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Are you looking for job sites in Brazil where you can easily search for jobs and get employed quickly? I have coupled this detailed list of job websites in Brazil to aid job hunters in their search for new job opportunities.

Getting jobs can be a daunting task and at times most people don’t know exactly which company is hiring that’s why getting jobs becomes difficult for them.

But with these job search portals below, you will know which company is hiring and also know the various job offers posted by large companies in Brazil.



Job Site Rank Job Site Name Description!
1. BuscoJobs Visit BuscoJobs for the latest job vacancies in Brazil.
2. Empregos is a good job site to seek for employment opportunities in Brazil
3. Manager Online Another job portal in Brazil that you can use and search for numerous job offers
4. Catho One of the largest job sites in Brazil that connects candidates and employers
5. LinkedIn A social platform that has job offers for the Brazilan people.
6. Dell Careers By browsing on this site, you will find out all the latest job vacancies in Brazil.
7. Jobs in Sao Paulo Jobs in Sao Paulo is a job board for English speaking professionals in Sao Paulo
8. Find a job Brazil Find English language jobs or multilingual jobs on Find a job Brazil
9. Infojobs Brazil  A famous job portal used by thousands of people in Brazil. Infojobs have job offers for the Brazilian people.
10. Glassdoor Glassdoor is globally known for providing employment opportunities for all job seekers. It is a good job portal for expats in Brazil to search for jobs.
11. Vagas Vagas is one of the largest and most highly regarded job sites in Brazil
12.  Cummins Brazil Cummins Brazil is another job site in Brazil that provides employment opportunities
13. Indeed Brazil Indeed Brazil is the Brazilian brand of the famous job site that has numerous job offers for candidates in Brazil.
14. P&G Careers Go to this site and search for top companies with job postings in Brazil
15. Jobs at Apple  Visit jobs at Apple and search for jobs in the IT and Technology sector
16. CareerJet Brazil Head to Careerjet Brazil and search for jobs in Brazil. They have thousands of jobs available
17. Jobatus Navigate to Jobatus and browse for relevant jobs in Brazil
18.  Job Bydoo This site encompasses numerous job offers from various companies in Brazil
19. Adzunna Adzunna has amazing job offers for Brazilian job seekers.
20. This job board provides jobs to all those looking for an employment opportunity in the Engineering, IT, Technology, and other sectors.


20 Job Sites In Brazil – Comprehensive List



1. Busco Jobs

buscojobs brazil - job sites in brazil

Buscojobs is a Brazilian job board that offers jobs to job seekers providing thousands of jobs daily.

Search for jobs in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, and more.

Job seekers have an advantage here because they upload their CV and search for jobs free of charge.




2. Empregos

empregos - job sites in brazil

Job seekers can upload their resume either on Facebook or create an account with them.

Job seekers advertise their resume, apply for vacancies, know who saw their resume, and follow other processes that will make their employment easy.




3. Manager Online

manager online - job sites in brazil


They offer online courses to all job seekers. About 261 thousand new openings (at the time of my writing) on this site.

Browse for jobs here by area and by region. If you are an applicant and you’ve subscribed before and something went wrong you can still subscribe again.

Companies can also advertise their vacancies for free.




4. Catho

catho - job sites in brazil

Catho is one of the major job websites of Brazil that aims at connecting candidates with reputable employers.

Job seekers or candidates seeking jobs in Brazil find this job board fruitful. You can browse the jobs through the industry types and match them in accordance to your profile.

It is a job site that offers tools and content to candidates to allow them to get jobs and build their careers.

Thousands of companies adversities their job offers on Catho.




5. LinkedIn

linkedin - job sites in brazil

LinkedIn is a social platform that connects professionals to reputable recruiters or hiring managers.

It is the best site for those professionals or job seekers who are waiting for job opportunities in Brazil.

Create a LinkedIn profile, post CV, and get recent jobs in your region.




6. Dell Careers

dell careers - job sites in Brazil

With this site, you can find out all the latest jobs in Brazil by browsing the jobs on this site.

The jobs posted on this site are mostly IT jobs, Technology Jobs, and Engineering jobs.

You can also search for jobs by categories and subcategories to view all the job listings.

To enjoy the benefits just click on this site.




7. Jobs in Sao Paulo

jobs in sao paulo - job sites in brazil

A job portal that provides English Speaking jobs for job seekers in Sao Paulo. It is a good job site for expats seeking professional employment in Sao Paulo.

