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Google Classroom has been a great tool for teachers and other educators all over the world to help ease the burden of managing multiple students with varying levels of access to resources, but this software has been especially
helpful for parents with their children.


Our classrooms are becoming paperless, educators must look to the tech industry to bridge the gap between the students and teachers.

This Google tool is a powerful program, parents can now easily share class material with their children without being bothered with any technical aspects such as uploading or storing the material.

Google Classroom can be viewed as a collaborative application. Google Classroom was developed by Google as a free online service intended for educational institutions to simplify the process of creating, grading, and
distributing assignments among students.

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Things You Can do With Google Classroom as a Tool

The main purpose of Google Classroom, then, is to streamline the entire process of sharing assignments among students.

For example, if a teacher wishes to distribute assignments among students in batches of 20, she will only need
to enter the numbers and dates for each batch, and the program will automatically send them to the students’ email inboxes.

Announcement and Sharing of Materials

Educators can give students announcements and share materials about upcoming lessons or materials needed to complete a task. This is a great way to carry students along so no one will miss anything.

The announcement will show up in the student`s Google classroom stream, which makes it easier for students to carry out tasks easily.

The materials uploaded in the app can also be added to Google Drive for students to access anytime. Materials such as files, YouTube videos, Images, and tasks.

Instead of assigning homework to specific students based on their schedules, teachers can assign homework at any time of the day, based on their schedule while the parents can also log in to see their kids’ schedule.

Moreover, if students are busy with their work during school, they can log on to Google Classroom and submit assignments at any time of the day. If assignments are due at a specified time, it is best that teachers make sure
they know about these assignments ahead of time so that they can prepare accordingly.

Parents Involvement

Another advantage that Google Classroom offers parents is that it can also be used to help with homework management.

Google Classroom can also help parents to monitor the progress and performance of their children. In addition, teachers can check to see if their students are able to complete their assignments.

Teachers Workload Management

Teachers can also use Google Classroom to help them with other aspects of managing their school workload.

Teachers can create schedules for when classes are taking place, set assignment deadlines, and even assign assignments to students based on their ability and progress.

Aside from helping with homework management, this program is also beneficial for teachers because they can create a timetable for what lessons to attend during a specific period.

Teachers can also specify the times in which their students should be present and Google Classroom will notify them whenever they should show up to school.

Students Management

Another major benefit of using Google Classroom for teachers is that they can share materials among their students and share their assignments with each other.

Unlike traditional teaching methods where teachers usually have to take the time out of the classroom to hand out copies of their notes to all students in the class, students can access Google Classroom through a wide variety of
different resources like blogs, forums, social networks, and even their email accounts.

Thus, there is no need for a teacher to worry about getting the materials distributed all over the class just because a few students do not understand the assignment they are assigned.

Of course, unlike traditional methods, Google Classroom can also help teachers and parents to monitor the progress and performance of their children as explained above. In addition, teachers can check to see if their students
are able to complete their assignments.

Add and Grading of Assignment

Google Classroom is a free online service developed by Google to improve the way that colleges and universities streamline making, distributing, grading, and sharing assignments.

The primary function of Google Classroom, then, is to simplify the process of exchanging files between students and instructors.

There are many different aspects to Google Classroom, including grading, sharing, collaboration, and submission. Here we will look at how they can be used at a community college or university.

Google classroom


Things You Can`t Do With Google Classroom

Test Quiz Tool

Google classroom is not meant to create a quiz. There are possibilities of using the app to make quizzes, but still not advisable. Google has other apps for creating quizzes like Google Forms or Book Widgets quizzes.

Option One

Google classroom app has another integrated educational app like the BookWidget test. The app can grade a student`s work automatically.

Option Two

Google Classroom can also be used to create quiz by adding questions and creating multiple answers.


The app has no chat function. Teachers can send a direct e-mail to students or enable other Google messenger apps like Hangouts Meet.


Students have access to reply to comments on the app, but it’s not a good discussion forum for class conversation. Another Google product that will help in this aspect is called Padlet.

Google Classroom Feature

Google Classroom provides two basic features: sharing and collaboration.


Sharing is a simple process that involves uploading the same assignment onto multiple students’ accounts and then using the “Share” button on each account.


Collaboration allows students to create their own document and add it to the folder shared by the other students in the classroom.

The first thing you might notice about Google Classroom, however, is that the sharing and collaboration buttons are amazingly easy to click.

The problem is that it can be difficult to find the right buttons depending on the type of assignment, or the type of student. To help make things easier, here are some tips for navigating through the Google Classroom interface.

First, make sure you have a student selected from all of the different classes that they will be working with. After you’ve determined which students will be involved in the assignment, select the “Share” button to save the file in your account.

Next, select the class where the assignment will be graded, and then type the assignment’s name into the search bar that is located at the top of the page.

Once you’ve found the assignment, it will be displayed in its entirety, along with any notes or comments that were made, along with a link to the course’s schedule. If you don’t see the assignment, check to make sure you’re
using the correct type of student or instructor before clicking on the link to the class’s schedule.

To collaborate with other students on an assignment, you can click the “Collaborate” button next to the assignment’s schedule.

When you’re done collaborating, you’ll have all of the students’ names and notes, as well as a link to their projects so you can easily share the assignment with the other students.

Because the collaboration process works very similar to that used in Facebook and Myspace, Google Classroom will give students the option to create a public profile, allowing them to share their assignments and interact with
their classmates.

In addition to allowing students to use the Share button, Google Classroom also offers the ability to browse through other students’ assignments using the Search tab.

How to Sign Up for Google Classroom

The following steps will help you set up a Google Classroom teacher account.

Step One

Sign up using

Step Two

Create your first class by clicking on the plus (+) button in the upper right corner of your app.

Step Three

Start inviting students to your classroom by using a unique code.


Google Classroom is one of the most useful features of the software. However, if you are not comfortable with the navigation, it may be hard to find the buttons that are used to communicate with other students.

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