Jobs for Disabled people

In recent times, Jobs for Disabled people was unfamiliar and likely impossible; However, Thanks to positive information generating and further development that advances civilization for a just course.

Often times you hear people, even the very seen as nobles say; disability is a state of mind.

That to a higher degree is true but, what about those being born with disabilities; would it be fair to conclude that it’s a life sentence of limitation? Logically, these states and conditions do not only depend on the physical amputation of arms and legs but, depict that deficiency and impassivity of will power.

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The very term also connotes the physical and mental inability to effectively respond or carry out certain responsibilities as should as a result of illness, or injury; hence remaining in the disability zone of life does no natural good.

Any Condition that exerts discomfort or difficulty on a person, such that he/she is neither capable of proper interaction nor efficiencies, is said to be impaired, diminishing, and disabling.

You can become anything humanly you want to – as long as the facts of your very DNA remains the same

You can do anything you want to within your capacity – this is the role you’d have to agree with your person (the Mind – the seat of intellect and emotions, Where lies your power of reasoning) to play out and better your existence.

Perhaps we take a purse then ask ourselves this question;

Are there babies given birth to out of mistake; considering after 5-7 months of proper antenatal and check-ups?

You take a chance on this sub-question and it’ll personalize you in the light of others thus revealing what your reactions could be like towards life peradventure you’d found yourself in that condition and state of disability.

On the subject matter; Jobs’ options for the disabled are not in any way limited instead the condition behind the scene is the issue of locating the one that’s suitable or fitting.

In this article, you’ll know the

  • Jobs/Career for Disabled People
  • Types of Disabilities
  • Classification of Disabilities
  • Jobs for Disabled People with ADHD Disabilities
  • Jobs for Disabled People with Anxiety Disorder
  • Other Careers for Disabled People with Anxiety Disorder
  • Resource centers for Disabled People with Anxiety Disorder plus helpful links
  • Careers for Disabled People with Blind/ Visual Impairment
  • Jobs for Disabled People with Deaf/Hearing impairment
  • Other Careers for Disabled People with Deaf/Hearing Impairment
  • Jobs for Disabled People with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Jobs for Disabled People with Learning Disabilities
  • Jobs for Disabled People with Mental Disorder
  • Jobs for Disabled People with Physical disabilities
  • Other Careers for Disabled People with Physical Disabilities
  • Jobs for Disabled People with Speech Impairment
  • Tips for Effective Jobs research/fits for Disabled People
  • Government Jobs Resource for Disabled People
  • List of Government Resource Programs for Job Hiring and Recruitment for Disabled People


Table of Contents

Jobs/Career for Disabled People

jobs & career for disabled people

1. Accounting: – Auditor, Bean Counter, Book Keeper

2. Analyst: – Biostatistician, Business, Data, Financial

3. Artist: – Computer Animator, Artist, Camera Operator, Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, Motion Picture Directing, Musician, Photographer, Playwright, Sound Engineer, Video Editor, Video / Film Producer, Writer/ Novelist

4. Broadcasting: – Correspondent, Newscaster, Sound Technologist

5. Computer Sc: – Programmer, Scientist, Data Entry, Development Ops Engineer, Desktop Support, IT Pro, Software Engineer, SQL Developer, UI Developer & UX Designer, Web Designer, Web Developer

6. Construction: – Carpenter, Carpenter Foreman, Equipment cleaner, Heavy Equipment Operator, Landscaper, Plumber, Taper

7. Cosmetology: – Barber, Braider, Cosmetologist/ Beautician, Nail Salon Tech

8. Counseling: – Addiction Counselor, Mental Health Counselor, Rehabilitation Counselor, School Counselor, Vocational counselor

9. Driving: – Driver Heavy Duty Trucks, Driver Light Weight / Delivery service vehicles, Crane Operator

10. Engineering: – Civil Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Architectural Drafting & Civil, Electrical Drafting & Electronics, Mechanical Drafting

11. Entrepreneurship: – Entrepreneur, Recruiter, Scrum Master

12. Healthcare: – Caregiver, Certified Nursing Assistant, Director, Medical Admin. Nurse, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Assistant, Sales Representative Drug Company, Dental Hygiene, Laboratory Scientist, Massage Therapist, Physical Therapy Assistant,

13. Help Desk: – Account manager, Actuary, Architect, Archivist, Bank Teller, Benefits Manager, Credit Authorizer,  Credit Counselor, Drafter, Executive Assistant, Operations Manager, Personal Assistant, Political Scientist, Product Manager, Public Relations

14. Legal Service: – Attorney/ Lawyer, Paralegal

15. Marketing Research/ Marketing: – Graphic Designer, Marketing Manager, Marketing Specialist, Design Illustration and Photography

16. Manual Labor/ Artisan: – Steward, Gardener, Fabricator, Fitness Assistant, Packager, Parking Attendant, Painter, Shelf Stacker, Veterinary Assistant

17. Medical Transcription/ Healthcare Documentation: – Med. Lab Technician, Pharmacy Tech

18. Office Administration: – Administrative Assistant, Customer Service representative, Human Resource/recruiter, Office Assistant, Office Clerk, Office Manager, Receptionist, Recruiter, Secretary

19. Performing Art: – Filmmaker, Film Producer, Film/Video Editor, Director of Motion Pictures

20. Restaurant: – Bartender, Chef, Junk Food Worker, Prep Cook, Server

21. Scientist: – Astronomer, Atmospheric Scientist, Biologist, Biostatistician, Chemist, Conservation Scientist, Sociologist, Geologist, Mathematician, Physicist, Political Scientist, Wildlife Biologist

22. Studio Recording: – Music Production, Audio Equipment Tech, Conductors/Instrumentalist, Music Producer, Recording Engineer

23. Teaching & Childhood Education: – Childcare Worker, Mentor, Preschool/Kindergarten Teacher, Substitute Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Tutor Assisting Teacher, Elementary Section Teacher

24. Telephone Operator: – Call Center Service, Customer Service

25. Writing: – Journalist, Copy Editor, Novelist, Playwright

Types of Disabilities

These show the categories in disability types, with various physical,  mental, impairments, or abnormality of a system structure that has experienced deformation which prevents an individual from functioning, fulfilling, or participating (socially) wholly in meaningful activities.

