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These effective marketing ideas for restaurants that I’ll share with you would give you an edge over your competitors especially with how competitive the restaurant business is these days.

You will need to give your one hundred percent in order to stay ahead of your competitors.

The first step is to create a detailed marketing plan as it will help you define your brand and know the necessary marketing efforts that need to be achieved.

Here are lists of different ideas that can be used to market your restaurant. These methods include both online and offline strategies.

1. Create a Food subscription plan on YAIOA


Platforms like YAIOA (Your All in One Account) allows you to create subscription plans for your restaurant services that people can subscribe to. All you have to do is to register on the platform as a VENDOR and then go ahead to create a subscription plan.

YAIOA will automatically intercept your subscription plan with the target consumers. Registration is completely free.

For example, if your restaurant is a keto-based restaurant, you can decide to create a subscription plan for daily, weekly, or monthly delivery of food for a fee.

This way, people on ketogenic-diet that come to the YAIOA platform looking for restaurants can see your subscription plan and subscribe to it.

2. Create a social media challenge

social media challenge

You should try a giveaway contest on social media as a fun way to promote your brand. For example, you can organize a contest where you as people to tag their favorite dining buddy and stand a chance to win a free lunch for two.

This will help you gain more followers, create more awareness for your brand, and get more customers to check out your business.

3. Use Hashtags


Hashtags are a great tool to try out in your restaurant marketing ideas. Hashtags are important for your restaurant because they can help create brand awareness, increase engagement and easily get customers to patronize your restaurant.

One key to success is building awareness for your brand. When prospective customers see the name or logo of your restaurant, you want them to immediately know things like what your company stands for, the type of food you serve, and where to find you.

Constantly using hashtags for your restaurant will encourage your followers to use it as well. This will build a community of customers because it increases engagement.

Your customer base will begin to grow once your hashtags gain popularity and your online followers will then become offline customers.

You should try using branded hashtags along with popular hashtags in your area because it will increase the discoverability of your post and also help you gain more followers. Include local hashtags so that your posts will show up in your geographical area.

Note that too many hashtags can be a little annoying and might get lost in the mix. So, you should monitor the number of hashtags you use.

4. User-generated content

user generated content

Using content that was posted by your followers can save a lot of time and money. It makes things a lot easier for you.

Statistics show that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from other people when compared to branded content. People trust their peers, so you have to use content that was posted by average people to promote your brand.

You also are not required to make any payment to use their content. You are very likely to have a lot of user-generated content as a restaurant because people like posting photos of their food.

A typical indicator of a trustworthy brand is user-generated content. Having others promoting your brand is just like having them give you a great review of your restaurant.

5. Pay attention to local SEO

Local SEO

Local SEO for restaurants is VERY important. Your restaurant should show up when potential customers search for restaurants in their local area. If you are not showing up, you shouldn’t expect to get much business.

Your goal as a restaurant should be to rank in the top three Google map spots where users search for a specific keyword. The top three restaurants will receive the most traffic because they are the first results that a user sees.

Some helpful tips to get you ranking in local SEO are:

  • Good reviews: You should encourage your customers to review your business on various platforms because reviews create trust with your potential customers.

Prepare yourself for the bad reviews too because they are inevitable.

But you need to ensure that you are keeping track of comments and reviews so that you can easily respond to customers that might have had a bad experience at your restaurant.

  • Consistency: It is important to be consistent in keeping your restaurant name, phone number, and address across all platforms as it is to be consistent with your food and dining experience.

All social media platforms and listings where your restaurant appears should be up to date because even the smallest error can confuse customers and search engines.

If your website has been inactive for years, search engines might give you a lower ranking in search. So it is important that you keep your website active and running.

Also, you should regularly update your site to reflect your current menu and hours as it is very important.

6. Geo-targeted ads

geo-targeted ads

You will surely get value out of your online marketing efforts if you invest primarily in geo-targeted ads. This kind of ad helps you to save money while ensuring that your ads are only targeted to users in a particular area or within a specific radius.

This way, irrelevant clicks that cost quite an amount of money are eliminated. Online advertising agencies like Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, etc all offer geo-targeting options at no extra cost.

Take advantage of these features to get your ads in front of your best customers.

7. Respond to bad online reviews

bad online reviews

As I have said before, bad reviews are inevitable. There is always that one person that loves to complain.

You would be surprised that something as little as their chair squeaking or the color of a napkin could be their complaint. However, it is important to validate their feedback.

As annoying as some complaints or reviews maybe, never see it as an opportunity to give them a piece of your mind. Try as much as possible to respond to criticisms in a meaningful and friendly manner because it is a powerful tool for your reputation as a business.

You can set up Google Alert for your business name so that you’ll get alerted as soon as your name is mentioned on the internet.

You can even try attracting a complainer back with an offer. It speaks well about your business and shows customers that you care about making things right.

When you do the right things, your customers will keep returning, which will provide you with a bulk of income.

8. Use your Local media

local media

Irrespective of the fact that times have changed and things have now evolved, local newspapers and radio stations are still going strong. Making use of these local media as a restaurant advertising idea is important to keep you relevant in your community.

Placing ads with attractive offers, giving vouchers to radio stations as prizes, or inviting someone to review your restaurant are effective and affordable ways to get respected local institutions to market you to your community.

9. Monitor your social media Presence

social media

Native advertising doesn’t cut it as much as social media does these days. Restaurants with strong social media presence as part of their marketing plans fare the best.

As a restaurant owner, ignoring social media in your marketing plan is surely not a smart idea because social media marketing strategies are a force in today’s world.

You should set up social media accounts and also ensure to keep up with activity happening on your social sites. Some social media platforms to start with are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

10. Use Instagram to full effect

restaurant ig

Let your customers advertise freely for you by encouraging them to share your restaurant food images on Instagram. This is a sure way to guarantee new customers because word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising.

Also, posting high-quality and appealing photos on your official Instagram page is one of the very best ways to promote your restaurant.

Online visual content is really high in demand these days, so it is essential that you have delicious looking photos on your various social media platforms, especially Instagram.

Taking really great food pictures can be more difficult than it looks especially because the lighting is a key factor. You can try a DIY style with your smartphone by learning more about it or you hire a professional to take top-notch photos.


In this article, we have covered 10 marketing ideas for restaurants. You should get started right now but try not to get stuck on just one idea. If one doesn’t work for you, leave it for some time and try something different.

Do not forget that not every idea will be right for your restaurant, but you can try, modify, and try again. You will know what’s working and what’s not working in due time.

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