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Have you ever thought of how to sell ad space on your blog and generate income? Did you know your blog or website can easily become a medium for stable income, at least if your blog is managed properly?

It can add more value to your publication with highly relevant, targeted ads. With this digital advertising opportunities, publishers easily earn thousands of dollars by simply airing ads to targeted audiences in the right context and at the right time.

But how can a blog or website owner become a digital publisher? And which way is the best way to sell ads?

In this article, I’ll be discussing the basic requirements blog owners must have before selling ad space, how they can find potential advertisers to buy their ad spots, how much they can earn and many more.

Basic Requirements For Blog Owners That Want To Sell Ad Space

1. Traffic

To be eligible to sell your Ad space, your blog or website must be functional for at least six months and generate an adequate amount of traffic.

2. Content

The digital content must be relevant, original and useful for users. Most Advertisers like theme-based, niche content that features in specific topics such as lifestyle, sports, traveling, cars, etc.

The website must provide good content and have a reasonable amount of pages. Be aware that most advertisers don’t like websites that feature prohibited content categories like pornography, illegal drugs, hate speech and explicit violence, weapons and ammunition, alcohol and tobacco, gambling and online casinos, malware or hacking software, spyware, etc.

3. Design

Imagine the navigability and design of your blog or website. Your blog or website must be skillfully designed and looking attractive to end-users.

It must be simply structured, easily navigated and provide an excellent user experience. If you want to fill your web page with ads, latency and load time are important parameters. Ensure that your web page is both mobile and tablet compatible.

4. Transparency

The disparity on your website or blog must be clear and easily accessible by the general public. Ensure that it’s easy for visitors to find your contact information and to reach you whenever they need assistance.


How To Find Potential Advertisers

Selling ad slots directly involves direct contact with retailers and direct agreement and bargaining between two parties. Before you can offer space on your website, you must know the real value of your target audiences and be able to estimate the potential revenues.

The two main methods of selling Ad spaces will be highlighted below.

1. Create a Subscription Plan

create a subscription plan

You can create a subscription plan to encourage and educate potential Advertisers about the benefits of advertising with you. Give them your traffic details and other necessary demographic details, which will help them to comprehend your blog followers and help them in making a decision that will most likely favor you.

Creating a subscription plan is time worth spending and you have successfully created a new way to generate recurring revenue from your blog.

You can use the Yaioa Subscription tool to create a subscription. The Yaioa Subscription tool is a multipurpose tool that can help you do and achieve lots of things. One of them is selling ad space on your blog or website.

To create a subscription plan with this tool, navigate to to set up an account and sign up as a vendor.

After successfully signing up, go to your dashboard and create a subscription for your website, where you can add the description and price of the subscription.

Tell advertisers why they should advertise on your site if possible share a screenshot of your Google Analytics, SemRush, and any other Analytic tool. This will convince them to subscribe and place ads on your site.

Once you’ve successfully created a subscription plan, it automatically generates a JavaScript code that you can copy and embed on your website in the particular spot you want to sell.

Advertisers, publishers, and visitors, that come to the Yaioa site to buy ad space to advertise their products or services would see your site and click on the button which directs them to where they can make payment for your ad space.

Once they made the payment, you place the banner on your blog or site and it will start running for the period that was subscribed for.

The YAIOA platform can help you promote your website to thousands of advertisers and can even do direct pitching that will help you get more clients for your website.

2. Email Potential Advertisers

Email Potential Advertisers

Here is another useful tip, which requires some work but it’s a good use of your time. Check other blogs or websites in your niche and see if you can find any direct advertiser advertising on that site.

Send an email to the advertiser company and tell them about your blog and benefits they will derive if they buy ads space on your blog. Ensure you include enough information and also add a nice email sales pitch to persuade the buyer. 


Selling Ad Space Directly

A publisher searching for the most effective way to make money from their website will most likely consider direct ad sales.

This method eliminates the middleman (ad exchanges, ad networks, affiliate networks) and enables publishers to have direct contact with media buyers, earning much more money compared to when there’s a middleman. But this approach is more time-consuming and demands a lot of effort and patience.