These hindering factors could either be permanent or temporal though as its role impact acknowledges the physical and social environmental yardstick.


o       Anxiety Disorder

o       Blind & Visual Disabilities

o       Deaf/Hearing Impairment

o       Intellectual Disabilities

o       Learning Disabilities

o       Mental Disabilities

o       Physical disorder

o       Speech Impairment

Classification of Disabilities

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) who published the International Classification Disabilities and Functioning Health in 2001;

  • Activity
  • Activity Limitations
  • Body Functions
  • Body Structures
  • Environmental Factors
  • Functional Limitations
  • Health condition
  • Participation
  • Participation Restrictions
  • Personal Factors

  As factors which affect the various category types in disabled People

Jobs for Disabled People with ADHD Disabilities

Adult persons with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This condition is characterized with different forms of learning disabilities such as; imperfect reading, writing, or spelling, this also varies from persons, the peculiarity can also be seen in another form; poor memory retention, lack of time management, and organization disorder, difficulty in speaking, thinking, and even listening.

This condition is quite challenging and can give its sufferers hard-time building a successful career. Great contributors such as; Albert Einstein, Woodrow Wilson, and Leonardo da Vinci may have had issues with learning disabilities as a result of dyslexia and ADHD.

In numerous cases, influence from these conditions does give room for discouragement and uncertainty, although most of the sufferers summed courage to engage in career pursuits such as; Public addressing/speaking, Film making, Music, Design, and Teaching.

Furthermore, it’s important to note the inherent values and traits, if envisage as Most had already, should discover the intents that are loaded with sure resilience, yet remain a vicarious sacrifice.

The following are Jobs categories for Disabled People with ADD/ADHD:

1. Artist

Artist - jobs for disabled people

It’s so true that artistic jobs/careers make a great impression for Persons with ADHD.

This is a piece of confirmed evidence that countless Hollywood’s celebrities and music artists who have had early careers had also been through the difficulty and pain of experiencing some form of disabilities or the other.

Here is a brief record and fame of numerous known characters in these industries but, to mention a few as follows: Robin Williams; He’s the most influential people of all time – He also suffered from ADHD.

Tom Cruise; the all-time greatest action star – struggled in school due to dyslexia.

 Keira Knightley; The best celebrity star wars cameos – also have dyslexia. So, you see; they’re unstoppable, they scaled through the trauma and became famous.

Actor – $35,310.00

Artist – $40,532.00

Camera Operator – $24,380.00

Computer Animator – $61,000.00

Graphic Designer – $48,256.00

Interior Designer – $56,462.00

Motion Picture Directing – $92,220.00

Musician – $40,000.00

Photographer – $32,068.00

Playwright – $38,000.00

Sound Engineer – $44,234.00

Video Editor – $46,274.00

Video / Film Producer – $91,100.00

Writer/ Novelist – $55,420.00

2. Broadcasting

Broadcasting -jobs for disabled people

Broadcast news is an interesting option that involves appearing in front of the audience or camera. A disabled person with (LDs) still has an advantage when it comes to news and addressing before the camera; public speaking comes naturally which is a plus to the industry in terms of quality correspondent and reporting.

Newscaster – $55,530.00

3. Computer Science

Computer Science -jobs for disabled people

This may not be the very best experience/job at the beginning for those suffering ADD/ADHD but, it is proven they can actually scale thru in a shortest possible time if given attention with a  touch on training and perhaps during the probationary space and afterward turn out to be very good.

Here are two renowned proven Characters, Bill Gates the CEO, and founder Microsoft and Steve Jobs Apple founder who were both friends. Steve suffered LD, which Gates suffered ADHD Yet, history has them on record as the most successful businessmen on the earth’s surface; they both made history.

Computer Programmer – $64,719.00

Computer Scientist – $109,075.00

Data Entry – $31,153.00

Desktop Support – $43,835.00

Development Operations Engineer – $138,378.00

Information Technology Professional – $85,460.00

Network Admin – $61,474.00

Software Engineer – $104,463.00

Structure Query Language Developer – $81,714.00

User Experience / User Interface Designer – $97,460.00

Web Designer – $56,143.00

Web Developer – $88,488.00

4. Counseling

Counseling - jobs for disabled people

Working as a counselor can help advice, console, or even comfort others by genuine and true understanding.  One of the numerous reasons why most persons with (LDs) go into counseling has a lot to do with other natural abilities they possess like the level of empathy, and to find their place of talent fulfillment while making a career of it.

Addiction and Mental health Counselor – $47,000.00

5. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship - jobs for disabled people

The idea is a function of thought. One trait which depicts great advantage even with a learning disability is that of having an introspective mind in alignment with the big picture.

Some of the world’s most successful and prominent people who are into business attribute their achievements to the presence of the condition dyslexia and other challenges associated with it – somehow it’s built their courage to become independent and prosperous.

