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This post on Low-Stress Jobs for Women is a detailed list of jobs suitable for both working and non-working women to help them earn money without stress.

Work stress is nothing really new. In fact, it’s an integral part of our jobs.

That is because all of us rush to meet targets or deadlines or get something done to the satisfaction of the employer. And women are more at risk from stress than men.

The reason for women experiencing more or even severe stress is simple: they double up as workers and homemakers.

Meaning, some part of their daily time goes on their jobs while the other on household work such as cooking, attending to kids, and cooking, among others.

And some women, that are working also experience stress because they worry a lot about money. Often, women that don’t work are at the mercy of someone else to provide their daily needs and a few comforts where possible.

Regardless of whether you’re a working or non-working woman, there’s nothing really to worry about. Because in this article, I will be discussing the 11 best low-stress jobs for working and non-working women.

Let’s begin by understanding what’s stress.


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Understanding Stress

Basically, stress is an emotion in itself. It occurs when we face difficult situations at home or work or even in society at large.

This kind of stress can lead to anxiety which further develops as depression. Hence, it’s best to avoid such kind of negative stress.

And then we have positive stress too. Psychologists call it ‘eustress’. This kind of stress or eustress is positive because it propels us into action to do something at work or home. And we enjoy doing it.

Eustress leads to better work that translates as promotions and salary hikes.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a job without negative stress and the one that would drive you to work in a positive frame of mind, read my list of the best 11 low-stress jobs for women – working and non-working women.


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Best 11 Low-Stress Jobs for Women – Working and Non-Working 

This curated list of the best 11 jobs for working and non-working women is purely based on research. In fact, these 11 jobs could also help you earn a lot of money.

However, for some jobs, you would require specific educational qualifications. The others would require a few skills only. So here we go.

1. Artificial Intelligence Developer

Artificial Intelligence, Ai

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an evolving technology in the US and worldwide. In simplest terms, AI means assigning computers to do certain functions that would otherwise require human intelligence.

AI is used by chatbots and telephone calls, Robo Advisors, and other stuff.

It means, instead of a human, a computer with AI will chat with you on a chatbot or telephone call or provide financial advice through a Robo Advisor.

This job requires a degree in software, especially AI development. And the pay scale can shoot up to $125,414 per year.

2. Data Scientist

Computer, Data, Digital, Technology

A Data scientist is basically someone that analyzes various information from a website or shopping portal or even a blog.

They analyze the data using special software and look for details such as the number of visitors to a website, frequency of use, type of stuff or information they look for, cost of lead conversion as a customer, buying patterns, and other such things.

This data helps business owners and website owners to know the efficacy of their online campaigns, whether they’re to promote a product or service or further a political agenda.

They use the analyses provided by a data scientist to reduce advertising costs while optimizing the number of customers for higher profits.

To work as a data scientist, you would require an IT degree with a major in data sciences. This kind of job could fetch you an average of $91,877 per year.


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3. Statistician

Graph, Diagram, Growth, Report, Analyst

If you’ve excellent math skills and know-how to create charts, analyze figures and do some projections about anticipated numbers about things in the future, you can work as a statistician.

This is one of the best low-stress jobs for any woman, regardless of whether you’re working or not working. The reason is that statisticians get up to $89,552 per year or even more if you’re superb.

Working as a statistician is fun. It requires you to play with figures. However, to work as a statistician, you’ll require a graduate degree in Math or other qualifications as a statistician.

Often, commerce graduates also take statistician jobs since they also learn complex mathematical calculations and projections.

4. Dietician

Diet, Dietician, Foods, Welfare

For working and non-working women that love food, working as a dietician could be the right kind of job. That’s because the science of dietetics is all about creating the right diet for your clients or employer.

You’ll have to create various diets, suited for diabetics, persons suffering from high blood cholesterol or uric acid that can lead to serious disease, and patients that require a specific diet.

Usually, dieticians work at hospitals, government organizations, hotels, restaurants, airlines, and several other places. That’s because they need to customize diets and give orders to prepare meals that are suitable for patients of all kinds of diseases.

On average, a dietician can earn up to $76,298 per year.


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5. Nutritionist

Obesity, Diet, Slimming, Weight, Fat

Being a Nutritionist is one of the low stress jobs for women. Surely, you’ve read the nutritional value of a pack of chips or cookies, a jar of jam, or even a pre-cooked meal.

Guess how the company knows how many calories, proteins, vitamins, and minerals that specific foods deliver?  That’s the job of a nutritionist.

They analyze various foodstuffs to arrive at a nutritional value. That means you know what you’re eating.

