job portals in sweden

This list of Job portals in Sweden provides you with the latest job vacancies from top companies in different cities in Sweden.

Getting jobs is not a difficult thing to do. You can actually use these job sites and search for numerous job offers in Sweden easily.

Expats, Freelancers, Students, and other job seekers can use any of these websites to search for employment opportunities in Sweden.


Job Site Rank Job Site Name Description!
1. Career Builder Sweden Visit Career Builder for the latest job vacancies in Sweden. Get career advice as well as CV tips and tips that will help boost your career.
2. Jobbsafari Jobbsafari is another good job website to seek employment opportunities in Sweden.
3. Blocket Jobb A good job portal in Sweden that you can use and search for thousands of job offers
4. Monster Sweden is the Swedish brand of the famous global job site search site Monster and it has numerous job offers for job hunters in Sweden.
5. Student Job StudentJob is a job search site for students, fresh graduates, and young job seekers. Search for part-time jobs, summer jobs, internship jobs, and more on this portal.
6. Metro Jobb Browse and find the latest jobs in Sweden on MetroJobb
7. Stepstone Sweden Search for jobs, get new job offers on
8. Neuvoo This is also a global job site that has job search options for Swedish job seekers. At, you will get thousands of job offers from different sectors.
9. Jobs in Stockholm  A good site for expats in Stockholm to search for jobs. This site has job offers for professionals and English speakers in Stockholm.
10. Glassdoor Glassdoor is known globally for providing employment opportunities for all job seekers in different sectors. It is a good job portal for expats and local job seekers in Sweden.
11. Go to and find jobs that suit your profile.
12. Arbetsformedlingen This is a Swedish public employment service that has job offers for all job seekers.
13. Student Consulting Student Consulting is a job portal in Sweden where you can search for jobs from different companies in Sweden.
14. Manpower Sweden Go to and search for thousands of job ads in Sweden.
15. The Local  Visit the and search for English speaking jobs in Sweden.
16. IDG Jobb Head to IDGJobb and search for tech jobs in Sweden. They have hundreds of jobs available for professionals in the tech field.
17. Learn4Good Navigate to Learn4good they have a job search option for job seekers in Sweden.
18.  The Hub For the best startup jobs in Sweden, go to
19. CareerJet Sweden Careerjet Sweden has numerous job vacancies from large companies in Sweden.
20. Indeed Sweden One of the best job search engine in the world. with you can browse for jobs in any category.


20 Job Portals In Sweden – Comprehensive List



1. Career Builder

career builder - job portals in sweden

This job site has been a source of employment for job seekers for the past 20 years and still does that till today.

Find thousands of job vacancies from Sweden’s most attractive companies. Browse jobs by type, by city, and by keyword and upload your resume in their CV database to let employers find them.

They also write articles like tips for finding a job, traps to avoid at a job interview and so much more.




2. Jobb Safari

jobbsafari - job portals in sweden

Jobb safari Sweden is a board that gives advice to job seekers about seeking jobs, they have an option where you can check your salary, search for companies, and find jobs.

Job safari has a complete list of job openings available in Sweden. Search through thousands of job ads from top companies and apply for jobs that suit you




3. Blocket Jobb

blocket jobb - job portals in sweden


This job portal offers the latest jobs in Sweden. They have more than 9,000 jobs available in Sweden (at the time of my writing). They also provide you with CV tips, interview tips, and tips that will help your career.

Register now and get your dream jobs. You can actually find your dream jobs wherever you are when you download the blocket jobb app on the App Store  or Google play store.




4. Monster Sweden

monster sweden- job portals in sweden

Search for jobs on monster Sweden, browse through the latest job vacancies, find countless jobs from top employers in Sweden.

At, you get the latest openings from top companies. Upload your CV and find the job that suits you.




5. Student Job

student job - job portals in sweden

This job board offers job vacancies to students, fresh graduates, and young job seekers seeking employment opportunities in Sweden.

They find the most suitable jobs for young job seekers from internship jobs, part-time jobs, extra jobs, summer jobs, and master thesis.

And with the help of their app, candidates can search for jobs wherever they are and can apply for jobs easily and smoothly.




6. Metro Jobb

metro jobb - job portals in sweden

Search for the latest job offers on Be among the job seekers who will search among the thousands of available job vacancies on this site.

With articles like seven tips for a perfect personal letter and more that are on this site, you will learn how to build your career easily.




7. StepStone Sweden

stepstone sweden- job portals in sweden

Their job offers is in different categories. They offer different employment types like freelance, part-time, full time, contract, internship, trainee, franchise, extra jobs, and lots more.