It is also a good site for people looking for multilingual jobs in Sao Paulo Brazil.




8. Find a Job in Brazil

find a job in brazil - job sites in brazil

This job website is dedicated to bringing together all the English language jobs in one place to help non-native language speakers find employment in Brazil.

They also specialize in jobs that require foreign language or multi-lingual skills.

They put together job vacancies from thousands of employers, recruitment agencies, and job sites and put them all in one easily searchable format. Register and access all the job offers on this site.




9. InfoJobs Brazil

infojobs brazil - job sites in Brazil

Info jobs is a famous job portal that is used by millions of people in Brazil and has thousands of job offers for the Brazilian people.

Browse for freelance jobs, internship jobs, part-time, full –time, and other types of employment.



10. Glassdoor

glassdoor- job sites in brazil

Visit Glassdoor for your English speaking jobs in Brazil.

A good site for expats to search for jobs, view company ratings, and salary earnings.

They also have job vacancies for locals as well.




11. Vagas

vagas - job sites in brazil

Vagas is one of the largest and most highly regarded job sites in Brazil.

Professionals from different areas and different levels can get access to job and internship opportunities posted by the best companies in Brazil.

It is one of the biggest job sites in Brazil that offers free services for job seekers.




12. Cummins Brazil

cummins brazil -job sites in Brazil

Another job portal in Brazil that makes sure job seekers are given employment.

With the jobs posted on this site am sure job seekers will get what they are looking for.




13.  Indeed Brazil

indeed brazil - job sites in Brazil

Am sure you must have heard of indeed. It is a global search engine that provides job opportunities for all job seekers.

Indeed Brazil is the Brazilian brand of the famous job site that has numerous job offers for candidates in Brazil.

Apply and search for jobs you never can tell you might find the job you’re looking for.




14. P&G Careers

P&G Careers - job sites in Brazil

Go to this job board and search for jobs in Brazil. Top companies in Brazil have job listings on this site.

Browse and search for jobs that fit your profile.




15. Jobs at Apple

jobs at apple - job sites in brazil

Apple has job vacancies for IT and technology specialists and professionals in Brazil.

If you want to start a career at Apple, then they have the perfect role for you.




16.  CareerJet Brazil

careerjet brazil - job sites in brazil

Search among the thousands of job offers in this Brazilian version of the global job search site Careerjet.

Find jobs in all categories and select the jobs that best match your profile.




17. Jobatus

jobatus - job sites in Brazil

People looking for jobs and companies that want to publish job offers without paying for it, jobatus is the ideal job site for you.

Jobatus has thousands of open job vacancies for job seekers in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Curitiba, and more as well as employment types like an internship, part-time, full-time, work at home, etc.




18. Job Bydoo

job bydoo - job sites in brazil

Navigate to this job portal and search for jobs in every state, city, and town in Brazil.

It encompasses numerous job openings in Brazil. Search the jobs and bag the job that suits your profile.



19. Adzuna

adzunna - job sites in Brazil

Candidates have their own section so as employers. As a job seeker, you can create your own account and login to the site for better career opportunities.

Adzuna has job vacancies in Brazil that are waiting for job seekers to explore.



20. - job sites in brazil

Search for job opportunities in your city or any city in Brazil and select the job offers that suit your profile.

It offers jobs in sectors like Multimedia, Internet, E-Commerce, Telecommunications, and many others.

Get news about employment and career on this site.


Summary:  Job Sites in Brazil

Getting jobs in Brazil will be easier and faster when you use these job sites in Brazil listed above.

These job sites have thousands of job vacancies from companies all over Brazil.

No matter your qualification or skills I believe there’s a job board out there which will be good for you.

Register, create a profile, and have access to explore these numerous job offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brazil’s employment rate?

The employment rate in Brazil according to Trading Economics decreased to 53.90 % in February from 49.50% in May of 2020.

What are the highest paying jobs in Brazil?

Here are some of the best paying jobs in Brazil:
1. Regional Manager
2) Mechanical Engineering Manager
4) Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
5) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
6) Public Relations Manager(PRM)
7) Corporate Director
8) Geologist

what is the average annual salary in Brazil

According to Average Salary Survey, the average salary in Brazil is BRL 150,393, While the average take home earning is BRL 112,326 (Net).

Can a foreigner get a job in Brazil?

Of course, foreigners can get a job in Brazil as there are some fields that are ever ready to hire foreigners. For example, foreigners that can speak English can get teaching jobs in Brazil to teach English to Native.

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