Entrepreneur – $57,360.00

Recruiter – varies between $49,590.00 to $250,000.00 and more.

Scrum Master – $101,298.00

6. Restaurant

Restaurant - jobs for disabled people

Sure, this aspect attracts great employment for disabled People with ADHD.

Bartender – $19,100.00

Chef – $54,443.00

Junk Food Worker – $16,500.00

Prep Cook – $25,821.00

Server – $16,569.00

7. Filmmaker

filmmaker - jobs for disabled people

Most dyslexic with another form of Learning disabilities have been able to enhance their abilities to decipher and distinguish between faces, images, elements with good and quicker processing ability. In this regard, filmmaking would be a smooth sail.

Director of Motion Pictures – $104,600.00

Filmmaker – $71,680.00

Film/Video Editor – $86,830.00

8. Healthcare

Healthcare - jobs for disabled people

This is another great optional occupation that allows you the privilege of your inherent empathy; it also involves simple but, non-tedious tasks of bathing, dressing, feeding, and grooming a patient as either a basic health caregiver or resident nursing assistant.

Caregiver – $24,395.00

Certified Nursing Assistant – $29,580.00

Director – $200.000.00

Nurse – $65,976.00

Physical Therapist – $69,464.00

Physical Therapist Assistant – $31,994.00

9. Writing

Writing - jobs for disabled people

Being diagnosed with ADHD does not depict a locked-down conclusion on life expectations. Instead, you can discover a whole lot of meaningful traits of which can attract your passion for expression like writing.

Copy Editor – $45,506.00

Journalist – $45,925.00


People with ADHD can equally fall in love with other exciting and unique jobs that offer a lot of benefits with great advantages of exposure and socialization. Jobs like;

  • Animal Breeder – $44,650.00
  • Call Center worker – $25,000.00
  • Casher – $27,823.00
  • Courier – $30,052.00
  • Event Planner – $49,070.00
  • Flight Attendant – $52,217.00
  • House Keeper – $23,109.00
  • Personal Assistant (PA) – $32,774.00
  • Plumber – $50,000.00
  • Public Relations Officer (PRO) – $54,581.00
  • Real Estate – $72,500.00


Jobs for Disabled People with Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety in the nut-shell gives birth to a whole lot that troubles the total well-being of individuals’ body, and the mind off its peace.

Anxiety Disorder however, can be well managed, yet people living life in/with its influence (fear) are basically living a discomforted life.

Even issues of muscle tension can occur which can cause difficulty in physical work whereas could have naturally been easy. On that note, I describe this disorder as distorting.

Jobs designated for individuals in this category ought to be such with flex normalizable task, and an adequate level of social interaction control. Here are a few examples:

1. Accounting

Accounting - jobs for disabled people

Well! One can admit to the extent that the disorder has a fragment of the human mind, that’s in terms of building a wall of distraction and uncertainties – but, if you attain excellence at Maths and enjoy calculation, there’s so much attention required here and most certainly go well for anxiety fellows.

Accountant – $55,202.00

Book Keeper – $34,677.00

2. Analyst

Analyst - jobs for disabled people

This certainly is a calm jobbing situation, yes! Dealing with analysis may not really exert that pressure with the sense of being in the work setting.

Biostatistician – $92,426.00

Business Analyst – $70,170.00

Data Analyst – $65,470.00

Financial Analyst – $63,829.00

3. Business

Business - jobs for disabled people

With a great undefeated spirit, that mindset has the capacity to wear-out depression, fear, and name it! And gradually you suddenly realize yourself becoming more proactive in your creativity and innovations in life. You’re already in a life journey of success

Entrepreneur – $68,000.00

Human Resource officer – $60,677.00

4. Computer Science

Computer science

This can actually be a good job that allows you to work independently and focus analytically if you love computer skill work.

Computer Programmer – $64,719.00

Software Engineer – $104,463.00

5. Counseling

Even though you may not have considered this option, as a Counselor you equally serve as a therapist to helping others recover – it’s quite an ideal job.

Physical Therapy Assistant- $57,750.00

Vocational Counselor – $60,160.00

6. Canine Instructor

Canine Instructor - jobs for disabled people

Patience is a virtue – anyone with a charming characteristic of training or working with animal pets does well being a patient instructor with amazing ability to counsel even dogs; having passed that exam you’ve become a capable professional to serve as the following:

Dog Trainer – $37,564.00

Animal Rescue Worker – $39,818.00

Veterinary Technician – $31,601.00

Zookeeper – $27,040.00

Farm Worker – $26,000.00

7. Construction

construction - jobs for disabled people

Being around distress and noise polluted environment is actually ideal for individuals with fear syndrome, as it will gradually expose that can assist in eliminating from their thought-sense those elements, and feeling of insecurity.

Equipment cleaner – $23,492.00

Heavy Equipment Operator – $42,060.00

Landscaper – $34,579.00

Plumber – $50,000.00

Taper – $46,636.00

8. Research

Research - jobs for disabled people

That aspect of curiosity trying to know what must happen next; no… convert those anxieties into that curious act of research then, you’ll find it amazingly phenomenal and how much your time is worth.

Researcher – $79,453.00

Researcher Assistant – $35,230.00

9. Restaurant

If you have a passion for cooking, why not give yourself the joy of allowing others to have a taste of your meal by sponsoring yourself the employability; this will easily turn in many appreciations, and with your delicious cuisine you usher more patronage. Trust me; you can have a heart floating smile that will gradually eradicate unnecessary negative emotions.