As a working or non-working woman, this is also a stress-free job that you’ll enjoy because it involves all kinds of food.

You could find employment with food processing companies, food manufacturers, Food and Drug Agency (FDA), and other organizations such as plush hotels and restaurants that aim at providing nutritional food or monitor its nutritional value.


6. PSO

Make A Phone Call, Mobile, Phone

PSO is a short form for Phone S*x Operator. Now you might wonder what a PSO’s job doing on my curated list of the best 11 low-stress jobs. A lot actually.

To begin with, PSOs can earn as high as $65 per hour, depending upon the agency that hires them.

And you can work on flexible hours too. And there’s nothing to worry about. Your name and location remain secret.

Nor does the customer get your phone number because the PSO agency will route the call through its specially encrypted system.

Generally, a PSO job involves listening to a steamy talk from customers and responding to them with more such chatter. Usually, persons that are lonely and want only a steamy conversation use this service.

All you require is a superb voice and some skills in speaking the way the client wants.


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7. Radiologist

Human Skeleton, Human Body, Anatomy

A radiologist is the one that takes X-rays, ultrasound, CT scans, and other diagnostics for patients of various diseases. This is a typical-based low-stress job where the machines and a computer does all you work at the click of a button.

You don’t have to worry about diagnosing the patient because that’s the job of a physician.

To qualify for this low-stress job as a woman, you’ll need a degree in radiology. Your task is only to direct the patients on how they should stand, sit or pose for the X-Ray, CT scan, or ultrasound test.

And once the test is done, you’ve to forward the results online to the physician who’s attending to the patient or hand over the diagnostics report to the person themselves. This job fetches a median of $67,916 per year.

Employers include diagnostic centers, clinics, and hospitals.


8. Microbiologist

Microscope, Research, Lab, Laboratory

Another amazing low-stress job for working and non-working women is that of a microbiologist. And it’s an exciting job too.

As a matter of fact, microbiologists are in great demand in 2021 and this phenomenon will remain for the next several years, according to various projections.

Because microbiologists help identify various kinds of viruses, bacteria, amoeba, fungi, and other types of harmful as well as beneficial microbes.

Your job is to study samples of all kinds- from body secretions to food particles to find and identify the types of microbes. All you need to do is look at these samples using sophisticated microscopes and make a report.

You don’t have to analyze your findings because physicians or other more qualified persons would do that. This low-stress job requires a degree in Microbiology.

The median pay is $65,392 per year, according to various sources.


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9. Online Translators

This is one of the low stress jobs for women. If you’ve expert-level fluency in English and a foreign language, find a stress-free job as an online translator. This job can fetch you as much as $20-$30 per hour if you’re a lawyer too and know legal jargon.

Online translators usually give live translations to various conversations, especially during meetings. And they also translate various kinds of documents for companies and individuals. 

This is also a work-from-home job so you could work anytime.


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10. Content Writer

Student, Notebook, Female, Study, Type

Content writing is on of the low stress jobs for women. 

As a content writer myself, I will definitely suggest this profession to any woman that’s looking for a low-stress job. In fact, content writing is a very creative job that also involves extensive research.

However, you get to learn about a lot of new things while playing with words to write some content. Often, content writers work from home on flexible hours, and hence, they don’t really experience the stress of a commute.

Website owners, businesspersons, bloggers, advertising agencies, and all kinds of organizations require superb content. If writing is your passion and online research is something you would enjoy, find a job as a content writer.

Because on average, content writers in America earn about $57,214 per year. Your income can go higher if you begin freelancing for clients from around the world.


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11. Blogger

Wordpress, Blogging, Writing, Typing

Some years ago, blogging was a hobby. Nowadays, it’s a full-fledged profession that could help you make a lot of money. Honestly, I cannot predict or foretell how much money you could make every year as a blogger.

But there’re instances where bloggers have become millionaires because their blogs or writings are widely read. They also have tens of thousands of followers.

Bloggers can make a lot of money by subscribing to Google AdSense which displays ads on their blogsite. Every time someone clicks on these ads, some money comes to you a blogger.

Then there’re other ways of making money such as affiliate marketing, accepting sponsored posts on your blog, selling self-branded merchandise, and giving paid membership to exclusive content, among others.

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In Conclusion

These are the top best 11 low stress jobs for women regardless of whether they’re working or not working at the moment.

As you can see from my list, some of these jobs require specific qualifications while others depend upon your skills and hobbies.

You can select any of these high-income jobs to make a career for a happy life.

Also, there are Free Online Typing Jobs Without Investment and Registration Fees. This is a good one for everyone. Check it out.

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