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For your jobs in Spain, these Job sites in Spain has been designed to make your search less stressful. At times going through the internet to search for jobs can be tiring especially when you don’t know the right websites to search from.

Have you ever been in a situation where you got fired from your job and you need cash urgently to start a new project but couldn’t because you don’t have a job?  Yeah, I know that feeling you will be frustrated and confused as well just because the thought of you submitting your CV from one company to another is devastating.

Come to think of it who does that these days it’s too archaic and the internet has made everything easy for all job seekers but some are still blind to see it.

Job websites have been created to help you in your job search making things easy for you. These job websites in Spain listed below will go a long way to help the Spanish people, as well as foreigners in Spain, get good jobs.


Without much ado the list below.


Job Site Rank Job Site Name Description!
1. Info jobs One of the largest job boards in Spain. which helps job seekers get jobs.
2. A brand of the famous that make sure its users are satisfied.
3. Talent search people Trovit is a good job portal when it comes to job listings and job vacancies in Russia.
4. Get jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector here.
5. Go Their job offers are for people who want to live and work in Spain
6. They offer jobs to job seekers in Barcelona.
7. Xpatjobs Spain Xpats explore jobs on this site. Get jobs that match your profile
8. Glassdoor This portal offers different types of jobs to job seekers in Spain.
9. A good job site that provides employers with the best candidates.
10. Think Spain This site offers jobs as well as focus on real estate business.
11. Searching for jobs is easy with
12. Pure Job Search Get IT jobs and sales jobs on this site, get jobs from other sectors.
13. Total jobs Total jobs provide jobs for job hunters in Spain.
14. Ambient jobs A  job site that offers jobs to job seekers in need of a good job.
15. Craigslist Provides jobs for job seekers in Spain and outside Spain
16. The Provides English jobs for job seekers in Spain
17. Job Fluent Get start-up jobs from start-up companies on this site
18. Job in Madrid Their job offers are for people living in Madrid.
19. Learn4good  Learn for good is known globally for providing jobs for job seekers in all countries in the world.
20. CareerBuilder A global job search engine site that offers jobs to all job seekers.



 20 Job Sites in Spain  –  Comprehensive List 



1. Info jobs

This is a good site to find jobs and search for recruiting companies in Spain.

Job seekers get to upload their resume for employers to see and call them for an interview.

They offer career training and gives tips that will help in your job search.

It is the biggest job website in Spain.




Monster is one of the first and largest online recruitment portals that provide jobs for job seekers.

Explore thousands of jobs from top companies in Spain on this site.

To easily find a job on this site, search for jobs by keywords, locations, and job titles and you will be presented with a list of good opportunities.

With, I hope you will find a new job opportunity.


3. Talent search people

Talent search people is an international human resource agency that focuses on recruiting job seekers in Barcelona, Madrid, and Lisbon.

Use this site to find vacancies in more than 800 recruiting companies.

No matter the skills, experience, qualifications, and talents you have, this site has jobs available for you.


4. Turijobs

This portal offers employment and training jobs mostly in tourism and hospitality.

They offer jobs in tourism, hotels, travel agencies, tour operators, hotel chains, restaurants, and many other tourism and hospitality companies to people in Barcelona, Madrid, Culta, Badajoz, Avila, and other Spanish cities.


5. Go

Maybe it is your dream to work and live in Spain this job site helps you fulfill the dream.

This is a perfect job portal for foreigners who want to teach English in Spain.


6. Trabajos

This portal offers jobs to job seekers in Barcelona and Spain as a whole.

Top companies like Superprof, Adegilan, Northehispama Seguros, XM. Frontera etc are looking for top talents to hire in Span.

They train you on how to face an interview, how to build the best resume, gives you news and tips that will help you in your career.

Download the app on the App Store or Google play store and browse for jobs at the comfort of your home.


7. Xpatjobs Spain

Xpatjobs Spain has job vacancies for job seekers in Spain.

They provide jobs for foreigners/expats in Spain.

A good job site that makes sure both the employers and employees are satisfied with their search.


8. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a job search site that has jobs available for job seekers in Spain.

