Job sites in Angola

These top job sites in Angola will enable job seekers and employers to serve the need of one another.

Searching for the right job is a big challenge because there are many job portals in Africa, the world, and even here in Angola that will confuse job seekers when job hunting.

Finding a job in Angola independently will require lots of effort. It is not just to have a CV and move from one place to another but know the right places especially job sites to go to.

Many of these job sites provide lots of huge job vacancies from big companies in Angola.

You must try to know the job sites and host of other sites that will help in your search.

Foreigners in Angola will also face challenges when it comes to job searching in Angola.

Jobs for foreigners revolve around the oil and gas sector. This job guide will help both foreigners and citizens to secure a job faster in Angola.

The job sites in Angola that this article contains have all you can ask for and need when searching for jobs in Angola.

Job Sites in Angola Comprehensive List 

Job site RankJob Site NameDescription!
1.JobislandThis job site helps you search for jobs in Angola. Post a resume, post jobs for free, and apply on
2.Verangola.netThis a very nice job searching site for all Angolans job seekers seeking employment and wanting to improve their skills.
3.IndeedIndeed is a job board that is known and used by recruiters and job hunters globally. Indeed Angola provides mostly English jobs for the Angolans.
4.Careers in AfricaCareers in Africa provides professionals in Angola with jobs in all sectors. They provide high-paying jobs for Angolan job seekers who are ready to showcase their skills and talents.
5.LinkedInAnother and actually a good source for jobs for job seekers in Angola with a LinkedIn profile.
6.CaglobalCaglobal main focus is to provide jobs for Africans with skills that will help in developing the African nation. They offer jobs in all categories. Get jobs in Angola that is suitable for you.
7.Career BuilderExplore new job opportunities in Angola on Career Builder.
8.CareerjetA good job portal when searching for jobs in Angola.
9.Gigajob AngolaGigajob Angola brings together employers and employees. It offers jobs to job seekers in Angola.
10.GlassdoorGlassdoor is one of the world’s largest job search sites that gives maximum satisfaction to its users. In Angola, Glassdoor provides jobs for Angolan job seekers and the job seekers get to see the company’s reviews and salaries.
11Jobrapido AngolaJobrapido Angola provides jobs, and gives career tips and advice to job seekers in Angola.
12Tiptopjobs AngolaThis is a job site where you can go and search for jobs in all locations, categories, and sectors in Angola.
13RigzoneThis site offers oil and gas jobs in Angola. Foreigners with skills and degrees in Petroleum, drilling, etc in Angola can search for jobs here. It is also applicable to citizens with knowledge of oil and gas.
14SapoSapo provides jobs for job seekers in Angola.
15Michael PageA good site for ex-pats to search for jobs in Angola.

If you have experience working with any one of them, please do not hesitate to share your experience with us in the Comment section below.

1.  Jobisland


This job site helps you search for jobs in Angola.

Recruitment agencies and employers with optional paid Premium Job Posting and Featured Job Advertising post jobs for free on this platform.

Local employment job listings are posted here daily for Angolan job seekers to view and search for the type of jobs they need.

Job seekers in Angola  through this job site can apply for healthcare jobs and jobs in the USA

It is a free job site for both employers and job seekers in Angola.

2. VerAngola

A good job portal to search for jobs in Angola.

Get job offers like Manager, housekeeper, printer technician, driver, GPS system assistant, etc.

Employers post job ads for free, access, search, and contact the candidate.

Search for jobs from your computer, laptop, or smartphone, and get the best deals in Angola.

3.  Indeed

Indeed is a job search engine known and used by millions of people all over the world.

For English jobs in Angola, apply now on indeed to get administrative jobs, teaching jobs, secretary jobs, and more.

It offers jobs to job seekers from various categories, locations, and sectors.

4. Careers in Africa

Careers in Africa

This is an online recruitment site that connects job seekers with employers in Africa.

