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This list of job sites in Ethiopia will make it possible for you to get jobs quickly in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is the second-most populous country in Africa and also one of the poorest in Africa. Thus making the search for jobs more difficult.

People struggle each passing day just to get a good job in Ethiopia but what they could get are petty jobs whose income could not sustain them and their families.

Job searching can be a difficult task when you don’t know the right path to follow. These online job websites have really helped thousands of people in Africa and the world at large.

Why not try it today and forget the old boring methods of getting jobs?

Here is the list of job sites in Ethiopia in detail.

Job Sites in Ethiopia Comprehensive list

Job site RankJob Site NameDescription!
1.Ethiojobs.netIt is the best place for employees/candidates to search for jobs in Ethiopia.
2.Eseworks.comA  job site for freelancers in Ethiopia
3.Employ EthiopiaPost and browse for jobs in Ethiopia free of charge.
4.JobWeb EthiopiaJobWeb offers employment opportunities to all job seekers in Ethiopia.
5.MjobsThey send their job offers directly to the registered mobile numbers of their applicants. Making the process of job searching easy.
6.Job bankAnother good job site for jobs in Denmark
7.Nilejobs.comBrowse among the job vacancies here.
8.Addisjobs.netExplore new jobs in various categories,
9.ETCareers.comOffers jobs and allows job seekers to sign in for job alerts. It offers jobs and you can also buy and sell here too.
11Ngo jobs in Africa Browse for jobs in the non-government sector
12LinkedInOne of the best sites to look for jobs in Ethiopia.
13 GlassdoorGet jobs here with the company’s ratings and salaries.
14IndeedIndeed Ethiopia allows you to get jobs in all categories.
15ImpactpoolAre you interested to work for international organizations? impact pool should be the first place for you to begin your search.
16. GuavabeanOffers freelance jobs to all freelancers in Ethiopia.
17.Naukri.comExplore Ethiopian jobs on this site. Find hundreds of job vacancies available on this site.
18.Jobnet AfricaThe right job site to go to when searching for ex-pat jobs in Africa.
19. Engineering.comThis portal offers the best engineering jobs in Ethiopia.
20.DerejaA job board for students and fresh graduates in Ethiopia.

If you have experience working with any one of them, please do not hesitate to share your experience with us in the Comment section below.

Best Job Sites in Ethiopia

1. is an organized job portal with more than one million job seekers and about five hundred or more employers.

One of the best places for job seekers to search for jobs.88

Browse jobs by category and by location. They offer career courses and also give career advice.

It is the first Job website in Ethiopia.

2. Eseworks

Esework is an Ethiopian freelancing and career portal platform which enables job seekers to find jobs and employers to hire the best professionals.

Freelancers can also work on projects and make extra money on this site.

3. Employ Ethiopia

It’s a free recruitment platform for all employers and employees.

Because of its attractive job content and information, more than 120,000 visitors visit the site daily.

Job seekers post resumes, search, and apply for jobs online free of charge.

4. JobWeb Ethiopia

This is a recruiting job portal with jobs and scholarship listings.

Their services include; job advertisements, a fresh database for freshly uploaded graduate CVs, CV writing training skills, and cover letters.

Browse jobs by category, location, salary, job type, and date posted.

5. Mjobs

Mobile jobs Ethiopia is an online mobile alert platform that offers the latest job offers in Ethiopia.

They send their jobs directly to the registered mobile numbers of their applicants. Job seekers search for jobs by registering online for the first time and then receive job alerts via SMS.

6. Ezega

Provides job listings every week with different filter options, statistics, and email alert options. was founded to provide the Ethiopian community with various online tools for business, entertainment, and social networking. You can create your resume to apply online to get jobs.

7.  Nilejobs

Nilejobs is another job portal for Ethiopian job seekers with jobs, internships, and scholarship information.

About 40 to 50 job vacancies are posted on this site daily.

8. Addisjobs

This job portal provides full-time employment, part-time employment, internship, freelance, contract, and temporary employment to all job seekers.

It provides jobs by categories and is very easy to access.

Job seekers can browse jobs by category, salary, job type, and date posted.

9.  ETCareers

This portal offers jobs and allows job seekers to sign in for job alerts.

It has made job searching easier for all job seekers. Register now and get the jobs that best suit your profile.

10. Qefira

Qefira offers job opportunities for job seekers. It is a portal where employees seeking jobs get the best job offers. It provides jobs in all categories.

With Qefira, you can also buy and sell goods.

11. Ngo jobs in Africa

Ngo jobs in Africa is one of the largest job sites in Africa that focuses on non-government job opportunities.

They provide the best jobs in the NGO sector for job seekers in Ethiopia.

12.  LinkedIn


For quality jobs in big companies in Ethiopia try LinkedIn and see more job offers in any sector of your choice.

With LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to learn more and meet personalities that will help you in your career.

13. Glassdoor

Search for construction jobs, engineering jobs, teaching jobs, English-speaking jobs, and more on Glassdoor Ethiopia.

Search for jobs with companies’ ratings and salaries. Get the best job offers on

14.  Indeed

A global job search site that also has job seekers in Ethiopia in mind. Get jobs on that suit your profile.

About a hundred jobs are available on this site for Ethiopian job seekers.

15.   Impactpool

Impactpool helps highly motivated individuals to grow in their careers. They match you with jobs that best fit your profile and level of experience.

You can also receive advice from their experts that will make an impact on your career. Get the best international best job offers here.

16. Guavabean

Guavabean is a recruitment portal that provides jobs for these professionals: web developers, digital nomads, writers, website developers, designers, bloggers, etc.

It is a portal that provides job opportunities for creative thinkers. The best freelance job portal in Ethiopia.

17. is an Indian job portal which has jobs available for the Ethiopian people.

Explore Ethiopian jobs on this site.

Find hundreds of job vacancies available on this site.

18.  Jobnet Africa

Jobnet Africa is a job portal in Africa that offers ex-pat jobs to all professionals who wants to in Africa.

Their main purpose is to connect employers and employees thereby creating careers in Africa.

They offer online and offline services to all employers and job seekers.


For your engineering jobs in Ethiopia, this site provides the best engineering job offers.

They have thousands of engineering jobs available for job seekers in Ethiopia. If are you an engineer then apply now to get the best engineering jobs.

20. Dereja

This is the first job portal in Ethiopia for students and fresh graduates.

Find jobs in different categories. They offer training and courses to all job seekers that are willing to make a drastic change in their careers. They also give career advice.

Summary: Job Sites in Ethiopia

With all confidence, these Job sites in Ethiopia draw you closer to your desired jobs.

By using these job sites in Ethiopia, you can search for jobs in all regions or cities in Ethiopia without stress.

Apply or upload a CV to get started and get a job that is suitable for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ethiopia’s Unemployment rate?

Well according to analysts, the unemployment rate before the middle of 2019 should be at 15:00 per cent and 14:00 per cent before the year 2020 according to the Trading econometric model.

Statistics show that the annual inflation rate fell from 10.4% in December 2018 to 10.6% compared to the previous months.
The inflation rate this 2019 amounted to 9.46%.
It is projected to be 8% in 2022.

Here some of the highest-paying jobs in Ethiopia include

  • Healthcare jobs
  • Construction Management jobs
  • Finance Management jobs
  • Pilots, copilots and flight engineers
  • Other manager jobs

The average working salary in Ethiopia as of 2020 is 8,900 ETB per month which typically range from 2,250 ETB (the lowest) to 39,700 ETB (the highest)

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