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Are you looking for a job? If yes, then with these job sites in Tanzania below, you can get the best jobs in Tanzanian cities like Dar Es Salam, Zanzibar, Mwanza, Arusha, Dodoma, etc.

Years ago job seekers seeking employment will buy newspapers not one but many just to view vacancies that were announced for the day. But today you can find job ads through the web with just an internet connection.

Below is the list of job sites in Tanzania, where you can easily search for jobs.


Job Site Rank Job Site Name Description!
1. Jobs in Tanzania Jobs in Tanzania is a great job search site for job applicants in Tanzania. Provides jobs for all job seekers in the country.
2. Vipaji Jobs Visit, and Search for a Job that best suits your profile. This job website has Job vacancies for job hunters in Tanzania.
3. Brighter Monday Brighter Monday is a renowned job board in East Africa that has job search options for Tanzania. Create a profile, sign up to get the latest job openings.
4. Glassdoor A global job portal with a job search option for Tanzania. Go to Glassdoor Tanzania and search for professional jobs. expats in the country can use this site and search for available job vacancies.
5. An African job search site with job openings for Tanzanians. This site also provides job opportunities for job seekers in the country.
6. My jobs in Tanzania This is also a good job website that has job listings for employees in Tanzania.
7. Job Web Tanzania Job web Tanzania is one of the top job sites in Tanzania. It is the only job search site in Tanzania with job and scholarship listings.
8. Lean4Good A global job board that has job listings for expats and citizens in Tanzania.
9. CareerJet Tanzania Careerjet is a renowned job search engine with job offers for job hunters in Tanzania. Search for jobs in any field of your choice. Expats can browse for jobs here as well.
10. TAYOA(Tanzanian Youth Alliance) Browse for the latest jobs on this website. Get jobs that fit your profile.
11. Job Search Tanzania Job search Tanzania is one of the fastest-growing job sites in Tanzania that has lots of job vacancies and satisfies both the employer and the candidate.
12. Agira Recruitment Portal A Tanzanian job portal that provides employment opportunities to only Tanzanian citizens.
13. TanzaJob A  job portal that offers career opportunities to candidates as well as intenships.

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Jobs Sites In Tanzania – Comprehensive List 


jobs in tanzania-job sites in tanzania

This site provides job opportunities to all job seekers, Gives career advice and CV writing tips.

You can also sign in with your email to receive daily job updates.


vipaji jobs- job sites in tanzania

This job portal offers the easiest, fastest, most efficient methods for recruiters to find skilled candidates, and job seekers to find quality jobs is a job in East Africa.

It has available job vacancies for job seekers in Tanzania. Search among the latest job openings from top companies in Tanzania.


brighter monday- job sites in tanzania

Brighter Monday is East Africa’s #1 job site that was founded in Kenya 2006 and provides opportunities in East Africa. This job site has job listings for job seekers in Tanzania.

Browse for jobs by functions, industries, and locations. Create your profile and sign up for job alert and get jobs directly to your inbox.


glassdoor - job sites in Tanzania

Get jobs like operation Manager, I.T consultant, Programme coordinator, Reservation and Ticketing agent, Mechanical engineer, and lots more on Glassdoor Tanzania.

They offer the latest job openings. Get the right jobs in Tanzania with the company’s ratings and salaries.


cv people africa -job sites in tanzania

One of Africa’s job search site that has job options for Tanzania.

They offer jobs by category and by location.

Register and find a job that suits your profile.


my jobs in Tanzania- job sites in Tanzania

My jobs in Tanzania makes job searching easier for job seekers in Tanzania.

Apply for Tanzanian jobs with this site and search for the available job vacancies.

It provides jobs to all job seekers. Register and search for jobs that match your profile.

job web tanzania - job sites in tanzania

Job web Tanzania is a job search site in Tanzania with job and scholarship listings. They provide services like recruitment services, cover letter and CV writing training skills, job advertisement, and a database for freshly uploaded graduate CV.

This job board provides job seekers access to job applications, job placement, and resources for career advancement. Browse for jobs that best suit you.



learn 4 good - job sites in tanzania

This is a fast search job portal. Search jobs by category and by educational level.

