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Who is this list of online learning platforms suitable for? If you are an expert in any field or area of studies, then it is about time you monetize your skills and knowledge

Are you an expert in digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, or you have the technical know-how of running successful Facebook Ads, then it’s high time you create an online course for it and earn some decent bucks doing that.

If you have a flair for teaching and sharing your insights with others, then you can use one of these online training platforms to create your own Course and training resources and share those informative and valuable skillsets to your audience while you earn.

The Education and Online learning niche is a very lucrative and profitable niche. You tend to literary make money from what you know and love to do.

The beautiful thing about this is that after creating your first course, you keep selling the same course to new Audiences without the need to recreate another from scratch except, otherwise a new course topic.

What Can You Teach With These Learning Platforms?

What can you teach with these learning Platforms?

You can teach about anything, from basic Mathematics to College students down to Advanced Mathematics and English Language to non-English natives.

Like the Chinese, Indians, and other Asians who are interested in learning the English language.

Let’s take a look at possible skills and subjects that you can teach from the comfort of your home and earn

34 Categories of Courses

1. Computer Science

2. Health & Medicine

3. Mathematics

4. Business

5. Humanities

6. Engineering

7. Science

8. Education & Teaching

9. Social Sciences

10. Art & Design

11. Data Science

12. Programming

13. Personal Development

14. Mathematics

15. Engineering

16. Arts and Design

17. Education and teaching

18. Data Science

19. Facebook Ads

20. Facebook Pages

21. Facebook Groups

22. Instagram

23. Pinterest

24. Microsoft Word

25. Microsoft Excel

26. HTML

27. WordPress

28. Drupal

29. Joomla

30. jQuery

31. Javascript

32. UI/UX Design

33. Android App Development

34. iOS App Development

List of available courses out there you can emulate

48 Course Examples

1. An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python

2. Mountains 101

3. Understanding Dementia

4. Learning How to Learn

5. Extinctions: Past and Present

6. Programming for Everybody with Python

7. Understanding Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

8. Six Sigma: Define and Measure

9. Introduction to Complexity

10. Maintaining a Mindful Life

11. Quantum Mechanics for Everyone

12. Preventing Dementia

13. Presentation skills: Designing Presentation Slides

14. Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential

15. A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment

16. Learning How To Learn for Youth

17. Introduction to Real-Time Audio Programming in ChucK

18. Tsinghua Chinese: Start Talking with 1.3 Billion People

19. What Is a Mind?

20. Introduction to Programming with MATLAB

21. Justice

22. Understanding Clinical Research: Behind the Statistics

23. HOPE: Human Odyssey to Political Existentialism

24. Introduction to Dutch

25. Machine Learning for Musicians and Artists

26. Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio

27. Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance

28. Elements of AI

29. Sound Production in Ableton Live for Musicians and Artists

30. Startup School

31. Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos

32. Matrix Algebra for Engineers

33. Mathematical Economics

34. English in Early Childhood: Language Learning and Development

35. The Science of the Solar System

36. The Bible’s Prehistory, Purpose, and Political Future

37. Medical Neuroscience

38. English for the Workplace

39. Forensic Facial Reconstruction: Finding Mr. X

40. Machine Learning

41. Basic Spanish 2: One Step Further

42. Discover Dentistry

43. EU policy and implementation: making Europe work!

44. The Musculoskeletal System: The Science of Staying Active into Old Age

45. Mechanics of Materials I: Fundamentals of Stress & Strain and Axial Loading

46. Learn to Program: The Fundamentals

47. Cartography

48. Dinosaur Paleobiology

10 Online Training Platforms

1. Udemy


With Udemy, anyone anywhere in the world can connect to a reach set of Educational materials and resources in any subject matter.

With over 10,0000 Professionals, teachers, and Experts contributing hundreds of thousands of Courses, Udemy stands to be one of the most successful open Education Platforms that has made education accessible and available to millions.

The platform has support and course creation tools like PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other rich media formats.

A combination of the training Text and a Video explaining and exploring the course makes up the Courses on Udemy, accompanied by other files that might be needed in the course of learning by any student.

