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So, you are a business owner and looking for how to promote your business locally and capture new customers. The common goal of every business owner is to make it big and successful.

However, the trick is in outperforming your competition and getting attention for your business. To do this, you need to start by dominating the local market.

Locally promoting your business no doubt has multiple benefits, one of which is availing you the opportunity to make your products and services known to new home-based customers and thereby, elevating your business locally.

Locally promoting your business is like starting from the grass root. If done appropriately, your company can easily become a household name.

In this post, I will share some ways and methods that can be used to promote your business locally.

1. Create a company website


Some small business owners – especially startups – do not see the need for getting a website because they think it is irrelevant and a waste of time and money. This conception, however, is wrong.

This is to me, one of the best marketing tactics right now.

Creating a website for your business will serve as a new way of reaching your target audience.

In this case, where your target is your local community, a website makes it easier for you.

What you should know is that when people search for companies, they get come companies listed in ‘ local search results”. This local search result is the list of relevant businesses that are close by.

For example, if you want to find a fashion house, you type it into Google, and from there, it will bring up some local results of nearby fashion houses.

It is, therefore, your job to get your business into the local search results. You can do this by registering your business on Google.

Once you have registered your business on Google, your business will appear in local results and Google maps too.

While you are focusing on local results, you should also try and improve the organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website.

This ensures that you end up higher in organic search results.

The higher up you are, the more likely it is that people will click on your website. Also, to be one of the top results in Google is the mark of a respectable business.

Finally, it is necessary that you make your website as appealing as possible. It is a must that it looks professional and also lives up to the current website standards.

Try not to cut corners and design a cheap website.

There are sites like Wix which allows you to build and design a website in a very small amount of time and the cost is very affordable.

2. Join a Local Group


As a business owner seeking to locally promote your business, it is important that you stay connected with local residents and other local business owners.

This is an effective way to spread the word about your brand.

Regular chit chat, developing relationships, and sharing views with people will help you gain an idea of their needs and requirements to build up your strategy to promote your business.

You can also liaise with other business owners to create awareness for your business and offer more services to your consumers.

While this process might take time, it will definitely pay off over time. You can eventually establish a local community around your business that will be the voice of your brand.

3. Increase Your Social Media Presence


By now, we all know that social media is the hub for businesses to get a throng of potential customers. You can join local groups that are related to your business and share your latest offers.

It makes your local customers aware of your business.

As a plus, you can create your own social media page which enables you to update your latest offers, and interact with your customers in instant discussions and question and answer sessions.

Asides that, you can also ask for reviews from your customers. To make it even better, you can also offer something juicy in return for reviews.

4. Buy Ad Space on websites via YAIOA subscription

YAIOA is an acronym for Your All In One Account. It is a tool that helps you to do and achieve more.

As a small business trying to locally promote your business, you can subscribe to an ad space subscription plan on the YAIOA platform.

All you have to do is to first register as a CLIENT and add funds to your wallet via PayPal, PayStack or bank deposit.

After adding funds to your wallet, you click on “subscription”, where you can search for a subscription plan.

For example, you can search for buy for “buy ad space” then enter the location (the location you want your ads targeted), then set your intended budget and “search”.

The various vendors with ad space for sale that falls within your budget will pop up and then you can select the vendor whose niche suits your business and subscribe for it.

Once you’ve paid for the subscription, the vendor will contact you and run the ad for the duration of time subscribed for.

5. Sponsorships


Sponsorships are one of the best ways to market a business to a local audience. Sponsorship here refers to you sponsoring things and not the other way round.

Becoming a sponsor is a great way to promote yourself and create the needed awareness for your business.

You might be wondering what the best things to sponsor might be. I will highlight some below.

For a start, sponsoring some local events come highly recommended. Of course, there will be a lot of different events throughout the year. Most places will have summer events and carnival events.

You should offer to sponsor these kinds of events so as to create awareness for your brand and business.

This way, whenever people see things that talk about that event, your business name will most likely get mentioned.

Also, on every poster carrying the event, your business name and logo will be clearly visible. Even at the event itself, you will have your brand everywhere.

You will also get a shout out and vote of thanks from the organizers of the event for the sponsorship. This is one of the most effective ways of turning infamous businesses into household names.

You could also sponsor a local sports team. They should have a lot of sports teams in your area and they would be looking for sponsorships from companies.

It is another great way of getting your brand logo out in the public and increasing awareness for your business.

In addition, because these teams are local, it means you are promoting to your target market.

Sponsorship is always a win-win for both parties involved and that is a great thing. The sports team gets their kit paid for, while you get to promote your business. In all, the idea of sponsorship is a fantastic one.

6. Commercial Videos

commercial video

Creating commercial videos is another great way to get your business into local homes.

You simply make a video advertising your business so that people can watch it in their homes.

Two things to be considered here are how you make the video, and how you get people to watch the video. We will start by looking into how you create the video.

Creating a commercial video is a little bit more complex than it actually sounds.

If you have no experience in producing videos, you won’t find it easy. You could choose to film a very short advert, but it won’t look very good.

You should look for companies like Suite Spot that specializes in video production to film your commercial video because if you choose to do it yourself, your lack of expertise would be evident.

Companies like Suite Spot can produce the video which will result in you having a professional-looking video.

That way, when people see it, it will be attractive and appealing and will also make them amazed by the production value.

The way a high-quality video can make a person think twice about a business is quite incredible. 

The public will think you are a professional and would take you seriously.

The second part, which is how to get people to watch this commercial, is to start by getting it on local television stations.

This way, it will be broadcast to local people and they get to see it throughout the day.

You are essentially forcing your business into people’s homes. It is an amazing way of locally promoting your business.

The next is the internet. You should upload the commercial video to the homepage of your website so that people can see it.

Then, post it on social media to grow awareness. Try and get your family and friends to also share the video so that it can reach more people in your area.


These strategies on how to promote your business locally that I have shared have been tested and proven to give the desired result.

You should just try to take things one at a time and not rush things. Remember that as I said earlier, you should dominate the local market first before moving on to bigger things. All the best.

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