They offer employment opportunities to job seekers based on their skills and talents.

Submit your CV, browse for vacancies, and find jobs suitable for you.

5. LinkedIn Jobs

Apply now to get jobs on LinkedIn that match your skills and level of experience.

LinkedIn offers jobs from huge companies.

Get to meet experts especially when you have a LinkedIn account that will help you in your career.

6. Caglobal

Caglobal is a portal that aims at providing jobs for the African people.

They recruit professionals in African sectors like Banking, finance, mining, Ngo jobs, oil; and gas, agriculture, legal, hospitality, pharmaceutical and medical, engineering, insurance, commodities, and more.

They offer the best services to employers and job seekers in Angola.

7. Career Builder

Millions of people visit this site each day to get jobs and career advice.

A job search engine where job seekers are given jobs that will help in boosting their careers.

Search and find jobs in Angola that match your profile.

8. Careerjet

Career Jet is a job searching engine that maps the selection of job offerings available on the internet in an extensive database by providing job listings from other job boards.

It acts as a traffic driver to other recruitment sites.

Kindly go to this site and search for available vacancies in Angola.

9. Gigajob Angola

Gigajob Angola is a job portal whose mission is to create a platform where job seekers and recruiters can connect.

They offer employers free access to their CVS database.

All users can opt for free email alerts to stay updated for new jobs that match their profile.

10. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a leading job and recruitment site where employees and former employees continuously review companies and their management.

It helps you know about company growth, salary structure, and administrative structure.

It is a very good site for job seekers in Angola to search for jobs.

11. Jobrapido Angola

Jobrapido is a job site that produces over 20 million jobs every month and has about 70 million registered users.

Jobrapido Angola is a brand of that offers employment opportunities to all job seekers in Angola.

A unique job site when it comes to jobs and employment in Angola.

12. Tiptopjobs Angola

Jobs posted here are easily searched by job seekers in Angola.

Recruiters can advertise their job vacancies on this site.

Also, recruiters can use their CV search engine to find the best candidates for their openings.

Get notified when relevant jobs are posted on this site by entering your email address.

13. Rigzone

Rigzone provides the best oil and gas jobs in Angola.

Professionals with knowledge and skills in drilling, engineering, and more should apply on this site to get jobs in the oil and gas sector.

14. Sapo

Another good job portal that offers employment opportunities to Angolan job seekers.

Subscribe to their newsletter and don’t miss any opportunities when jobs are posted.

Sapo offers job seekers international jobs, especially from their colonial master Portugal.

15. Michael Page

This site focus on the recruitment of managers and senior executives in Africa.

They source out the best nationals in Angola, returnee nationals, expatriates, and candidates based overseas for their recruiters.

They have job offers for Angola search now to get jobs.


The job sites in Angola above will be of extreme help to all job seekers in Angola.

Both Foreigners and citizens will benefit so much from these job sites.

No matter the complications when it comes to getting a job in Angola am certain that these job sites in Angola will ease every stress of job searching in the country.

Apart from the above Job sites we listed above, you can also get Job Opportunities from sites like Facebook, and Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Angola’s Unemployment rate?

According to the Trading Economics Global Macro Models and analyst expectations, the unemployment rate in Angola as of January 2020 stood at 31.80 per cent.

LinkedIn is a career and Professional Social Network where People build their Career Profiles over the Years and showcase them to prospects.

So to increase your chances of getting hired, kindly open a LinkedIn account if you don’t have one, if you had one already, kindly update it and make it look professional.

For Facebook, kindly use Job Board Groups, Join these Groups, and post your Skills and maybe CVs in a Screenshot format and ask that a Job in your Industry be given to you.

The same thing is applicable to Twitter too, update your Profile, and Indicate your Strengths and Skills, indicate that you are Job hunting too.

Angola’s inflation rate in 2019 was recorded at 17.08 per cent and is projected to remain the same until 2022. 


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