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Get to know the top internet providers in Anchorage Alaska in this post and their area of specialization. In Anchorage, Alaska, Internet Providers seem to be in a lot of competition, much more than it is in other cities in the United States.

How do I mean? Firstly, having considered the numbers of Internet Providers in Anchorage Metropolis alone and the estimated population at 385,000(Three Hundred & eighty-five thousand), this accounts for the – 134th (one hundred and thirty-fourth) largest zone in the United State. Then I realized the purpose behind the drive.

Every internet Provider wants to be at the top of their game, portraying good Customer service, Indicating ready availability in terms of coverage area and signal strength as well as un-interrupted speed for upload, download and even real-time streaming.

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One of the demarking reasons why some Internet Providers do well in Anchorage Alaska and some do not, could be that those ones doing well have discovered their BEST technological facilities that could enable in their smart maneuvering of an effective and more efficient internet provision and service in a dual or multiple dimension.

For instance, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) though there are 14 (fourteen) types, and are mostly Asymmetrical in mode while transferring data, in other words, the resultant speed that you might get when uploading will be slower than the speed you’ll experience when downloading.

Hence the Fiber optics or Cable stands a better advantage over DSL yet the DSL being a broadband technology still delivers high-speed optimum for effective web browsing or net surfing for business subscribers and residences.

List of Internet Providers In Anchorage Alaska

From this viewpoint, Anchorage Alaska has recorded a sum of 10 (Ten) best Internet Providers, these internet providers offer internet services from residential internet Access & Mobile Broadband to business telecommunication and TV packages. which are technological services from DSL, Fixed Wireless, Fiber Optics, Wireless Mobile Broadband, Satelite, and Copper Cable.

Although as earlier sighted, some of these Internet Providers offer multiple technologies (systems) of internet service inter-changeably while others operate a dual function of the same provider by a different function.

Some of these internet providers are not so popular in Anchorage Alaska, in contrast, they make great impact off-Coast; hence, they are still able to provide signals to a reasonable, less part of Anchorage residential quarters and businesses.

Categorically, the number of internet providers who are not so popular in Anchorage Alaska may still be faced with low popularity in patronage and in contrast gaining large patronage from other parts of the US.

Most Competitive Internet providers in Anchorage

  • Cable 99.2 percent
  • DSL 99.2 percent

Download Speed Available in Anchorage

  • GCI 100 Mbps Cable
  • Matanuska 40 Mbps DSL

This makes the gearing very important in order to solve the problem of pending un-answered questions, which deals with coverage diminishing and most times has a lot to do with infrastructural rehabilitation for better performance.

Without further ado, the list below.

1. General Communications Inc.

general gci-vector-logo

GCI is one of the fastest internet service Provider in Anchorage Alaska. This ISP offers Anchorage Alaska multiple patterns of service via Cable, Mobile Broadband, Copper, Fixed wireless, Fiber optics, and DSL internet access.

Its Advert speed range meets 1000 Mbps, available in 99.2 percent of the city.
For residential service call: 907-265-5400
Email: [email protected]

2. HughesNet

hughesnet sat

This Satellite Internet Provider has been recognized as the major residential internet option in terms of satellite services. HughesNet Internet Service Provision is the Largest in Anchorage Alaska.

Its Internet Satellite service provides 100 percent coverage of households in the city of Anchorage, Alaska. However, satellite options do most times experience limitations due to bandwidth pressure; nevertheless, it is easily tackled by a means of gradual wireless upgrading.
Call for customer support: 844-737-2700, 866-347-3292.

3. Alaska Communications Systems Holdings Inc.


Alaska Communications systems holdings Inc. in Anchorage Alaska, uses DSL provision, a single resource in a dual pattern. Alaska Communications Systems Holdings Inc. provides a DSL internet service available to 94.7 percent of businesses in Anchorage Alaska and 88.1 percent of residents in the area, though AC is seen to be one of the fastest internet providers moving its speed at 50Mbps. However, at the business level, this is not sufficient enough for subscribers.

Though DSL offers a better speed fast enough for easy downloading yet its upload capacity is slow. Its download speed could range the mark of 31 to 77 Mbps at such only a few percent of customers could achieve a minimum range of 6 to12 Mbps for data uploading.

Call the corporate offices: 907-297-3000 – residential support: 800-808-8083; zip code 99503 .
You can also follow them on Instagram

4. Borealis Broadband Inc.


Borealis Broadband Inc. operates a Fixed Wireless internet option, by having has its fastest and strongest broadband operation from Fixed Wireless in Anchorage.

Its internet service delivery has been of professional quality to both residential areas and business consumers. With 25 Mbps as its highest speed, BBI is still available to 67 percent of Anchorage Alaska residence, this ratio is however too small and lower than average.

Call your helpline now: 907-563-3278

5. Matanuska Telephone Association Inc.


They also appear to be one of the fastest internet service providers in Anchorage, Alaska’s preferred and best choice at communication and technology. They hit coverage area availability by 98.9 percent, its highest advertising speed ranks 1000 Mbps.

