How To Promote Your Business For Free

Are you wondering about How to promote your business for free? You are definitely at the right spot as this article will guide you through the techniques for promoting and marketing your business at a low cost.

A lot of business owners ignore the power of promotion assuming that it is time-consuming and expensive but that is definitely not true. The world is revolving and digital marketing is undoubtedly the way forward.

Most advice we get on business promotion focuses on ads on Instagram, Facebook, or Google. You can’t depend solely on advertisement because there are other techniques for promotion.

You should establish a platform to build your online presence in other to get to targeted clients fast and efficiently.

This post will guide you through the free ways to promote your business that will work in no time. Before that, we will like to introduce the YAIOA Plug System, a tested business promotion strategy you can try with as low as $10

YAIOA Plug System


This plug system is a simple and effective way of promoting your business. YAIOA uses content matching technology to achieve this.

By doing so, it connects buyers to sellers by running your business on the pages of related contents on their blog around the web.

The plug is made up of features that connects sellers to prospective clients in a particular locality in no time.

You may not probably know about this system but you should note that this method of business promotion is one of the fastest and cheapest.

Are you wondering how it works? don’t fret, below is a step by step guide to go about it:

YAIOA plug


  • A minimum of $10 should be deposited in your Account to run the plug.


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  •  Add your plug details whether it is a product plug or a service plug while including your Service or Product location coverage

Yaioa Plug

Note: Your password must contain at least one lowercase letter, one capital letter, and one number


  •  Click on Save and your plug starts running

YAIOA plug image


  • This system charges as low as $0.01 per customer that reaches out to you.


YAIOA image

Your plug runs few minutes after submission and If you don’t get contacted, you won’t be charged.

Examples of Service plugs are:

  • Cook
  • Photographer
  • Chef
  • Fashion Designer
  • Tailor
  • Doctor
  • Painter
  • Dentists
  • Cobbler
  • Web Developer
  • Android Developer
  • Optometrist
  • Package Delivery
  • Event Planners
  • Laravel Developer
  • Ac repairers
  • Florist
  • Pastry Chef

Examples of Product Plugs are:

  • Phone Store
  • Laptop Dealer
  • Battery Store
  • Cake Store
  • Electronics Store
  • Fashion Store
  • Electrical shops
  • Men’s Wear Store
  • Furniture Store
  • Cement Distributor
  • Building Materials Seller
  • Plumbing Store
  • Internet Modem Seller
  • Fruit Plug
  • Artificial Flower Plug
  • Fresh Flower Plug

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How to Promote Your Business For Free

Don’t think of business promotion as just paying for ads and posting images on social media.

It is a simple process that can guide you to achieve success and growth on your business.

Let’s get started on how you can get connected to customers and prospective customers, driving traffic and sales for free.

Google My Business Account

google my business optimization account signup page

For a small or large business, this strategy will boost your business.

Google Business is one of the fastest available ways free marketing strategies. This account allows your business to be shown on Google Maps usually on the Google Search local section at the right-side Knowledge panel.

For your business to come up first on the Google Maps or local results, your business profile should be optimized by verifying ownership of it through your Google My Business account.

Here are 10 Cheap Ways To Promote Your Business Online

Engage and Post on Social Media

Social Media, Social, Keyboard, Icon

In other to grow your small business, you have to increase your engagement on social media. This is a method of promoting your business.

When you do this, you showcase your brand and build trust with the viewers.

Create an accounting bearing your brand on reputable social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

You can do this when you are less busy and it is absolutely free.

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Create a Blog

Man, Reading, Touchscreen, Blog, Digital

building a blog as part of your website is one of the ways on how to promote your business.

create interesting, meaningful, and credible contents on your blog regularly, promote your blog posts and watch how you will drive traffic to your website and make sales.

Make use of Hashtags

Social Media, Hashtag, Sign, Marketing

Using hashtags is another way on how to promote your business for free. It can widen the probability of your reach on your social media posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

Trending hashtags can showcase your brand during a search but don’t forget that some specific long-tail keywords can help most especially when you are giving advice or providing resources.

Location-based hashtags, custom hashtags, and a mix of other hashtag types in your posts can reach potential clients.

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Internet, Social Media, Network, Blog

Google’s algorithm provides high-quality, accurate, and relevant content for any search query and this great.

It doesn’t involve a pay to play, so this balances the system and gives the chance for small businesses and large businesses to compete to rank.

This strategy is totally free, but could take time producing results so all you have to do is be consistent and wait till you start winning. The result of local SEO can be huge so start now.

Local SEOs you should do:

  • Use keywords with  location-based like “France bakery to the headings, body, and summary content on your website pages.
  • Involve in listing in online directories and endeavoring to provide valid and identical information across all platforms.
  • Your pages or blog posts should be specific to the neighborhood or locality you serve.


Guest Posting

Laptop, Computer, Business, Table, Paper

If your website is a new one, it might be a bit difficult to drive traffic and make sales but guest posting can help achieve this.

Not only does guest posting put your website in the front of another’s, it drives great traffic back to your website and this helps in optimizing your website for search engine.

This works by connecting with top-rated bloggers whose audience and niche is related to yours, offer to write them contents that will interest their audience and you will get maximum result.

This is one of the ways on how to promote your business.

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Email Marketing Plan

Email Marketing, Laptop, Desk

Email Marketing is one of the ways on how to promote your business for free.

It is an effective technique you can use to
attract new visitors  to engage in your business and maintain an already built relationship with your old clients.

Although email marketing is an old method of promoting your business, it is one of the most most reliable and fast methods to get high sales in your business.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Be thoughtful and creative into your subject lines.
  • Your email should be have offers to make the viewer want to to go forward.
  • Start sending emails. you can make use of  the free email marketing service like MailChimp.

Create Great Infographics

Laptop, Infographic, Online, Business

Another technique for how to promote your business for free is creating infographics. It is a crazy marketing tool. infographics are eye catchy and easy to digest.

A lot of people love to share them, therefore, it is a great way of so they’re a great way of driving referral traffic and links.

The end result of this is large sales. Either you hire an infographics designer of you try doing it yourself using free tools like Canva, our personal favorite, Adobe’s free vector kits, or  Visme.

These app provides features  needed to give neat and sharable infographic. You don’t know how to get started? Visit for inspiration.

They have classes of different levels —beginners and advanced. You can check it out.

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Uploading Videos

Camera, Camera Equipment, Interview

Video is a great way of getting clients. It is one of the effective ways on how to promote your business for free.

Consumers love to see the videos of products and services. You should consider using this method to boost your business.

You may not need to hire a professional to produce a video for you, try doing it yourself.  For guide on this, check Wordstream

Customer Referral Program

Referral, Business, Communication

You should consider giving existing clients free month of service, free products, or other  type of reward for referring new clients.

This strategy works fast as your customers in a bid to merit this rewards will go hard on referring people to you.

Don’t forget, mouth convincing is powerful. They get to tell a friend who tells a friend who tells another friend about your business. This alone can drive people interested in your product or service to you.

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That’s it on how to Promote your business for free.

Get started on these tips and watch how drastic your business will grow. They are totally free.

See you soon, Good luck!



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