Top 20 best job sites in Italy for Jobs in Italy

In this post, I have the list of the Top 20 best job sites in Italy which I believe will help you search for and secure some decent jobs in Italy.

Finding Jobs in Italy could be daunting and frustrating if not done the right way.

We will give you a step-by-step guide on finding your Dream Job in Italy alongside the list of the Best Job sites in Italy.

This guide was specifically written for people seeking jobs in Milan, Tuscany, Rome, Venice, Florence, Turin, Naples, Verona, Bologna, Genoa,  Palermo, and other Italian cities. 

Job Site RankJob Site NameDescription!
1.Indeed ItalyIndeed Jobs for the Italian Demographics. This is Indeed Specifically used by Italian Job Seekers and Employers.
2.Glassdoor ItalyNavigate to the Glassdoor website, and do a search for a Job of your choice while selecting Italy or any Italian City as your Location.
3.Google for Jobs ItalyHead to and Search for Jobs in Italy, Jobs in Milan Italy or the current city you are in and Google will pull out a decent list of Jobs available in your location. You can also search for “Jobs near me” and Google is wise enough to know your location
4.Stepstone Jobs ItalyProceed to Stepstone Jobs in Italy for your Local Job Search.
5.Jobs in MilanJobs in Milan as the name implies offers Job listings for Employees in Milan and as a Job Seeker in Italy or Milan, this is the best place to go for your Job Search.
6.Monster ItalyMonster Jobs is a Global Job Portal but has the Italian Version at, proceed to Monster to begin your search.
7.CareerJet ItalyFrom Career Jet you can also Search for Jobs in Italy, all you need to do is to fill in your location or City in the Where Form field of the Search.
8.Craigslist MilanCraigslist has many listings from other Categories other than Jobs but offers the Best Job listing for People in Milan and the rest of Italy. In fact, Craigslist has a sub-domain for nearly all cities in Italy.
9.Bancalavora JobsBancalavora Jobs is an Italian-focused Job Board that offers Job listings and Offers for Job Seekers in Italy.
10.Amazon Jobs ItalyFor all Jobs, you could ever think of, head down to Amazon Jobs in Italy.
11.TipTopJobsA Job site with the most advanced Search filters to tailor your search to your required preference.
12.CliccalavoroCliccalavoro is known to be a Free and Fast Job Site that can give you a Job with  Click.
13.The Local ItalyBeing that Italy is not an English Speaking Country, some people find it difficult to relate with Employees but for those seeking English Jobs in Italy, then Local Italy will help.
14.Total Jobs ItalyIn Search for Jobs in Italy and have tried all other Job Sites to no avail, then head down to Total Jobs.
15.JobbioJobbio has been in the Business of connecting Job seekers with Employers for Years and their success can speak volumes in attestation to that.
16.Xpat JobsBasically for English and Foreign Speakers who are not Italians. Xpat Jobs as the name implies connects Foreigners to Jobs in Italy.
17.Info Jobs ItalyFor ICT and Technology-related Jobs in Italy. Info Jobs is a Great Site for IT Professionals to go in search of Jobs.
18.iAgoraiAgora is another Global Job site that you can still filter to find Jobs in Italy, especially internships.
19.CarrierainThis is another nice Job Board that you could consider too.
20.LinkedInCreate a LinkedIn profile today and get ready to find your next dream job in Italy. 

So without much ado, below are the list;

20 best job sites in Italy, Their Features and How to Use Them

1. Monster Italy

Monster Italy - job sites in Italy

This site is one of the top Job sites in Italy where Job seekers post a CV and search for jobs and employers post vacancies.

It offers career information like career advice, interview tips, and CV writing tips to all job seekers.

As a job seeker, this is where you’ll register for the best job offers.

This job site is the Italian brand of the Monster job board.

2. Stepstone Italy

Stepstone Italy- job sites in Italy

Stepstone is one of the major Job sites in Italy that provides employment opportunities to job seekers.

Job seekers can browse for jobs in all categories either by job title, or region or upload their resume for the latest jobs in Italy.

3. Jobs in Milan

Jobs in Milan-job sites in Italy

Jobs in Milan provides jobs and possible employment to job seekers in Milan.

This job site offers employment opportunities to English-speaking professionals in Milan.

There are more than 1000 job openings available on this site.

