jobs in argentina for expats

This post has the list of job sites for expats, where jobs in Argentina for expats are posted regularly.

Finding a job in Argentina as an expat is probably the biggest hurdle an expat will face because he/she just relocated to the country.

Job opportunities for expats in Argentina are in big cities such as Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Mendoza, Rosario, etc, especially in the banking, IT and Oil sectors. Teaching English as a foreign language can also be an option for expats moving to the country.

Searching for jobs as an expat in Argentina is easy since most employers are looking for high skilled foreign engineers, managers, executives, etc, and are willing to pay any amount of money in return for skills brought by a foreigner.

Nevertheless, the country is very friendly to foreigners and has numerous national and international companies offering job opportunities to qualified and skilled professionals from all over the world.

With these job portals below you can easily search for expats jobs in Argentina.


Job Site Rank Job Site Name Description!
1. Xpat Jobs Xpat jobs as the name imply provide jobs for expats in Argentina
2. Indeed Argentina Go to indeed website, and Search for a Job of your choice. Indeed Argentina has a lot of Job vacancies for expats in the country.
3. Monster Head to Monster and Search for expat Jobs in Argentina, Jobs in Buenos Aires or other Argentine cities.
4. Craigslist Navigate to Craigslist and search for English speaking jobs and jobs in other sectors in Buenos Aires.
5. Zona Jobs For expats in Argentina cities like Sante Fe, Cordoba should check this job site for jobs
6. Career Jet You can also search for expat jobs in Argentina from CareerJet.All you need to do is to fill in your location and start your search.
7. Glassdoor Another great site to search for expat jobs is Glassdoor. In fact, Glassdoor has one of the best teaching jobs for expats in Argentina.
8. Jobs in Buenos Aires This job site offers job opportunities to expats in Buenos Aires with English as their main working language.
9. Bumeran Bumeran is an Argentina focused Job Board that offers Job listings and Offers for expat Job Seekers in Argentina.
10. Learn4Good Learn4Good is another job portal that offers job opportunities to expats in Argentina.
11. Expat job connects expats to international employers and recruiters and expats can easily get jobs with this site.
12. Go Overseas Search for your English Teaching jobs with



Jobs in Argentina For Expats – Job Sites For Expats In Argentina


1. Xpat Jobs

xpat jobs-jobs in argentina for expats

Xpat jobs is one of the biggest global job sites with millions of job opportunities in more than a hundred countries and languages worldwide.

New jobs are posted on this job site every minute, every day.  They specialize in jobs in Argentina for English speakers and multilingual vacancies.

If you are a looking for  English speaking job or a foreign language job, you can refine your search using the language field that is hidden under the ‘looking for multilingual jobs’ link in the main job search form.

Their keyword search accepts keywords in foreign languages which will match you with job descriptions that are posted in that language.

They have the latest job vacancies for expats in Argentina and expats can apply for listed jobs free, set up email alerts, and upload your CV and let recruiters find you.





2. Indeed Argentina

indeed- jobs in argentina for expats

INDEED Argentina is another job board expats should use to search for jobs in Argentina.

They have thousands of job vacancies available. Search for English Speaking jobs and jobs in other sectors.





3. Monster

monster- jobs in argentina for expats

Monster is a global job board that connects people to jobs wherever they are. For over 20 years, Monster has helped people improve their lives with better jobs, and employers find the best talent.

Monster offers services to over 40 countries today. This reputable job portal has job listed vacancies for foreigners especially those in Bueno Aires. Expats should browse sophisticated jobs on this site.





4. Craigslist

craigslist- jobs in argentina for expats

Expats can equally search for jobs on craigslist. Craigslist is known and used by millions of people worldwide for jobs, housing, services, and more.

Expats can get jobs like Teaching, Human resources job, Technical job, IT jobs, Banking jobs, and more.





5. ZonaJobs

zonajobs-jobs in argentina for expats
Expats in Argentina cities like Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Santa Fe, Neuquén, and more can browse for jobs on this job site.

Browse for jobs in various categories and get jobs that best suit your professional profile.




6. CareerJet

careerjet-jobs in argentina for expats

This job search engine is designed to make the process of finding jobs on the internet easier for all users.

It is available in more than 90 countries Argentina included and has job offers for expats as well.





7. Glassdoor

glassdoor-jobs in argentina for expats

Glassdoor is one of the world’s biggest job and recruiting sites that provides job opportunities for millions of people worldwide.

Unlike other job sites, this job board offers millions of people the latest job listings, has a database of company reviews, salary reports, CEO approval ratings, interview reviews and questions, benefits reviews, and more.

Expats should check this site for English Speaking jobs and Teaching jobs.




