This article contains the lists of job websites in Norway which will help you in your search for jobs in Norway. Norway is a multicultural country and it is amongst the richest nations in the world.

There are many multinational and international companies doing businesses in Norway and are constantly searching for interns and workers in different job fields and recruiting people via online job sites.

Below are the top 25 best job sites in Norway.



Job Site RankJob Site NameDescription!
1.RandstadThis site provides job vacancies to thousands of unemployed Norwegians.
2.Jobs in OsloA great site to get jobs especially for English Speaking professionals in the capital city of Norway Oslo.
3.The LocalThe Local provides mostly English jobs in Norway.
4.Indeed NorwayVisit indeed Norway and search for jobs that best fit your profile.
5.Finn JobsGo to Finn job and apply to get the latest job offers in Norway.
6.JobbnorgeNavigate to this site and browse among thousands of job offers.
7.AdeccoSearch for jobs, browse thousands of job offers on Adecco
8.JobbsafariExplore new jobs on Jobbsafari
9.Career BuilderVisit this site and see the latest job vacancies in Norway.
10.AngelListFor your tech and start-up jobs, visit AngelList
11.CV Jobs NorwayThis job board offers jobs and CV services to all job seekers in Norway.
12.JobislandJobisland enables job hunters to search for job opportunities.
13.Tekno jobbsFor job seekers in Norway searching for IT jobs, go to TeknoJobbs
14.Life in NorwayNavigate to this site for jobs in Norway.
15.ExperisVisit for jobs in the finance, I.T, and Engineering sectors.
16.Tu.JobbA great site for job hunters seeking employment in the Tech, IT, and Engineering fields in Norway.
17.Startup MatcherProvides startup jobs in Norway
18.ManpowerManpower offers jobs,  gives CV tips, and career advice.
19.Leran4goodFind new jobs in Norway on Learn4Good.
20.Craigslist NorwayA renowned job portal that has job offers for job seekers in Oslo.
21.CareerJet NorwayCareerjet Norway is a Norwegian brand of the globally known job site Careerjet that has job vacancies for all job seekers.
22.DittarbeidFind the jobs that fit your profile on Dittarbeid.
23.JobbforalleJobbforalle provide jobs to different job seekers searching for jobs in different fields
24.NavBrowse for jobs, apply for the jobs you want on
25.RubrikkGo to this site and see the latest job vacancies in Norway.



25 Job Websites In Norway – Comprehensive List



1. Randstad

randstad-job websites in norway

Randstand is a reputable recruitment platform that also provides jobs to all applicants, writes articles, and offers CV tips to Job Seekers.

Search among the thousands of jobs posted on this site.



2. Jobs in Oslo

jobs in oslo-job websites in norway

Jobs in Oslo is a Norwegian job portal that provides employment opportunities to all professionals and expats with English as their main working language.



3. The Local

the local- job websites in norway

The local is a recruitment portal that provides mostly English language jobs in Norway.

You can browse for jobs by location and by category.



4. Indeed Norway

indeed norway-job websites in norway

This portal is one of the biggest job sites in Norway that offers jobs to all job hunters.

You can search for jobs by keywords, companies, job titles, and states.

Job seekers can save their job search and can also get email alerts of new matching jobs.

They offer all types of employment like a full-time, part-time, internship, and more.

Register and upload your CV and get jobs that match your profile.




5. Finn Jobb

Finn jobb- job websites in norway

Get the latest job offers on this site, search for jobs, and upload a resume.

Register and find the job you love on this site.



6. Jobbnorge

jobbnorge- job websites in norway

A recruitment portal that offers job opportunities to job seekers in Norway.

Job seekers make their own profile where they enter and maintain their contact information, CV, application letter, and any attachments.

Job seekers can reuse their CV to apply to positions available on this site.

They also have access to all previously sent applications and received mail from employers.




7. Adecco

Adecco-job websites in norway

Adecco is a top recruitment firm in Norway that also helps you get the dream job.

Browse and select the job that best fits your profile.



8. Jobbsafari

jobbsafari-job websites in norway

Get the latest job offers, Browse among the thousands of job vacancies on Jobsafari. Apply now.



9. Career Builder

career builder- job websites in norway

Visit this site and see their latest job vacancies for Norway. Career Builder provides jobs, gives career advice, and CV tips to all job seekers in Norway.

In Career builder, you can select the employment type you want like internships, freelance, full time, part-time and more. You also get to select the salary you want to earn per year on this site.



10. AngelList

Angellist-job websites in norway

AngelList has thousands of vacancies on tech and start-up jobs in Norway. There are more than 27,351 tech and start-up companies hiring on this platform.

With this job site, you can speak to recruiters and hiring managers directly, know your salary upfront, and apply to companies directly.




