Indeed review pricing, posting instructions, key information, and FAQs.

The most popular employment site in the United States right now is Indeed, a well-known free job posting service that is accessible in over 60 countries. Indeed holds a 16.36% market share among job boards globally.

The platform provides a comprehensive resume database with access to more than 200 million professionals worldwide, as well as free, subscription-based, and pay-per-click pricing structures to accommodate different recruiting demands.



Standard Job PostFree.
Sponsored Job PostFrom $5.00 /day.
Hiring CampaignContact for quote.
Standard CV Database Search$100.00 /mo. or $960.00 /yr.*
Professional CV Database Search$250.00 /mo. or $2,400.00 /yr.*



One of the biggest and busiest employment sites in the world is Indeed. Every month, the website has 250 million unique users and provides built-in talent tests that companies may include in job postings.

The platform’s free job posting option is one of its primary advantages. These job postings, however, are frequently changed and risk losing notice. Although Indeed continues to be utilized by millions of businesses and jobseekers worldwide and is still a prominent recruitment resource in the US, it has garnered mixed reviews online.

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  • With 250 million unique visits every month, Indeed is a well-known and established site.
  • The job posting service is free.
  • When deciding to sponsor a job ad, clients can choose their own spending limits. The cost will never go beyond the allocated budget.
  • For the purpose of assisting with candidate screening, the website has built-in skill evaluations.
  • Integration with company career sites is available through Indeed.
  • Tools for managing candidates and jobs are available on the employer dashboard.
  • The portal offers a sizable database with more than 200 million resumes.
  • There are mobile applications for iOS and Android.



  • Access to the resume database requires customers to pay a monthly membership.
  • The free job postings become less visible.
  • Email help is not available from Indeed.



Indeed, is renowned for being the first place many businesses turn to post job openings, yet opinions of the business are divided. Indeed has received ratings of 2.3 stars on Trustpilot, 3.8 stars on ConsumerAffairs, and 3 stars on Sitejabber. However, Indeed is recognized by the Better Business Bureau, which has given the organization an A+ rating.


How to Post a Job on Indeed

Twelve simple actions are required to list a job on Indeed.

A job posting on Indeed

Prior to posting your job on Indeed, you must first register an employer account. To start the procedure, go to indeed.com/hire and click “Post a Job” in the middle of the page.

Enter a few rudimentary account details

Your name, email address, and personal information should be provided. Click “Continue” when you are ready.

Please take note that if you don’t supply a business email address, the account verification procedure can take longer. The subsequent phases will also have a somewhat different appearance.

Give some details about your company

The name and size of your business, the average hiring budget, and other information will be requested of you. Include a phone number if you’d like. Click “Continue” when you are ready.

Enter the job’s basic details here

Indicate the sector, position title, and location. Then, in the bottom-right corner of the page, select “Save and continue.”

Describe the type of occupation

Specify the shift duration and indicate if the position is full-time, part-time, or another kind of position. Then, emphasize the number of open positions and the urgency with which you must fill them. Additionally, you may indicate how many persons you want to interview. After finishing this section, select “Save and proceed.”

Choose how to finish your job posting

Decide if you want to finish the job posting on your own or with wise tips. Click “Save and continue” once you have made your choice.

A pre-populated job post template, data-driven job post upgrades, and alternatives to make your post more visible are all examples of wise advice.

Give details about compensation

  • You will be sent to the remuneration page if you decided to finish the job posting independently.
  • Enter a salary range, taking into account any relevant tips, commissions, or incentives.
  • Choose any perks offered by the employment, such as health insurance or flexible scheduling.
  • Click “Save and continue” when you are ready.

Include the job description

Make a job description that outlines the duties, education, abilities, and experience of the hired person. After finishing, select “Save and Continue.”

  • If appropriate, add any images or videos to your article.
  • At this point, you may preview your job posting by selecting “Show preview” from the bottom of the screen.
  • As soon as you are satisfied with your job posting, click “Save and proceed.”
  • To make this procedure simpler, use a template for a job description. You may use the one we made because it’s free.
  • Set the options for your application

Indicate whether or not resumes are required for submission with applications. Next, specify the address to which Indeed should send daily updates about your job posting and candidates. Indicate whether or not applicants may contact your firm with questions regarding their applications.

The Employer Assist feature from Indeed will speed up the hiring process by eliminating applicants you are not interested in. You may either disable the function or set a time limit for it. Then select “Save and proceed.”

