how to put ads on blogger without AdSense

In this post, you are going to learn how to put ads on blogger without AdSense. AdSense is no doubt the most popular and best (to some people) ad network but is not the only advertising network out there.

There are other ad networks that you can use and monetize your blog and are also pretty good.

These Google AdSense alternatives allow you to earn by publishing adverts on your site with very little effort. It is residual income in which you won’t even put lots of work.

Has Google failed to approve your site for AdSense? Was your AdSense account disabled? Or you don’t want to use AdSense at all?

Well, in this post, I’ll be sharing with you other ad networks that you can use to put ads on your blog and monetize it.

Now, let’s get started.


This ad network is one of the big alternatives to AdSense and it is powered by Bing Network. The ads featured are contextual which focus on relevant keywords and that takes time before they are well optimized for your website.

As you keep using this ad network, the algorithm will soon determine the best keywords for your audience based on clicks.

This ad network assigns a dedicated Account representative who can also suggest other methods of making more money from your ads.

Types of Advertisement

Ad units are available that offer ads directly related to the content of your web page or blog post. Just like Google AdSense, you will be paid a part of the Pay per click price for the ad on Bing. You can also use it on smartphones and tablets.

There are three main types of ad format available

  • Content ads – These ads are related to the content of the page and are available in different dimensions. This type of ad is like those of AdSense.
  • A web bar – This type of ad hangs at the bottom of the screen to remain above the fold.
  • Search targeting ads – These type of ads are shown only to search engine users and is relevant to the content of the web page listed.

How to Apply for an Account

Go to and click to “Request an Invitation”. Provide your details and include your website. will then review it using Bing and will either approve or deny your application.

There are different aspects of your blog that will be considered. Such as your blog must be in English, have unique content and meet the required guidelines that bar other types of websites. Your blog or website must also have a specific level of traffic from the USA, UK, and Canada.

Aside from that, this ad network operates in the same way to AdSense, though the ads are not from AdWords but the Yahoo-Bing Network.


This ad network pays within 30 days once your earnings get to $100. They pay through PayPal or Wire.

2. YAIOA (Your All in One Account)


YAIOA is an acronym that stands for “Your All in One Account” and it is a platform where you can do more than just advertising. YAIOA allows bloggers or website owners to explore more possibilities by letting them create a subscription for all their services.

Aside from advertising, bloggers can create a subscription plan using the YAIOA Subscription tool to create a subscription for all their services like freelance writing, designing, development, sell ad space,  etc and earn recurring revenue.

How to Apply for an Account

Applying for an account is very easy. Visit and click “Register” or go to Fill in your details and register as a vendor.

A verification email will be sent to you, go to your email click and verify your account. Once verified, you can go to your dashboard to create a subscription.

On your dashboard, click on “Add Subscription” and fill in all the required information for the subscription you are creating and click save.

Your subscription will be reviewed and will go live after 1-24 hours.

YAIOA will then place your subscription as an ad on its website and other major sites where hundreds of clients can subscribe to your services. This will help earn more than you ever expected.


You can receive and withdraw payment via PayPal, PayStack or via your bank account.


Also a good alternative to Google AdSense though it takes time to get to speed to significantly monetize a blog. This is so because it works by means of a bidding system that helps the highest bidding advertiser to place ads on your website, and it takes a while for them to find you.

The more authoritative your blog, the higher-paying pay per click ads you will be able to display. You get paid a commission of the bid price whenever an ad is clicked.

Types of Ads

The ads are similar to that of AdSense and you can customize them to fit the look of your site. You can make use of banners, skyscrapers and ad units in line with your text.

How to Apply for an Account

Applying for an account is easy. You will be given a form to fill where you will provide all your necessary details. They will email you an Activation Code which you will enter where it is needed, and you will also find a form where you will enter a category for your site.

You will then be given an Ad Code which you will enter wherever you want the ad to appear. You can also add as many ad units ad you want.


You can receive your payment via PayPal and you can get a minimum payment of $10. You can also get paid via checks but only if your earnings gets to $100.

4. Infolinks


This ad network finds keywords in your web page or blog post and converts them to links hyperlinked to ads related to that keyword.

I am sure you must have seen websites or blogs where certain words appear in blue or with blue underscores. The words that appear in blue are indicative of this type of advertising.

Types of Advert

  • Intext – Infolinks searches for keywords, and when a user hovers over it a bubble ad appears. You will be paid when a user clicks on it.
  • InFold – This ad network analyses the keywords used by your visitors, and creates a pop-up ad at the bottom of the visible screen (the fold). The visitor can decide to click or minimizes after a few seconds to a headline.
  • InFrame – If infolinks identifies large screens that shows white space to each side of your blog, it will fill the space with ads. You receive a payment each time the ad is clicked.

How to Apply for an Account

It’s the same routine. Provide all your valid information and once your site is approved, you can easily integrate it with infolinks using plugins fit for the WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, and regular HTML/CSS website.


You can get paid via eCheck, PayPal, Bank Wire, Payoneer, Western Union or ACH. The ACH payment method is only available to U.S. residents. Payment is initiated at $50 but for Bank Wire or Western Union is $100.

If your blog is mainly text and your topic easily defined for adverts like sports equipment, hobbies, and consumer goods then Infolinks is a good ad network for you.

5. Clicksor

This is also a good ad network that offers 70% to 85% of the click price. It is not as strict as Google AdSense in its TOS, and you can hardly have your account suspended.

Types of Advertisement

  • Inline text Links ads
  • Pop unders ads
  • Banners
  • Animations
  • Flash ads
  • Dynamic (DHTML) highlighting
  • Interstitial ads

How to Apply for an Account

Visit Clicksor sign up link and fill the form. You will get a confirmation email and you can proceed from there. Once your application is approved, you can add as many blogs or sites as you wish.


You get paid every 15 days through Paypal with a minimum income of $20 or Check with minimum earnings of $50. If your earnings get to $1,000, you can receive it via Wire though you will be charged $75 as a service fee.

Other Blog Monetization Strategies

There are other ways you can monetize your blog aside from running ads and some of them are:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where you sell products or services that belongs to other people for a commission.

So many people make a living just by doing affiliate marketing. If you want to monetize your blog without using AdSense, affiliate marketing is a good way to do that.

To be successful in affiliate marketing you need to join an affiliate network. Just search for an affiliate network in your niche and look for products or services you wish to promote.

2. CPA Marketing

CPA is also known as Cost per Action is a type of marketing where you put ads on your site or blog and get paid if visitors takes certain actions over and above clicking on the link.

  The actions can be providing full contact details, offering an email address for future contact, or clicking to accept a free sample. This is also a good way to monetize your blog.

3. Sell ad Spaces

So many companies are looking for blogs with ad space to advertise on. You can sell ad space and make money from it.

To easily sell ad space without stress you can use the Yaioa subscription services. Using the Yaioa subscription services, you can sell more ad space in less time.


Are you still trying your best to know how to put ads on blogger without AdSense? Well, with these methods above, I am certain you can figure that out now.

With our top five alternatives to Google AdSense, I am sure you will choose the one that works well for you and your blog.

For me, creating a subscription using the Yaioa subscription tool works best because aside from placing ads you can as well sell other services to people who are willing to pay and subscribe for it thus making more money.  

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