In addition, for residences, Matanuska Telephone Association Inc. offers DSL internet service to only 12 percent of its customers in the area and 1.1 percent availability of Fiber optics option to businesses while pitching a download speed of 40Mbps its internet speed test runs at 36Ms.
Find your support team/ sales request here:
Call: 907-683-6821

6. Viasat


One of the benefits of Satellite tech service relies on the location for the flexible delivery of the wires at clear sight. Viasat also has its objective fused exclusively on Internet service as a sole satellite internet communications corporation dealing with telecommunication for both military and private customers.

They also offer the best Satellite in rural communities and can by default connect to a low or fast latency fixed wireless network. Viasat satellite internet service in Anchorage Alaska has the advertising speed of 100 Mbps but scarcely available except with a view of the southern wireless or sky towers.
You can shop Viasat bundles here:

7. Copper Valley Telephone Cooperative Inc.

This Company is a US-based company that is in the business of phones as it concerns telecommunication. They offer basic landlines enhancement with the decoration of meaningful and useful features for managing (To and Fro) calls.

Its 2 (Two) major internet providers are Fiber optics and fixed wireless which services the rural residence of Anchorage.
As a matter of development, they have embarked on a motion tagged; “Broadband that matters” to promote quality educational opportunity in rural areas of Alaska.

This innovation on motion, is, however, a method of advertising and creating more awareness to prospective consumers. In addition, Copper Valley still has 1.3 percent availability in Anchorage with a download of 2 Mbps. You can gather more information about copper valley telephone cooperative incorporated when you visit their website.

8. Cordova Telephone Cooperative Inc

CTC Inc is a mobile broadband internet provider, through fixed wireless technology. They have been recognized in the United State as the 41st (Forty-First) largest residential internet mobile broadband provider.

Briefly- by estimate, approximately 2,000 (Two Thousand) people receiving DSL internet service have access to a download speed of 6 Mbps available although the coverage availability is limited to the majority of Anchorage.


9. WorxOne

WorxOne is an internet Service provider with a large coverage across 41 (Forty-one) states including Anchorage Alaska. WorxOne offers Cable, DSL, and Copper internet service.

In addition, WorxOne has the internet technology skill that consolidates telecommunication service under one umbrella with insight on accountability of service, this is, therefore, a drive to bring high efficiency to help save cost in telecommunication enterprise and system management.

It is clear that WorxOne has a business parameter of diversity to also offers Fiber optics internet that is present to businesses within 14 (Fourteen) zip codes, its DSL is present to 31 (Thirty-one) zip codes and its Cable to 96 (Ninety-six) zip codes. For information on pricing, link to or contact Toll-Free: 844-967-9663.

10. Spectrum


Spectrum offers a variety of services ranging from Cable TV entertainment to fast internet and reliable phone service. This combination serves efficiently without disappointing while the company’s prestige is maintained.

Anchorage Alaska enjoys faster internet high-speed of 50Mbps for uploading videos, movies and pictures, and also online games without disturbance of latency.

That’s not all, Spectrum home and residential phones provide distinctive features available for smart and easy accessibility of your gadget and service features.

With the 1(one) percent availability in Anchorage Alaska, with 755 (seven hundred & fifty-five customers rating; their impression from cable internet technology is mate.
For information, visit their website or call 1-855-814-6038.



There you have it, the internet providers in Anchorage Alaska. These providers ensure businesses and residents get the best internet service. For more inquiries, visit their websites to know if their services are available in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best internet provider in Anchorage?

All the internet providers listed in this post are good yet, it also depends on what you’re expecting to get. So if you are interested in speed for downloading alone, then you can go for DSL, or you desire for both download and upload speed, then you should opt for Fiber. It all really depends on what your taste is.

What if there is no Fiber optics provider in my area?

If Fiber is really your tech, there are many fiber providers in the USA which you can make a choice or decide another option that should best suit your area.

How can fiber be compared to other internet Options?

Fiber technology functions by converting an electrical signal and also transmitting data at a very high/ fast speed beyond the speed current of cable modem or DSL.
Another form of wireless internet broadband is satellite. Satellite technology is another easy method to deliver internet service to remote communities or large populations.

Is there good Internet in Alaska?

The state of Alaska has about 17 available internet providers. Alaska is the 47th most connected state in the USA with about 91% of the population having access to broadband speeds of 25 Mbps or more. Anchorage, the largest metro, sees average speeds of 8 Mbps, followed by Fairbanks with speeds of 5 Mbps.

Where can I get free WiFi in Alska?

The common places where you can drop by to get free wifi connection are Lodges & inns, restaurants, delis, and cafes.

What cities have the fastest internet speed in Alaska?

The cities with the fastest internet speed in Alaska are:
– Anchorage
– Wasilla
– Fairbanks
– Eagle River
– North Pole
– Homer

Can One get Satelite Internet in Alsaka?

Yes, you can get satellite internet via the service of Viasat. Just get Viasat satellite internet in Alaska to enjoy unlimited high-speed internet service that allows you to do the things you want and need to do.







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