Are you a fan of Korean content? Do you love Korean dramas and movies? Then consider visiting the OnDemandKorea website or even download and install the app to be able to stream and watch your favorite Korean drama or movie.

OnDemandKorea is a 100% legal service that offers the most recent and popular Korean movies, dramas, variety programs, and lots more, to its users. Now, the OnDemandKorea website got an app that makes downloading and streaming Korean content easier.

In this article, I’ll be giving you a review on OndemandKorea as well as how to get the OndemandKorea app into your Android or iOS device.

OnDemandKorea Review

What is OndemandKorea?

OndemandKorea is a streaming website that gives users access to download Asian series, Korean dramas, and TV Shows.  It is one of the biggest Asian movie streaming websites that got several contents lined up for lovers of the industry.

On this website, you can watch all your favorite Kdramas in HD when you subscribe to the service but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch or download for free. You can still watch your favorite dramas for free on this platform however if you want to get the best service, you need to subscribe. (We’ll talk more about this later).

You also don’t need to register before enjoying the services this website has to offer but you won’t be free from pop-up ads except you become a member.

What I Love about OndemandKorea

I’ve always been a lover of great movies especially Korean dramas. The moment I start watching a Korean Drama, I will saty glue to the screen till I finished all the episodes that’s how entertaining Korean dramas are. (I don’t know if I’m the only one on this boat).

However, I also love Hollywood and Bollywood movies but there’s something about Korean dramas that makes you want to stay glued to the screen. Maybe that’s why I kept on searching for websites that I’ll use to download all my favorite Korean dramas and viola I stumbled on OndemandKorea and since then, I’ve been enjoying the latest Korean dramas like never before.

On the OndemandKorea site, there are lots of movies, dramas, and documentaries for you to watch or download and I bet, you’ll find it difficult to choose if you want to go by random because there’re so many.

Aside from the site having lots of content to choose from, the site also has a simple but yet beautiful design and the interface is easy to navigate.  

Another reason why I love this website is that you can request content by contacting help@ondemandkorea.com and ask them to provide updates concerning a movie or drama you’ve seen the trailer or read about.

OndemandKorea has no legal issues and this makes them stand out amongst other competitors. This website also updates content regularly. Why won’t I visit often?

This website also lets users change the video quality to a mode they prefer thus one can save some data and use it to download another movie. Isn’t it amazing?


Is OndemandKorea not available in your country? Try this:

OndemandKorea is a legal service dedicated to offering the latest and most popular Korean movies, dramas, and lots of programs to people located in North and South America. However, if you are not from countries in North and South America you don’t need to worry as you can still have access to the site’s content. But how?

If you can’t access the contents on the site or can’t get the app on the play store, the best thing to do is to employ the expertise of a VPN.  When I say expertise I mean an already built VPN app.

A good VPN will let you choose whichever country you want to be no matter the part of the world you are.

You can decide to choose any country in North or South America and from there, you will be granted access to OndemandKorea’s content.

Features of OnDemandKorea

This site has amazing features and some of them are:

  • It is a legal site where you can watch and download movies, series, documentaries, and won’t break any law by using the site.
  • It has an app that is available on the Play Store and the App Store
  • Ondemandkorea provides quick updates after broadcast
  • You can search for your favorite content through different ways either by using most recently updated, genre or by A-Z search option.
  • There are various categories to choose from on this site i.e. shows, drama, documentaries, women, religion, sports, education, etc.  
  • The site provides movies dubbed in English and Korean languages.
  • You can use a good VPN to access content on the site if it’s not available in your country.
  • You can watch your favorite TV series for free on this platform. You don’t need to pay before downloading or watching a movie on the site, however, there can be restrictions to which movies you see.
  • OndemandKorea members can pay as low as $0.99 to have unlimited access to various shows.
  • No registration required except you find the need to convert to an Ondemandkorea member.

Benefits OndemandKorea Members have over Free Users

  • OndemandKorea members can watch all contents without been disturbed by annoying ads.
  • OndemandKorea members can request an update or new movie and within an hour will be given feedback.
  • The members have access to full HD content plus unlimited access to movies.

OndemandKorea Membership Subscription Fees

If you want to enjoy great bountiful offers on OndemandKorea, you should become a member and choose between these payment options:

  • ODK free membership
  • ODK Plus
  • ODK Premium

ODK free membership starts at $0 meaning it is free but the downside is that you’ll constantly be faced with pop-up ads while watching your movies and you’ll also not have access to Plus or Premium contents.

ODK Plus subscription fee costs $6.99 per month while the annual fee is $69.99. This package also comes with ads and the contents are available in HD.

With an ODK Premium subscription, you’ll have access to all content in HD on the website with no disturbing ads to ruin the moment.

The ODK premium comes with about three options to choose from i.e. daily, monthly, and yearly package.

The daily option only gives you access for a day. It is a one-time payment and doesn’t come with auto renewal like the rest and it costs only $0.99.

The monthly option costs $10.99 and it is available for 30 days. While the yearly membership option costs $110.04.

OnDemandKorea App


OnDemandKorea app is available on both Android and iOS and you can download it on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

The OndemandKorea app is available both in English and Korean languages and users can change the language at any time via the settings menu in the app.

OndemandKorea App for Android

Android users who are lovers of Korean dramas can’t afford not to have this app on their phones. The OndemandKorea app makes it easier for you to download and watch your favourite Korean content.

Download OnDemandKorea app for Android

OndemandKorea app for iOS

Apple fanbase are not left behind as they can also enjoy access to several contents on OndemandKorea by downloading the iOS app on their smartphone.

Download OnDemandKorea app for iOS


OndemandKorea is a great website to visit if truly you are a diehard fan of Korean movies and dramas. If you want to get the best of this site, then become a member and have access to unlimited movies in HD.

There’s no need to worry if you can’t access the content on the site or can’t get the app because it’s not available in your county, all you need do is to get a good VPN and start enjoying your favorite Korean movies or dramas.  

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