Create your own prescreening standards

To aid Indeed in the applicant screening process, provide the educational and experience prerequisites. You may also include some aptitude tests and application questions. After that, select “Save and proceed.”

Go at your job posting

You may evaluate your job posting on the following page. Click on the blue pencil symbol next to the part you want to modify if you need to make any changes. Click “Confirm” once you are satisfied with the job posting.

If requested, sponsor your employment

In order to increase job postings’ visibility, Indeed provides the opportunity to sponsor them. First, indicate the date by which you want to cease receiving applications.

  • You’ll be able to decide how many applications you’d want to receive as a target. When prompted to make a payment, select “Save and proceed” if you decide to sponsor your article.
  • To post a job without spending any money, select “Post without budget.”
  • Before going live, your job ad will be assessed if you chose to submit it without a budget.

LinkedIn vs. Indeed

Both LinkedIn and Indeed are reputable websites with large audiences. Both are effective methods for hiring new people. However, although LinkedIn is targeted toward professionals, Indeed is likely to reach a bigger, more general audience. Read our comprehensive comparison to find the best choice for your needs.

ZipRecruiter vs. Indeed

The biggest job sites in the globe are ZipRecruiter and Indeed. Both have a broad reach and comparable properties. In contrast, ZipRecruiter is more expensive because it doesn’t provide free job ads. Learn more about the differences between these websites by reading our in-depth comparison.

CareerBuilder vs Indeed

Posts on CareerBuilder begin at $349.00 per month, and there are annual savings available. Indeed, does, however, provide both free and pay-per-click solutions. Indeed, it has a far wider audience than the other one. Additionally, the business provides access to more than 200 million resumes, compared to over 80 million resumes on CareerBuilder.



How is Indeed used by employers?

Employers may post jobs on Indeed’s website to access a huge pool of candidates. Employers can receive applications via email. Alternatively, these can be directed straight to the company’s careers website after clicking on the job listing if the business wants.

Are there other sites like Indeed, for employers?

Is it worthwhile to sponsor a job on Indeed?

Although Indeed allows users to post jobs for free, these advertisements, frequently become less noticeable when more ones are added to the list. A smart strategy to make sure that more people notice your job posting is to sponsor it.

Does Indeed charge for resume viewing?

Employers may examine resumes using the free resume search feature provided by Indeed. Only those with a membership, which starts at $100.00 per month or $960.00 per year, may access the complete resume database.

How can I sign up for Indeed?

  • In the top-right corner, click “Sign in.”
  • Select “Fresh to Indeed? Create a profile.”
  • Enter a password and your email address.
  • Choose “Employer.”
  • Then select “Create Account.”

How do I get access to Indeed tests?

Click “My Assessments” from your dashboard.

Select the test name by clicking.

How do other websites compare to Indeed?

We offer in-depth comparisons between Indeed and LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Dice, and Monster. View these to see how the job board stacks up against its rivals.

Posting a job on Indeed is it free?

Yes, employers are free to list positions on Indeed. Although it may be more visible to sponsor the position, it is still viable and simple to post for free.

What are Indeed-sponsored job postings?

A sponsored posting is a compensated job advertisement that is advertised on the website to draw in more applicants. Employers pay a minimum of $0.10 per click for sponsored content.

Will Indeed advertise a position for me in several nations?

Yes, Indeed offers a multi-location posting tool and maintains active job listings in several nations. But Indeed won’t automatically post your job in other nations. Edit your job posting after you’ve published it for a single place and select “Post in many locations.”

What is the cost of posting a job on Indeed?

A free job posting service is provided by Indeed. Job postings that are sponsored cost $5.00 a day for each potential applicant who clicks on the advertisement. There is a lot of control over the possible cost because employers may select their daily budget totals as well as the amount they’re ready to provide for each click from a prospective application.

Is there a fee for job ads on Indeed?

The sponsored job advertisements that display above and below the free listings on Indeed are paid for. Budgets are established by employers, who then set prices. Clients can also opt to post for free on Indeed, although these posts are not as visible. Having said that, Indeed is presumably the top free employment board.

What do Indeed-sponsored jobs entail?

Jobs that are sponsored on Indeed have more visibility since an employer pays for each click they get. In order for potential candidates to view sponsored positions while scrolling through free job advertising, they are shown above and below free job advertisements and remain there.

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