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These are the most wanted skills in Dubai that you can acquire or work on with confidence knowing that it has relevance in Dubai society.

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In this post, we are going to be guiding you on the relevant and most in-demand skills that are required in Dubai for survival

As we made mentioned earlier, knowing the right skills to acquire is very crucial to your survival in your workplace, Business, or Consultation Service.

Some Skills might just last a season and then goes out of vogue while others are evergreen and always remains but from time to time changes their modus operandi

While on the other hand, some keep updating, upgrading and advancing beyond the point or stage you acquired it which demands that you constantly stay updated

A practical example of such an Industry or sector is the ICT section, Programming, Software Development, Scripting, 3D Animation, Graphics, etc

This Industry and its Skill-set advances rapidly over time, at some point each set of variables, patterns, and approaches changes, being replaced with a slightly different pattern or a new pattern entirely.

if you are not doing a periodical re-assessment, un-learning and re-learning the new ways, you might be outdated and left behind which brings us to the quote below

Innovate your Skills and Live or Die –

This is not a literal Dead in a quote but rather a dead of absolutive and being outdated and irrelevant in the Industry which will leave you out of sync and stranded.

Through a huge data set of the Employment history of who Employers employ the most in Dubai, we have been able to know the most wanted skills in Dubai, year in, year out.

Before we talk about the difference between a Skill, a Hobby, and a Talent, let’s make a list of the most wanted skills in Dubai

Hard Skill vs Soft Skill

hard skills vs soft skills
hard skills vs soft skills

Soft Skills are very crucial and Important as Hard Skills are, so when talking about Skill acquisition, consider acquiring and brushing up on your soft skills too

What can you use these Skills For?

1. Job Employment: For Jobs in Dubai, you need to know the Skills that Employers are looking for in Dubai which will give you an advantageous edge over other applicants applying for that same opening

2. Consultation Service: For rendering Services to Companies and Individuals alike as a consultation Service

3. Startup Business: To use in your Business which will cut down costs and help you break even before outsourcing, this is very crucial for a Startup.      Having a skill or two while starting up a business will go a long way in relieving you from some startup Financial expenses

4. Survival: Some of these Skills are just as relevant as surviving, for instance knowing how to communicate or speaking a Foreign Language can help you in times of Crisis

10 Most wanted skills in Dubai (Soft Skills)

1. Great Team Playing Skill

Can you work smoothly and blend into a team of different people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and orientations than yours without a major glitch?

Maybe with some disturbing characters that are not necessarily detrimental or considered bad in the Company?

This is a very important Soft Skill to possess in other to be very relevant and outstanding in any Job in Dubai. It is a skill you have to learn and Master, you need lots of weird Characters to practice upon too

2. Multilingual Communication Capabilities

In a place like Dubai where English is not their main Primary Language, possessing multiple Language speaking capabilities can really give you an edge over that second applicant who is also competing for the same vacancy as yourself.

Knowing Arabic as well as English is a very big advantage and a prerequisite in some Companies and you can actually acquire this Skill or prone the one you have already.

3. High Performance of Productivity and Efficiency

I always tell my Staff that Getting the Job done is not the key thing in certain Business terrain but doing some on time.

Some Businesses are very time-dependent and missing the delivery time makes your work obsolete and unneeded at that point, so being very efficient and diligent while working is another key soft skill to build upon

A Practical Example will be a typist who is to type a 10,000-word article that will be used in a press briefing or conference two days from the day of issuance

Lo and behold a Typist who has been typing for years will definitely deliver that piece but when? Can he deliver in two days’ time?

That is where performance comes in, an Energetic young man who has taken Performance and efficiency into the core of his Skills and dealings will deliver even earlier than the stipulated time frame

To give the Client or Boss ample time to review and make sure that the content is in line and maybe request a review if necessary.

4. Being able to Lead (Leadership Skills)

Some people mistake Leadership for being Bossy, No, Leadership does not translate to being the Boss, it is neither Crowned nor Entitled

But rather it is earned through a short period of time dealing with the rest of the team with respect, support, and care, a scenario where caring for everyone is your top priority.

Leadership is a very Important Soft Skill that can secure you a Job even without having the right Qualifications,

After all there is what we call “On the Job Training”, as long as your Leadership Skills meets the Company’s Standard, they could retain you to then School onsite to secure a Degree or Certification.

To be a Good Leader, you must;

  1. Be very Diligent and Committed to the Cause of the Company
  2. You must be very flexible and be ready to Adapt to Changes
  3. You must not stay in the Shadows but rather show up and make yourself relevant
  4. Be responsible and always try to be relevant and reliable in solving problems and catering for others
  5. You must be a Good Listener, do more listening than talking
  6. You must always find a way of keeping everyone informed of changes and reasons, thereby bringing everyone to a level of Understanding with you
  7. Respect should be your watchword even when reaching out to your Superior or Subordinates, the Manners of Approach will speak Volume
  8. Last and most important is to always be at the service of others, always be ever ready to lend some helping hands even when it’s not your duty to do so.

5. Being Able to Work Under Pressure

Most of the time you see people indicate on their CVs that they can actually work under Pressure but the truth is that some don’t understand what it implies to be able to work under pressure.

