list of recruitment agencies in johannesburg

Are you searching for a list of recruitment agencies in Johannesburg? This is a detailed list that we have compiled over time.


In one of our previous post recruitment companies in ghana, We talked about how faster and less competitive it is to secure a Job faster using recruitment Agencies as opposed to Job posting sites

You can read through it in other to better utilize this recruitment agency’s list in Johannesburg.

There are lots of great Recruitment Agencies in Johannesburg but getting to know each and every one of them, their areas of specialty, cost, address, phone number and maybe mode of operations will help ease your job hunting endeavors.

For this reason, we have put together a list of all the best recruitment agencies in Johannesburg

Some of these Agencies do not only serve Johannesburg but extends to other cities in South Africa like Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Soweto, and Port Elizabeth, etc.

list of recruitment agencies in johannesburg - capetown

List of Recruitment Agencies in Johannesburg

14 Best Recruitment Agencies in Johannesburg

Recruitment Agency Rank Recruitment Agency Name Description!
1. Search Partners International This recruitment agency is known to be South Africa’s number 1 Executive Search firm.
2. Isilumko Isilumko is a staffing firm in South Africa with offices in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Durban, and Cape Town. This staffing firm delivers top talents through scalable staffing solutions by recruiting the highest-caliber, and best-suited candidates to their clients.
3. Matlejoane Staffing Services Established in late 1997, Matlejoane’s Vision was to empower the dreams, ambitions, and aspirations of young Professionals and Non-Professionals alike.
4. Specialized Staffing Services As the name implies focuses on providing special staffing and recruitment needs to businesses in Johannesburg South, Greater Johannesburg, and Gauteng.


Some Skills and Professionals could be rare to find and in such Industries and Professions like this, Specialized Staffing Services serves that one Purpose, get you connected.

Address: 20 Koranna St, Winchester Hills, Johannesburg, 2091, Phone: (011) 680-4427

5. Global Network Recruitment It is a multifaceted Recruitment and Staffing Agency in Randburg, South Africa who offers excellent Staffing Services to Startups and established firms alike.


Address: Gauteng, 2001, South Africa, City of Johannesburg, Post Office box: 2406, Honeydew, Randburg, 2040, Phone number: 011 674 1451

6 Quest Staffing Solutions Quest Staffing is one of the most active and reputable Recruitment Agencies in South Africa with quite some decent Reviews online.
7 Measured Ability South Africa (MASA) Is one of the leading Employment agency in Johannesburg, South Africa, with more than 3 decades of operating in the Industry, from the ’80s where the Company was named Grey’s Personnel. Grey Staffing can help you with all your staffing and recruitment needs in all niche, Industry, and sectors.
8. Workforce Staffing Recruitment Agency Are you in need of staff in your Firm? That’s exactly what Workforce Staffing does, positioned as a seasoned Market leader in the Recruitment and Staffing Industry, covering all industries and sectors.
9. PMG Recruitment Services Not being specific on any particular Industry, Niche or Sector, PMG offers an all-round Recruitment and Staffing Service for all Roles and Industry.
10. Fempower Personnel Fempower is a Level 2 B-BBEE multi-specialist Employment Consultation and Staffing Agency in South Africa.
11. Sheli Placements Employment Agency Sheli is a dynamic Professional Recruitment Agency that automates the hiring process of Employees for Corporate Firms in South Africa. It is ranked #2 in our list of recruitment agencies in Johannesburg.
12. Kontak Recruitment Agency This is also a leading recruitment firm in Johannesburg that specializes in permanent, contract, temporary, as well as freelance recruitment.
13. Greys Recruitment Agency Grey Recruitment Agency is a division of MASA (Measured Ability South Africa and it is a white-collar Temporary and Permanent Recruitment Agency.
14. Amstrong Appointments Recruitment Specialists Amstrong Appointments recruits the best developers, programmers, and Project managers.

If you have experience working with any one of them, please do not hesitate to share your experience with us in the Comment section below.

