Here, I have the list of some job portals in Denmark where job seekers can apply for jobs, post resume, and get their desired jobs.

It is never easy to secure the job you want. You face different challenges every day just to meet up an expectation but all that efforts go to a drain when the thought of you not getting a befitting job comes to your mind.

Confused about where to start searching for jobs in Denmark, why don’t you make use of this list of job websites in Denmark.

Below is the list of job sites in Denmark where you can find jobs from top companies, apply and get ready for an interview.

21 Job Portals in Denmark – Comprehensive List

Job site Rank Job site Name Description!
1. Jobnet Jobnet is the public job website for job seekers and employers in Denmark.
2. Job index A good job site in Denmark where you can search for jobs.
3. Job support DK. A portal where Job seekers search for jobs and employers get to choose unique applicants.
4. StepStone StepStone is a renowned job portal in the world. This Danish version of stepstone provides jobs for all job seekers.
5. Careerland Careerland gives you a boost in your career by offering services that will ease the stress of getting a job.
6. Job bank Another good job site for jobs in Denmark
7. I.T Job bank  Provides mostly I.T jobs in Denmark
8. Job Finder For your engineering jobs, I.T jobs, specialist jobs job finder is here for you.
9. Graduateland Graduateland provides jobs for fresh graduates in Denmark
10. Top language job This site offers multilingual jobs to language professionals.
11 Student Consulting  Offers career opportunities to young individuals
12 We work-live-stay-DK This job portal provides jobs for job seekers in Southern Denmark
13 Jobs in Copenhagen Look into new career opportunities, get jobs available in Copenhagen.
14 Work in Denmark For aspiring job seekers in Denmark, work in Denmark got you covered.
15 Copenhagen capacity For jobs in Greater Denmark, this site has jobs in all categories.
16. Glassdoor Denmark Glassdoor is one of the world’s biggest job boards that provide services to its candidates. with this Danish version of Glassdoor, job seekers in Denmark are sure to get good jobs.
17. Indeed Denmark Get the best Denmark jobs only on indeed.com.
18. Right one DK Right one DK offers employment opportunities in the electrical industries in Denmark
19.  Hr Skyen A good site to get jobs in Denmark.
20. Randstad.dk Explore new job opportunities in Denmark today.
21. JobRapido Denmark Find the right job that matches your profile on JobRapido Denmark. 

1.   Jobnet

Jobnet is the public job website for job seekers and employers in Denmark. Jobnet enables you to search for a job among other vacant jobs.

At Jobnet employees find information on training and job searching while employers find information about recruiting new employees.

The largest job website in Denmark for finding work in Denmark.

2. Jobindex

JobIndex - Job portals in denmark

Jobindex goes through hundreds of job ads from more than 500 job databases and sites in Denmark.

They offer thousands of available jobs in all sectors in Denmark.

To post your CV in their database is very easy and quick because they have the largest database with more than 100,000 CV in Denmark.

A job seeker can also indicate what position he/she is looking for through their email service.

Sign up and receive relevant jobs daily via email.

3. Job support dk

Job support DK offers thousands of jobs from all professions in Denmark.

In addition to your job search, they offer career tips and CV writing tips.

Job seekers search for jobs and employers get to choose unique applicants.

4. StepStone Denmark

stepstone denmark

This is the Denmark genre of the popular Stepstone job board.

Stepstone Denmark enables job seekers to search for the type of jobs they want.

Jobs are posted here in all categories.

5. Careerland

This site does not only provide jobs but also write articles that will help employers and employees.

Search for jobs and let employers find you.

6. Job bank

Find jobs, get career advice on jobbank.dk.

For employers, job bank provides highly educated applicants, while employees, get the best jobs on this site.

7.  I.T job bank

For IT professionals in Denmark, this job portal provides jobs for you.

It is Denmark’s  Leading job portal for IT professionals.