This portal helps job seekers get the best job offers. Employers can also post jobs for free.


careerjet-job sites in tanzania

Career jet is a global recruitment search portal that also has job listings for Tanzania.

Search for fresher jobs, and apply for the ones that best fit your profile on Career jet Tanzania.


Tayoa-job sites in tanzania

They provide the latest job postings and also employment types like freelance, trainee, contract, full time, part-time, internship, permanent, etc.

Job seekers get to choose the type of employment they want. Browse jobs by salary, type, category, and by date posted.


job search tanzania- job sites in tanzania

This is one of the fastest-growing job search sites in Tanzania.

They have one mission and that is to provide job hunters and recruiters with the most efficient, relevant, and rewarding job search experience online.

Job seekers get jobs daily from reputable employers in Tanzania easily. Job search Tanzania is the ideal site for incredible employment opportunities.

12. Ajira Recruitment Portal

ajira recruitment portal-job sites in tanzania

A Tanzanian job portal that has job vacancies for Tanzanian job seekers.

Their job offers are for citizens in Tanzania. They also offer interview tips to all applicants.

Apply for jobs and subscribe to their job alert to receive new job alerts daily.

13. TanzaJob


TanzaJob is a great job site in Tanzania that offers job seekers job opportunities, internships, as well as help them in their job search.  

Registration is free for job seekers but companies do pay a certain amount of money online. 

Summary: Job Sites In Tanzania

These job sites in Tanzania above provides you with the best job listings in Tanzania. Search and apply for your dream jobs using any of the job portals above.

Foreigners can search for jobs in Tanzania using Glassdoor, learn 4 good, brighter Monday, Careerjet, and many more. Some of these job websites have their app on the Google play store or the App store which you can download and use it comfortably.

Search and apply for the best jobs in Tanzania.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tanzania a good place to live?

Tanzania is a good place to live and foreigners are easily accepted in the country. They have different cities where you can stay and be comfortable.
It is a beautiful country with diverse cultures and also an exciting country to live in. It all depends on where you intend to stay if you decide to live in the country.
But before  moving to Tanzania, you need to know these things if you want to live in the country:
1. Greetings are important
In Tanzania, before starting a conversation with anyone, you should, first of all, greet them properly.
Some common greetings are ;
Mambo –A casual greetings used among peers. And the response is “poa” which means cool.
Mzima- Mzima means” what’s up”? and the response is” mzima” you can use this type of greetings among your peers.
Shikamoo- Shikamoo is a greeting for anyone who is older than you (5 years or more) the response is “marahaba”
Habari/Habari yako/Habari za Leo – This is a way of saying ‘how are you”? and the response is “nzuri meaning ‘Good’ or Salama meaning ‘peaceful’.
2. Make local friends
For a better experience in the country it is advisable you make friends with locals rather than surrounding yourself with foreigners.  What I mean is don’t just surround yourself with expats but locals as well.
Join groups like Unzip Tanzania(for traveling)  and Walking Fork (for dining) and meet new people at least once a month.
3. You will see more beautiful places you never imagined existed
Am sure you’ve heard of the Serengeti, Zanzibar, and Kilimanjaro and you are excited to go see them once you move to Tanzania.
Newsflash that’s just the surface of Tanzania’s beauty. There are more beautiful places like lions in Ngorongoro CraterIsland on Lake Victoria that looks like Jurassic Park, Magoroto Forest, just to mention a few.
Tanzania is a truly beautiful country with different cultures and has beautiful places to visit as well. Though a safe place to live, it is a third world country where theft and muggings are common especially in big cities like Dar el Salaam and Arusha.
So it is advisable for expats to rent an apartment or a house in a gated compound with an alarm system and 247 security guards.

What are the major cities in Tanzania where one can get good job opportunities?

The major cities in Tanzania include Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Arusha, Dodoma, Mbeya, Morogoro, Zanzibar, Tanga, Kahama and Tabora.
Am certain that if you browse for jobs in these cities using the job sites above you will surely get the job you’ve been hunting for.

What are the most common jobs in Tanzania?

The most common jobs in Tanzania are English teachers, IT project managers, software developers, oil and gas workers, and telecommunications contractors.

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