They offer three types of employment: contract employment, permanent employment, and temporal employment with full-time or part-time working hours.

4. BancaLavoro

Bancalavoro-job sites in Italy

Bancalavoro provides applicants with the best lucrative jobs.

Job seekers can search for jobs in cities like Sicily, Lombardy, Tuscany, Marche, Calabria, Piedmont, Abruzzo, and more.

This site gives employers the opportunity to post their job ads and search for a unique candidates.

The site is available in English and Italian.

5. Amazon Jobs

Amazon jobs - job sites in Italy

Amazon jobs provide jobs in all categories.

Jobs like Kindle Technical Account manager, Real Estate Administrator, Marketing Manager, Engineer, and more.

With hundreds of job listings, you are sure to find the job that suits you.

6. Tiptopjobs Italy

Tiptopjobs Italy- job sites in Italy offers services that are very useful to all job seekers.

Job seekers get jobs posted to their mail immediately after uploading their CVs.

Candidates also browse for jobs in all categories like accounting, media, advertisement, and more.

Employers also post job ads on this site.

7. Cliccalavoro

Cliccalavoro- job sites in Italy

Cliccalavoro is a free and fast job site that provides different types of jobs to all job seekers in Italy.

This job site posts new job offers on a daily basis and it is very easy to use.

Candidates can submit their CVs and search for the best jobs by location, and by region.

8. Local Italy

The local Italy- job sites in Italy

This site is for all job seekers searching for English-language jobs in Italy.

This site writes articles related to English language job offers.

It offers jobs in all categories like teaching jobs, Sales jobs, and more.

9. Total Jobs

TotalJobs - job istes in Italy

Totaljobs is a good source of information about jobs in Italy and also has many job listings.

It offers jobs in all categories.

Just a click of your mouse and you will get the dream job you desire.

10. Xpat jobs

xpat jobs- job sites in Italy
Xpat Jobs Italy

This Italian job site offers the best jobs in English and a foreign language in  Italy.

Job seekers can browse all the job sections in the category and also register their resumes.

11. InfoJobs Italy

Infojobs Italy

Infojobs Italy is an IT job site in Italy that focuses its job search and offers to the Information and Communication Technology sector.

With over 1,500 Job offers daily on the Infojobs Italy portal, you won’t find it difficult to see a Good Job offer that suits your needs

12. Indeed Italy

Indeed Italy - job sites in Italy

Indeed is a global job search site and one of the largest in the world. It is the U.S.A’s #1 job board but is also available in other countries including Italy. 

Indeed Italy no doubt is one of the best job sites in Italy where job seekers can get work-from-home jobs, freelance jobs, part-time jobs, full-time jobs, internships, and jobs in different fields. 

No matter the type of job you are looking for, you are sure to find it on Indeed Italy. 

13. IAgora

iAgora - job sites in Italy

iAgora is a job portal that provides graduate jobs and internship opportunities for young job seekers in Europe. This site helps university students and young graduates find internships in countries like France, England, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, etc. 

So if you are a young graduate in Italy seeking international internship opportunities, iAgora might be the ideal job site for you.

14. Glassdoor Italy

Glassdoor Italy - job sites in Italy

Glassdoor is among the largest job boards in the world that provides job opportunities for all job seekers, as well as allows them to view salary information, view interview questions, and review companies. 

Navigate to and search for jobs in Italy. Irrespective of the city you are sure t get a job that suits your profile. 

15. Google for Jobs 

google for jobs

Head to Google and Search for Jobs in Italy, Jobs in Milan Italy or the current city you are in and Google will pull out a decent list of Jobs available in your location. You can also search for “Jobs near me” and Google is wise enough to know your location.   

16. CareerJet Italy

CareerJet Italy - job sites in Italy

Careerjet is a large job search engine that aggregates job listings from thousands of websites – meaning you can browse and find as many jobs as possible in just one place. 

To search for jobs, simply put in your location and job title, and voila, you’ll see thousands of job openings to which you can apply but ensure you only apply for the ones you are qualified for. 

17. Craigslist Italy

Craigslist Italy - job sites in Italy

Craigslist is a site with many listings from other categories other than Jobs but also offers the best job listings for job seekers in Milan and the rest of Italy. In fact, Craigslist has a sub-domain for nearly all cities in Italy.

