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Searching for jobs online is another medium for finding jobs in Finland. These job sites in Finland helps you locate jobs and also enable you to find suitable employers faster and quicker.

These online job portals have job opportunities in Finland for both foreigners and locals in the country and they are designed in a way that employers post their job offers and you can also get career and job-related advice and employers reviews.

It is always advisable for foreigners to start their job search even before they arrive in Finland.

Below are the online sites where you can make your job search easier.

Job Site RankJob Site NameDescription!
1.Monster Finland Monster Finland is a brand of the known a job portal used by millions of people globally. With Monster, your job search is made easy and fast.
2. Tiptopjob FinlandTiptopjob offers services which employees can use and make their job-hunting process less stressful. They have jobs from different employers in the country.
3.Jobs in HelsinkiThis site offers employment opportunities for English speaking professionals as well as multilingual professionals in the capital city Helsinki.
4.DuunitoriGo to this site and search for jobs in Finland.
5.Te PalvelutVisit this site and view their latest job openings.
6.Careerjet FinlandCareerjet Finland offers employment opportunities for all job seekers in Finland. Browse amongst thousands of job offers on this site.
7.Indeed FinlandIndeed Finland is a brand of the global job search site It provides numerous job offers for job seekers in Finland.
8.Learn4GoodNavigate to this site and search for jobs in Finland. They have interesting job offers to job seekers.
9.The HubThis site is the best site to search for startup jobs in Finland. They provide the best startup jobs in the country.
10.GlassdoorFor those looking for English speaking jobs in Finland, visit glassdoor and view their latest job offer.
11.Rekrytointi.comBrowse among thousands of job openings from top employers on this site.
12. LinkedInLinkedIn has Engineering job offers, and other job offers from other sectors for expats and locals in Finland.



 12 Job Sites in Finland – A Comprehensive List



1. Monster Finland

Monster Finland- job sites in Finland

Monster is one of the first job websites that is recognized for its job search as being a pioneer of online recruitment.

On Monster Finland, you will find numerous jobs in Finland from major employers in Finland.

To find the best jobs on this site, use their job finder, search for keywords, job titles, and locations and you will be given a list of job opportunities.

If you are confused or don’t know the type of job to look for, then, browse their Monster job site to find inspiration.

You know, one of the reasons for not getting a job could be a bad CV. You can use the help of this Jobscan. they are professionals.


2. Tiptopjob Finland

tiptopjob finland

This is also a good site to search for jobs in Finland. It is a job site that has services that facilitate a match between employers and job seekers.

They help people find their ideal jobs and employers the right candidates.



3. Jobs in Helsinki

jobs in helsinki- job sites in Finland

For English speaking professionals in the capital city Helsinki, this is the best job site for you to begin your search.

In fact a very good online website for foreigners in Helsinki. Apply for jobs and get jobs that suit you.


4. Duunitori

duunitori -job sites in finland


Duunitori is one of Finland’s major job search engine and also a modern recruitment platform. It gathers job listings and redirects them, in addition to its own portal, to hundreds of social media sites it maintains.

They provide the latest current tips and news on job search, work, and recruitment. You can search for jobs in all their social media page as well as by location, company, title, etc.


5. Te- Palvelut

Te-palvelut-job sites in finland

This platform has current job openings for all job seekers. Te-Palvelut is a public employment and business service provider which offers job opportunities to all job seekers in Finland.

Employers who use this platform search and find skilled and suitable candidates for different professions.  This website offers different job offers from different fields and also makes it easy for candidates to get their precise jobs.

The site is available in Finish and English for international job seekers to also search for job ad work in Finland.


6. Careerjet Finland

Careerjet Finland-job sites in finland

Careerjet is a global search engine and with its presence in Finland, you can search for the job of your choice. is a search engine where you can get thousands of job ads from numerous employers in various sectors. Search and select the job that suits you on this site.


7. Indeed Finland

indeed finland - job sites in finland

Indeed in a job site known and used by millions of people worldwide. Indeed Finland allows you to search for jobs in different cities, towns or area in Finland. Navigate to and start your job search now.


8. Learn4Good

learn4good - job sites in finland

Go to Learn4Good and search for Engineering jobs, Summer jobs, Mining jobs, Administrative jobs, IT jobs, Language jobs, Sales jobs and jobs in other fields.

Learn4Good is also a global search engine where a wide range of employers posts job ads for suitable candidates to apply. No matter your qualification or level of education this platform has a job for you.

9. The Hub

The hub-job sites in finland

Looking for where to get startup jobs? the Hub provides only startup jobs for job seekers seeking employment in the startup industry. Find jobs and connect with startup companies. Search among the thousands of startup job offers on this site.


10. Glassdoor

glassdoor -job sites in finland

Visit Glassdoor today and get the job of your dreams. Glassdoor is a global job portal where you can find thousands if not millions of job opportunities in Finland.

Glassdoor provides you with company reviews, ratings, and salaries and it is a good site to look for English speaking jobs in Finland.


11. sites in finland

This site was formerly known as and it has been existing for about 20 years. It acts as a job site and recruitment agency in Finland.

This platform has hundreds of thousands of job seekers and numerous employers too. Most top employers in the country visit this site to get qualified candidates for their openings. The site is available in Finish and English.

12. Linkedin


LinkedIn is arguably the largest professional networking site in the world today. It provides you with ways you can connect with other professionals and also helps you stay in contact with thousands of users.

It is a good site to look for employment opportunities because the platform has top employers from all over the world who post job ads on a daily basis. You can connect with these employers and get ready for an interview.



How to get a job as a foreigner in Finland

As a foreigner seeking for job opportunities in Finland, it is advisable you start your search before coming to Finland. But if you are already in Finland, register as a job seeker in an employment agency or job boards in Finland.

The moment you arrive in Finland start talking to people, friends, neighbors, small business owners etc there might know someone or an employer who needs an expat in his company.

Use job sites like the ones mentioned above to search for jobs. There are hundreds of thousands of job offers on these job boards.

You can also make use of the European Job Mobility Portal (EURES) to search for jobs online. The EURES gives you information on how to get jobs and apply for them, and also the working and living conditions of foreigners in Finland.

You can also look for employment offices and get their professional advice on how to go about the job-hunting process in Finland.

Foreigners with little or no work experience should try Voluntary work. This will help you gain experience even though you won’t get paid.

All these options will put you in a good position to find employment in Finland. Another added advantage is for you to learn Finish. This will make employers seek for your services immediately.


Summary: Jobs sites in Finland

With these job sites in Finland above, you will surely get jobs from different fields in Finland. Getting a job will be easier when you know your profession and also have the necessary skills for it.

Employers, out there are searching for skilled personnel. Are you one of them? Do you have what it takes to get the job of your dreams? Take extra courses, learn more about your profession, study hard and prepare well before going for an interview this will show employers that you are serious and loves what you do.

For foreigners seeking employment opportunities in Finland, these job boards above will also help you in your search. Job portals like Glassdoor, indeed, Careerjet, etc. have lots of openings for expats and foreigners in Finland.

With all these in mind am certain you will definitely get the job of your dreams.



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