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This article contains a list of job sites in Cameroon that will help the Cameroonian job seeker get jobs. Cameroon is a bilingual country with English and French as its main working language. It is a small but beautiful country with lots of career opportunities and mineral resources.

Cameroon has many manufacturing industries especially in her economic capital Douala that will need employees to enable their growth. But I still wonder why so many Cameroonians are jobless when there are lots of job opportunities out there waiting for them.

Many job seekers in Cameroon still don’t know how to go about their job search tasks. Some still carry their resume to companies, industries, and restaurants, to name a few but nothing came out of it.

Gone are those days we stress ourselves like that sweating profusely just to get a job. The internet has made everything way too easy for us, that is why they provide websites where you can quickly and easily search for jobs with ease.

Below is the list of the best job sites in Cameroon where you can get jobs easily.

Job Site RankJob Site NameDescription!
1.Njorku CameroonThis site gives jobs to thousands of unemployed Cameroonians. It provides jobs in all categories.
2.Jumia JobsA great site to get jobs in Cameroon.
3.Cameroon JobsThis site has a nice design and it provides the latest jobs for job seekers in any category.
4.GlassdoorGlassdoor provides employment opportunities for Cameroonian job seekers.
5.Job in CameroonThis site makes sure job seekers are satisfied with their job search.
6.Cameroon todayVisit the site for current jobs in Cameroon.
7.WorkanaFor freelance jobs in Cameroon check this site.
8.iCubeFarm.comExplore new jobs on
9.VisahunterHas thousands of jobs available in Cameroon.
10.CareerJETA good portal for jobs in Cameroon
11.Learn4GoodThis job portal offers jobs in all categories.
12.GigajobGet the latest job offers here.
13.NGO Jobs in AfricaA non-government organization in Africa that provides jobs for Cameroonian job seekers.
14.MTN Cameroon jobsMTN Cameroon jobs offer internship jobs for students in Cameroon.
15.IndeedGet the best jobs on
16.KamerpowerA great site for jobs in Cameroon.
17.ImpactpoolFor jobs in the European Union and other international organizations go to
18.Mapan JobsOne of the best sites to search for jobs in Cameroon
19.ReliefWebSearch for Humanitarian and development jobs here.
20.TiptopjobsFind new jobs in Cameroon on
21.Oilandgaspeople.comThey provide jobs in the oil and gas sector
22.CareermineFor mining jobs in Cameroon go to
23.GraduatelandGraduateland offers jobs to students
24.Expat.comA good job site for foreigners in Cameroon.
25.Engineering.comGo to this site for the best engineering jobs in Cameroon.
26.Naukrijobs.comHave vacancies for jobs in Cameroon.
27.Truelancer.comFind freelancer jobs here
28.MivaProGet jobs in Cameroon that suits your profile.
29.CampusjeunesA job site for jobs in Cameroon.
30.AkwajobsA job site with lots of job listings.
31.Careers in AfricaCareers in Africa is a leading job board in Africa that has employment opportunities for Cameroonian job seekers. 

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30 Job sites in Cameroon – Comprehensive Lis

1. Njorku 

This site gives jobs to thousands of unemployed Cameroonians. It provides jobs in all categories.

One of the best and largest job sites in Cameroon.

2. Jumia Jobs

This is a website that connects candidates and employers. Job seekers can apply for a job in any city they want.

One of the biggest and most trusted job boards in Cameroon.

3. Cameroon Jobs

With a nice design, Job seekers find it appealing to search for jobs. It provides the latest jobs for job seekers in any category.

Browse for jobs and search jobs in all regions in Cameroon.

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is one of the best-known sites in the world that provides jobs in all categories. Provide jobs for job seekers in Cameroon.

Get jobs that suits your profile on

5.  Job in Cameroun

This site has a beautiful view, provides jobs, and does other things like entertainment, sports news, and more. It is more than a job site and does provide the latest news for all subscribers.

Moreover, job seekers get tips on how to get jobs and can also receive job offers by email.

You can also follow them on Facebook to receive updates concerning jobs and news in Cameroon.

6. Cameroon today

Cameroon today provides information on jobs in Cameroon. It is also a site where you can get information on travel and tourism.

7. Workana

This is a well-designed website that provides freelance jobs for Cameroonians.

Are you a good freelancer with skills? this site provides jobs that will give you a boost in your career.


This part offers companies that register with them to be part of their central Africa first directory service.

The benefit of this company directory service is that they gain access to exclusive networking events, opportunities to publicize their company’s activities and services, and lots more.

While job seekers have a list of new jobs posted every day at their disposal.

9. Visahunter

This site gives foreigners access to get jobs in Cameroon. They provide links to job websites where you can get jobs in Cameroon.

A good site for foreigners to search for jobs in Cameroon.

10. CareerJET

This site is always open to new job vacancies.

Foreigners can also apply for jobs using this site.