Chef – this varies from – $23,630.00 to – $72,280.00

Other Careers for Disabled People with Anxiety Disorder

  • Agriculturist/Animal Husbandry – $75,790.00
  • Breeder – $44,650.00
  • Carpenter – $43,023.00
  • Fire Equipment Technician – $66,206.00
  • Firefighter – $49,620.00
  • Fitness Coach – $50,000.00
  • Kennel Operator – $24,876.00
  • Writing – Transferring your feelings into note jotting is a great idea that will gradually and eventually bring you to a state of realization between a positive you and the opposite actions.

Consequentially, you would have compiled a journal; assuming a new perspective in the direction that will be of great value where others approach for counsel, so doing helps eliminate negative emotions.

In a way, with the time you may begin to understand how to subdue that silent source of your undesired reactions.

And even if you decide to pay yourself for your journal, you’re going to do just great.

  • Journalist – $47,143.00
  • Novelist – $55,420.00
  • Playwright – $38,000.00

Career for Disabled People with Blind/Visual Impairment

jobs for disabled people

Visually impaired persons though placed within a constrained capacity, are still able to perform almost any career within their best, also with the help of advanced technological assistance or a little pet or human help they can always use their individual talents, knowledge, and skill.

Can you dare a blind disabled person with a computer programming work?

Yes! But, how possible might be your reaction?

You can find out from Lucas R. a blind programmer

1. Office Administration

Office Administration - jobs for disabled people

Considering many others with different forms of disabilities, visually impaired Ones are more capable of remarkable achievements beyond the unimaginable circumstances.

Administrative Assistant – $46,279.00

Customer Service representative – $45,075.00

Human Resource/recruiter – $60,880.00

2. Counseling/Mentorship

Having that understanding of the capability of the inward eyes which simply is your mind can go along with assisting you to function in a variety of dimensions.

Rehab Counselor – $39,930.00

School Counselor – $50,615.00

3. Engineering/Drafting

Engineering Drafting - jobs for disabled people

For individuals with great focusing ability, such would not give their attention to distractions; like shunning distraction is a big hubby for attention, these kinds of individuals play major roles in creating, constructing, or even building structures from beyond imaginary to reality.

Architectural Drafting & Civil – $56,700.00

Electrical Drafting & Electronics – $64,400.00

Mechanical Drafting – $59,100.00

4. Studio Recording

Studio Recording - jobs for disabled people

Most Individuals with disabilities have some good and desirable traits. For instance, you discovered you’re prone to giving your major concentration to music lyrics not eluding the rhythm – give it a touch, that could be you mixing and waxing the hills of the next hit production.

Audio Equipment Tech – $48,950.00

Conductors/Instrumentalist – $41,267.00

Music Producer – $94,110.00

Recording Engineer – $63,500.00

Case Study

Stevland Hardaway Morris; popularly known as Stevie Wonder a prominent figure and most successful in his musical career history, born blind but, flying the part along with his traits to the limelight.

Also familiar with Clive Lever a blind Musician, former Equality Adviser.

5. Legal Service

Legal Service - jobs for disabled people

In the sphere of the judiciary, one of the apparatus used to ascertain the fairness of justice and equity in the court would depend on the lawyers’ profound ability to merge the state of his intuit with his objective. That’s a unique charisma any law firm would dive at.

Paralegal – $54,500.00

I’d like to commend on the courage of the father of triplets, former White House staffer, the blind attorney, Ollie Cantos.

6. Teaching

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with deciding which grade or category of student or pupil you’d love to encourage through your teaching skill; I mean then while at my post-secondary education, I had this teacher who was blind but, with his master-piece copy of his subject he lectured us by feeling the printed pages of the Braille with his fingers and dictating to us while we write.

Assisting Teacher – $28,750.00

Early/Childcare worker – $24,610.00

Elementary Section Teacher – $62,200.00

Entrepreneurship is also a benefiting career for blind / visually impaired individuals who’d want to pursue that; they can earn as much as $57,360.00 per year. That said; the sons of Ollie Cantos, Leo, Nick, and Steven who’re also born blind are diversely pursuing both their father’s legacy and real estate investment as well.


 Jobs for Disabled People with Deaf/Hearing Impairment

Jobs for disabled people

Stevie Wonder’s claims on advantage and fame could have been based on a perfect fitness condition and races” blind and black” as a disadvantage; but, he understood better at his hall of fame

My interpretation of how I understand that comment is this; you can always win if you don’t see your condition as an obstacle.

Though statistics claims that close to 3.9M Americans of working age are affected by this condition; I’m sorry to say this but, it’s the truth, “none of these disabilities connote the end of a life journey”

 There’s always ample job space for deaf/hearing impaired and even larger rooms for career exploration.

1. Accounting – Without the ability to hear, the possibility of you being promoted as a senior accountant or auditor is imminent.

Accountant – $55,202.00

Auditor – $62,850.00

2. Analyst – Gathering data and formulating reports for analysis won’t be a problem at all, would it? If those are no problem, then recommending for competence won’t be a problem too. Consider any of the following options for your choice.

Business Analyst – $70,166.00

Data Analyst – $65,470.00

Financial Analyst – $64,827.00

3. Computer Science – Yes we can quite agree to the fact that technology jobs make a wonderful experience for most disabled people, the deaf and hearing impaired are not left out coupled with the good pay.

Computer scientist – $109,075.00

Computer Programmer – $64,719.00

Software Engineer – $104,463.00

Web Developer – $88,488.00

4. Cosmetology – Can I fascinate you? It’s an easily come job skill,  it’s about getting on it and proving what you’ve got.