8. Jobs in Buenos Aires

jobs in Buenos Aires - jobs in argentina for expats

Expats in the capital city Buenos Aires should use this site to search for jobs in the city. About 1,002 jobs are available (at the time of my writing) on this site.

A job portal that provides jobs for English Speaking professionals in the capital city.




9. Bumeran

bumeran- jobs inargentina for expats

Search for jobs, browse jobs in different categories on this job website.

Visit this site to get the latest job offers today. Has lots of job vacancies for expats in Argentina.




10. Learn4Good

earn 4 good- jobs in argentina for expats

This is another good job portal where expats can search for jobs. Learn4good is a renowned job site where expats, as well as locals, always get the best job offers.

Foreigners in Argentina can search for Freelance jobs, Teaching jobs, IT jobs, Technical jobs, Engineering jobs, Language/Multilingual jobs, etc on this site.




11.  Expat Job

expat job- jobs in argentina for expats

This is the first independent job site dedicated to international employment.

It connects you with international employers and recruiters to help you find the position that fits your aspirations.

Browse for jobs by positions and categories.





12. Go Overseas

Go overseas- jobs in argentina for expats


Go overseas is a portal where expats can search for teaching jobs especially English teaching jobs in Buenos Aires.

Find different English Teaching jobs and select the one best for you.



How to get jobs as an expatriate in Argentina – The 5 Step Guide

how to get jobs as an expat in argentina

Finding a job in Argentina as an expat is not difficult when you know the necessary things to do. Here are some tips you can use before getting a job in Argentina as an expat.

1. Get a Visa

You will likely need a visa as an expat in Argentina unless you are planning to stay for less than three months.

Before you think of working in the country get a work visa. Anyone working in Argentina for more than three months needs a temporary work visa, which will allow you to carry out your professional activity in the country.

Work visas are necessary for anyone who is planning to carry out professional activities in Argentina. Below are the Steps you take before applying for a work visa in Argentina


i. Apply for a residence permit: Your employer to be in Argentina can initiate the procedure by requesting legal authorizations to hire a foreign worker from the Direccion Nacional de Migrations  (DNM). If the DNM approves the request, then a residence permit will be issued and sent to you.


ii. Apply for a Visa: The moment the residence permit is issued and sent by the DNM, you can then apply for a work visa at the Argentinian consulate in your country. The work visa application checklist includes a residence permit (sent by the DNM),

  • A valid passport
  • Three passports sized photos
  • Your employment contract signed by your future employer
  • A certificate of good conduct and an affidavit stating that you don’t have an international police record
  • An official certified copy of your degree certification or professional credentials
  •  Your birth certificate and marriage certificate and divorce decree (if applicable).


2. Learn the Language

Though you can speak English very well and can use it to get a job in Argentina, it is advisable for you to learn Spanish as well. Learning their language and able to speak will give you more advantages.

3. Write a good CV

As a professional, your CV should be brief yet precise and the information on it should be listed from oldest to most recent. Begin your CV with your civil status, then, list your career objectives and education.

Add foreign languages and extracurricular activities in your CV. And make sure you adapt the wording to the company you’re applying for, rather just sending the same standard CV to all of them. Your CV looks best when you include a photo as well.

4. Write a good and detailed cover letter

A single page is enough to write your cover letter. Make it brief and straight to the point. Do thorough research on the company before you write your cover letter.

5. Use all available channels

Send unsolicited applications, make use of the internet, and visit job websites like Monster Jobs, Indeed, Craigslist, etc. You can as well contact the Argentine chamber of commerce to find out more about employment possibilities, and the formalities involved. You can also make use of newspapers because many Argentinian newspapers have jobs and career sections.

Summary: Jobs in Argentina for Expats

I hope this post, Jobs in Argentina for expats will help you know the necessary job sites for expats in Argentina that you can use to get jobs easily.

Working as a foreigner in Argentina is easy. Just follow the tips on how to get jobs fast in Argentina and you will land on your next job in less time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Argentina a good place to live?

Argentina is a good place to live, and an amazing place to visit. The Argentines are friendly and they welcome foreigners. Argentina has beautiful landscapes, good food, good wine, and good weather.

What is the best place to live in Argentina?

There are many beautiful cities an expat can live in Argentina. Cities like Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Cordoba, Bariloche, Santa Fe, just to mention a few.

What industries pays well in Argentina?

– Mining
– Oil and Gas
– Banking
– Fishing and Logistics

What is the average annual salary in Argentina?

The average annual in Argentina is ARS 781,994, while the average take home earning is ARS 571,651 (Net) and the most typical salary is ARS 64,961 (Gross).

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