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Do you want to know how to monetize a blogger blog? Do you want to know how you can make a huge amount of money from your blog? Then, read on to find out.

For some blog owners, running a blog is all about passion. They want the chance to share interests, knowledge, and ideas with people from all over the world.

Since bloggers create original quality content regularly, their blogs are valuable for improving SEO rankings and substantially strengthening the online presence of brands, and individuals.

But so many bloggers have learned that passion does not put food on the table, nor does it pay rent. Also, operating a great blog is time-consuming. They have to write posts frequently, promote their blogs online, send emails to subscribers, engage with readers, and so on. All these cannot be unpaid.

Fortunately, there are various ways in which bloggers can earn from their blogs. It doesn’t matter if you already have a blog up and running or you want to start one, just try and consider one or more of these proven ways below to monetize your blogger blog and earn a good extra income.

You never can tell maybe you might become so successful that monetizing your blogger blog will be a full-time job.

Here are ways you can monetize your blogger blog.

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1. Create a Subscription plan for all your services

create a subscription plan for all your services

As a blogger, you possess skills that others are dying to have why don’t you train others or provide services to people and earn a good income. People want to get some of your experience, expertise, and unique perspective.

It can be professional advice, life-hacking tips, or any type of training. You’ve worked so hard to achieve the authority you have in your field and you’ve continually worked hard to share it with your audience.

It is, therefore, no big deal and absolutely legitimate if you charge a reasonable amount of money to share your skills with people who are in great need of them. Creating a subscription plan using the Yaioa subscription tool is absolutely a great way you can achieve this and monetize your blog.  

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So, how can you create a subscription plan using the Yaioa Subscription tool?

Firstly, visit the Yaioa site and click on “register” or visit https// to sign up as a vendor. After registering, you will be sent a verification email, accept it to complete your registration.

After successfully registering as a vendor, visit your dashboard and click “Add Subscription” it will take you to another page where you can insert all your subscription details like the price, duration, description, location, etc.

NOTE: You can create as many subscriptions as you want

For example, you can create a subscription for your writing services, you can create a subscription to sell ad space, you can create a subscription to give training on graphic design, web development, content writing, and many more.

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When you have successfully created a subscription plan, it will be reviewed by the Yaioa team and if all the necessary requirement is met, your subscription/subscriptions will be placed on the Yaioa site and other major sites so that visitors, advertisers, and publishers that come to the sites will see it and subscribe to it.

The more subscribers you get, the more you earn. Awesome isn’t it? This method is straightforward and less stressful.

2. Earn Money From Online Ads

earn money from online ads

Displaying ads on your blog is also another way you can monetize your blogger blog. When ads are placed on your blog, you get revenue whenever it is clicked.

The good thing about this method is that it requires minimal effort from your end. All you have to do is to set up an account with an online ad network and connect it to your blog.

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Some of the online ad platforms are:

  • Infolinks

If you want to earn money with ads on your blog, make sure the ads relate to your audience’s interests.

If you have a blog that deals with health and wellness, and you have an ad on your site that promotes military memorabilia your audience will not click on it. You can even design the look of the ads to fit that of your blog design.

3. Write Sponsored Posts

write sponsored post - how to monetize a blogger blog

So many brands and companies are looking for bloggers that will help them promote their products or services. As a blogger, you can help them by writing articles talking about their products or services.

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The sponsored post often gives a review of the product or shows how bloggers use the product for professional or creative purposes. It is a good way to make a reliable income via your blog since you are the one to set the price yourself.

Tips on writing sponsored posts

  • Try to get a company to agree to a series of sponsored posts spread across different weeks or months. By doing so, you get a recurring and fixed source of income.
  • If planning to approach a brand to offer sponsored posts, be prepared. Present to them your traffic stats and other things you feel comfortable revealing and offer ideas for how you can write about their products or services.
  • Do not try to hide sponsored posts. Always be honest with your readers and clarify it with a short disclaimer.

4. Write and Sell an eBook

If you have visitors coming into your blog and are interested in reading your posts why don’t you offer them an expanded vision in the form of an eBook? You can write an eBook on topics that you cover in your blog or introduce a theme or question relevant to your target audience.

For example, if you have a blog that focuses on photography and regularly publishes tips for shooting and editing, then your eBook could explore the most captivating places you have ever worked in and what they thought you about photography.

Don’t just think your eBook is a means of making money, think of it as an opportunity to put yourself as an expert in your field. Write what you know but do so in a way that engages readers, showing them why and how your experience can be relevant to them.

Where to sell your eBook

You can decide to sell your eBook directly on your blog or through platforms like YAIOA, Gumroad, or Podia.

NOTE: You can use the Yaioa Subscription tool to create a subscription plan to sell your eBook.

5. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is also a great way to make money. So many companies are constantly looking for affiliate marketers to promote their products or services online. Why not join an affiliate program and start earning.

As an affiliate, you make a commission for every click, every product sale, or every lead that originated from your blog.

Just look for an affiliate network and search for companies in your niche, recommend and promote their products and earn a commission whenever your users click and purchase the product.

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Here are some affiliate networks you can join

6. Google AdSense

Google AdSense  - how to monetize a blogger blog

Google AdSense is one of the best-known promoters on the internet as well as a good source of revenue for websites and blogs. AdSense places adverts on your blog and then each time a visitor clicks on one of those ads you’ll get a commission in your AdSense account.

To get started with AdSense, create an AdSense account and follow the guidelines. When all requirement is met and your account is live, you start earning.

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7. Build an Email List

build an email list

You can monetize your blog via email marketing as well. It is also a good strategy. The main goal is to convert strangers who visit your blog for the first time into followers who want to be updated on your blog post. It is a long-term method but totally worth it.

8. Accept Donations

If your blog doesn’t get high monthly visits as you expected but you have an engaged community, you can ask them to donate. Though this method won’t bring in lots of money as expected, it can help you cover some expenses.

9. Start a Podcast

start a podcast

Podcasting is also a bomb when it comes to earning with your blog. Globally, so many people are starting to listen to podcasts, and as a blog owner, adding a podcast can be a really smart way to earn more traffic.

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Podcasts are great especially if you are a newbie because most of the already established blogs in your niche have more written content than you do but not all have a podcast.

Podcasts help you get more popularity and generate more traffic for your blog as well as a source of income for your blog.

Things needed to start a Podcast

Aside from a computer, you will also need

  • A headphone
  • A microphone
  • An audio editing software
  • Podcast hosting
  • A Skype or Zoom account (if you are planning to do interviews on your show)

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10. Flip your blog or website

If you already have a website or blog, you can sell it to someone to make some cash. It’s a lucrative business. You can create as many websites or blogs and after building them, you can sell for a good sum of money.

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I hope this post has answered your question “how to monetize a blogger blog”. These proven methods will definitely help you to monetize your blog. It is always advisable to go for the one that suits your blog.

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