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Are you just out of fashion school and are looking for New York jobs fashion, where to get fashion jobs in New York, and how to go about it? Don’t worry, this post got you covered.

New York is one of the top fashion state in the US, home to world’s top 50 fashion schools such as Fashion Institute of Technology, Parsons School of Design, High School of Fashion Industries, etc, and home to US top fashion designers.  

Getting a fashion job in the fashion industry in New York won’t be easy because hundreds of design students graduate yearly and the competition will be tough. So, it is important you know the right place to search for fashion jobs in New York and know how you can get the job of your dream.

In this post, we’ll be listing the top job sites to get New York fashion jobs, tips, as well as what to wear for a Fashion job interview.


Job Sites to Get New York Fashion Jobs


1. Fashion Jobs USA  

fashion jobs USA is one of the leading recruitment platforms for professionals in fashion, luxury, and beauty. Available in over 50 countries and links applicants with top fashion companies for positions at headquarters (design, marketing, communication, trade, production, etc) and sales positions (sales, merchandising, etc).

Browse among the thousands of fashion jobs listed here and apply for the one that suits your profile.


2. Fashion United 

fashion united

Find the fashion job of your dreams via Fashion United. There are over 10, 000 job opportunities in different sector on this platform and to access them, visit the site, go through the listings and apply for the one the interest you the most.

Aside from searching for jobs via this platform, you can also search and read top fashion news.   


3. ZipRecruiter   


ZipRecruiter is one of the leading online job site that uses Al (Artificial Intelligence) powered smart matching technology to actively connect millions of job seekers and recruiters.

This portal helps candidates find their next great opportunity and with their job search app, you can explore job opportunities on the go.

Search among the thousands of fashion jobs in New York listed in this portal and apply for the ones that fits your profile.


4. Indeed   


Indeed is the leading job portal in US that offers job listings in any industry. This site has over 250 million unique visitors monthly that is why they claim to be the number 1 job site in the world.

Indeed main goal is to help job seekers get jobs and they do this by giving them free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies. Millions of job seekers are connected to new opportunities daily on this platform.

Visit, search for jobs by keyword, job title, company or by location and find the job/jobs that best suit you.  


5. LinkedIn   


LinkedIn is a professional social media site that also serves as a job search portal in which you can search for fashion jobs in New York, get fashion working tips as well as engage with professionals in your field.

Though a platform where you can network and expand your professionalism, you can still use LinkedIn to get the fashion job you’ve always dreamt of.


6. Glassdoor  


Glassdoor is a top job portal and one of the largest in the world that offer millions of the latest job openings to all job seekers. You can search for fashion jobs and New York and you will be presented with a list of fashion jobs in different cities in New York.

Glassdoor also lets job seekers see which employers are hiring and how much they could end. They also have an app suitable for both Android and iOS phones. This app lets you easily search and apply for jobs on your phone.


7. Style Careers  

style careers

Style careers is one of the largest fashion online job listing site where you can search and apply for fashion jobs that interest you. You can search for jobs by category, job function and region. They also offer freelance and internship opportunities.


8. Creative Jobs Central 

creative jobs central

Creative Jobs Central was established in 2002 and since then, has been connecting creative job seekers with employers. They provide job seekers the opportunity to find their dream job and connect them with top employers in the fashion industry.



Browse and search for Fashion jobs in any city, tow, or county in New York. Register and apply for the job that fits your profile.


10. Atrium  


For over 20 years, Atrium has been striving hard to ensure jobseekers get the right job and employers the best candidates. It is a staffing agency that partners with the most in-demand brands and fashion houses in the world placing freelance and full-time talent.

If you are an intern trying to become an employee or a fashion veteran that wants to take a step ahead, Atrium got you covered.

Visit the site today to see all the latest job listings and apply for a fashion job in New York.


How to Get a Fashion Job

how to get a fashion job

Like I earlier mentioned, getting a job in the fashion industry can be hard because of the competition. Getting a job in fashion needs perseverance, here are some tips on how to get a job in fashion.

Part 1 – Find an Education

Find an education

1. Know what is needed

When imagining your future career, you’ll likely have some ideas as to what area of fashion you’ll want to be in. The moment you get the basic idea, know what type of education is necessary.  Though some careers don’t really require a degree, it is still rare for people to succeed without the experience that comes with education.

If you want to go into the fashion industry by becoming a hair stylist, you don’t really need a bachelor’s degree but will need to attend a technical school. If you want to be a magazine editor, consider getting a degree in communications.  If you want to open your own store, you can skip the design classes and go get a business degree instead.

If you are not sure what kind of education is needed, search job postings for your desired career.  Most job postings often list prerequisites and required education. You should also reach out to mentors within the industry and ask what they recommend. Experienced people in the industry will have a better sense of what is appropriate and what to avoid.