Search for jobs in Spain with company ratings and salaries.

Get the latest job offers from this site, browse and find jobs that fit you.



This is one of the best portals in Spain. Here candidates and companies meet.

It offers companies services to help them in their search for candidates.

It also writes articles that will help companies in their labor market.

The app is available for ios and android users.


10. Think Spain

This site offers jobs as well as focus on real estate business.

Get teaching jobs, IT jobs, marketing jobs, Sales representative jobs, and more on this site.



This site facilitates the process of employment.

They offer services that quickened the hiring of personnel.

Apply to get jobs of your dreams on this site.


12. Pure Job Search

Their job offers are mostly in the Costa del Sol region of Spain.

Here, Lots of IT and sales jobs are offered to job seekers who speak Spanish fluently.

They source out professionals in the banking and finance sector, IT, and insurance to recruiters in Spain.


13.Total jobs

Great job site with a beautiful design that provides jobs for people in Spain.

Actually, Total job is a global job portal that brings together reputable employers and professional employees together to form a strong bond.

Register, apply, sign in to begin your job search.


14. Ambient jobs

Jobs posted here are admin jobs, I.T, and real estate related.

It has a simple site design and allows job seekers to submit CV free of charge.

Browse for as many jobs as possible on this site.


15. Craigslist

Craigslist is also a good portal that has made a good name for itself in the last years.

Job seekers with access to this site can browse for as many jobs as possible

Select the city close to you and explore their job offers.


16. The


Search for a job by category and by location. This portal offers mostly English jobs to job seekers in Spain.

Get jobs like Sales jobs, software engineering jobs, accountancy jobs, customer service jobs, marketing, and pr jobs, education and teaching jobs, banking jobs, and lots more.


17. Learn4good

A job portal that has job search options for Spain.

Explore new jobs on this site, Get jobs by category, and by educational level. A good site to search for jobs in Spain with ease.


18. Jobs in Madrid

Just by the name, you will understand that this site provides jobs for people living in Madrid.

It is a good job board for foreigners to search for jobs especially foreigners in Madrid.

This site offers employment opportunities to English speaking professionals in Madrid.


19. Job Fluent

Do you want to work in a start-up in Barcelona or Madrid?

This job site has job offers for those of you who wouldn’t mind working.


20. CareerBuilder

Career Builder is a platform where you can search for jobs in all countries in the world.

With this site, job seekers in Spain are sure to get jobs


Summary: Job sites in Spain

Now that you are aware of these job sites in Spain I urge you to take it seriously and apply to get your dream job.

These job sites can be used by Spanish citizens and foreigners. Once you go through them you will understand their features and know which one is best for you.

You must be tired of your old job, or want a change in your career then try these job boards for your successful job search and possible recruitment in Spain.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spain’s unemployment rate?

Unemployment is a global problem but it is quite high in Spain than any other European country.
Spain’s unemployment rate fell to 15.28 percent in the second quarter of the year 2018 from 16,7 percent in the previous years.
For more information about the unemployment rate in Spain, click on this site

What are the most popular jobs in Spain for foreigners and Expats?

Here are some of the most popular jobs for expats and foreigners in Spain:
– It Jobs
– Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Jobs
– Tourism and Hospitality Jobs
– Medical Practitioner Jobs
– English Teaching Jobs
– Skilled Tradesman Jobs

What jobs pay well in Spain?

Here are some of the best-paying jobs in Spain

– 1Hospitality Director
– Hotel Manager
– Fleet Manager
– Cluster Director
– Regional Restaurant Manager
– Assistant Hospitality Manager
– Hotel Sales Manager
– Food Service Manager

Is Spain a nice place to live?

Spain is beautiful and safe to live in and one of the most popular European countries with lots of foreigners. So if you’re thinking of moving and living in Spain, worry not cos you’re going to enjoy your stay there.

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  2. Akshata badkar

    Hello Concern,
    We need to know the pricing/quotation/charges for your job portal.
    We are planning to take the portal/Job posting for 1 month time period for France.
    Please let me know services or plan according to my requirement.
    If yes, please send us the quotation of 30days.
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