As an Instructor or a course creator on the Platform, you can create and add your course freely and only pay when a student enrolls and pay for your Course.

Udemy charges 50% of each Course you sell to its 12 million+ students across the globe.

2. Teachable


Teachable is another great place to create and sell your training materials and courses, but there are some limitations and hindrances for instructors on Udemy that teachable has actually dealt with.

For instance on Udemy, Instructors cannot have control over pricing and branding as Udemy handles the pricing for all instructors Courses.

Apart from that, instructors themselves have little or no information about their Students and this is what Teachable has been able to put in place.

On Teachable instead of Instructors paying per each cost sold, they pay a monthly fee to access and use the platform to sell their Courses and manage their students

Teachable has over 3 Million Students, about 80,000 Instructors, and a staggering list of more than 30,000 Courses

3. Yaioa Subscription

Yaioa Subscription

The Yaioa Subscription Service is a simple and intuitive tool that can be used for online training purposes.

If you are looking for a platform to kick start your small training within a couple of hours, without the complexities that these other platforms have. Then such a platform is the Yaioa Subscription.

The Yaioa Subscription platform allows users to create a Free or Paid Subscription plan. Your student or users can subscribe to it for a week, a month, or a year, depending on your preferred duration.

This can be used for all sought-of subscription needs apart from online training, in as much as it requires a pool of users subscribing to get one thing or the other from you.

The Platform has 2 types of Subscription Categories. When creating your subscription, you would have to choose how you intend to deliver this service to your clients.

Categories of Subscriptions (Physical & Digital Subscriptions)

The Physical Subscription denotes that you will have to deliver this service to the Subscribers physically on their premises or yours.

While the Digital Subscription is that you will deliver whatever you are offering over the internet to the user without any location or physical contact.

Examples of a Physical Subscriptions you can create on this platform are;

1. Home Tutoring: You can create a Home tutoring Subscription plan for your different training and courses and get your Students to Subscribe to your Services on the platform.

Once you have a new Subscriber, you get to reschedule your time as you have a new student to train at home.

It will be great if you are not alone and do have other instructors that you can assign to each student

2. Extra Classes from your Premises: People can subscribe to the Platform for your Subscriptions and resume at your premises for whatever training that you offer. It could be Takwaendo, Karate, Boxing, etc.

NOTE: When adding a Subscription, there is a place to add a Description of the Subscription as well as the Subscription Policies.

3. Gym Instruction: If you have a Gym, you can use Yaioa Subscription to create a Subscription Plan for your Gym Membership.

Users closer to your Gym can get to Subscribe to your Gym online on the Platform. You can also refer new Members to go Subscribe on the platform too.

NOTE: After a User subscribes to your Subscription, depending on the type of information you added, the information will be revealed to the Subscriber. So it is ideal to include details like what the subscriber should do next since it is not a digital file that they could download right away after subscribing.

4. Pet Training: Are you a Pet vet or a pet trainer who knows how to train a pet to behave?

You could add a Subscription plan with details of what you will do for the pet, the times you will come in and policies surrounding your subscriptions.

Once a user Subscribes, his subscription starts counting based on the duration of the subscription plan.

NOTE: You can set your Subscription location to the city that you can offer your services to. There is a Country option too where you can set your country of operation.

5. Swimming: You can offer Swimming Subscription plans to people who want to learn how to swim.

NOTE: You can redirect your Subscribers after they subscribe to a WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook group. You can literally redirect them to any link or group after they subscribe by choosing link instead of File.

Examples of Digital Training that you can create on this platform are;

1. Facebook Ads Optimization: If you have success running FaceBook Ads with a high Return on Investment (ROI).

You can set up a Training Subscription plan and allow users who are interested to learn from you to Subscribe.

Depending on the type of Subscription that you choose, you can redirect your subscribers to a link or the file that they ought to download, maybe an eBook or an instruction manual.

2. Search Engine Optimization: You can also offer to train people on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Are you good at SEO and traffic generation from Search engines? You can set up training for this and invite people to subscribe to your Service.