One of the most wanted skills in Dubai within the working class is to be able to work under pressure, strict deadlines and conditions

This might not be that the Employer is being cruel or mean but some Businesses require such in other to meet up with the client’s demand and survive.

So how do you work under pressure if you aren’t able to do so? The key is to focus, keep your cool, and focus on the Job will disconnect your mind from the Pressure and distractions within and around you.

6. Being Passionate about the Job

I have gotten to a point where I reduce my Staff while the number of Directors increases, this is due to the reason that most staff actually come to work just for the Money.

Am not saying that working for money is bad but the thing is that you must be passionate about your work and show some spirit of Commitment and enthusiasm because these traits are contagious

If you are lucky to Employ a Passionate Staff, you will see how the Business will become exciting and Entertaining to you and other Employees, bringing Union-ship and Harmony to the place of work all for one cause.

Why this happens because some people just take the Job for the Money not really because they actually like the Job.

So how can you be passionate about any Job you take irrespective of nature or how passionate you are about the Job? The key is in the Mind, work on your mind, trick or manipulate it to see the job as your other Passionate Job.

7. Negotiation and Dialoguing Skills

Everything we do in Life revolves around Negotiation and Dialoguing, do it well, you land that high-paying Job, do it wrong, you lose the Job.

When a Government Negotiates well in what would have ended a Country in War, they end up with more peace and harmony between the two countries.

What about Negotiating and Dialoguing in the Court? If done well by your Lawyer, you win the Case else you lose and risk going to jail and paying hefty Damage Charges.

So how can you survive in an Organization without having this Prime Skill, you need to be a good Negotiator in other to also stand out as a Leader.

10 Most wanted skills in Dubai (Hard Skills)

In the last section, we talked about the most wanted Soft Skills in Dubai, so it will be considered Justifiable to do so for Hard Skills you should acquire

So below are some of the most important and most wanted hard skills in Dubai that you should consider taking a close look at

What is a Hard Skill?

Hard Skills are skills that are more defined and Specific and are derived through training, they can be explained and quantified,

An Example could be the ability to use Software or Programs like Typing with MS Word, using MS Excel, using Photoshop, knowing how to use Quickbooks Accounting Software, Peachtree, and the like.

You can be said to be a Novice, a Professional, or an Amateur with any of these Hard Skills. Sometimes your knowledge level could be classified into Beginner, Intermediate, or Professional.

There is more on this on Investopedia – Hard Skills


1. SEO and SEM Marketing Skills

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is one of the most wanted skills in Dubai and as such should be on your bucket list

If you want something that could easily secure you a Job or give you a Business in Dubai, then consider acquiring an SEO skill from Udemy

SEO is the art of optimizing a website to be Search Engine Friendly which ultimately draws in Traffic or website Visitors from Google and other Search Engines alike to your Website

2. Data Mining Skill

Data Mining is another great Skill that is in high demand in Dubai and you will be better off knowing data mining in Dubai than the Traditional Mining Skill because the demand for Data Mining might be high than that of Mining.

So what is data Mining really about?

As we told you that we were able to discover patterns of the most Employed skills in Dubai, this was achieved through Data Mining.

It is the procedures and operations of discovering patterns, behaviours, and habits from large data sets. It comprises an intersection of Machine Learning, databases, and Statistics.

To learn more about Data Mining, refer to this Post on Wikipedia – Data Mining

3. User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UX) Design

User Interface and User Experience Design are really in high demand in Dubai due to the advancement in Information Technology and Science.

Every Software Program you see today has an underlying Engine that does all the supposed Magic that shows up in a nice interface for you to operate.

It is the duty of the User Interface Designers to make an Interface that is Sleek, Beautiful, and Responsive but at the same time easy to understand by you.

They use programs like Photoshop, XML, HTML, CSS and a lot of other UI Design components and languages to create these UIs.

So learning UI Design means learning a whole lot of subsets of skills that intersect and relate to solving the core UI problem.


Bringing to the end of the most wanted skills in Dubai, we have practically listed out a detailed list of Soft Skills that are mostly in demand in Dubai

Followed by some of the most in-demand hard skills that you could learn online or in a vocational school somewhere in your locality

If is there a skill you think we are missing here, then let us know in the comment section below. Meanwhile, if you think that there are people who would love this Guide, kindly share the post link with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs are in demand in UAE?

Here are the most in-demand jobs
– Management Accountants
– Chief Financial Officers
– Head of digital/digital transformation
– Risk Managers
– HR Business Partners
– Legal Counsel
– Data Security Analyst
– Software Developers/Engineers
– Graphic Designers
– Legal Assistants
– Hotel Staff
– Talent Acquisition Specialists
– IT Project Managers
– Engineers
– Teachers
– Medical, Healthcare Workers
– Sales Representatives

The jobs that pay the lowest are manual labour jobs. These jobs include drivers, maids, gardeners, guards, cleaners, etc.

  • Medical and Healthcare jobs
  • Sales jobs
  • Civil Engineering jobs
  • Legal jobs
  • Teaching jobs
  • Pilot and Aviation jobs
  • Real Estate jobs
  • Accounting and Finance jobs
  • Oil and Gas jobs
  • IT jobs

The current richest person and entrepreneur in Dubai is Majid Al Futtaim. His net worth is estimated to be $3.7 billion

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