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Are you new in Phoenix or you are planning to move in soon and you’re in search of the top middle schools in Phoenix Arizona to enroll your kids or you’re just interested in knowing the top middle schools in your locale.

The list below will take you through the highly-rated middle schools in Phoenix, Arizona and give you all the necessary information about them.


1. Alhambra Traditional School

5725 N. 27th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85017, United States

alhambra traditional school

The mission at Alhambra Traditional School is a strong pledge to scholarly greatness. This is cultivated through elevated expectations; a mindful learning condition; steady discipline; and the association among understudies, staff, and guardians.

The traditional philosophy is the foundation for the achievement and deep-rooted learning of their understudies.

The objectives of the school are to;

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  • Ensure a solid scholarly concentration for all understudies to exceed expectations
  • Provide a sheltered, secure, and caring environment for all understudies, staff, and guests
  • Formulate an organization among home and school utilizing compelling correspondence and empowering parental contribution in all exercises
  • Develop understudies who are aware, self-trained, reliable, and self-spurred.

Contact details

  • Phone: 602-484-8816
  • Fax: 602-484-8952
  • Email: webmaster@alhambraesd.org


2. Madison Traditional Academy

925 E. Maryland Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85014, United States

madison traditional academy

Madison Traditional Academy (MTA) is the only preschool – eighth-grade school in the Madison School District, serving a little more than 800 understudies.

Because of the traditional philosophy, MTA was made as a “school of choice”, and has no local boundaries. MTA accepts understudies dependent on the open enlistment strategy of the Madison School District. Families must meet the conduct, participation, and family volunteer necessity to proceed with enlistment every year.

MTA’s educational plan highlights instructor coordinated guidance and fuses Spalding phonics, Core Knowledge, Accelerated Reader, and Saxon Math.

All evaluation levels get math guidance at a one year accelerated level. Kindergarten understudies at MTA start with first-grade math guidance. What’s more, MTA has a uniform approach, compulsory family volunteer necessity and uses Character Counts as their character instruction program.

Classroom visits for all grade levels are conducted on set dates every year. Anybody wishing to go to Madison Traditional Academy must present an open enrollment application to be qualified for the lottery.

Contact details

  • Front Office: (602) 745-4000
  • Attendance: (602) 745-4021


3. BASIS Ahwatukee

10210 South 50th Pl, Phoenix, Arizona 85044, United States

Basis Ahwatukee

They are a charter school serving grades 4–12. Since foundation in 2013, the Ahwatukee grounds have appreciated various triumphs including a considerable number of dollars earned in merit-based awards, and exciting performing articulations program, and one of the greatest Speech and Debate groups in the BASIS Charter School arrange.

Contact details

  • Phone: (480) 659 2294
  • Fax: (480) 696 3607


4. Keystone Montessori Charter School

1025 E. Liberty Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85048, United States

Keystone Montessori Charter School

The school’s main mission is to motivate in children an enthusiasm for a deep-rooted love of learning in a situation which sustains freedom, imagination, certainty, and resistance while building up an awareness of other’s expectations for self and community dependent on the standards and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori

The school’s vision is of a world that can eventually live in harmony, a worldwide network dependent on reliance, regard for all life and all individuals, reached through the main way that can really lead there: the children.

The school’s Program Rests on Four Pillars which are;

1. The development inside their understudies energy for greatness in all that they do, both in and outside of school;

2. The advancement of an emphatically held arrangement of widespread qualities, which incorporate dignity, regard for other people, genuineness, trustworthiness, duty, sympathy, empathy, benevolence, tranquility, a feeling of worry for other people, warmth, and affection for the community;

3. The advancement of a worldwide point of view and feeling of global understanding;

4. And, a deep-rooted responsibility to give something back through support of other people who are in need

Contact details

  • Tel: (480) 460-7312
  • Fax: (480) 283-8402
  • Email: info@keystonemontessori.com


5. Explorer Middle School

22401 N. 40th St., Phoenix, AZ 85050, United States

Explorer Middle School

Explorer Middle School was established in the fall of 1997 and is situated on 40th Street, north of Deer Valley Road. Explorer is situated in a rapidly developing zone of Northern Phoenix, which flaunts a few new neighborhood communities.

The locale features include a variety of eating places, shopping, and entertainment opportunities for the entire family to enjoy.

The vision of Explorer Middle School is to be an incredible, youth-focused learning community, where understudies are relied upon to satisfy high scholastic expectations, contribute as positive residents in our locale, and become productive individuals of the 21st century.

They are focused on giving imaginative and challenging encounters through their educational program, guidance, and assessment that are lined up with state standards.