When selling space directly, publishers endorse a retailer’s product or service, receiving 100% of the advertising profit. Furthermore, the publishers set their own pricing and remain in control over decisions on what prices to charge buyers and which payment option that he/she wants to be paid through.

Publishers also choose which brands to work with, establishing both lucrative and long-term business partnerships.

The knack is that selling ad spaces directly means looking for advertisers manually and personally bargaining terms with them. This process may be stressful, especially for small and medium blogs or websites with average traffic.

Reasons Why Some Blog Owners Prefer to Sell Ads Directly From Their Blog

Most Publishers tend to sell ad spaces on their blogs using online ad networks. However, it offers a lot more flexibility and the ability to maneuver their ads based on their needs.

The following are some of the many reasons why some blog owners prefer to sell Ads spaces directly.

1. Control Over Ad Pricing

By advertising directly from their blog, they can manage the prices of all the ads in a better way, the value they offer, depending on their location, and so on. This is quite necessary because they can decrease or increase the price of any particular ad whenever they want.

2. They Get to Keep the Whole Income

This is one of the most important reasons why most bloggers prefer to sell ads directly. Though ad networks are a great way to connect prospective advertisers and bloggers, it always ends up taking a significant percentage from whatever bloggers make.

3. Direct Contact With Advertisers

Most bloggers that use ad networks to sell ad spaces on their blogs never get the opportunity to talk to their potential advertisers directly.

This implies that if potential advertisers aren’t certain enough to advertise on their blog, then they might risk losing them.

However, if they sell their ad spaces directly from their blogs, advertisers will contact them personally and they can highlight the advantages of advertising on their blogs, therefore increasing the probability of getting advertisers to advertise on their blog.

4. Free to Negotiate Prices

One of the many benefits of communicating directly with potential advertisers is that as a blogger you can bargain prices according to the situation.

For instance, if a potential advertiser wants to go for a particular ad space on your blog but he wants a little discount and you have a surplus inventory then you can bargain prices with him.

Also, if you have sold most of your ad spaces and only a couple of them are remaining, using the competition to your advantage, then you bargain with the advertiser and try to get extra profits from him.

In other words, you have the freedom to manipulate the prices according to your ad inventory.

How Much You Can Earn?

It depends on a lot of factors that include your niche, the number of clicks or impression the Ads gets and other factors which might be determined by the advertisers.

My suggestion is to check out other blogs in your niche and see what you can get from advertisers.

You can charge based on impressions which is called CPM(cost per impression) and it’s usually a set price per thousand impressions, Cost per Clicks(CPC) or it can be a flat monthly rate.

The flat rate might be much better because your monthly profit won’t depend on varying factors.

A recommendation is that you present the offer to advertisers as an increase in branding opportunities rather than raw traffic numbers.

The capability to consociate their brand with your content places their business in front of your audience. To entice the advertisers more, you could offer to feature them in your email list or do a post on your blog about the advertisers (announcing them as a new sponsor, etc.)

The final price will be a result of a combination of what you can offer them (higher rate of exposure) and your traffic numbers.

A low traffic blog will probably not command that much money. If you have already been a Google Adsense Publisher and have been functioning Adsense on your blog, then go into your account and check out the average CPM being paid for those ads.

Double that number (at a minimum) to arrive at a price for your direct sales because Google is paying you half of what they actually make on your site.


Summary: How To Sell Ad Space On Your Blog

After going through the above article on “how to sell Ad spaces on your blog“, you’ll realize that they’re lots of advantages and approaches to making money by selling Ads space on your blog.

You can start implementing the methods right away to make maximum use of your website or blog.

Selling ad space directly is good but also tedious because everything will be done manually. For me, creating a subscription plan using the Yaioa subscription tool is the easiest way. You just set a fixed price and the advertiser will go with it.

All you need to do is to create a subscription and relax, everything will work in automation. In no time, you start getting subscribers and start earning recurring revenue.

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