Low-cost Business Ideas with High profits

Here are a lot of Low-cost Business Ideas with High Profits.

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Living life can be daunting especially when you have bills but you’ve got no/little reasonable income. The best way to cope with today’s lifestyle is to have more than one source of income.

An idea of a business with a low start capital is often desirable, especially when the gain is worth more. Relax while we take you on a journey of some low-cost business ideas that are surprisingly paying off.


Affiliate Marketing:

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 Trust me when I say Affiliate Marketing is huge. It is a low-cost business idea with high profit. Earn a little portion every day from the sales made for the original brand. it might be a bit uneasy at the start but when you can build up your clients, you will earn well.

Virtual Assistant Service:

What is the work of a Virtual assistant?  They basically help post businesses on social media. You only need a computer system and an internet service and you are good. You can get more money with your skills.

Online Influencer Service:

 Get started by becoming an Online Influencer. collaborate with brands, showcase their services to the intended audience. this doesn’t cost much. Learn more about it and get started.

Ebook Sales: 

Publishing ebooks don’t take much funds. You can do that on Amazon and other platforms at a fair price. Then, all you take home is profit, profit, profit!

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Digital Marketing:

Make more gains by solving most digital marketing problems. If you are an expert in this field, get an internet connection and start working.

Social Media Marketing:

What do you think about giving services as a professional Social Media Marketer? If you ask me, This is one of the low-cost business ideas with high profits.


I guess this didn’t come to your mind. recruiting professional candidates to certain brands pays a lot. You should try this. 

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Business Consulting:

Are you an expert in any field? why not share your knowledge and expertise with others at a considerable price.


Speaking of blogging, It is the new trend in this era. Start a blogging brand, spice up your blog with entertaining stories and you will be amazed by the profit you”ll make.

YouTube Video Creation:

Don’t you wonder how YouTubers earn so much money? The platform rewards them according to their video/follower strength.

If you can create the vibe/content that will attract people, what are you waiting for?  put it to use!


As a Writer, you can collaborate with brands and offer them copywriting services and you get paid. you could earn a contract if possible.

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Podcasting is among the low-cost business ideas with high profits. Just acquire some audio materials that are not expensive and start your business. Podcasting is similar to blogging, just that uses an audio format layout.

Membership Website Development:

You can start a Membership site where people have to pay monthly to view your shows instead of making your contents freely accessible.

Online Course Sales:

As an expert in a particular field, you can do online course sales in that field at a moderate fee. that way, people can have access to knowledge whenever they want.

Resume Service:

Of course, offering Resume services at a fee is highly profitable. Plenty of job finders will be ready to pay you to write them resumes, cover letters, and a lot more.

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Web Design:

Offering Web designing services to individuals and brands doesn’t take a lot to start, but profit is assured.

IT Support: 

You can actually render IT support to individuals at a stipulated time and fee. This can be done online or using your phone so don’t bother about a space to work from.

Digital Product Sales:

At a low cost,  you can create some digital products, like printables and workbooks. Sell them online and make a lot of profit.

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App Development:

There are numerous low-cost business ideas with high profits and App development is no doubt one of them. Create apps and place them on sale. Let’s not talk about the profit you’ll make because it is huge!

Ecommerce Reselling:

Starting an eCommerce business is profitable, You can buy products at a fair price and resell to make your profit.

Product Licensing:

If you have a product idea, you can render the licensing authority to various companies. This way, you don’t have to spend a dime on manufacturing and developing. 

Tax Prep:

In a short period of time, you can surprisingly make a lot of money by helping individuals and firms during their taxing period. 

Real Estate Brokering:

Make money on every sale and even more money when you secure extra agents. This can only be done as a Real Estate Broker. 

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Being a multilinguist is a plus. You do not even need start-up capital for this. You can serve as a translator to firms, government organizations, and authors.

Stock Photo Sales:

Photography can earn you massive income. On Stock Photo, you can sell your photos and make money.  

Meal Planning:

So many people are health conscious. Starting a meal plan business can earn you more than you think.

Event Photography:

You can render photography services to events like marriages, Birthday celebrations, Anniversary celebrations, and more.

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Property Management:

You can start this business without a space. Help people to manage their Properties for a fee.

Vacation Rentals Business:

You can start a Vacation Rentals Business in a little space in your house. One of the low-cost business ideas with high profits.

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Event Planning:

 With accurate planning skills, you can start planning events. A lot of people are ready to pay a fee for this purpose. You can plan birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, and more.

Home and Office Cleaning:

The amount of profit this business can give is amazing. You only need your transportation to locations and cleaning agents and equipment.


This business is trending. You can start a food business at a stipulated price for different events. 

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Car Detailing:

What do you think about cleaning cars for some token? The profit is big.

Food Truck Operation:

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Food trucks business is a low cost, high-profit business. Situate your food truck with varieties of well-prepared foods in busy locations like traffic places, beaches, and at other events and you will be amazed by the gain you will make.


The landscaping business is profitable and low-cost because you only need your transportation and necessary equipment.

Recycling Service:

It is quite easy to start up your own recycling services at a fee. 

Home Remodeling:

If you have experience in home remodeling, you can start your own business. This business pays a lot because a lot of people are open to refurbishing their homes.

Handyman Service:

Some people think they need their offices before they can start up a business. An office can come later but you can start earning money with this job.

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Electronics Repair Service:

If you have good knowledge about electronics, you can start repairing people’s laptops phones, and others at a premium price.

In-Home Senior Care:

Lots of people need these home care services. you can start up your own In-home senior care.

Refurbished Electronics Sales:

You can also get people’s faulty phones, fix them and sell them off.

Pet Sitting:

Do you love animals? you can start a pet sitting business. Take dogs for a walk and get paid.

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Call Center Operation:

This might take a big capital to start but if you can start up a small-scale call center operation, you will be surprised at the profit you will make. Most companies are ready to fund this kind of business to ensure their call services are located close to people.

Child Care:

 Busy parents usually need these services. If you start one, definitely you will make good money. You can create a little space in your home that can enable you to take care of more kids at the same time.

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Test Prep Service:

You can charge a moderate amount to prepare or teach high school or college kids. It is preferable you take them on courses you are well vested in.

Life Coaching:

If you have and expertise in this. you can start this at a low cost. Either you met the client in person or you work online.

Travel Planning Service: 

This too is a great one. with the right training, you can give travel planning services to clients.

Tour Guide Service:

It is profitable to render a tour guide service and sell books for tour directions if you live in a tourist area.ies


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 Acting Classes Business:

If you have acting skills, Startup an acting class business and thank me later!

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Art Lessons Business:

Before getting into this, You must be an expert. Teach people Arts at an inexpensive price and be glad you did.

Personal Training Business:

Staying fit and strong is the mindset of everyone. If you consistently do this at a fair price, you will be shocked about the profit you will make.

Online Dating Consulting Business:

Finding true love may be tasking. You can imagine how grateful many will be if you create a dating consulting business that will help people get matched with the right partner.

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Career Coaching Business:

This kind of business takes qualified minds. If you are trained and you can adequately coach people, you should start a career coaching business. It pays so much.

Proofreading Business:

 Did this even cross your mind? I guess No! Proofreaders are great writers. If you are knowledgeable in this and you wish to make money, You can start this business.

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I’m very sure this is helpful. Low-cost Business Ideas with High Profits will make you earn money in unbelievable ways.

We have made available 50+ businesses for you to chose from. More than one source of income is not a bad idea at all. Get started with any of the above-mentioned businesses and earn big.

We will gladly help you if you encounter any problems. Enjoy.













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