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This post consists of the compiled list of job sites in China which will help you get the job you’ve been searching for.

China’s economy has developed in recent years and today, the second-largest in the world.   

China is known for its advancement in technology and has companies that need steady employees. China is seen as the new land of opportunities.

Foreigners are now moving to China to make good fortunes. Some are going there to improve in their careers while some for adventure.

Most of the foreigners in China are trying to get high paying jobs or employment as expats. But getting the jobs and adapting to a new culture can be difficult.

This list of job sites in China below will really help you make the right choice.

Job hunters hunting for jobs in China should check these job sites for easy access to new job opportunities.

22 Job Sites in China – Comprehensive List 

Job Site Rank Job Site Name Description!
1. One of the top job portals in China that provides jobs for Chinese citizens.
2. A great site to get jobs in China.
3. Glassdoor As we all know Glassdoor is a global job search site and it has job search options for job seekers in China.
4. China Jobs China Jobs provides jobs and training to job seekers in China.
5. eChinajob This job site provides jobs for foreigners in China.
6. Totaljobs Total job offers Chinese citizens jobs. Browse for jobs in all categories.
7. For those seeking employment outside China Goabraod has jobs available for you.
8. Wang and Li Company This site provides jobs for bilingual job seekers in China.
9.  This site provides jobs and gives career advice to all job seekers.
10. Laowaicareer A good portal for jobs in China.
11. Chinahr Chinahr offers job opportunities to all job seekers in all cities in China.
12. Learn4Good Get jobs in Shanghai and other China cities
13.  Browse jobs for free and post a resume for free on
14. Jobsite China Jobsite China is a popular job board in China that offers jobs from top companies in China.
15. HiredChina This job site provides jobs for people in China and also for expats seeking employment opportunities.
16. Xpatjobs China Just by its name, you will know it provides jobs for expats in China.
17. Jobs in Shanghai For jobs in Shanghai especially English speaking professionals this job site is for you.
18. ExpatJobsChina This site connects multinational companies with expats in China.
19. Jobs in China Another good job portal for expats to search for jobs in China.
20. Jobs in Beijing This site provides jobs for job seekers in China’s capital Beijing.
21. China Jobs Daily This online job portal in China connects international job seekers with great Chinese employers.
22. LinkedIn Linked is a professional social media platform where you can connect with professionals in your field as well as find and get the perfect job that matches your skills and interests. 


1. Zhaopin

This is one of the top job sites in China.

Job seekers can create an account, post their resume, and search for jobs by categories, location, job type, and other conditions.

As an employer, you need to register with a valid Chinese business license before you can post any job ads.

2. 51jobs

Stepstone is one of the major Job sites in Italy that provides employment opportunities to job seekers.

Job seekers can browse for jobs in all categories either by job title, region, or upload their resume for the latest jobs in Italy.

3. Glassdoor China



This recruitment website provides English speaking jobs for job seekers in China and jobs in other sectors.

Search for the right jobs in China, get the company’s review and Salary reviews only on Glassdoor China.

4. China jobs provides HR services to international talents.

They have a page for online discussions on issues like training, technical exchange, and professional placement.

This job portal provides free resume publishing for job seekers and free posts for employers.

Recruitment service, TEFL training for foreign English teachers, Insurance services for international employees, and Evaluation system for English language experts, these services are also provided by China Jobs.

5. eChinajobs

eChinajobs is the leading job site for foreigners in China.

This job board provides job opportunities for expats/foreigners and bilingual Chinese in cities like Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, etc.

It offers teaching jobs and jobs in other sectors.

The site also offers career advice to all users.

It has an advanced search option which makes job searching easier.

6. Total Jobs China

job sites in China

This job board provides a variety of job opportunities for job seekers in China.

Most job opportunities are for job hunters in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and some other Chinese cities.

They provide jobs in all categories.


This is a very good job portal for all job seekers with English as their main working language.

They make sure job seekers get the most suitable jobs from employers.

8. Wang and Li Company

Wang and Li is a recruitment company that has been providing jobs for Chinese people since 1994.

It specializes in recruiting bilingual professionals for top international companies in China.

Job seekers post a resume and search for jobs here.

9. is one of the earliest job portals in China.

It provides applicants with career advice, career planning, job recommendations, and special recruitment.

Get the best job offers in any region in China only on

10. Laowai Career


Laowai Career is a job portal for foreigners searching for jobs in China.

They provide full time and part-time jobs, internship jobs, and freelance jobs.

Laowai career helps you get the best jobs.

At laowai career, job seekers locate the best employers in China, have access to positions all over China, get found and hired easily with no service fee charge at all.

While employers have access to go through the resumes of candidates, and quickly contact and interview their choices. Arguably the best site for foreigners to use and search for professional jobs in china. 

11. Chinahr

Chinahr provides job seekers with well-matched jobs, gives them information about jobs, and provides online occupational guidance to them as well.

Browse to get jobs in China on this site.

12. Learn4Good

Another job site that provides jobs for job seekers in China.