Both students and professionals can apply for jobs here.




8. Neuvoo

neuvoo - job portals in Sweden

This is another job portal where you can get English Language jobs and other general jobs. Get jobs in different sectors like Banking and Finance, IT, Health, Telecommunications, Real Estate, Hospitality, Engineering and so much more.

Register and see their job listings.




9. Jobs in Stockholm

jobs in stockhholm - job portals in stockholm

This job board provides employment opportunities to multilingual professionals and expats in the capital of Sweden Stockholm with English as their main working language.

Expats living in this city should check for jobs among the 1,000+ jobs on this site.



10. Glassdoor

glassdoor- job sites in brazil

Search for the best jobs in Sweden, get the right job offers with the company’s ratings and salaries.

Search among the 22,746+ jobs in Sweden.




11. -job portals in sweden

At you will find all the vacancies in one place, regardless of your profession. This site provides jobs in all categories and you can easily search for jobs here.

Here you will find thousands of jobs, ranging from extra jobs, extra links through data jobs, specialist jobs to CEO jobs.

Upload your resume on, and find different employers who want your application.

Job seekers also get the opportunity to speak with their employers directly.




12. Arbetsformedlingen

arbetsformedlingen - job portals in sweden

This is one of the biggest government job portals in Sweden.

This Swedish public employment service helps job seekers choose their profession and find jobs suitable for them. Job seekers also get tips on how to write a good CV here




13. Student Consulting

student consulting - job portals in sweden

At student consulting, employees meet their future employers and employers their future employees. They provide various jobs for all job seekers including summer jobs.

If you want to work abroad or in different countries whether it’s full time or part-time jobs, summer jobs, or extra jobs, student consulting helps you to achieve that goal.




14. Manpower

manpower - job portals in sweden

Search for student jobs, IT jobs, Tech jobs, health jobs, Banking jobs, and more on this site. This site offers jobs to all applicants in Sweden that seek employment opportunities.

Job seekers can search for jobs either by industry or location. Find and browse for the latest job vacancies in the country.




15. The Local

the local- job portals in sweden

This job site offers mostly English Language jobs in Sweden.

If you are a new migrant in Sweden and you are looking for a job then the is the best site for you to begin your search.

You can search for jobs by category and by location.




16. IDG Jobb

idg jobb - job portals in sweden

This job site provides jobs and possible recruitment for all job seekers in the I.T, data, and system development sectors.

They also write articles, gives information to job seekers on how to boost their careers.




17. Learn4Good

learn4good-job portals in sweden

A job search portal that is widely used by millions of people worldwide.

This portal has a beautiful design and provides jobs to all employees seeking employment in Sweden.

They provide job hunters with jobs from different industries and companies.




18. The Hub

the hub - job portals in sweden

Visit this site to get the best startup jobs in Sweden. Apply and connect with reputable employers in the country.

Search among the hundreds of startup jobs from numerous startup companies in Sweden.




19. CareerJet Sweden

careerjet sweden - job portals in sweden

Careerjet Sweden has job offers for job hunters in Sweden. Browse for jobs, and search for available job vacancies on this site.

Find jobs, register, and let employers find you.




20. Indeed Sweden

indeed sweden-job portals in sweden

Provides jobs in different categories, job seekers can read company reviews and offers the latest job openings.

It is one of the best job search engines in the world.

Summary:  Job Portals In Sweden

Why don’t you give any of these job portals in Sweden a try and select the jobs that best match your profile? Finding jobs has never been made easier, it is totally free and trustworthy.

Moreso, these job websites in Sweden let you explore thousands of jobs from various multinational, international, and startup companies in the country.

Register, apply for jobs, and let your prospective employer find you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular job sectors in Sweden?

The most popular job sectors in Sweden are Management, Consulting, Finance, Teaching/Education, IT, Tourism, Healthcare, and much more.

What professions are in demand in Sweden

IT Professionals
Construction Workers

Is it easy to find a job in Sweden as a foreigner?

If you are a foreigner from other European countries, you can easily get a job in Sweden. But the most important thing is to have a network and referrals in Sweden, this way, getting a job will be easier.

What Jobs pay well in Sweden?

Here are some of the best-paying jobs in Sweden:
Organization Vice President
Chief Investment Officer (Executive and Management)
Creative Director (advertising/graphic design/event management)
Physician (haematology/oncology)
Managing Director
Enterprise Architecture Manager
Aviation Manager
Project Manager (Executiveand Management)
Product/Brand Manager

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