Xiaomi Mi Box Remote Not Working

Are you currently experiencing the issue of your Xiaomi Mi Box Remote not working? With this article, your troubles will be over.

In this article, we’ll be taking you through 5 detailed approaches on how to solve your Mi Box remote issue, a bonus tip on how to solve the issue, and some frequently asked questions users’ ask.

The Xiaomi Mi Box is a smart set-top box for TVs. From deals made with content providers, the Mi box offers films and TV shows with no user account nor any subscription.

The box can also access content through its USB port, such as through an external hard disk.

The Xiaomi Mi Box Remote is a Bluetooth remote which is unlike the X96 mini Android TV Box. This implies that it doesn’t function the same way the conventional IR remotes do.

The Mi Box remote uses Bluetooth functionality instead. The recent Mi Box comes with Bluetooth 4.0 low energy to link the box to the remote device.

If something goes wrong with the Mi remote and it’s not, here are some steps to follow to fix Mi Box remote not working problems.


Solution 1: Check the Xiaomi Mi Box Remote Batteries

Did you just get the Xiaomi Mi Box and you’re trying to pair? The MI box doesn’t come with in-built batteries which is a real flop as most new devices that require batteries come with it.

These in-built batteries usually last longer than the ones you purchase in the market.

The first step to address the issue of Mi Box not working is to confirm that the batteries on your Xiaomi MI remote are still working and haven’t stopped working.

Or better still, you should buy a new set of batteries and check it will work with the new ones.

If that doesn’t work, check out the next Mi Box remote not working solution.


Solution 2: Take Out and Restore Batteries

You can see this as a continuation of the first solution. Taking out & restoring the batteries is a popular fix that you should try out.

Unlike some remote controls that come with an indicator showing if the battery being effective or not, the Xiaomi MI box remotes don’t come with an indicator. Since the remote doesn’t come with an indicator, how do you know if the batteries are still good?

Just remove the batteries and restore them to their original position.

This is not guaranteed to work all the time, but it might solve the problem this time. When that happens, the option to pair the remote with the MI box will show up on the screen.

This helps the connection between the remote and the MI box.


Solution 3: Restart the Xiaomi MI Android TV Box

Restarting most devices is a quick fix to problems any device is experiencing. Fortunately for you, the Xiaomi MI Box isn’t any different.

If you experience the Mi remote not working, connecting, or pairing issues, just restart the Xiaomi MI box itself.

This can be a quick fix and it works most times. After that, make sure the remote is near the MI box during start-up.

Also, note that the remote should be positioned about 20cm away from the box while using the remote.

It should start functioning properly after the boot-up is finished. And if it doesn’t check the next Mi remote not working solution.


Solution 4: Make Use of the Android TV Remote Control App

In case you didn’t know before, the Xiaomi Mi Box works with the Android TV app.

You can use control of your Android TV box with your smartphone if you don’t want to use the MI remote. If you own an Android smartphone, make sure you download the Android TV app.

Pairing is very simple and you can do it via Wi-Fi. The Mi Box and the smartphone have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

If both devices are using different Wi-Fi, your phone’s Bluetooth function will come in handy here.

You can download the Android TV app here.


Solution 5: Un-pair and Re-pair

The last Mi box Not working solution featured in this article is for you to un-pair and then re-pair the remote. You will need the Android TV app on your smartphone to do this.

You should use this solution when everything else has failed.

To un-pair and re-pair Xiaomi MI Box Remote, just follow these steps;

  • Use the Android TV app as a remote, go to the Settings on the Xiaomi MI Box.
  • Select Xiaomi Remote in the Remote and Accessories section.
  • Tap un-pair under Xiaomi Remote.
  • After that, you’ll see the request on your TV asking to pair your remote.
  • Pair Xiaomi Mi Remote to Xiaomi Mi TV box.
  • Press and hold the Back + home button together as indicated on The TV until you hear a beep.

Note: Please ensure that your remote is placed about 8 inches (approx. 20cm) away from the TV box.

If the batteries in the remote are still working, the pairing should be successful. After that, you should get a notification saying it has been connected along with a beep.

When you’re done, your MI remote should be successfully paired with the TV box and should be working now.

Here’s a YouTube video on how to pair a remote control with Mi Box;


Bonus Tip: Use Your IR Enabled Xiaomi Phone

If using any of the latest Xiaomi phones, you’re in luck as some of the latest Xiaomi phones come with an IR functionality. This means you can control most electronic devices with IR functionality.

Some Xiaomi phones can control Electronics like TVs, Sound Systems, ACs, Projectors, and other devices. Thus, if you happen to have any of those phones, you can easily use the IR functionality in connecting your TV box.

Here’s a YouTube video on how to fix Xiaomi Mi Box not working;



If having followed all the steps above on how to solve a Mi Box remote not working issue, your Mi Box remote should be perfectly functional now.

But if you still have issues with your MI remote, there is a very high chance the MI remote itself is faulty. This means, there’s no other solution but to get a new MI remote.

If you just bought the device and it’s still in the warranty period, you can just send it back for a replacement.

Otherwise, you can buy a new one at online stores like Amazon, Walmart, and some online stores selling the Mi Remote.


Frequently Asked Questions

What can Mi box do?

Mi Box is designed to transform any non-smart TV into a smart TV. Now, this doesn’t mean the Mi Box can make your “dumb” flatscreen TV smarter than it is.
Your TV must be somewhat smart to be able to support the Mi Box. You need to have an HD with a high-speed HDMI input to use the Mi Box 4K.
On Mi Box, you’re on you have access to content across apps that support it, like Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, UltraFlix, and Sony’s Ultra streaming service.

How do I control my MI box without a remote?

You might be experiencing the Mi Box not working issue and you’ll need an alternative remote.
Some alternative remote ideas include IR enabled Xiaomi Phone, an Android phone with the Mi Box remote app, and a third-party Bluetooth remote.

How do I pair my Xiaomi remote?

It’s very easy to go about. First, download the Android TV app on your Android phone here.
This will allow you to control the Mi Box remotely and get into Settings. You’ll be required to do that to un-pair the remote and re-pair it.
The on-screen message will guide you on what buttons to press to re-pair the remote.
Then, press the Home and Back buttons simultaneously until the remote lets out a loud beep.

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