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Searching for jobs in Venezuela is not a difficult thing,  it is quite easy when you search in the right places. You can either search for jobs via job websites, newspapers, job agencies etc.

Venezuela is one of the most beautiful countries in South America and tourists are attracted to its beautiful landscape and beaches. People go there for vacations, fun, and greener pastures while others for new jobs and career opportunities.

Check out these job search sites in Venezuela below and view job offers from top employers in Venezuela.


Job Site Rank Job Site Name Description!
1. Glassdoor Go to Glassdoor and search for jobs in different sectors. This job board is one of the largest in the world and it has job listings for Venezuelan job seekers with company ratings and salaries.
2.  Indeed Indeed is used and well-known by millions of people globally. It has job offers in Venezuela. A good site for ex-pats to search for jobs.
3. Learn4Good Learn4good is a global job search site that has numerous job ads from reputable companies in Venezuela. You can search for jobs by category and by educational level.
4. Impactpool Find jobs in international organizations like the UN, EU etc. Impactpool has job vacancies for job seekers in Venezuela.
5. UN Jobs This site has numerous job vacancies for all those who want to work for the United Nations.
6. Teach Away Teach Away has teaching jobs available on their site. It is a good site for foreigners who intend to build a teaching career in Venezuela.
7. Bumeran Bumeran is one of the biggest job portals in South America. It has job ads from top companies in Venezuela.
8. Opcion Empleo This is the Spanish version of the global job search engine careerjet. It has thousands of job ads from different websites worldwide. A good site to get jobs in Venezuela.
9. LinkedIn A social platform where professionals meet. Employers post job ads on this site and are constantly in search of talents to fill vacant positions in their companies.
10. Oil and Gas job search Oil and gas job search as the name implies provides only jobs in the oil and gas sector worldwide. Find oil and gas jobs in Venezuela on this site.
11.  Go Overseas This is also a good site to search for teaching jobs in Venezuela. Find jobs, get teaching programs and reviews.
12. Craigslist Search for jobs in Venezuela on this site. Find jobs in different sectors such as Tourism, IT, Engineering, Real Estate, Education, etc on this site.
13. Writers Lab Search for freelance jobs on this site.
14.  Computrabajo Computrabajo is also a large job website in Latin America. Browse and search for jobs in Venezuela easily.



Top 14 Job Sites With  Jobs in Venezuela

1. Glassdoor

glassdoor -jobs in Venezuela

Glassdoor is a job board known and used by millions of people worldwide. It is one of the largest job portals with millions of jobs. This job board caters to many countries including Venezuela which means it has job offers in Venezuela.

Kindly visit the Glassdoor website and search for your dream job in Venezuela. Glassdoor does not only offer job opportunities but also provides job seekers with company ratings and salaries.

Search among the hundreds of jobs available.


2. Indeed

indeed - jobs in venezuela

This is a renowned job search site that has job listings from top companies in Venezuela. Indeed the Job board is also a great name in the job search industry.

Here, you can browse and search for jobs in different sectors like health, banking, engineering, NGO, etc.


3. Learn4Good

learn4good -jobs in Venezuela

A reputable job site with numerous jobs available for job seekers in Venezuela.

This site provides jobs for all job seekers irrespective of their educational level.

Get jobs in Venezuelan cities like Caracas, Maracay, Ciudad, Maracaibo, Barquisimeto, Maturin and more.


4. Impactpool

impactpool- jobs in Venezuela

This is a career platform with the aim of providing support for people who intend to pursue a career within a mission-driven organization.

They provide job seekers with career resources that will assist them to have a successful career.

Impactpool has numerous vacancies from hundreds of international organizations around the world including all UN organizations, the European Union, International Financial Institutions, Intergovernmental, and Non-governmental organizations.


5. UN Jobs

un jobs -jobs in venezuela

UN jobs have job vacancies in Venezuela for people who want to work for a UN organization.

They have vacancies in UNICEF, UNV, UNU, and many more.


6. Teach Away

teachaway - jobs in venezuela

For foreigners who wish to teach in Venezuela and provide better opportunities for students, this portal has teaching jobs to offer job seekers in the country.

Find jobs in private schools, international schools, and universities. Teachers with a degree and a TEFL certificate are likely to obtain better positions.


7. Bumeran 

bumeran - jobs in Venezuela

Bumeran is one of the largest job sites in South America that is known for its authenticity and reliability.

They have job offers for Venezuela where you can find employment positions like part-time, full-time, internships, contracts, etc in different cities in Venezuela.


8. Opcion Empleo

opcion empleo - jobs in venezuela

This is the Spanish version of the global job search engine Careerjet.

This site has thousands of job opportunities for all job seekers in Venezuela.

Browse jobs by industry and by location, and with just a click, you will have access to thousands of jobs posted on various websites worldwide.


9. LinkedIn

linkedIn - jobs in venezuela

LinkedIn is a social platform where professional people meet and it is a good place to search for jobs in Venezuela.