Comprehensive List of Recruitment Agencies in Johannesburg

1. Search Partners International

Search Partners International

Though they are a subsidiary of a leading global alliance, With over 40 years of experience in the Industry, SPIN is a seasoned consultant with lots of Corporate career tool-sets in their Portfolio.

With a seasoned team of Shareholders and Directors, SPI has In-depth know-how and experience, coupled with their Expedient Research capacity, they are able to filter out the best candidates for Companies in about any Sector or Industry.

  • Address: 39 West St, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, 2198, South Africa,
  • Phone: +27 11 728 0105
  • Email:
  • Website:

2. Matlejoane Staffing Services

Matlejoane Staffing Services

More of an Initiative to help empower Job Seekers through Staffing and Employment, the Founder conceived and established the Firm.

Owned by Ms. Adelaide Matlejoane, a black female South African who has the zeal of a Great Woman and has proven so by means of this establishment.

Matlejoane is also a member of IPM and APSO. The Vision of Matlejoane from inception has always been to stand out as a leader in the recruitment and Staffing niche through consistent Service and Excellence.

The Areas of Staffing that they mostly deal with are:

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Admin Support Staffing
  • Office Support
  • Call Center
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Address: North Wing, 160 Jan Smuts Ave 1st Floor 2001 Johannesburg, Gauteng
  • Phone: +27 11 442 0819
  • Website:

3. Quest Staffing Solutions

recruitment agencies in johannesburg - Quest Staffing Services

Many people have secured Jobs through Quest and have considered them viable and responsive.

To get connected to them, head down to their website, Fill in your details and upload your CV, once there is an Opening or position that suites your Qualifications and role, an Interview will be scheduled for you.

One great thing about Quest is that they cover quite a lot of Regions in South Africa, from Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East London, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Randburg, Springs, etc.

They also offer Bulk Recruitment Services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, and Human Resource Outsourcing.

Dubbed South Africa’s leading Solution provider of scalable recruitment and staffing solutions, Quest offers Marketing, Sales, and Support Staffs of Permanent and Temporary Staff.

  • Address: 33 Hoofd St, Braampark, Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa,
  • Website:
  • Phone: +27 11 628 0300
  • Email:,,,,

4. Measured Ability South Africa (MASA)

Measured Ability South Africa (MASA) - greys Recruitment Agency

With a Database of highly qualified Candidates in South Africa covering the Professionals and Nonprofessionals, Temporary & Permanent Candidates, and the Skilled and Unskilled Personnel, you can be assured that Grey can fill in your open Vacancies.

  • Address; 3rd Floor, Widex Building, 22 Island Circle, Riverhorse Valley, Business Estate
  • Phone: 4016, 031 312 6453
  • Email:
  • Website:

Watch this Video by MASA that explains the new Job Law in South Africa so you will know your Rights!

5. Workforce Staffing Recruitment Agency

Workforce Staffing Recruitment Agency

Beyond Staffing and Recruitment, Workforce offers Custom Outsourcing Solutions for Firms including all areas of Human Resource Management and Payroll Management.

Workforce Staffing offers timely staffing in the agriculture sector, manufacturing sector, hospitality industry, mining sector, construction Industry, office support staffing, logistics staffing, permanent & temporary staffing, retail staffing, aviation, and renewable-energy Staffing.

This Company provides over 35,000 Temporary and about 1,000 Permanent Staff for Companies like Dunlop, Distell, Parmalat, I&J, Laser, Basil Read, and IMASA, etc.

  • Address: 11 Wellington Road, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193, PO Box 11137, Johannesburg
  • Email:
  • Phone:087 135 8888
  • Website:

6. PMG Recruitment Services

PMG Recruitment Services

They also offer Permanent and Temporary Staffing. With this, it becomes easier for them to connect Job Seekers with Employers looking for their types of Skill, Experience, and Expertise.