11. CV Jobs Norway

cv jobs norway-job websites in norway

This site has the latest jobs and open positions in Norway. They offer CVNorway service that gives job seekers the tools to upload their CV so that employers can easily reach you.

You can register on this site by using your Facebook, Google+ profile, or by filling the profile fields.

Job seekers also have access to delete their accounts whenever they want.




12. Jobisland

jobisland -job websites in norway

Jobsisland is a Job Board that enables job hunters to search for job opportunities and submit their resumes.

You can apply for jobs and use other free job search tools to improve your search for employment.

Employers post jobs for free and search for resume’.

Register now and begin your search.



13. Tekno jobb

tekno jobb-job websites in norway

This Norway online job board provides primarily I.T jobs.

For those in the IT field, this portal is for you.




14. Life In Norway

life in Norway-job websites in norway

Life in Norway is an information guide for foreigners living and working in Norway but also have available job vacancies for English speakers in Norway.

It provides you with information about Norway, gives career advice, and also provides job opportunities for expats in Norway.




15. Experis

experis-job websites in norway

For those interested to work in these sectors I.T, Engineering, and Finance Experis is where to begin your search.

This job portal provides the best job vacancies in the finance, engineering, and I.T sector.




16. Tu.Jobb

tu.jobb-job websites in norway

This site provides jobs mostly for Technicians, Engineers, and IT professionals.

They also offer jobs in other sectors like banking, finance, and more.




17. Startup Matcher

startup matcher -job websites in norway

As the name implies startup matcher, it connects startups with the best project managers, Engineers, Web developers, Data scientist, Marketers, Business developers, talents, candidates and so much more.

For the best start-up jobs in Norway, visit this site.




18. Manpower

manpower -job websites in norway

It is among the best Job Websites in Norway. This site offers job seekers job opportunities.

Job seekers browse jobs by industry and by field of study.

They also give CV tips and career advice.




19. Learn4Good

learn4good - job websites in norway

It is a leading website that provides jobs in all categories.

They provide services like CV tips, Search jobs, Post resumes, etc. You can browse jobs by date, location, title, and company.



20. Craigslist Norway

craigslist norway- job websites in norway

Jobs are posted here on a daily basis. This portal provides English Language jobs in Norway.

Provides jobs in other sectors especially for people in Oslo.

Browse among the thousands of job openings and select the job that best suits your profile



21. CareerJet Norway

CareerJet Norway-job websites in norway

This is the Norwegian version of the global job search engine CareerJet.

This site has about 27,172 jobs available (at the time of my writing).

Browse among these thousands of jobs and find jobs that best fit your profile.




22. Dittarbeid

dittarbeid- job websites in norway

Dittarbeid is a staffing and employment portal that makes sure all job seekers are well satisfied.

They help you find jobs that best fit your profile.




23. Jobbforalle

Provide jobs to different job seekers searching for jobs in different fields.

Have lots of job vacancies for the Norwegian job seekers.




24. Nav

nav-Job websites in norway

Nav is a portal that has job vacancies for job seekers in Norway.

Browse for jobs, apply and get ready for an interview.




25. Rubrikk

rubrikk-job websites in norway

A Norwegian job website that has job listings for job seekers in Norway.

Find jobs in different cities in Norway like Oslo, Stavanger, Trondheim, Bergen, and more.

Register and browse among the thousands of jobs available on this site. 


Summary: Job Websites in Norway

These compiled lists of job websites in Norway will aid you in your search for a job or jobs in Norway.

The job portals have job vacancies in sectors like Finance, Engineering, IT, Banking, Health, Oil and Gas, Energy, and many more.

Some of these job websites have mobile apps that you can install in your smartphones and use them to browse for jobs easily.

Apply now to get the jobs of your dreams, you never can tell your dream job might just be a few clicks away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to find jobs as a foreigner in Norway?

Norway is a beautiful country that attracts lots of foreigners but it is not easy to get a job as a foreigner in the country
Even when a foreigner is more qualified than a Norwegian, recruiters at times favor ethnic Norwegians to foreigners.

Norway is a beautiful country that attracts lots of foreigners but it is not easy to get a job as a foreigner in the country
Even when a foreigner is more qualified than a Norwegian, recruiters at times favor ethnic Norwegians to foreigners.

What are the most popular graduate jobs in Norway?

The most popular graduate jobs in Norway are; Telecommunications, Healthcare, Finance, Energy and Oil and Gas.

Can a person live in Norway without speaking Norwegian?

You can live in Norway in cities like Oslo, Stavanger, and Bergen for a short period of time without learning Norwegian. But it is always advisable to learn the language if you intend to start a career in the country.

What is Norway’s unemployment rate?

The unemployment rate in Norway as of April 2020 according to Trading Economics was at was 4.2%.

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