Many recruiters do go to this platform to search for top talents that will fill in vacant positions in their companies.

Jobs posted here are authentic and direct from the company.


10. Oil and Gas job search

oil and gas job search - jobs in venezuela

Are you looking for oil and gas jobs in Venezuela? Oil and gas Job search provides you with the latest job vacancies in the oil and gas sector.

Search for jobs by location, category, and company.


11. Go Overseas

Go Overseas - jobs in Venezuela

Find dozens of jobs and programs to teach English in Venezuela, with reviews, and alumni interviews on Go

A good site for foreigners and ex-pats in Venezuela searching for teaching jobs.


12. Craigslist

craigslist -jobs in Venezuela

Get jobs in Venezuela on craigslist, and search for jobs in various sectors like accounting, engineering, education, government, real estate, transport, IT, and much more.


13. Writers Lab

writers labs - jobs in venezuela


This is a freelance job board where freelancers get to search for jobs in Venezuela.

If you are a skilled writer this site is for you.


14. Computrabajo

computrabajo - jobs in Venezuela

Computrabajo is one of the leading employment websites in South America.

They help people get good jobs and also help them to grow professionally.

Find the best job offers in Venezuela, upload your resume and let employers find you.


Things To Know as a Foreigner Before Moving To Venezuela

things to know as a foreigner before moving to Venezuela
Things to know as a Foreigner Before Moving to Venezuela

Moving to Venezuela will be a one-of-a-kind experience for foreigners, as the country has a vibrant and rich culture as well as a wide variety of local foods that you will enjoy greatly.

This country has so many beautiful natural jungles, vast rivers, waterfalls, mountains, tropical beaches, and sultry rainforest, just to mention a few. There are plenty of things to explore when you visit this country.

Although Venezuela is a beautiful country, strolling at night is not a good idea. Thieves usually target foreigners in the country. Before you move into the country, there are some things you need to check

1. Check their visa requirements

It is always advisable to check visa requirements before moving to any country. There are some country’s nationals that just need their ID cards with their passport before entering Venezuela as tourist countries like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, and Ecuador.

Some don’t even need a visa before entering Venezuela for 90 days like All European Union Citizens, in some countries in North and South America.

Nationals from Iran can enter Venezuela without a visa but only for 15 days, while nationals from Bolivia can enter without a visa if only they have a notarized invitation letter and a hotel reservation.

2. Check their customs regulations before moving your items

Make inquiries, and know how much customs will charge for every belonging you have.

Also, try and coordinate with movers in Venezuela to make sure your shipments arrive within six months of your arrival as customs regulations dictate.

3. Check your private healthcare options

If you are planning to move and live in Venezuela, it is advisable to get your own private medical insurance to ensure that you are completely covered and can receive the best services in the country.


Things you didn’t know about Venezuela

1. Venezuela has Beautiful Scenery

This country is a beautiful country with amazing beaches, great mountains, and fantastic national parks. Angel Falls in Venezuela is one of the world’s tallest waterfalls.

Venezuela has over 30 national parks and 20 nature reserves. These parks and waterfalls are good places for nature trips and other activities like hiking and trekking. The nature parks include

2. Venezuela has the most beautiful women in the world (by title)

It is recorded that Venezuela has won the most beauty pageant titles than any other country in the world.

They have topped the charts for the world’s most prestigious pageants like Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss Universe, and Miss International.

3. Venezuela is one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

As beautiful as Venezuela is, there are still ugly realities in the country. In 2015, The World Atlas released a list of the most dangerous cities in the world, the capital of Venezuela Caracas has the highest murder rate.

Other cities like Valencia, Maturin, and Ciudad Guayana are in the top 20 cities on the list. This list was updated in March 2020 and Caracas is still the third most dangerous city in the world.

4. Venezuela has an interesting mix of culture

This country has an interesting mix of Spanish, American Indian, and African cultures.

Due to the fact that immigrants have been to this country in the past decade, the culture of Portuguese, Italians, and even Arabs is now part of Venezuelans’ daily living.

5. They always have their favourite cultural food called Arepa.

Arepas are flatbread sandwiches with cheese, meat, and beans and they eat them at least once a day, especially during breakfast.

6. They have amazing festivals

If you are planning to move to Venezuela, get ready to participate in their colourful festivities.

They celebrate Christmas, and New year as well as their Carnival which they observed three days before Ash Wednesday.


Summary: Jobs In Venezuela

There you have it, the best job websites to find jobs in Venezuela. Both foreigners and locals can use these job sites to search for available job vacancies in the country.

It is highly advisable for foreigners to get a work permit before working in Venezuela.

And for all those searching for teaching jobs, ensure you have a TEFL certificate; it will help you get a teaching job faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs are popular in Venezuela?

The primary industries in Venezuela include oil, food processing, building supplies, textiles, mining, steel, and tourism. Any foreigners who are thinking about working in Venezuela must get a work permit.

There are three official languages in Venezuela; Spanish, English, and Portuguese. However, there are more than 20 different native languages spoken in the country.

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