Beautician – $60,162.00

Braider – $36,263.00

Hair Stylist – $21,333.00

Nail Technician – $33,077.00

5. Manual Labor – Term as physical/manual job either at the factory of domestic level and serves easy for hearing impaired individuals

Steward – $20,342.00

Gardener – $25,650.00

6. Medical – The activities of the healthcare system most times doesn’t require faces to face communication rather the use of psychology, however, the crucial part requires accurate diagnostic testing

Med. Lab Technician – $53,880.00

Pharmacy Tech – $43,150.00

7. Writing – Most writers write for pleasure, some for a personal journal but, if you need a job for extra pay, it’s not bad for the industry. Most hearing-impaired persons make the best use of their mind in writing great acts even comics.

Copy Editor – $59,340.00

Technical Writer – $71,850.00

Other Careers for Disabled People with Deaf/Hearing Impairment

8. Construction – A skilled trade that involves crafting and cutting as the primary work.

Carpenter – $73,956.00

Carpenter Foreman – $52,518.00

9. Entertainment/ Performing Arts – The majority of deaf people have shown to be gifted in the areas of acting and stage performance, this also could mean one discovering her path of strength and excellence.

Actor – $50,010.00

Artist – $40,532.00

Interior Designer – $56,462.00

Movie Producer – $104,600.00

Novelist – $56,330.00

Photographer – $32,068.00

Theatrical Art Producer – $63,650.00

Playwright – $38,000.00

10. Scientist – Whatever area of science it may be, lots of people with hearing impairment have achieved incredibly remarkable results in career building.

Astronomer – $111,090.00

Atmospheric Scientist – $95,580.00

Chemist – $83,850.00

Conservation Scientist – $65,320.00

Geologist – $107,800.00

Physicist – $125,280.00

Sociologist – $90,290.00

Wildlife Biologist – $67,760.00

11. Engineering – Option of this sort requires people with a high amount of concentration and IQ. As we now People with hearing impairment lighted up their keen attention in order to understand.

Civil & Arc Drafter – $56,700.00

Electrician – $64,400.00

Mechanic – $59,010.00

Jobs for Disabled People with Intellectual Disabilities

Jobs for Disabled people

In the recent ’80s 6.5 million people in the United States that were unemployed were discovered to be affected with Autism, cerebral palsy, and Down syndrome; however, this delusion changed.

It’s important to create this atmosphere of free-thinking, with which you can understand well the position of people with Intellectual Disabilities – the simple norm remains; these intellectually disabled folks can do great jobs with an unimaginable capacity.

1. Artistic – Most parents today are who they are because of what/where they’re privilege to start with/from; as much the state of intellectual disability does not depict lack of appreciation for diversity in beauty, then you are fit for these areas:

Animator – $78,230.00

Fashion Designer – $87,610.00

Photographer – $42,770.00

Visual/Graphic Artist – $54,680.00

2. Broadcasting Tech – Not necessarily appearing at the screen but, ensuring the successful flow of transmission before and during footage or program anchorage – however then, it’s a unique drive for duty behind the scene.

Broadcast Technician – $47,700.00

Camera Op – $61,750.00

Sound Engineer – $63,500.00

3. Computer Science – Are you aware that most satisfying jobs easily locate developers’ competence? Especially mobile Apps; and that’s how the collaborated CNN acknowledge the best job in America to be a mobile application developer.

App Software Developer – $108,080.00

Programmer – $89,580.00

System Software Developer – $114,000.00

SQL Developer – $81,718.00

4. Culinary Arts/Restaurant – Most people have the natural creative consequence that allows them to keep routines that are suitable to the common environment; and one such environment is that of a commercial kitchen.

Baker – $28,660.00

Chef – $52,160.00

Restaurant cook – $27,580.00

Waiter/waitress – $16,569.00

5. Manual Labor – This is one of the numerous skilled labor jobs easily hired and quite lucrative.

Fabricator – $30,080.00

Fitness Assistant – $18,900.00

Gardener – $25,650.00

Packager – $22,000.00

Parking Attendant – $30,660.00

Painter – $38,546.00

Shelf Stacker – $20,000.00

Steward – $20342

Veterinary Assistant – $28,690.00

6. Driving – A skillset that has no discrimination but only places a restriction against under-age and false drug-use or abuse.

Driver Heavy Duty Trucks – $45,570.00

Driver Light Weight / Delivery service vehicles – $36,920.00

Crane Operator – $53,030.00

7. Office Administration – Dissemination of information, collection/submission of data is a part of corporate service of establishment and a glass compass any intellectually disable people can interpret.

Data Entry – $31,153.00

Office Assistance – $26,693

Information/Office Clerk – $22,500.0

Jobs for Disabled People with Learning Disabilities

Frankly it’s disheartening to discover that Learning Disability has a capacity to questions the ability of an adult mind such that the possibility in the appropriation of interpreted and coordinated information is hijacked.

Nonetheless, despite the pressure that most Sufferers have had to experience, the majority have also been able to adopt some attitude which has immensely boosted the sensory ability of the brain.

Most great Inventors, movie Stars, and other celebrities of today were once oppressed by one form of LDs or the other.

Your talent may be the very tool you need, so come harness that giant in you, and the sky will smile at you.

1. Construction – Not cumbersome, a little focus is all you need.

Carpenter – $73,956.00 

2. Counseling – Understanding and managing your emotional intelligence can help you solve others.

Mental Health Counselor – $45,449.00

Rehab counselor – $39,930.00

School Counselor – $60,160.00

3. Engineering – These two units in Engineering for LD people can be easily adapted to.

Assistant Engineer – $70,200.00

Auto Technician – $45,507.00

4. Healthcare – Exciting, having had an experience of a conditional mindset, places in a positive path in the role where helping others is fascinating.

