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Job Description

Generally, understanding the nature of online typing jobs in USA will help you get through the process fast enough.

A typing job requires being able to perform a variety of typing-related tasks for companies and organizations, such as encoding handwritten documents and materials, transcribing audio recordings, and other general document processing including reports, invoices, correspondence, and policies.

A typing job requires both major and soft skills; major skills include being able to type fast in order to accurately dictate, type, and record information needed.

Having basic computer skills is also a major skill a typist should have, for instance being able to operate computer filing systems and a basic understanding of formatting and editing.

Soft skills include being able to manage numerous tasks like speaking on the phone and typing, ability to manage time, and working under pressure. Having Time Management skills ensures that one finishes projects and tasks on time.

Is it possible to work remotely?

This is a regular question posed, typing from the comfort of your home might seem impossible because of the nature of the work.

Not all companies appreciate typing jobs to be done remotely because a lot of databases have to be shared, they organize and record information that can be confidential at times.

Being present will build more trust in the safety of the company’s database or other important pieces of information.

However, the majority of companies still hire typists who are ready to work from wherever they are. 

This can be done without having to go through the stress of processing a visa, the cost of traveling, and the cost of living in the required country.

Also having the right set of resources such as a personal computer, strong internet connection, and conducive working space will aid the possibility of working remotely as a typist.

The possibility of working remotely also strongly depends on your understanding of your role as a typist in a particular company. 

Having the knowledge of the content of the database or document you will be working with is a great bonus. For instance, health care  

Seeing that a typist has several roles to perform or skills to apply, different companies define your responsibility and what they expect from you as a typist.

Having understood the requirements of a typist in a prospective company, let us introduce you to the different companies hiring typists for online typing jobs in USA

UBS Investment Company, West Palm Beach, FL, USA

Job Type: Data Entry Clerk/Typing

UBS Investment Company provides quality strategies that fit your needs. They offer financial advice to people around the world with basic issues.

Type: Full Time


No qualification required


  • A personal computer with internet access 
  • A quiet workspace away from distractions
  • Ability  to work in an environment without supervision
  • Ability to read, understand, and follow oral and written instructions
  • Having a background in health care, delivery drivers, customer service, warehouse worker, etc.
  • Data entry or administrative assistant experience will be a great bonus although not essential.


  • Earn Part time income from the comfort of your home
  • Permits you to work on your time;  working when you want to.
  • Learn new skills while working.
  • Get access to in-demand work-from-home jobs
  • No dress code

To apply click on the link below:

Upwork, United State

Documents Typing

Upwork is a site that offers opportunities for online typing jobs in USA for both workers and hirers. Companies can find talents there and freelancers can find jobs that match their qualifications.

Type: Contractor, Remote.


Expertise in Microsoft Word, Typing, Data Entry, Accuracy Verification, English, and  Microsoft Excel.


  • Entry level must be experienced level
  • Ability to work at least 30 hrs/week for 1 month
  • Fast typing ability


$25.00-$100.00 Hourly

To apply to send CV/Resume to:

Care Job New York, NY, USA

Remote part-time Data Entry Clerk, typing


  • No experience needed and willing train too\
  • Exceptiponal social skill
  • Ability to arrange simultaneous task
  • Ability to work within established times
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work both independently and in a group
  • Excellent organization skills, attention to detail, and multitasking in an efficient way.


  • Weekly payment
  • Part-time available; you can pick desired days to work

The professional Document Service, Washington, DC, USA

Minute Taker/Recording Secretary

Type: Part-time, remote


  • Typing with 5 years of experience required
  • Writing skills (4 years experience)
  • Organizational skills (1 year experience)
  • Administrative skill (4 years experience preferred)
  • Customer service experience (2 years experience)


  • An excellent writer with the ability to employ proper grammar and punctuation accurately.
  • Ability to accurately and succinctly summarize audible conversations into written statements.
  • Must be professional, and reliable.
  • Be a quick learner.
  • Must be able to work independently.
  • Adhere to deadlines.
  • Have access to a personal computer or tablet outfitted with working Internet access.
  • Have an effective, working knowledge of Microsoft Word, as well as an understanding of how to upload, download, and transmit files via the Internet.
  • Adhere to the conduct and attire standards set by PDS.
  • Must be willing to undergo training and an online background check.


  • Referral Program

Career Staffing Arlington, TX, USA

Typing and Data Entry

Arlington Staffing Agency is a leading Healthcare staffing Agency that provides healthcare jobs for every speciality.

Job Type: Part-tine, Remote


  • High School Diploma or GED – Entry level
  • Able to focus and follow through
  • This is a remote work-from-home part-time gig, you’ll need a computer, laptop, or mobile device
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word or Excel as a tool to keep yourself organized.

How to Identify Legit Online Typing Jobs in USA

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, working at home has become a great necessity for many people.

It is not just important to visit job posting websites, but how can you identify that they are scams?

Finding the perfect job can seem challenging at times. Looking at the numerous job offers on the internet today, it can also be difficult to discern between legitimate job offers and scammers.

Let me take you through the necessary things to look out for when seeking a job online especially online typing jobs in USA

  • Where there is no direct contact information of the employer or company, that is an official website.
  • When the pay is extremely high for the kind of job applied for. For instance, a company offers to pay $80,000 as a salary annually for an entry-level employee. It is important to look closely into the company before applying.
  • Company reviews are important in knowing if a job is a scam or not
  • Fast job offers and fewer requirements or qualifications.
  • Using words that are too good to be true.
  •  Running the SCAM test

S- senders E-mail

Cybercriminals today use spoofing the display name in the sent email is a common tactic. 

A  general rule is if the display name appears unfamiliar never trust such an email.   Checking the email address of the sender and the display name is of great importance.

Another important consideration is embedded links in the body of the email. If it appears to be suspicious don’t click on them. 

In order to test a link of this kind, it is advisable to directly type the website address in a browser window. This would help to get around hidden tracking or redirect codes.

C- confidential information

when dealing with online jobs, It is important to ignore emails that request confidential information such as your credit card details, bank account, or social security number.  

Any legitimate bank, company, or financial institution will not use email to ask for personal credentials. 

The same is related to legitimate employers or companies. For instance, no one at Vista would ask a candidate to provide financial information prior to meeting in person.

Being skeptical about all these kinds of emails will avoid leaving you off guard.

A- Addressee

Sending in bulk is one of the common traits of a scammer, they do not have a particular name to go with the email. This is a red flag opportunity for you to check.

Paying special attention to emails that include generic greetings like:

“Dear Sir/Madam”

“Valued Customer”

“To whom it may concern”

“Hey/Hi There”

Personal greetings and salutations that will include your first and/or last name identify Legitimate businesses or companies.


This involves checking spelling errors and grammatical inconsistencies in an email. Legitimate businesses or companies’ communications with their clients or consumers are taken very seriously. Professional communications will not have major spelling or grammatical errors. Messages crafted in this manner will contain errors in spelling and sentence structure as well. 

Look out for phrases designed to invoke a sense of urgency; such as “unauthorized login attempted,” or “your account has been suspended.”


Online typing Jobs in USA are a great way to earn from home.

Nothing can be as sustainable and high paying as transcription, that is only if you are looking for legit online typing jobs in USA this year.

Although certifications or academic qualifications are not needed for an online typing job, all you need is an average typing speed to earn more.

Recommended Job sites

To access online typing jobs in USA or more, I recommend the following sites:



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