PMG prides itself to be a generalist Recruitment Agency that accepts and deal with Employees from all working background and profession both locally and internationally.

  • Address: Arrow Creek Office Park, 132 Athol Street, Cnr Meyer Street, Waverley, Johannesburg, 2192
  • Phone: +27 011 083 5231, +27 011 075 4509, +27 011 075 4271
  • E-mail: For Companies:, For Job Seekers, Email your CV to
  • Website:

7. Fempower Personnel

Fempower Personnel Recruitment Agency

With their years of Experience in the Industry, Fempower is well equipped to manage the ever-rising recruitment and Human Resource demands in the Country. Making it to this list of recruitment agencies in Johannesburg is as a result of their outstanding performances over the years.

Services they Offer are Recruitment and Temporary Staffing but not limited to;

  1. Temporary employment services
  2. Permanent and temporary staffing recruitment
  3. Outsourced Staffing and Management
  4. Payroll and Finance management
  5. Staff Training and Specialized skill development
  6. Personalized Solutions for People with Disabilities
  7. Employee Healthcare and Wellness Management
  8. Insurance and Financial lifestyle services
  9. Complete Outsourcing of Business Processes.

Fempower has worked for Employers like IMPALA Platinum, KIJIMA, Sasol, Pioneer Foods, Shoprite, KFC, Land Bank, Clover, and a host of other reputable Firms in South Africa.

  • Address: 10 Girton Rd, Park Town, Johannesburg, 2193, South Africa,
  • Phone: +27 10 003 6735
  • Email:
  • Website:

8. Sheli Placements Employment Agency

Sheli Placements Recruitment Agency

Providing Exceptional Talent from inception to finishing is one of the things Sheli knows best, from Criminal Background checks on Job Seekers, down to ITC Fraud Analysis.

With a dedicated team of seasoned professionals, Sheli is able to scrutinize Employees leaving no stone untouched.

Covering all niche and sectors, sheli recruits, and make placement in the Medicine niche, Finance Sector, Legal Sector, Engineering Discipline, Educational sector down to the vast NPO sector.

9. Isilumko


Isilumko is a staffing firm in South Africa with offices in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Durban, and Cape Town.

This staffing firm delivers top talents through scalable staffing solutions by recruiting the highest-caliber, and best-suited candidates to their clients.

They provide temporary, contract, and permanent recruitment services and can function as a company’s HR department if the company has none.

  • Address: Unit G, La Rocca 321 Main Rd, Bryanton, Johannesburg.
  • Phone: 001-267-2920
  • Email:
  • Website:

10. Specialized Staffing Services

Specialized Staffing Services

Some Skills and Professionals could be rare to find and in such Industries and Professions like this, Specialized Staffing Services serves that one Purpose, get you connected.

  • Address: 20 Koranna St, Winchester Hills, Johannesburg, 2091
  • Phone: (011) 680-4427

11. Kontak Recruitment Agency

Kontak recruitment agency

Kontak helps employers to find the right talent for their openings, assist them with the full employment process, and placement of personnel on all career levels.

Kontak like any other recruitment agencies acts as the intermediary between the employer who is hiring and the job seeker who is seeking employment.

  • Phone: 011-431-3542, 010-013-0242, 066-201-3104
  • Email: For Employers-, For Jobseekers –
  • Website:

12. Greys Recruitment Agency

Greys Recruitment Agency

Grey Recruitment Agency is a division of MASA (Measured Ability South Africa and it is a white-collar Temporary and Permanent Recruitment Agency.

As a subsidiary of MASA, this firm upholds the same values and practices as its parent company and also solves your business challenges by sourcing the best candidates with the right mix of skills, experience, and attitude.

  • Address: No 8, 11th Avenue, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, 2198
  • Phone: 011-447-5582
  • Email:

13. Global Network Recruitment

Global Network Recruitment

This recruitment agency provides employers with experienced and certified recruitment experts that can thoroughly handle every aspect of their recruitment process

Global Network Recruitment Agency has successfully recruited candidates for jobs in both the private and public sectors in various industries.