Certified Assistant Nurse – $26,419.00

Massage Therapist – $41,729.00

Physical Therapist – $69,464.00

Therapist Assistant – $31,994.00

5. Research – This also accounts for facts and figures.

Research – $61,085.00

Assistant – $30,647.00

6. Sales – Simply a relative interactive skill that’s all you need.

Sales Manager – $50,466.00

Real Estate Broker – $72,500.00

Retailer – $24,809.00

Jobs for Disabled People with Mental Disorder

1. Computer Science – In spite of the Condition you can win, all you need is a vocation. Channel your energy into it and watch how you sail through that storm.

There is energy on you in this area, use it.

Computer Graphic Animator – $78,230.00

2. Cosmetology – If there’s ever a time when you visualize the beauty you can project or adorn – it’s a signal of creative traits that must be nurtured and enhanced.

Barber – $33,220.00

Cosmetologist – $30,190.00

Nail Tech – $25,860.00

3. Engineering – As a technical person in the field of engineering, you handle a delicate but fascinating electrical installation, which places an individual in a calculative state of mind on course.

Computer Software Engineer – $117,840.00

 Electronics engineer – $107,930.00

Electrical Technician – $65,050.00

4. Welding – Frequent projects keep individuals busy instead of sitting or remaining in idleness.

Fabricator – $44,360.00

5. Healthcare – Many people with psychiatric conditions have actually been of best behavior in social settings due to the medications from their therapist, while some are already in their field of duty.

Dentist – $75,500.00

Massage – $45,880.00

Physiotherapist Assistant – $57,750.00

Jobs for Disabled People with Physical Disabilities

jobs for disabled people

1. Accounting

Any physically disabled person would easily get a job on this if good at financial decision making.

Bean Counter/ Accountant – $55,202.00

Book Keeper – $34,677.00

Analyst – Briefly on Analyst

Business Analyst – $70,170.00

Data Analyst – $65,470.00

Financial Analyst – $63,829.00

2. Artistic

A Mini-list for Artistic inclined Disabled persons

Artist – $40,532.00

Computer Film Animator – $61,000.00

Film Producer – $91,100.00

Graphic Designer – $48,256.00

Interior Designer – $56,462.00

Musician – $40,000.00

Playwright – $38,000.00

Sound Engineer – $44,234.00

Video Editor – $46,274.00

Writer/ Novelist – $55,420.00

3. Computer Science

This is the field with the highest paying job opportunity for physically Disable persons. What’re you waiting for?

Computer Programmer – $64,719.00

Computer Scientist – $109,075.00

Data Entry – $31,153.00

Desktop Support – $43,835.00

Development Operations Engineer – $138,378.00

IT Professional – $85,460.00

Software Engineer – $104,463.00

SQL Developer – $81,714.00

UI Developer & UX Designer – $97,460.00

Web Designer – $56,143.00

Web Developer – $88,488.00

4. Cosmetology

If you’ve got talent on styling and beautifying touch, then fixing others up has just got you on the luck with the social career offer.

Barber – $33,220.00

Braider – $33,250.00

Cosmetologist – $21,333.00

Nail Salon Tech – $22,150.00

5. Counseling

Perhaps you possess a kind heart that engages you to correct and advise others both young and the advanced, there are chances of understanding how difficult growing up might be; even in difficult and devastating situations; you can always give the solution here.

Addiction Counselor – $37,762.00

Mental Counselor – $45,449.00

Rehabilitation Counselor – $39,930.00

School Counselor – $59,600.00

Vocational Counselor – $60,160.00

6. Engineering / Drafting

Handling a profession as Engineering has lots of manipulated calculations, yet the concern for the ones with physical disabilities calls to fasten the necessity for safety.

Civil Engineer – $68,638.00

Electrical Engineer – $83,088.00

Electronic Engineer/ Technician – $77,182.00

Mechanical Engineer – $73,016.00

7. Healthcare

There’s good pay to make from medical care jobs with lots of excitement as you help others stay safe; connect yourself with professional associations for disabled Pharmacists.

Medical Administrator – $57,078.00

Pharmacist – $123,559.00

Pharmacist Assistant – $30,150.00

Sales Representative Drug Company – $91,800.00

8. Help Desk

These options are great for physically disabled persons in wheelchairs, most organizations place hiring value on desk professionals.

Account manager – $57,244.00

Actuary – $107,598.00

Architect – $74,648.00

Archivist – $46,795.00

Bank Teller – $27,825.00

Benefit Manager – $80,000.00

Credit Authorizer – $34,600.00

Credit Counselor – $35,060.00

Drafter – $44,956.00

Executive Assistant – $56,668.00

Operations Manager – $69,303.00

Personal Assistant – $32,774.00

Political Scientist – $115,110.00

Product Manager – $108,978.00

Public Relations – $54,581.00

9. Marketing/ Market Research

Marketing job setting on desk pays well and it’s equally fun. It’s easy and without stress

Graphic Designer – $48,256.00

Marketing Manager – $80,673.00

Marketing Specialist – $50,390.00

Researcher – $61,085.00

Research Assistant – $30,647.00

10. Office Administration

It sounded terrible to know that people with disabilities generally had it so difficult securing an office job; until the recent development of the Jul, 26th Executive Order of 2010.