They are devoted to offering help and time for understudies to fulfill rigorous standards. They are focused on giving their understudies frequent exposure to the visual and performing arts, physical fitness, foreign dialect, and innovation.

Contact details

  • Phone: (602) 449-4200
  • Attendance: (602) 449-4201
  • Fax: (602) 449-4205


6. Madison Meadows Middle School

225 W. Ocotillo Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85013, United States

madison meadows middle school

The school provides a program of study from fifth through eighth grade. Opened in 1957, Meadows has a convention of scholastic greatness for about six decades.

This convention, combined with solid parental association and understudy community service, gives an incredible system to the school’s International Baccalaureate program of study.

Meadows was affirmed as an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School in 2015 and furthermore named as a National Blue Ribbon School for 2015 by the U.S. Branch of Education.

Contact details

  • Front Office: (602) 664-7600
  • Attendance: (602) 664-7620


7. Ridgeline Academy

33625 N North Valley Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85085, United States

ridgeline academy

Ridgeline Academy provides families with a community school culture and little class sizes with an enhanced Core Knowledge educational program and high scholarly desires in a regard based learning condition bolstered by character-based education.

Its values are grounded in the philosophy that understudies are literate in all subjects; are self-dependent and masterminds, and are long-lasting students and achievers.

Ridgeline Academy exists to cultivate critical reasoning among understudies, advance scholarly greatness and instill a culture of deep-rooted learning.

The school’s mission is to assemble a network of remarkable teachers utilizing a thorough educational program, holding understudies to elevated requirements while offering a fun learning condition.

They trust that these things joined with collaboration between workers, guardians, and the community will enable all understudies to accomplish their maximum capacity

Contact details

  • Phone: (623) 223-1335
  • Fax: (480) 488 – 2079
  • Email: eagles@ridgelineacademy.org


8. Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory School (PVCP)

11875 N. 24th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85028, United States

paradise Valley Christian Preparatory School

Since 1974, Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory has attempted to make a system of significant supporting and insightful greatness for understudies from preschool through upper school.

Students showing up nearby rapidly experience caring staff and faculty who enthusiastically handle the test of instructing them towards extraordinary academic achievement.

Getting ready energetic characters at PVCP and setting them up in scriptural truth isn’t only their main mission, it’s their strong passion as well. This results in graduates who perform at top levels intellectually and are scholars who seek after God’s word for the rest of their lives.

PVCP focuses on the spiritual improvement of the understudies, perceiving particular needs during the time spent their significant improvement.

Through a non-denominational strategy that stresses understanding, articulating, applying, and ensuring a Christian point of view, PVCP prepares understudies to be salt and light during a period of unbelief. Understudies leave PVCP understanding their motivation on the planet and in God’s Kingdom.

Contact details

  • Phone: 602-992-8140
  • Fax: 602-992-8152


9. Abraham Lincoln Traditional School

10444 N 39th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051, United States

abraham lincoln traditional school

All schools in the Washington Elementary School District are focused on accomplishing greatness for each kid, each day and at every chance. Abraham Lincoln Traditional School educational program is completely lined up with State Standards.

Abraham Lincoln is described by self-contained study halls, teacher-focused guidance, high scholarly norms in a demanding environment, strict discipline, dress code, compulsory schoolwork, a phonics-based Language Arts program, and a high level of parent contribution.

Abraham Lincoln Traditional School gives craftsmanship, music, and PE for all Grade Levels.

Abraham Lincoln Traditional School’s main mission is to guide and challenge learning for all understudies through a learning domain that stresses essential traditional skills and qualities.

Contact details

  • Phone: 602-896-6300
  • Fax: 602-896-6320


10. Milestones Charter School

4707 E Robert E. Lee St. Phoenix, AZ 85032, United States

milestones charter school

Set up in 1999, Milestones Charter School has a long-standing custom of giving balanced education concentrated on the improvement of the entire students.

The main mission of Milestones is to give an instructive encounter of the highest caliber while offering a protected and interesting condition. The Milestones education program includes small classes taught by involved, caring educators who are receptive to the developing and changing needs of understudies.

The program is focused on providing scholarly experience and solid character improvement.

All Milestones programs have instructive methods of reasoning that give children a situation for holistic learning, day by day practice of aptitudes, hands-on encounters, technological awareness, and solid character improvement. These projects are intended to cultivate, address and bolster understudy responsibility.

Contact details

  • Phone: 602-404-1009,
  • Fax: 602-404-5456




There you have it, the top middle schools in Phoenix, Arizona. Choosing a good middle school for your kids in Phoenix will be so much easier now that you have gone through the above list.

Ensure you select a school suitable for your kids in your area or a location in Phoenix that can be easily accessible.

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