11. Learn4Good

This site posts jobs by category and by educational level.

Find teaching jobs, nursing jobs, marketing jobs, and more here. You can also get the latest jobs here.

Browse for jobs by skills, location, and category.

12. Gigajob

For all current jobs in Cameroon search on This is a Cameroon brand of the world’s famous job site Gigajob.

Explore more job opportunities using this site.

13. NGO Jobs in Africa

This is the largest job site in Africa that provides jobs for job seekers seeking employment opportunities in non-government organizations in Africa.

Cameroonian job seekers can search for NGO jobs here.

14. MTN Cameroon jobs

MTN Cameroon is one of the largest networks in Cameroon. MTN Cameroon provides students with internship jobs.

They make sure students are well-trained and provide services that will develop their careers.

As an intern at MTN Cameroon, you will have the opportunity to know more about MTN Cameroon’s activities.

15. Indeed

Apply to get jobs such as IT  project manager, intern jobs, and more on Indeed Cameroon.

This site brings forth jobs that will suit all job seekers in Cameroon.

16. Kamerpower

A great site for jobs in Cameroon.

Why go very far when Kamerpower is here for you? View job listings from top companies in Cameroon here.

Get jobs that will change your life for the better.

17. Impactpool

Impactpool provides job vacancies in the European Union, the United Nations, and other international organizations.

Browse for jobs that will make an impact on your career on Impactpool.

18. Mapan Jobs

Mapan jobs are one of the best sites to search for jobs in Cameroon, especially in Buea.

For job seekers in the Southwest region of Cameroon, this site provides you with the best job offers.

You can also get jobs from other Cameroonian cities here.

19. ReliefWeb

Search for Humanitarian and development jobs here. They also offer career training here.

Get tips that will help you improve your skills.

20. Tiptopjobs

This site offers employment opportunities to all job hunters in Cameroon. Browse for Cameroonian jobs on this site.

Search jobs by keyword, industry, and location.


Are u willing to work in the oil and gas sector in Cameroon?

Then search for the best oil and gas jobs in Douala Cameroon on They often have vacancies for Cameroonian job seekers.

22. Careermine

This job board provides mining jobs for professionals in the mining sector.

For Mining jobs in Cameroon, Careermine gets the best for you.

23. Graduateland

Find the best internship jobs in Guaduateland.

This is the best site for students to search for jobs in Cameroon.

Maybe you just graduated and don’t know where to start searching for jobs Graduateland is here to assist you in that aspect.

Most employers in Cameroon are looking for interns in their companies.

As a student or fresh grad just check this site and get internship jobs in Cameroon.


Foreigners may find it difficult to get jobs in Cameroon but with they are few steps away from their dream jobs.

Create a resume and apply for jobs in all regions in Cameroon.


Go to this site for the best engineering jobs in Cameroon.

It provides thousands of engineering jobs for engineers in Cameroon.

26. Naukri jobs

Find new jobs in Cameroon on

You never can tell you might be lucky to meet your dream job on this site.


For employers, Truelancer is a portal where you can get the best freelancers in Cameroon.

Find skilled freelancers in Cameroon and get the best freelance jobs.

28. MivaPro

This recruitment platform provides jobs for African people. In Cameroon, get jobs that suit your profile.

Browse for jobs in Cameroon by category, type, and salary.

29. Campusjeunes

This website provides job opportunities for all Cameroonians.

They also tweet jobs to their job seekers especially those who have a twitter account.

30. Akwajobs

This is one of the most popular job sites in Cameroon.

Their job offers are one of a kind.

Browse for jobs in Douala, Bafoussam, Bamenda, Yaounde, Kribi, and Buea.

31. Careers in Africa 

Careers in Africa is a leading career site and job portal in Africa serving African job seekers with employment opportunities across Africa. 

With this job board, Cameroonians can search for jobs in Cameroon as well as in other African nations. 


Summary: Job Sites in Cameroon

I can proudly say that these job sites in Cameroon will help you in your search for a job or job in Cameroon.

Check these websites and see which one is good for you.

Most of these sites have mobile apps that you will install on your smartphone and can use them in the comfort of your home and browse for jobs.

In case we have opted out of any job sites in Cameroon that you know of, kindly indicate it in the comment section of this post and I will definitely update it.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cameroon’s unemployment rate?

Cameroon’s unemployment rate as of 2019 stood at 3.34 per cent and according to analyst expectations, the unemployment rate in Cameroon by 2020 is expected to stand at 4.00%

The inflation rate in Cameroon moved from 3.2% to 3.5% and even 0.6% was recorded in 2017.
Cameroon’s inflation rate as of March 2020 was recorded at 2.50%.

The top five online job websites in Cameroon are:

  • Njorku Cameroon
  • Jumia Jobs Cameroon
  • Careers in Africa
  • Job in Cameroun
  • Akwa Jobs

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