Administrative Assistant – $41,045.00

Human Resources – $60,677.00

Office Assistant – $26,693.00

Office Clerk – $22,500.00

Office Manager – $47,250.00

Receptionist – $28,729.00

Recruiter – $49,712.00

Secretary – $30,162.00

Paralegal Services – Law firms could use your unique perspective. Here you may find the niche in providing legal assistance to clients who live with a disability.

Attorney/ Lawyer – $113,749.00

Paralegal – $52,351.00

11. Scientist

As long as you can make resolutions by solving scientific-related problems. There are remarkable results from disabled persons with hearing impairment that has secured a career in the fields below.

Astronomer – $110,980.00

Atmospheric Scientist – $89,820.00

Biologist – $49,547.00

Biostatistician – $92,426.00

Chemist – $55,226.00

Conservation Scientist – $65,320.00

Geologist – $107,800.00

Mathematician – $76,988.00

Physicist – $102,798.00

Political scientist – $115,110.00

Sociologist – $73,760.00

12. Teaching & Childhood Education

This can really inspire young people and challenge their imagination knowing the teacher is has physical/vision impairment.

Childcare Worker – $24,610.00

Mentor – $26,300.00

Preschool/Kindergarten Teacher – $28,620.00

Substitute Teacher – $31,116.00

Teacher – $45,483.00

Teaching Assistant – $36,593.00

Tutor – $26,019.00

Telephone Operation – Call response and directing calls to departments through the PBX system or switchboard is stress-free and very exciting for physically disabled people.

Call Centre Service – $25,000.00

Customer service – $34,780.00

  Other Careers for Disabled People with Physical Disabilities

Broadcast News/ Anchor Correspondent – $83,300.00

Computer Support Specialist – $55,050.00

Entrepreneur – $57,360.00

Human Resource – $60,677.00

Graphic Designer – $54,680.00

Medical Laboratory Technician – $40,000.00

Medical Transcriptionist – $36,350.00

Scrum Master – $101,298.00

Telephone Operator – $22,360.00

Writer/Author – $73,090.00

Jobs for Disabled People with Speech Impairments

Jobs for Disabled people

A constraint in speech is a capital issue as it’s depriving of expression.

Good enough, most offices do not entertain the noise of any form of disturbance; for such reason silence is welcomed.

Here are categories of jobs you may find solace to explore.

1. Accounting – Here is the scenario; you on your table handling your job of facts and figures.

Accounting – $55,202.00

Analyst – keeps in a cogent mode, like you’re not expected to say much.

Biostatistics – $92,426.00

Data Analyst – $65,470.00

2. Artistic – Just considering, artistically inclined here is a sub-list to check from.

Computer Graphics Animator – $62,010.00

Graphic Designer – $48,256.00

Interior Designer – $56,462.00

Musician – $40,356.00

Novelist – $56,521.00

Photographer – $32,070.00

Sound Editor/ Engineer – $50,000.00

3. Office Administration – Communication without having to say; in writing.

Actuary – $107,598.00

Office Clerk – $22,500.00

Paralegal – $52,351.00

4. Construction – At this point, your tools get to know you as much as you do.

Carpenter – $73,956.00

Mason – $75,348.00

Taper – $42,000.00

5. Cosmetology – No need for any conversation of any kind, all you’ll need you’ve got it.

Barber – $33,220.00

Braider – $33,250.00

Cosmetologist/Stylist – $21,333.00

Nail Technician – $22,150.00

6. Computer Science – Here is where you take your big shot, and earn well with no talking.

Computer Programmer – $64,719.00

Computer Scientist – $109,075.00

IT Pro – $85,460.00

Web Developer – $88,488.00

UI Developer & UX designer – $97,460.00

Software Engineer – $104,463.00

SQL Developer – $81,714.00

7. Writing – Time to break the boredom.

Copy Editor – $45,506.00

Journalist – $45,925.00

Tips for Effective Job Search/fits for Disabled People

Should anyone approach you with a discussion in the bid to inquire how to conduct an effective job search as concern people with disabilities – Knowing how to fetch such information is of the essence.

This will serve as a guide to proffering jobs related solution for Disabled persons.

Note, that majority of dedicated jobs are not restricted for the Able alone rather, the Disabled alike. The chances of gaining the best job depend on few several reasons as well as for those with a conscious effort to demonstrate the confidence of their abilities even in their disability or limitation. There’re plenty of satisfying jobs for disabled persons and consideration as follows:

1. Be Certain About Your Real Goal

Most Disabled persons act indecisively offering to take any job opportunity they find available at a time. This ambivalence attitude most times ends up aborting the ambition by producing dissatisfaction in the end.

2. Ask For Help When Necessary

Not even the superstar who’s well recognized became a self-made celebrity, at one point to the other had the need for others assistance;

 likewise, to avoid certain common mistakes – enhance the chances of achieving success for Job search, by involving the need to ask for help or support of others – this idea provides quick job gain to disabled persons in communities that operates a non-governmental agencies NGA/NGO, give a try on this…

  • Contact only Dedicated Platform

Most jobs are found through active communities and non-profit organization that generate and promotes opportunities for Disabled persons, they promote local supports with advantages of special hiring processes. They also provide a very niche for the Disabled person willing for employment. Here are a few of Such Organizations

  • NTI – National Telecommuting Institute, Inc

A non- profit organization whose area of keen interest is towards distinguishing and promoting at-home work opportunities for Americans with physical disabilities. Ample opportunity as this offers flexibility for part-time & full-time jobs while equipping them in areas like BTB-telemarketing, survey work, tech support, virtual customer service.

