Letter Of Resignation Sample

How to write a resignation letter when you want to leave your job.

Even though “at-will” employment is the norm in the U.S., you should think about submitting a resignation letter to your employer to formally announce your resignation if you want to leave on good terms and maybe use them as a reference in the future.

A brief letter of resignation outlines your decision to leave, your last day, and the transition plan for your responsibilities. Here is a short tutorial and some example resignation letters.


Sample of a Short Resignation Letter


[Name of company]

[Your name] [Your title]

Dear Mr./Ms. [insert name]

I’d like to let you know that, as of [insert date], I’m leaving my position as [insert position name].

I appreciate all the help and chances you have given me over the years. I’ve had a great experience working at [insert company name] and I appreciate your supporting my efforts to advance both personally and professionally.

I’ll exert every effort to finish the tasks at hand while preparing the team or any new hires to take over my responsibilities. If there is anything else I can do to support you through this change, do let me know.

I want to keep in touch with the business and wish it further success in the future.


(Your name)

[Signature for printed version]


Sample of a Formal Resignation Letter

[Your name]

Your home address

[Your contact info]

Email address


[Name of supervisor]

[Title of supervisor]

[Name of company]

[Business address]

Dear Mr./Ms. [insert name]

Accept this letter as official notice that I’m leaving [insert position name] on [insert date], effective immediately.

I want to thank you for all the help and chances you have given me while I’ve worked at [insert business name] and I appreciate the motivation you have given me to pursue my career and personal growth.

I will make every effort during the next [enter remaining term] to complete outstanding chores and unfinished projects, and I’m willing to help with the recruiting and training of my replacement.

Please let me know how I may help throughout this change.

I want to keep in touch with the business and wish it further success in the future.


(Your name)

[Signature for printed version]


How to Write a Letter of Resignation

Our comprehensive article includes detailed instructions on how to create a strong resignation letter.

Resignation letter format guidelines

  • Declare your identity

Although it may seem unnecessary, your resignation letter should include your complete name and job title as it is an official document.

  • Declare that you want to quit.

You should declare your resignation in the opening paragraph of the letter, along with the date of your final day of employment. This has to be quick and easy. Don’t give a justification for your choice.

  • Say “thank you.”

Thank your employer for the opportunity you have been provided throughout your stay with the organization in the second paragraph. Describe some of the aspects of working there that you liked the best.

  • Offer to help in the transfer of power.

Mention your willingness to help the firm through the change in the third paragraph. If necessary, offer to finish all of your ongoing projects, mentor coworkers, or take on more responsibilities.

  • Sign your letter.

Remember to sign at the bottom of your resignation letter if you are sending it in on paper.


The Goal of a Resignation Letter

Although giving your employer a resignation letter is not legally required, doing so enables the business to ensure a seamless transition. The business will have time to identify a suitable successor or train a coworker to take over your job depending on when you turn in your letter.

A resignation letter is a formal record that goes into your employee’s file and HR’s file. Many employers want written paperwork to complete your leave benefits, even if you verbally express your decision to resign.


Letter of Two Weeks’ Notice vs. Letter of Resignation

A letter of two weeks’ notice and a letter of resignation are essentially the same documents. The letter’s intent is to notify your employer that you will depart on a particular date.

If you give two weeks’ notice in writing, your departure date is two weeks from the day the letter is turned in. In contrast, a resignation letter allows you to choose the departure date of your choice. Typically, this lasts for five days to four weeks.

What to Avoid:

  • Withhold the details of your resignation.
  • Never boast about your new position.
  • Be positive toward your supervisors and coworkers.
  • Don’t belittle the business.




Is a letter of resignation required when leaving a job?

No, the majority of jobs in the US are “at will,” meaning you can quit at any moment. However, it is polite to offer a resignation letter that specifies the day you will be leaving the company.

When should I turn in my letter of resignation?

When you formally left your employment, you should turn in your resignation letter. This will represent a formal record for HR.

In a letter of resignation, should you state your reasons for leaving?

No, your resignation letter should just declare that you’re leaving and include a date that is crystal clear for your final day of employment.

What should my resignation letter contain?

  • Your entire name and place of employment.
  • A statement of intent to quit in the opening paragraph.
  • The day you will depart is specified.
  • A sentence expressing gratitude to your employer for the chances they have provided.
  • A sentence expressing your desire to help with the transition.
  • you have signed.

What does a resignation letter serve?

A resignation letter informs your employer in writing of your plan to leave the company. It should specify your departure date and the transition plan for your responsibilities.

What distinguishes a letter of resignation from a letter of two weeks’ notice?

They are essentially the same. Both are used to express your desire to resign. A resignation letter may be sent at any time, but a two-week notice must be given 10 business days in advance.

Can I resign without a letter of resignation?

Yes, the majority of jobs in the US are “at will,” meaning you can leave at any moment without giving notice in writing. Some businesses, meanwhile, do need formal confirmation of your decision to leave.

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