2. Consider the cost

Most top fashion schools are in larger cities and often come with a high price tag. Less expensive fashion schools may not offer the immediate prestige of a top quality school. It is important you consider the total cost of your education, this way, you can weigh the pros and cons of attending a high profile fashion school versus a community college.

When analysing the cost of education, make sure that you also consider what you are paying for such as tuition, books, student fees, material cost, and all living expenses like food and rent.

3. Evaluate the fashion school

Before getting yourself enrolled into any fashion school, know if the institution is reputable or not. Ask yourself these basic questions – is it a popular and well respected school? Who were the previous graduates? Is the school accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design?

A good way to know the respectability of any fashion school is to look at who the alumni are. If you find out most of your mentors graduated from a certain school, it is a sure sign that the institution is respectable.

It is very important to choose a reputable school. Going to a fashion school can be expensive and lengthy and it will be very bad if you waste your precious time and money getting a degree from an awful institution. Always ensure that you take your time and research about an institution before enrolling in it.


Part 2 – Get Noticed  

Get noticed

4. Create a portfolio

Your portfolio is your investment into your future and should reflect the highest quality that you are able to produce. Protective sleeves shouldn’t only protect the quality of your work but should also let you change the content easily. Keep the content neutral as trends change quickly. Your portfolio should evolve with your change in fashion sense.

Set up a budget for your portfolio and don’t present it unless you are absolutely satisfied with your work.

Your portfolio should have a focus or be neutral (well depends on the type of fashion you want to get into) For instance, if you want to focus on men’s athletic gear, you won’t include lace and pink bows.

Your portfolio will be looked at as well as its contents and you know the fashion industry focuses on style so present your contents in a stylish portfolio.

Focus on your strength for instance, if you good at illustrations but don’t have an eye for presentation, ask a graphic designer to assist you with the layout. If you have difficulty in spelling, be sure to have someone proofread your work.

5. Find a mentor

Look for someone who you would like to emulate in the fashion industry. Finding a mentor may somehow be difficult whether it’s through a school or by sending emails to a company that you would like to work at.  Most at times, a mentor will be very busy and have lots of people asking for her time and advice so make yourself stand out.

Don’t limit yourself to just one mentor. You may have different people giving you advice on different parts of the industry. Moreover, you may have mentors outside the fashion industry as you can still gain valuable knowledge and skills that you are able to translate to the fashion world. For instance, you may find a mentor in marketing to help you market yourself to potential employers.

6. Be competitive and creative

The fashion industry is a very competitive one and to break into it, you have to work extremely hard and be creative. There are lots of applicants for just a single job posting, so check in daily so that you’ll be the first to apply.

Your creativity should judge your perseverance so that you can stand out from the crowd. Display your creativity with mini-magazines, writing samples, blogs, or your own fashion site. Be entrepreneurial so that potential employers can see both your passion and get a sense of your sensibility.

7. Get fashion-savvy

Attend fashion seminars/events and read fashion blogs to involve yourself in the industry and meet people. The more people you know, the better chance you have at finding a fashion job fit for you. Give out your contact information with a business card or one. Someone more established in the fashion industry is less inclined to reach out to you after just a short chat whereas you’ll be motivated to ask a more in-depth conversation.

It is very essential that you look your best and exude your fashion sensibilities when attending events. Dress for the occasion and prove that you belong in the fashion world.

8. Reveal your personality

Let your personality shine to show your potential as you may not have the industry experience yet to get you noticed. For instance, if you’ve studied in Paris or understand how to incorporate cutting-edge technology into garments, exhibit what makes you unique.


Part 3 – Getting ready to be employed

getting ready to be employed

9. Research the company and the interviewer (s)

Always prepare yourself before going to a company for interview. Research potential questions and write down your answers. Ask your family members or friends to test you with those questions by creating a mock interviewer. If you are well prepared for an interview, you’ll be less likely be nervous or fumble on your words.

For instance, if you are applying to a magazine company, the employer or interviewer may ask something like “Which article of last month’s issue do you like most and why? What part do you think you can contribute to this month?” Be ready to go through scenarios of how you can instantly contribute to the position as well as long term. Employers are not only looking for your personal talent but also how it fits with their brand.  

10. Keep a passionate but open mind

Be passionate about the job you are applying for as well as the company you are about to join. Employers don’t want to add people to their companies who don’t have the company’s best interest in mind.

Start by being open to different positions. If you are passionate about the industry, you’ll be able to work yourself into the position that you truly want. Be flexible with job offers as you may not see the potential that your employer does. Your employer may see your determination and fashion sense eventually moving you up within the company but that you lack the immediate technical skills the employer requires.