  • USAJOBS – the Office of Personnel Management(OPM)

Now, this is a governmental job set, that advances a resource to assist disabled persons avail with meaningful job opportunities – it’s a prevailing avenue that informs people with disabilities other job opportunities from several countries.

3. Be Unambiguous

It’s imperative to clearly state to friends and relatives your ambition on finding a good job, this sincere clarity is a plus to further complement your courage towards attaining your goal – there’s no delighting benefit in being shy about an ill-condition when there’s an aspiration in you for success.

 Even though on the contrary it’s possible to gain the compassion of few Samaritans but, as concerns job finding the stand of confidence with optimism is a serious criterion capable of breaking thru the “No” to even encouraging/  bringing inspiration to many even the employer – to your determination in spite the disability, One is willing to work than remain idle.

4. Get Involve Voluntarily

As a volunteer it will amaze you the things you can learn through such opportunity. Most persons with condition of disability have overtime gained notable skills – that is highly marketable and in demand.  Apart from the skill acquisition, it helps to avoid social isolation – avoiding the chances of depression.  As a volunteer you have the potential ability of expanding your professional network and essence as references.

5. Ruminate Over Your Decision Before Deciding

Considering the realities of your disability state; psychologically it’s very possible to manage the impression of the condition especially if it’s not visible or noticeable, at such you wouldn’t want the pre-judgment of a potential boss/ employer over your condition when you have not even met him/her in person, In that light, your thought person on decision making is activated to have the final say.

Basically, from most employment counselors, it’s recommended not to mention your situation in your resume, except there be a legal requirement to do so. Furthermore, sometimes revealing the situation could be on advantage as some employers seek for professional positions for disabled persons.

6. View of Condition At Interview

The privilege of facing a job interview panel is seldom Occurring for disabled persons especially in most African communities of the West African states.

Having noted that, such an opportunity must be maximized, and if failed as a result of low self-esteem, then it is certain the chance is blown; because that is the moment you need to deploy your strengths, confidence, and without reservations.

Every employer during the job interview session owns the right to gather whatsoever necessary detail concerning her prospective employee. In such cases, if found with a physical disability; be sure that will be discussed – but then, it’s your responsibility to remain positive and concentrate your attention on how to add value while expressing in confidence to the Panel of judges your infallibilities in spite of your limitations.

In summary this will require your capacity to disapprove of your disability before your potential employers with an impression of a potential super-ability in disguise. You’ll see you’ll be the right candidate for the job.

7. Never Get Discouraged

I want to make this cogent; there’s no going back at life as it was not designed for retrogression – even if you may wish for it, you can never go back as a baby after being given birth to, you can only get mature into an adolescent, grow older and begin to imagine things like a child but, that hasn’t made you one.  In like manner, there’re no room for regrets nor discouragement and do not begin to apportion blames; nor become emotionally aggravated it won’t help.

However, most persons; the sane, and even lucent ones alike without disability, experience obstructions in their path to success.

 Therefore, if you’re not privileged in getting the opportunity you desire at once, does that devalue you?

 no the contrary you’re a step closer to a “YES” – do not feel disappointed, esteem yourself in your confidence and move ”ON” they’ll pay off, also keep this to heart; the game is not over until you’re declared a winner.

Government Jobs Resource for Disabled people

According to the July 26th Executive Order (EO) 13548, signed by President, Barack Obama of the United States of America in 2010.

That ordered the Executive department and agencies on improving the Federal employment of individuals with Disabilities.


List of Government Resource Programs for Job Hiring and   Recruitments for Disabled People:

  • Individuals with disabilities resource
  • Job Accommodation Network
  • National Collaborative on Workforce Disability/Youth
  • Office of Disability Employment Policy
  • Office Personnel Management


The organizations listed below alongside the Federal assistance, are on the page of supporting the disabled people who are eager to demonstrate their abilities in spite of their conditions and capable of making a paycheck.

Schedule A:  Here is a special hiring authority with the capacity to simplify the process with disabled applicants who may match the positions with the required skills and abilities.

Also, it’s easy to apply for any positions you may be comfortable with online through also visit for more detail.

Social Security:  This Administration offers active recruitment and hiring for disabled persons with exceptional and exciting jobs also privileges for career advancement. Reach out to

OPM.GOV:  An independent agency of the United States Federal government that provides Human Resource leadership support to Federal agencies that support the Federal workforce to achieve their pursuit of serving its citizens. You may want to visit for in-depth as they also offer a wide variety of job employment for non- competitive jobs for Disabled people.

Workforce Recruitment Program:  This is the government instituted recruitment and referral programs that interlink the private Organization employers and federal with eagerly and motivated University students also recent graduates with disabilities.

Likewise, this measure helps creates a determinant for part-time or full-time jobs for those who can demonstrate their abilities in the workplace.

This program embraces and provides huge advantages to persons with disabilities who might be seeking for jobs.

Meanwhile, this program is being managed by the Office of Disability Employment Policy under the United States Department of Labor. Make contact through and also, visit other resource sites for jobs, hiring practices, programs, and mentoring.


In Conclusion;

We trust the information in this article to guide your aspirations and focus, well enough to be resourceful for the varying disable categories listed above that are out there and maybe in need of help either for a purposed job, undecided or career decision plans.

We wish to ensure that you experience ultimate support and help to achieve your life expectancy.

 The list and names mentioned in the article are true and for/to encourage and awake your sleeping aspiration into action.

Life has so much to offer, yet you have a lot present, and if it gives you a “No” do not accept it, rather take the “Yes” by force and present it to the world – you courage is spectacular and your bravery phenomenal; I love it, the world will be appraised for it, and you’ll be at the spotlight forever remembered.

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