Since the year 1999, this job site has provided more than 100,000 jobs for all job seekers.

They follow up on every job posting to ensure it runs smoothly.

8. Job Finder

Job finder is a portal for engineers, specialists, I.T professionals, and technical specialists.

Get inspired by articles that will boost your career on this site.

Students and fresh graduates can also search for jobs on this site.

9.  Graduateland

If you are a student or a fresh graduate, this portal helps you get jobs in all categories.

This portal is the European largest job portals for students and graduates.

Search for your internship, full time, part-time jobs on Graduateland Denmark.

10. Top language job

At Top language job, you can search for jobs by language, by sector, by a company, and by country.

It is a job portal for language professionals seeking employment opportunities in Denmark.

You can search for jobs in all cities, regions, and towns in Denmark.

11.  Student Consulting

This job site provides part-time and full-time jobs for students and young people.

It is aimed at providing jobs for young people and students to enable them to grow in their talent and skills.

12.  We work-live-stay-dk

For people living in Southern Denmark, this is the best job portal for you.

It allows job seekers to search for their dream jobs.

People in Southern Denmark should check this site for job vacancies available in their cities.

13. Jobs in Copenhagen.

This portal provides jobs for people that are in the city of Copenhagen.

They offer job opportunities for English speaking professionals in Denmark.

Search for your multilingual jobs, teaching jobs, and jobs in other sectors.

14. Work in Denmark

Do you want to work in Denmark? Are you a foreigner seeking for employment opportunities?

Then work in Denmark has got you covered. This is the official international job portal for job search in Denmark.

Get the best Danish jobs here.

15. Copenhagen capacity

Copenhagen capacity helps professionals find jobs in Greater Copenhagen.

It is a job portal that brings forth career opportunities and job listings from giant companies in Denmark.

This job portal has job openings in some of Denmark’s biggest companies especially IT, Cleantech, and Science companies.

16. Glassdoor


Glassdoor Denmark provides English speaking jobs with companies ratings and salaries for English speaking professionals in Denmark.

They provide English speaking jobs as well as jobs in all sectors

17. Indeed


The Denmark SC-job market has increased in recent years.

Get popular Denmark jobs with salary review only on indeed.com.

Search for jobs in top hiring companies, select the job that well describes your profile.

18.   Right One DK

Right one is a job portal in Denmark that focuses on recruiting professionals in the management and specialist position in the electricity industry in Denmark.

With your experience in the electrical field, you can get jobs here.

19. HR Skyen

This is a recruitment portal in Denmark that provides jobs for its applicants.

Their aim is to make sure employers and job seekers are satisfied with their choice.

20.  Randstad.dk

Find the latest jobs in Denmark on this site.

Randstad offers more than jobs, they help job seekers grow their skills.

They make sure employees have a fulfilled career.

Select a region and upload a resume to begin your search.

21. JobRapido Denmark 

job portals in denmark

Find the right job on JobRapido. JobRapido is a global job search engine with thousands of job opportunities for job hunters in Denmark. 

Find jobs in Denmark, upload your resume, and get the right job that matches your profile. 

Summary: Job portals in Denmark

This article shows the list of job portals in Denmark which will quicken your job search in Demark.

These portals will assist you in your search for jobs in all cities in Denmark.

Browse for jobs, submit a resume, and apply for jobs. With a good detailed CV, employers will find you and request you for an interview.

Apart from the Job sites listed above, you can also search for jobs from sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Denmark’s Unemployment rate?

As of May 2020, the unemployment rate in Denmark stood at 5.6% and became the highest jobless rate since December 2013.

What is the average income in Denmark?

The average annual salary in Denmark as of 2019 is DKK 518,522.

Is it easy to get a job in Denmark as a foreigner?

As a foreigner, you might face some difficulties when it comes to job hunting in Denmark as most employers prefer hiring locals to foreigners. But you can succeed if you are well qualified and have the right skills and experience need for the job.

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