11. Accept internships

Internships may be unpaid but will gather you valuable experience and a chance to expand your network. So accept internships, work hard, and keep a positive attitude.

Internships may lead to full-time employment especially if your employer sees you as a valuable asset. You must be reliable and treat yourself as an indispensable member of the team – this way you get the attention of your employer.  


What to Wear for a Fashion Job Interview

What to Wear for a Fashion Job Interview

Dress code is something people worry about for an interview especially for a fashion job interview. When you go to a fashion job interview, your outfit acts as a business card. Employers/hiring managers will remember a candidate that wore that particular skirt or court shoe.

It’s not about wearing branded clothes but more about your style. Your outfit will tell a little bit about your personality to the interviewers. After an interview, it is very common to hear comments like “I loved her earrings”, “she looked great in that skirt, etc. Your style really counts in the fashion world.

Now the question is what are you going to wear for a fashion job interview?

Wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable

Don’t wear to impress because you can lose your own style and end up wearing an outfit that don’t suit you. If in your daily life you wear things you are not used to and they make you feel uncomfortable, just imagine how you’ll feel during an interview. You will lose all of confidence because what you wear does not represent you.  

Your outfit should be thoughtful, neat, reflect your personal style and it should tell the interviewers that you have an elevated taste level irrespective of what brand your wear.

Well, there are no right or wrong answer for your fashion job interview outfit. With fashion, you have the opportunity to express yourself via your clothing so don’t hesitate to do it.

Wear what reflect the aesthetic of the company you are interviewing with

If you are interviewing for a designer or certain fashion brand, for example, you are not expected to wear that designer head to toe, but it doesn’t hurt to try and reflect their aesthetic. You don’t need to dress like the collection but tailor your look so that the employers feels like they understand the aesthetic is important.

Don’t overdo it

Wear what reflects your personal style but don’t wear skirts that are too short, transparent blouses, heels that are too high, suits that are too wrinkled, distracting ties, too much make-up or anything that can be described as “too much”. Too much of anything is usually a bad idea. Fashion interviews are not fashion pageant, you are been interviewed because of your resume, skills, and background.

Be neat, clean, and get a manicure

Be neat, clean and get a manicure because sometimes, an interviewer looks at something as small as your nails. Wearing something dirty, wrinkled or having an unkempt appearance could give the interviewer a bad impression about you.

Unless you are interviewing for a hand-labor intensive role, ensure that your nails are clean. Remember first impression matters and you will shaking a lot of hands at your interview.

Wear black when in doubt

If you don’t have an idea of what to wear to an interview just wear black. The most important thing is for you be comfortable and be yourself.



If you’re in New York and wants to know where and how to get New York jobs fashion, I believe this post has taken care of that. The fashion Industry is a competitive one and you will need to be competitive, creative and work hard if you intend making it.

Lots of applicants do apply for fashion jobs in New York and you may have to check the fashion job sites (like the ones listed above) daily or better still, sign up with your email to receive alerts of new job openings so that you’ll know when there’s an opening and you can be the first to apply.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top jobs in the fashion industry?

Here are the top ten fashion industry jobs
·         Fashion Designers
·         Garment Technologist
·         Fashion Illustrator
·         Retail Buyer
·         Fashion Stylist
·         Merchandisers
·         Textile Designers
·         Personal Stylist
·         Fashion Writer
·         Fashion Public Relations

Is fashion designing a good career option?

Yes, Fashion Designing is a good choice and it’s a lucrative career. It is considered as one of the best paying fashion jobs in the industry.

How do I start a fashion design business?

Here are some tips you can use to get started in the fashion designing business
·         Think like an entrepreneur
·         Know who your target clients are
·         Start with a single product
·         Set the right prices
·         Go online by creating a website
·         Have a vision for brand identity
·         Promote your brand on social media
·         Distribute flyers and brochures
·         Meet challenges of production
·         Get feedback and make timely improvements

How much can a fashion merchandiser make per year

A fashion merchandiser can make about $45, 132.00 per year or more depending on the company he/she is working for.

What should I study if I like fashion?

A degree in fashion will let you study topics like art, textiles, design, and computer-aided design.

Does fashion pay well?

The Fashion industry is an amiable one and the salaries are very impressive. For example, a fashion designer can make at least $73, 600 or more per year.

Is fashion degree useless?

A degree is never useless but you should get a degree in what will be useful in your career path. A degree is not necessary if you want to open up a business but if you want a higher education and want to open up your own boutique, you should major in small business management.

What skills do I need to become a fashion designer?

Here are some important skills you will need to become a successful fashion designer.
·         Highly creative and artistic skills
·         Excellent drawing ability
·         Excellent eye for detail
·         Strong visualization skills
·         Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
·         A sharp business sense
·         A competitive spirit
·         Interest in evergreen trends


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