Search for jobs in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, and all other cities in China.


If you are still confused about which site to choose when searching for jobs, then give Dajie a try.

You never can tell you can get the jobs you are looking for on this site.

14. JobSiteChina

Find jobs in all China cities and get the best job listings.

JobsiteChina is one of the most popular job board in China

Get job offers from top companies on this site.

15. HiredChina

HiredChina offers employment opportunities to all job seekers in China.

Search for jobs in all cities in China and get the latest job offers.

It is a good job site for expats seeking for jobs in China.

16. XpatJobs China

Xpatjob is a global job portal with millions of job opportunities in more than a hundred countries and languages worldwide.

They provide the latest jobs i.e they upload new jobs every minute.

Xpatjobs provide jobs for English and multilingual speakers in China.

Expats looking for jobs in China, this job site got your back.

Apply for jobs for free, set up an email alert, upload your resume, and let recruiters find you.

17. Jobs in Shanghai

This site provides jobs for English speaking professionals in Shanghai.

Jobs like Communications Manager, Assistant Manager, Marketer, Logistic Coordinator, Business intelligence Analyst, and more.

Jobs are posted here on a regular basis.

18. ExpatJobsChina

This is another job portal that provides jobs for the Chinese people and foreigners as well.

It connects multinational corporations and expats in China.

Expats searching for employment opportunities should check on this site and get started in their search for jobs.

Their recruitment services focus on foreign companies and they also provide an online community for people who want to live and work in China.

19. Jobs in China

This is is a job site for foreigners living in China and working in China.

They offer teaching jobs and professional jobs to foreigners in China.

Find jobs that best suit your profile.

20. Jobs in Beijing

For English speaking professionals in the capital city of China Beijing, this job site is for you.

It is a good job site for foreigners especially foreigners in Beijing.

Get teaching jobs, Managing jobs, engineering jobs, and more.

21. China Jobs Daily

China Jobs Daily

This online job portal in China connects international job seekers with great Chinese employers. Job seekers should find jobs and advance their careers in China via this site. 

22. LinkedIn


Linked is a professional social media platform where you can connect with professionals in your field as well as find and get the perfect job that matches your skills and interests. 

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet, hurry now and create one and start getting job notifications that fit your profile. 

Tips for Finding Jobs in China

The traditional option of matching resumes to newspapers does not exist in China anymore.

There are so many job opportunities out there if you haven’t gotten a job yet maybe you are using the wrong methods.

So it is your job to find out the right method to follow when searching for jobs in China.

These tips will help you get jobs faster in China.

  1.  To get jobs in China easily, you have to conduct effective research to ensure there is a potential match between the company’s needs and your skills and experience.  make use of Google and search the names of companies, hiring managers, and groups of industries which requirements match your profile.
  2. Try and get information and referrals from companies first before submitting your resume. make use of online social platforms to know more about a company and its regulations.
  3. Boost your communication skills by joining a social group and learn how to speak publicly because employers like it when their employees speak fluently.
  4. Make use of online social media like LinkedIn and increase your chances of being found by your targetted employers. Let everyone you meet on these online platforms know what you are looking for to increase your chances of being referred but don’t make a mistake by showing your resume to all recruiters you meet.
  5. Attend targetted seminars/ events and find out what people in your expertise could do. Join chambers of commerce and get membership directories. Subscribe to trade magazines and newsletters.


Summary:  Job sites in China

With these job sites in China, I am certain you will be able to get jobs that will match your profile.

So don’t panic, just relax and start your search. You never can tell your next job is just a click away.

And as for the Tips, it is very important that you take a look at them and make sure that you try to apply them in your bid to get a Job in China

Companies Employ Talents and Skills, not just Degrees and certification, so make sure that your Degrees and certifications are backed by the real deal which is your Skills and Competencies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to find a job in China?

Networking is one of the best ways to easily find a job in China. Use personal contacts who work for companies in China that might need someone with your skills but if you don’t have such connections, another easy way to get a job in China is through the internet. There are many job sites available for China just like the aforementioned job sites in China, use them to search, apply, and land on a job in China.

What are the best jobs in China for foreigners?

Here are some of the most interesting jobs in China for foreigners:
– IT jobs
– Teaching English
– Marketing and Creating Field Jobs
– Engineering/Specialized Techincal Skill Jobs
– English Editor/Writer/Journalist
– Accounting/Financial Jobs
– Trading Company Sales Manager
– Advertising Jobs
– Translator
– Hotel Management Jobs

What jobs are popular in China?

Some of the most popular jobs in China are:
– Electronic Information
– Automobile
– Biotechnology
– Modern Medicine
– Logistics.
– New Materials
– Environmental Energy
– Management.
– Law
– Marketing

What jobs pays well in China?

Here are some of the highest-paying jobs in China
– Surgeons/Doctors
– Judges
– Chief Executive Officers
– Bank Managers
– Lawyers
– Chief Financial Officers
– College Professors
– Orthodontists
– Marketing Dircetos
– Pilots

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