how to teach online classes and earn money

Wondering how to teach online classes and earn money? You are in the right place. One of the common ways people are making money online is by teaching online classes; whether just as a side gig to bring in some extra cash, or to tow that career path.

Whatever the case may be, teaching online is a great solution. A lot of people are initially hesitant about teaching online classes because it seems too good to be true. They wonder how feasible it is to actually make money teaching online.

The fact is that not all online teaching can be very lucrative, but it is very possible for anyone to teach online and make some credible money by sharing your knowledge with others.

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I will cover some of the key aspects of how to teach online and provide the key information that you will need to get started in this post.

Ways To Teach Online

While there are so many ways that people can start teaching online, the two main paths are:

  1. Teach for yourself
  2. Teach for someone else.

Teaching for someone else works in so many ways. For example, many online teachers that have Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certifications can choose to work for established companies.

So, if you would want to start teaching online, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree and maybe a TEFL or TESOL qualification as might be required by some companies.

One great thing about teaching this way is that so long as you do not lose your job, you have guaranteed income. The downside is that obtaining all the necessary credentials and experience can be very costly and might not be too viable for as many that aspire to teach online.

You also tend to limit your earning potential when you decide to teach for someone else. Choosing to work for an established company wouldn’t be the solution if your coming to teach online is to make more than the meager sum that teachers are usually paid.

Luckily, there are other ways to teach online that can be explored without spending so much money to get the required credentials. These other ways also have better income prospects that are long-term.

All that is needed is a little planning and determination, and you can teach your own courses, on any subject, and with tons of ways to monetize, and you can quickly start earning an impressive income.

A lot of online tutors started by creating YouTube videos that they edit with free or cheap video editing software. However, if the video isn’t your thing, you can use a platform like WordPress to generate income using affiliate marketing.

An important thing to note when starting out is that there is no single standard model of teaching online. You have the freedom to create any content on any subject and in any format and also monetize it in whatever way that pleases you.

In other words, there are various online teaching options that are suitable for all skills, commitment levels, and subjects.

Things to consider about teaching online

The first thing to put into consideration when teaching online is your immediate needs versus your desired long-term benefits.

For example, if you already have a bachelor’s degree and TEFL certification, you can start working for a number of online language schools. However, your earning would vary by company and experience.

But if you want to earn more from teaching online, or if you want to build a career teaching online, working for someone isn’t the best thing to do. If you decide to go independent as an online teacher, you get to control your own rates and you can also charge as little or as much as you like.

Successful online teachers can charge up to several hundred dollars per hour for private training or consultations. Some even charge up to thousands of dollars for their online course membership.

There is unlimited potential for self-built courses. Some earn as high as six figures from independent online training. As hard as it might seem to get big money from teaching online, it is definitely not impossible.

The fact remains that you will earn a lot more than you would if you stay working for someone else and teaching their own curriculum instead of your own.

The lack of stable income and the initial commitment required to start are some of the downsides to starting your own online class. Building an audience and establishing yourself actually takes time.

Building your audience would be easier for you if you already have an online presence (a popular social media account or a blog with quite a number of followers). Notwithstanding, you would still need to prepare yourself and keep building your audience.

Luckily, there will always be people that want to learn, irrespective of whatever subject it is that you are expert in. You can make money off teaching literally everything. You can monetize your passion for cooking and flowers, the very same way you can make money teaching your native language.

Once you are able to build a career in a particular industry, you will always have people trying to emulate your success and would be willing to pay to gain knowledge from you.

The more you keep on pursuing the development of your online class and attracting an audience, the more you are creating an asset that continues getting more valuable as time goes by. This doesn’t happen when you are working for someone else.

How To Make Money Teaching Online

how to teach online classes and earn money

As stated before, the easiest way is to work for an online education company at an hourly rate. There are thousands of such companies, with the bulk of them teaching languages.

You can start and in a few weeks, you begin to earn a steady income from teaching online classes.

If you decide to offer your own online classes, you can teach for someone else in order to get a steady income while gaining online teaching experience and also developing your own online class business.

Successful online teachers sometimes host complete online classes where a student can learn everything about a particular subject or skill. The cost of some popular courses can run into thousands of dollars and generate six-figure incomes.

If you focus majorly on educational videos, you can sell them on popular streaming sites like Amazon Prime Video Direct or Vimeo On Demand.

On the other hand, if you choose to offer subscriptions without having to license or manage your own platform, sites like YAIOA would help share those content with their followers at fixed rates that are paid daily, weekly or monthly.

Getting Started

Getting started teaching online doesn’t take long.

Because applying to online teaching companies can take long, you can record your first online class and upload it to your YouTube or any online course platform. All you need to get started is a camera (could be a smartphone camera), a quiet location, and a lesson plan.

If you prefer to have a professional setup, you can quickly and cheaply create a simple home studio with some basic equipment.

Coming up with a subject to teach might be initially challenging but you can start by creating a list of things you know that you are passionate enough to educate others about. It could be anything from your language, hobby, educational background, etc.


I hope this information on how to teach online classes and earn money was helpful. Both methods shared above can generate a decent income so long as you put in the necessary work.

You need to take your time to understand both methods of teaching online and opt for the one that works best for you. You should also note that it is possible to teach for yourself and also teach for someone else.

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