Turning down a job

How to turn down a Job Offer

A step-by-step guide on how to respectfully decline a job offer.

There can be a point when you have to decline a respectable job offer if you are actively looking for work. It might be difficult to turn down a job offer, especially if you don’t want to alienate any current contacts or damage your professional standing. There shouldn’t be any resentment if you behave professionally and give a good justification for your choice.


Reject a Job Offer Email Case Study

Message subject: Position offered to [Your name]

Dear Mr./Ms. [insert the last name of hiring manager]

I appreciate you considering me for the Assistant Manager position. I appreciate you considering my application and responding to my inquiries regarding the organization and the position.

I’ve made the tough choice not to accept your offer, despite the fact that it was one. I’ve decided to accept a senior managerial position with a different company after giving it some thought.

I have a person in mind who would be a perfect fit for the organization if you are still trying to fill this available job. I’d be pleased to provide you their contact details.

Meeting everyone at [insert company name] was a joy, and I look forward to keeping in contact. I sent a LinkedIn connection request your way and look forward to hearing from you.


(Your name)


Steps for Rejecting a Job Offer

You want to make sure that you politely and appropriately reject a job offer. We provide a thorough, step-by-step instruction on how to reject a job offer below.

select a means of communication

  • Use the phone or email to communicate.

Choose to email your choice; most businesses need formal confirmation of rejected proposals for their records. If you are on excellent terms with the recruiting manager, or know them relatively well, try paying a visit to the office or picking up the phone.

If you want to maintain the firm on good terms for any potential employment opportunities in the future, this will work in your advantage.


Express your gratitude

  • Thank the company and/or recruiting manager for the chance.

When declining a job offer, it’s critical to express gratitude for the time and effort the employer invested in evaluating your résumé, conducting an interview with you, and putting together the employment offer. Gratitude will go a long way in preserving a professional connection with the business.

Example: “I appreciate you considering me for the Assistant Manager position. I appreciate you considering my application and responding to my inquiries regarding the organization and the position.”


 Make your goals understood

  • Obviously, express that you are dismissing the deal.

It could sound a piece weird, however your email ought to expressly express that you are declining the proposition for employment. Assuming you fill your email with praises and expressions of remorse, your message might be lost in the merriments. This doesn’t mean you ought to be brutal in your phrasing, yet you truly do should be clear about your aims.

Example: “However it was a hard choice, I have chosen not to acknowledge your deal.”


Give motivation to your choice

Momentarily make sense of why you declined the proposition for employment.

You might be enticed not to give any motivations to your choice, but rather the organization has the right to know why you turned them down. Give, a brief and fair clarification without being excessively private.

Example: “I have acknowledged a senior administrative situation at an alternate association.”


If conceivable, give a suggestion

  • Give contact data.

You will most likely be unable to give the organization a proposal, yet in the event that you really do realize somebody looking for a be ideal task for the job, propose to give the organization their data.

Example: “On the off chance that you are as yet hoping to fill this vacant position, I know somebody who might be ideal for the organization. I would be glad to pass on their contact data.”


Remain associated

  • Propose to keep in contact.

You ought to end off your email, meeting, or call with a proposal to keep in contact. It is consistently really smart to remain associated with experts in the business, particularly while beginning a new position. In the event that any future positions become accessible at a more elevated level, they may very well reach you for the valuable chance to apply.

Example: “It was a joy meeting everybody at [insert organization name] and I anticipate keeping in contact. I have sent through an association demand on LinkedIn and expect to hear from you.”



Is it OK to decline a job offer?

When seeking for a job, you could get more than one job offer; in such case, you’d have to reject one or more of the offers.

How can you politely reject a job offer?

  • Express your gratitude.
  • Declare your rejection of the offer in clear terms.
  • Give a justification for your decision.
  • Give a recommendation, if possible.
  • Remain associated.

Would turning down a job offer harm my chances of finding work later on?

No, you shouldn’t have any problems applying for jobs in the future if you politely refuse the offer and give a good reason.

How do you politely reject a job offer?

  • In-person.
  • over the phone.
  • via email

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