  • Phone: 011-674 -1451
  • Fax: 086-610-9913
  • Email: For CV –, General –

14. Amstrong Appointments Recruitment Specialists

Amstrong Appointments Recruitment Specialists

If you are looking forward to hiring skilled programmers, developers, project managers, and any other type of IT and digital professional, Head to Amstrong Appointments Recruitment firm.

This recruitment firm specializes in recruiting the best IT and digital professionals for companies. However, they also hire candidates in other fields as well.

  • Phone: 011-440-7117
  • Email:
  • Website:


Question and Answer Session:

What is South Africa unemployment rate

South Africa’s Unemployment rate was 26.7% in 2018 but as of 2019, it changed to 29.1%.  

What is South Africa youth unemployment rate

youth unemployment rate in south africa 2018

Based on research by Stats SA, the high Unemployment rate is basically same for both the Adults and the Youth, but that of Young people within the aged of 15 to 34 was around a whopping 38.2%, which denotes that more than 1 in every 3 Youths did not have Jobs in the 1st quarter of the year 2018.

But as of January 2020, the South Africa Youth employment rate was at 58.1%. 

We compiled this list of recruitment agencies in Johannesburg in the hope that it will help tackle Unemployment and Job accessibility.

What is the unemployment rate in South Africa by race

The painful truth or the reality is that the Unemployment rate of the Blacks as opposed to the Whites still stands at a staggering 30.4% (Blacks) as against 7.6% (Whites).

What is the graduate unemployment rate in South Africa

graduate unemployment rate in south africa

According to Stats SA, those with low Educational Background has a higher Unemployment rate as opposed to the Educated populace at 31.2% (Uneducated) against 6.6 (Educated).

What is South Africa inflation rate

What is South Africa inflation rate

According to Trading Economics, the Inflation rate of South Africa stands at 4.1% in March of 2020.

Summary: List of Recruitment Agencies in Johannesburg

In a couple of weeks, we have been able to put together the list of recruitment agencies in Johannesburg which we are certain can be used for other Regions and Cities in South Africa apart from Johannesburg.

A firm like Quest Staffing has a presence in over 15 cities and regions making it more than just a recruitment agency in Johannesburg but rather a national Recruitment Firm

Go give it a trial, check them out, place a call, and see which will land you that decent job that will catapult you to your next level as we enter the New Year.

If this content is helpful, please kindly share it with friends and Family, on Social media pages and Groups.

For a Company you felt should have been in this list but not in here, kindly comment with the details below and we will endeavor to update it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do recruitment agencies work?

Companies/employers hire recruitment agencies to find reputable candidates. These agencies do this by researching the job listings, identifying qualified candidates, screening the candidates, and providing support to the employer during the selection of the new hire.

What are the disadbantages of working with a recruitment agency for my recruitment needs?

– The cost of recruiting – All recruitment agencies require a fee for their services.
– Lack of control – Most hiring managers finds it difficult to choose the right candidate so they live everything in the hands of recruitment agencies.
– Indirect candidate access – Since the employers/hiring managers are not always part of the staffing experience from the very beginning, it will be difficult for them to access employees before they arrive at the office.

Are recruitment agencies free?

Job seekers are free to register and submit their CVs on recruitment agencies but employers/hiring managers will be charged a certain fee depending on the number of candidates they want to hire.

Do recruitment agencies take a cut of your salary?

Recruitment agencies don’t cut a candidate’s salary. Generally, recruitment agencies are hired by the employer to identify suitable candidates for an open position. The employer is the one to pay the recruitment agency after the successful placement of a candidate in the job.

Will a recruitment agency find ame a job?

Recruitment agencies don’t find jobs for people, they instead search for potentially suitable candidates to fulfil their client’s hiring expectations. Candidates can only apply for the job openings on recruitment agencies and wait to be choosen as the one fit for the job.

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