18. Jobbio 

Jobbio - job sites in Italy

Jobbio has been connecting job seekers with employers for Years and their success can speak volumes in attestation to that.

Visit the site, and search for jobs by title, location or by category. Apply for the jobs you are most interested in. 

19. Carrierain Italy

carrierain Italy - job sites in Italy
Carrierain Italy

This is also another online job portal where you can also get hundreds of job postings and apply for the one that fits you. 

20. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a professional social media platform where you can meet and connect with other professionals in your fields and also apply and get hired easily. 

All you have to do is to create a LinkedIn profile and get ready to apply for jobs. Make sure your profile stands out as it serves as your resume. Include your skills, and experience in your profile, this way potential employers will get to know what you are capable of. 

How to get jobs in Milan Italy – The 10-Step Guide

How to get jobs in Milan Italy

Milan is well known for its Fashion, Fast Cars, and also one of the largest Business and Finance territories in Europe with quite a decent and impressive Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

You must be curious to know that after Paris, the second richest city in the EU is known to be Milan, a city harbouring lots of Foreigners who live and work from all facets of life works

Which also makes it one of the most expensive places to live in the World, especially for Expats

So in other to get a Job in Milan, these are the 10 checklists that you must tick right in your bid to secure a decent job and live in the City of Milan

1. Eligibility Status: – Check if you are eligible to work in Milan because not just everyone is Eligible to work in Milan.

2. Know Jobs Availability: – Get to know the Type of Jobs Available in Milan. It might be disappointing that your Skills and certifications are not relevant to Milan

3. Acquire a Skill or Brush-up: – After knowing the types of Jobs available, you might want to get some required Skills or do a brush-up on the ones you have already.

4. Use Job Boards: – Search Online using Job Sites for faster results. Like in the list above, we have listed out almost 20 job sites in Italy and I believe they will be of immense help to you.

5. Use Job Agents: – You can speed up things by involving a Job Recruiter though these guys could be pretty pricey with some wired contracts Agreement, it’s better to get a decent job than staying at Home

6. Pitch to Companies directly: – Use Google to search for Companies in your Niche, go to the Career section of their Website and Apply or shoot them a mail with your CV if they don’t have a Career page.

7. Networking helps: – Do some networking with people who have been in Milan for a while, a Friend could know a friend whose Company has some Openings.

8. Prepare a Professional CV: – You know you need one and it should be up-to-date and Impressive. A good Product sells itself they say but in this case, a Good CV backed up with the reality which is you.

9. Prepare yourself ahead of Interviews: – Read online, do some rehearsals and make sure you are Prepared

10. Get the Job: – Take that big bold step and go get the Job.

On getting jobs in Milan Italy, we will write a separate detailed article on this in a separate post and then link to it so that you can have a full detailed understanding of how to secure your Dream Job in Italy.

10 Best Employment Agencies in Italy

What are the Best employment agencies in italy

Aside from searching for jobs via online job sites, it is also essential that you check employment agencies as well. Employment agencies also act as intermediaries between job hunters and hiring companies. In order to access their services, you are required to register and drop your CV and cover letter.

Without much ado, here is the list of top employment agencies in Italy. 

1. Adami Associates

Adami Associates

One of the best recruitment agencies in Italy that offer quality services and ensures that both employers and employees achieve their goals.

2. Manpower Italy

Manpower Italy

Manpower is a top recruitment agency that is well-known globally and has about 2,800 offices in 80 countries. Since the year 1994, Manpower has been connecting recruiters and candidates. 

This staffing firm specializes in temporary and permanent employment, design and implementation of training courses, and much more. 

3. Adecco Italy

Adecco Italy

Adecco is a global staffing agency that also has offices in Italy. It is one of the best recruitment firms in the world. Register, upload your resume, and cover letter and let Adecco do the rest. 

For more information about this employment agency visit the website  

4. GI Group Italy

GI Group Italy

Gi Group is also a great employment agency in Italy. Visit to know more about the agency and how to register and upload your CV.   

5. Michael Page Italy

Michael Page Italy

Michael Page is a renowned and reliable staffing firm that ensures top brands get highly skilled professionals and skilled professionals get to work in their desired companies. 

Sign up and apply for jobs on the platform and let Micheal Page connects you with a reputable company. 

