staff and discuss what you want to achieve. For example, your goal is to sell 60 sets of your premium face powder collection at an event. With 15 sales team members, that breaks down to a sales goal of four sets per team member.

11. Don’t Attach Prices On Product

Cosmetics are generally known as one of the most costly products women will need to purchase and the higher the price is, the smaller its tag is going to be.

Prices are commonly not found on cosmetic counter shelves, which means customers will either need to pick the product up to find out or ask someone to help them.

A lot of consumers, for whatever reason, feel this is the time they have to purchase the product. Consumers don’t often see money-off coupons because they feel the high prices are confirmation that the items are authentic.

12. Multiple Selling Techniques

Employ multiple selling techniques which include cross-selling, up-selling, and selling complete collections.

Upselling is a sales method where a seller skillfully convinces the customer to buy more expensive products, upgrades or other add-ons in an attempt to make more profit.

Cross-selling occurs after a customer makes a purchase decision. Before closing the sale, the salesperson recommends another product from the product line.

For example, the client has purchased a mascara collection. The sales team member should offer a lash curler and eyelash conditioner, explaining how a finished face look will compliment her new mascara products.

When a customer expresses an interest in lipstick, the salesperson should attempt to up-sell by offering a face powder.

The sales team member should always offer a complete set of items first rather than separating one item to offer. These techniques generate more profitable sales and will help you reach your desired cosmetic goals faster.

13. Beautify your space

Don’t just pile up products and fill your shelves like a department store. Add some visual appeal and give the store a nice look by adding your personal touches to your displays.

You have to make your customers want to touch the product, pick it up and smell it if you want them to be lured to them.

Your client will cease being interested in your store’s displays if every time they enter the store, nothing has changed since their last visit.

If you don’t have new products to offer, make the illusion of something new by changing the set-up of the products and modifying the face of your shelves.

14. Give professional advice

Your customers recognize you as an expert and a source of information and advice in the cosmetic world. When giving a client a treatment, give explanations to the client what movements you are carrying out and the products that you are using to carry them out, mention some main ingredients and give them home use advice.

Make them understand that salon treatments are supplementary to home care and that you give them the best professional advice to take care of their skin.

Conclusion: How to Increase Cosmetic sales

Now that you have successfully completed the above article on “How to Increase Cosmetic sales“, you can start applying the tips to your cosmetic business to get better sales you have always wanted.

If there’s any other tip you know, kindly drop in the comment section.

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