NOTE: You can withdraw your earnings through a direct bank deposit / Wire Transfer, PayPal or Paystack

3. Writing: Writing is a very unique skill, especially in an information age like this.

So, if you have a flair for writing and you are good at it, you can teach the same by creating a writing subscription plan and allow users to subscribe.

NOTE: All Subscription goes through a Review that can take between 1–24 hours. If your Subscription plan does not meet the Platform’s standard, you will receive an email detailing what to do to fix it.

4. Academic Training Resources: You can create a Digital File Subscription for digital files of academic resources and guides for High School and Undergraduates. You can upload it to your plan when creating your Digital paid Subscription. Anyone that subscribes to this plan gets instant access to download this file.

NOTE: Most times people create Free Subscription plans just to reach out to new prospects for their other paid offers. While most times they do so to create an awareness of a certain product or service. Sometimes it could be for popularity and fame.

When it comes to simplicity and getting started easily without much complexities and complications in your training, Yaioa Subscription is the best place to start.

4. WizIQ

One of the most established brands in the eLearning Industry that allows training for severally intents and purposes.

Teachers and Instructors have mostly used this tool to deliver live training and on-demand webinars.

The nature of its rich set of tools and utilities makes this platform a unique platform to use. It has a slide, audio, video, and desktop sharing capability.

This platform is mostly common amongst academic course creators. With WizIQ, you can easily create and publish your Course in their Marketplace.

It also has a plug-in functionality that allows you to connect to other learning management systems like Sakai, Moodle, and other learning platforms.

5. Ruzuku


Ruzuku is more like a layman’s course creation platform as it does not require an instructor to be tech-savvy to be able to use the platform.

The platform is focused more on making the use and management of this system by Instructors and trainees easy and free of technical complexities.

They want to make sure that publishing a course won’t be tedious or rocket science.

With a bunch of great features and functionalities, Ruzuku also has other necessary integrations like PayPal for Payment, Mail chimp for Email capturing, and a periodic backup facility.

6. Educadium

With the help of Educadium’s EasyCampus, Companies, Entrepreneurs, and Organizations of all sizes can easily create and manage courses and training sessions.

This could either be for their in-house training or to sell and earn income. From Course designing to publishing, Educadium has got all the required tools.

It has a Trail Version that you can use to test first before upgrading to one of their paid plans.

They have different subscription packages that you can choose from through their Official website.

7. Learn Worlds 

Learn Worlds

What makes learn world an ideal Social learning platform is the way it integrates interactivity and communication. This platform also has a white label solution of their platform. Their Whitelabel Solution from their Premium Package comes packed with features like Simulators, an AI-like sales engine, advanced Analytics, Sales Page, and lots more.

Their Monthly subscriptions start at $24 / Month and $5 per sale.

8. Thinkific 

With over 35,000 Content and Course Creators, Thinkific is also another great platform to create and publish your Courses.

On Thinkific, you have the liberty of branding and selling your courses. If you are starting out and want a place to get started with that can help grow your Audience, Thinkific should be a better place to do so.

You might have trouble designing your courses on other platforms but that isn’t the same thing on Thinkific.

You will encounter little or no issue at all designing, publishing, and scaling your courses. The platform also supports the promotion and marketing of your Courses.

9. Academy of Mine

Just as the name implies, the platform helps you start and launch your very own online academy.

It is a drag and drop platform that helps you create your own online Academic portal in no time. With an intuitive administrative interface, Academy mine stands to be a great online training software.

Learning and understanding the features and how it works will give you a better result when using it.

10. Skillshare

Skillshare is the platform that has earned some top teachers over $50,000 yearly.

With the Skillshare Partners Program, you can create simple Courses that comprise Video and Texts.

Each Course is made up of a Video, course text, and the class project. Each video has a duration of about 10 to 25 minutes. But being eligible to earn from your Course, you must be able to enroll at least 25 learners in your Class.

The leverage Skillshare has for instructors is in its pricing model, it does not charge instructors and content creators per course but it charges the overall contents and course owned by an Instructor.

Summary: List of Online Learning Platforms

If you have experience with any of these list of online learning platforms, kindly share your experience in the comment section below.

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