6. Alispa


This is an Italian HR consulting and services company that also allows job seekers to search for jobs, upload their resumes, and apply for jobs. This company has about 40 offices in Italy. 

7. Randstad Italy

Randstad Italy

Randstad has been connecting Italian job seekers and employers since 1999.  This company has over 300 branches in Italy, so there’s a high chance for you to get a job through them irrespective of your location.  For more inquiries visit the site  



This is also one of the top Italian employment agencies. Find new job opportunities, search, and apply to the latest job postings via the EJTA website. 

For employers, this recruiting firm ensures you get the right candidate. Visit their website to know more. 

9. Hays Italia

Hays Italia

Hays Italia is no doubt a top recruitment company in Italy that makes sure job seekers and employers get the best job and the best talent. 

Hays is a global recruitment firm and one of the best in the world. As a job seeker, you can check their job offers. 

10. AIMS International Italia

Aims International Italia

This is a retained Executive Search firm that provides providing headhunting services for Executives and Managers roles. AIMS Italia is part of a global organization AIMS International, which has firms operating in over 50 countries and from about 90 offices around the world.

AIMS International Italia was founded in 1999 and offers various services within the fields of Executive Search and Leadership Development. All their services are tailor-made to suit the needs of their client’s organizations.

Want to find different employment agencies in Italy? Do you want to know which recruitment agency in Italy is best for you? This post got your back.

As one of the leading European economies, Italy offers a lot of employment opportunities. Don’t be surprised if getting a job there isn’t a walk in the park. You need to do everything that you can to ensure you will get hired.

That may include getting your documents translated. Included in the requirements for getting a work Visa in Italy are diplomas and other qualifying certificates.

Those documents may have to be translated when submitted and you need top-level Italian translation services. Remember, translation may be one of the services that you will need.

As a job seeker or employer in Italy, you must know the different employment agencies because aside from looking for jobs/talents elsewhere, employment agencies will connect you to the right job/talent. 

These Staffing firms act as intermediaries between job seekers and hiring companies and they only provide the best for you.

There are two types of employment agencies in Italy i.e. Temporary agencies and Executive Search companies, and here, we will list some of them.



Going by the list of these Job sites in Italy, you can now easily find Jobs in Italy while resting assured of landing your next job without stressing out.

To be sure that you are well equipped and qualified for your next job search, kindly go through the 8 steps outlined above for securing a Job in Milan Italy

You can also make use of employment agencies in Italy (like the ones listed above) to search and apply for jobs, upload your resume, and get ready to receive calls from potential employers. 

Is there a job posting site in Italy that I have missed on the list? Kindly indicate such in the comment section of this post and I will endeavour to update it here. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs are in high demand in Italy?

– Software developers
– Mobile app developers
– Computer equipment designers
– Medical practitioners
– Nurses
– Telecommunications systems designers
– Surgeons
– Physician Assistants
– Psychologists
– Actuaries
– Engineers
– Dentists
– Dieticians
– Physicians

Some of the most common jobs in Italy are ;
– Maintenance workers
– Truck drivers
– Healthcare workers
– Childcare workers
– Groundkeepers
– Carpenters
– Assemblers

Of course, you can get a job in Italy even without speaking Italian. You can work as a private English teacher, writer, translator, proofreader, etc. You can use job sites in Italy to search for English-speaking jobs in Italy.

Some of the highest-paying jobs in Italy are;
– Physicians
– Dentists
– Perfusionists
– Dieticians
– Financial presidents
– Group Financial Managers
– General Medical practitioner
– Cardiovascular Specialists
– Psychologists
– Interventionists
– Neurologists
– Managing Directors
– Vice President
– General Managers
– Pathologists
– Sales Directors
– Lecturers
– Biological scientists
– Sales Managers
– Real Estate General Manager
– Professor (Chemistry)
– Audit Director

The cost of living in Italy varies depending on the region/location, just like any other nation in America or Europe. However, the major cities and the northern Italian regions are the most expensive.

If you are migrating to Italy and can afford to live there without working, you can apply for an elective residence visa. This visa is generally used by retired foreigners that can collect money form a retirement or pension plan.

There is no official minimum wage in Italy. Most sectors of the economy have minimum salaries determined by unions. Some of these unions have a minimum wage of about 7 Euros per hour, in each of their economic sectors


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